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Various Dragon Priest Masks

The masks of the Dragon Priests are strange artifacts created by the dragons in the Merethic Era. The highest ranking priests of the Dragon Cult were granted magical masks that defy the laws of time and possess powerful, mysterious enchantments.[1] The individual masks are made of varying materials, and each bears the same name as the Dragon Priest that possessed it. The names are in the dragon language, and can be translated. The number of masks in existence is unknown, and some are apparently older than others. The masks were buried with their owners, until in 4E 201 the return of the dragons caused many of the undead Dragon Priests to awake from their slumber. Many of the masks were then taken from the Dragon Priests by the Last Dragonborn.

Known Masks[edit]



Meaning "The Embittered Destroyer" (literally "Bitter Destroyer"), the mask belonged to Ahzidal, the first great Nord enchanter, famed for mastering the Elven methods of enchanting. He became a Dragon Priest in his search for knowledge, but he was driven mad when he sought out the power of the secrets of Oblivion. He was exiled by his fellow Dragon Priests and fled to Solstheim, where he was sealed within Kolbjorn Barrow.[2] In 4E 201, a Dunmer named Ralis Sedarys began excavating the ash-filled ruins of the barrow and fell under the influence of Ahzidal. He sacrificed the lives of many miners and mercenaries to resurrect the Dragon Priest, but Ahzidal was subsequently destroyed by the Last Dragonborn.[3] The mask itself appears to be made of bronze-colored metal, but is, in fact, made of ebony. It gives the wearer resistance to fire and improved damage from fire-based destruction magic.[4]


The Dragon Priest Akiirdal was entombed in the Howling Sepulchers in Craglorn with his mask. Nothing is known of it.[5]


The exiled Dragon Priest Arthosiis was entombed in Exile's Barrow in Wrothgar with his mask, and a second mask was sealed in a vault along with his other treasures. Nothing is known of either mask. Due to the Orcs' respect for the dead of other races, the barrow remained untouched until 2E 582 when it was looted by Narsis Dren. The second mask was taken from the tomb by Dren, and was apparently a very valuable early example of such a mask.[6]



Meaning "Dishonor", the mask belonged to Dukaan, a Dragon Priest who was entombed in White Ridge Barrow on Solstheim.[7] The mask itself appears to be made of a pale-colored metal, but is, in fact, made of ebony. It gives the wearer resistance to the frost and improved damage from frost-based destruction magic.[8]


The Dragon Priest Haldriin, who was entombed in Skyshroud Barrow on Bleakrock Isle, wore a mask in life. Nothing is known of it.[9]



Meaning "Brutality", this mask belonged to Hevnoraak. In life, the Dragon Priest had a way of enthralling people and built up a loyal army of followers, corrupting many good men. He planned his resurrection obsessively before dying, and was entombed in Valthume. His plans were prevented by a man named Valdar; even in death, his spirit ensured that Hevnoraak remained sealed within the tomb.[10] In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn aided Valdar in finally destroying Hevnoraak.[11] The mask itself is made of iron, and grants the wearer complete immunity to disease and poison.[12]



Meaning "Warlord", the owner of this mask is unknown. It was held in the city of Bromjunaar, the capital of the Dragon Cult, inside a sealed stone dragon statue. The mask could only be accessed when the masks of the eight most high ranking Dragon Priests of Skyrim (Hevnoraak, Krosis, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar, Rahgot, Vokun and Volsung) were assembled and placed on pedestals surrounding the statue. In time, Bromjunaar fell into ruin and the statue crumbled, with Konahrik seemingly still locked inside. Circa 4E 201, a scholar obtained the wooden mask, which allowed him to travel back in time, to a time when the statue was in its prime. The scholar was killed by his panicked mercenaries and left to rot with the mask.[13] In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn discovered the wooden mask, and brought all eight Dragon Priest masks back in time to retrieve Konahrik.[14] The mask itself is made of gold. When the wearer is close to death, the mask has a chance to heal the wearer and damage nearby enemies, while randomly summoning a Dragon Priest to aid the user.[15]


ON-icon-armor-Bronze Head-Dragon Priest.png

The Dragon Priest Korthor, a wielder of the Fork of Horripilation, was entombed in Vuldngrav with his mask. Nothing is known of it.[16][17]



Meaning "Sorrow", the mask belonged to Krosis, a Dragon Priest who was entombed atop Shearpoint, a mountain in the Pale.[18] Although it appears to be made of bronze, the mask is made of iron, and improves the wearer's skill at alchemy, archery and lockpicking.[19]



Meaning "Allegiance Guide", the mask belonged to Miraak, the First Dragonborn. Miraak turned on his dragon masters and devoured their souls in order to master the thu'um. He fled to Solstheim and became a champion of Hermaeus Mora, who granted him the power to bend the will of others using the thu'um.[20] When the Dragon Cult attacked and burned his temple, Miraak fled to Apocrypha. He attempted to return to Tamriel in 4E 201, but he was stopped by Mora and the Last Dragonborn.[21]The mask is made of a golden-colored metal, and fortifies the wearer's magicka significantly.[22]



Meaning "Glorious", the mask belonged to Morokei, a Dragon Priest entombed in Labyrinthian, once the ancient city of Bromjunaar.[23] Morokei obtained the Staff of Magnus some time in the Fourth Era, and a group of mages from the College of Winterhold undertook an expedition to this particular area. The future Arch-Mage, Savos Aren, was the only member of the group to survive the venture into Labyrinthian, owing to Morokei's immense power. Aren sacrificed two of his companions to eternally contain Morokei, and sealed the ruins.[24] In 4E 201, following the activation of the Eye of Magnus, the Last Dragonborn was sent to Labyrinthian by the College to retrieve the Staff. During this, the Dragonborn confronted and destroyed Morokei.[25] The mask itself appears to be made of a gray-colored metal, but is in fact made of moonstone. It grants the wearer faster magicka regeneration.[26]



