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King Emeric
ON-concept-King Emeric.png
King Emeric
Race Breton Gender Male
Born 2E 521
Reign 2E 563-
Previous Ruler Gardner
Resided in Wayrest
Appears in ESO, Legends
"One land! One Emperor! Who among you will stand with me?"
King Emeric

King Emeric of Wayrest was a member of the Cumberland Dynasty in the Second Era. When Emeric was a boy, his father sent him to Castle Ravenwatch to study under the tutorage of the vampiric Count Verandis Ravenwatch, whose support would later be pivotal to Emeric becoming King and convincing the nobility to support the Greater Daggerfall Covenant.[1] His father, Earl Pierric, made sure he was schooled in both economics and military matters, and he would serve as a lieutenant escorting caravans during the summers. When he was twenty, in 2E 541, he helped fend off the onslaught of the Reachmen leader Durcorach when the latter began leading attacks against cities in High Rock. Emeric finally killed Durcorach outside Daggerfall.[2]

In 2E 563, the Knahaten Flu swept through High Rock, killing King Gardner and the entire royal family of Wayrest. Succession fell to Emeric, who ascended to the throne, beginning the Cumberland Dynasty. There was reportedly a "Halo of Gold" around the sun on the day of his coronation.[2] He wed Princess Maraya of Sentinel three years later, greatly angering King Ranser of Shornhelm, who had desired Emeric to marry his daughter, leading to Ranser's War in Last Seed of that year. He wielded the Orichalc Scalpel when Ranser's army came to the gates of Wayrest, and Emeric's forces eventually succeeded in breaking their siege of his city. In the aftermath of the war, Emeric helped forge the Greater Daggerfall Covenant. Emeric was a strong advocate for an invasion of Cyrodiil in order to restore "the true flame of the Empire of Man".[2]


"You know, there was a time when I was young when I thought being a king would just be a barrel of laughs. The coin, the power of all its trappings—it looked like such fun. It's not, though."

In 2E 582, a Vaermina cult known as the Supernal Dreamers sought to spread her influence across Tamriel in the wake of the Soulburst. With the cult's assistance, Vaermina's Omens invaded the dreams and minds of influential figures throughout Daggerfall Covenant.[3] This conspiracy culminated with her consort Galthis,[4] the first Nightcaller,[4] taking over the mind and body of High King Emeric in Wayrest. Luckily, the Daedric Prince Azura intervened, and the plot was ultimately foiled when the Vestige entered Emeric's dream and defeated Galthis the Night Terror, ending Vaermina's control of the Covenant.[5]

Later that year, King Emeric was abducted by Magus-General Septima Tharn of the Imperial Legion, for whom he had once nursed an unrequited attraction.[6][1] She took him to a famed Redguard crypt, the Hall of Heroes, which her scouts had rediscovered in the Fallen Wastes of Bangkorai. There, she slew King Emeric, and was able to physically follow his soul to the Far Shores. A soldier of the Daggerfall Covenant was able to follow and slay Tharn in turn. As a reward for this heroic deed, Tu'whacca allowed the soldier and King Emeric to return to life in Mundus.[6]


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