Meaning "Vengeance", the mask belonged to Nahkriin, a Dragon Priest who was tasked with presiding over Alduin's portal to Sovngarde at Skuldafn.[27] The mask itself is made of ebony, and grants the wearer fortified magicka, as well as the ability to cast destruction and Restoration spells with less magicka.[28]



This mask belonged to Otar the Mad, a Dragon Priest who was entombed in Ragnvald.[29] His tomb was sealed, and the keys guarded by two draugr, Saerek and Torsten. The tomb was unsealed in 4E 201 by the Last Dragonborn, and Otar was destroyed.[30] The mask itself is made of malachite, although it is not translucent. It grants the wearer resistance to elemental magical attacks.[31]


The Dragon Priest Ra'khajin was given an Aeonstone mask and became the high priest for Laatvulon's Order of the New Moon.[32]



Meaning "Rage", the mask belonged to Rahgot, the Dragon Priest who led Forelhost, the final bastion of the Dragon Cult. His followers committed suicide or were killed in 1E 140, when the forces of King Harald besieged Forelhost. This sacrifice created a magical barrier which prevented the invaders from sacking the settlement.[33] In 4E 201, an Altmer named Valmir was sent to Skyrim by an anonymous benefactor to retrieve Rahgot's mask from within the ruins of Forelhost. He was ordered to trick Imperial Legionnaires and Stormcloak Soldiers into recovering the masks to aid the war effort, and then bring the mask to Labyrinthian, likely in an effort to retrieve Konahrik. Valmir recruited the Last Dragonborn, who successfully retrieved the mask, but discovered Valmir's ploy and killed him.[34]The mask itself is made of orichalcum, and fortifies the wearer's stamina significantly. [35]



Meaning "Shadow", the mask belonged to Vokun, a Dragon Priest entombed in High Gate Ruins.[36] He was destroyed in 4E 201 by the Last Dragonborn and Anska, a descendant of Ysgramor.[37] The mask itself is made of steel, and grants the wearer the ability to cast alteration, conjuration and illusion spells with less magicka.[38]



This mask belonged to Volsung, a Dragon Priest entombed in Volskygge.[39] It is made of corundum, and grants the wearer with the ability to breathe underwater and carry more, as well as increased skill at bartering.[40]


The Dragon Priest Vosis, who was entombed in Forelhost, wore a mask in life. Nothing is known of it.[41] In 2E 582 while the Worm Cult was scouring the Rift for shards of Wuuthrad, a group of cultists led an attack on Forelhost when their leader, Nordahl, attempted to recover the mask. The cultists were defeated by the undead and driven off, and Vosis claimed the axe shard for himself. He was then slain by a soldier from the Ebonheart Pact, who was also seeking the shards.[42]

Wooden Mask[edit]


This unnamed mask is made of wood, and hums with an unfamiliar energy. Equipping it while in close proximity to Konahrik's statue in the ruins of Bromjunaar will physically transport the wearer back in time, seemingly some time in the Merethic Era. It was discovered by a scholar circa 4E 201, but, after using it several times, he was killed by his panicked mercenaries and left to rot with the mask. The mask was discovered in 4E 201 by the Last Dragonborn, who used it to recover Konahrik.[13][14]



Meaning "Sword-Blood", this mask belonged to Zahkriisos, a Dragon Priest who was seemingly a member of the Bloodskal Clan. He was entombed in a sealed section of Bloodskal Barrow on Solstheim.[43] In 4E 10, the Raven Rock ebony mine broke into the barrow, but the entrance was sealed off by the East Empire Company after the death of Gratian Caerellius within.[44] The Last Dragonborn ventured into the barrow in 4E 201 at the request of Gratian's great-grandson, Crescius Caerellius. The Dragonborn used the Bloodskal Blade to unlock the sealed portion of the barrow, and destroyed Zahkriisos.[45] The mask itself appears to be made of a gray-colored metal, but is, in fact, made of ebony. It gives the wearer resistance to lightning attacks and improved damage from shock-based destruction magic.[46]



This mask belonged to Zaan the Scalecaller, who served the Dragon Thurvokun. Thurvokun and his followers left central Skyrim for the remote mountain now known as Scalecaller Peak, believed to be due to a schism in dogma within the Dragon Cult. The Dragon then departed and never returned. Zaan fell into a depressive state and her followers, while initially hoping Thurvokun would return, had Zaan killed out of rage after many years of waiting. They accredited Thurvokun's departure to Zaan's incompetence, some also believed she had turned to worshiping Peryite in Thurvokun's absence.[47] A group of Undaunted warriors climbed Scalecaller Peak circa 2E 582, and uncovered a plot to unleash a terrible plague upon Tamriel in the name of Peryite.[48] Zaan the Scalecaller, now resurrected, was gifted with Spellbreaker. Despite being formidable, she was slain.[49] The mask itself appears to be made of a gold material and notably has tusks. The mask makes spells more potent and will incinerate its target by attaching a beam of fire to a nearby enemy that gets hotter the longer it stays attached.[50]



  • Objects resembling a Dragon Priest Mask are sometimes used as a summons focus for conjuring an illusory Bone Dragon.[51]

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