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Raven Rock
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Solstheim
Subregions Hirstaang Forest
Solstheim Ashlands
Appears in Bloodmoon, Dragonborn
Raven Rock circa 3E 427
Raven Rock circa 4E 201

Raven Rock is a colony built by the East Empire Company in the Hirstaang Forest, on the southern coast of Solstheim. The colony was founded in 3E 427, when it was just a patch of open snow, and soon became a fully-functional ebony mining colony.[1]

Although the colonists encountered early resistance from spriggans, draugr and even the local Nords, funding from the East Empire Trading Company saw the settlement grow at a rapid pace. In addition to ebony, the miners stumbled upon a sample of ancient stalhrim, creating further trade once the Company learned how to exploit the material. Although initially managed remotely by Factor Carnius Magius from Fort Frostmoth, the community came to look towards the on-site Deputy Falco Galenus for leadership, which eventually led to a violent internal power struggle. However, the settlement survived, and large stone walls were erected to aid the local militia in defending Raven Rock as construction continued.[2]

When the Oblivion Crisis arose in 3E 433, most of the soldiers were recalled to Cyrodiil, as there were no known occurrences of Oblivion Gates opening on Solstheim. As the resources of the Empire were directed towards combating the invaders, rumors surfaced that Solstheim had been conquered by the Nords of Skyrim. Some residents of the Imperial City at the time claimed to have lived in the colony since its inception but had to move to Cyrodiil after the money ran out.[3]

In 4E 1, in the aftermath of the Crisis and the destruction of Ald'ruhn, Brara Morvayn, a Redoran Councilor, made a deal with the East Empire Company to allow the Dunmer to settle there.[1] They proved to be a valuable, hard-working addition to the colony, and built a strong relationship with the East Empire Company. Following the Red Year, Brara designed The Bulwark, a massive fortified wall designed to protect the town from Red Mountain's ash storms, and it was constructed with funding from the Company. As the storms had devastated Fort Frostmoth, the local Imperial Legion garrison, Redoran Guards were brought in to bolster security, and have been the primary peacekeeping force ever since.[1]

Solstheim was proffered to the Dunmer in 4E 16, and Raven Rock became a House Redoran sovereignty, resulting in the exodus of the Imperial residents back to Cyrodiil.[1] This also marked the end of any significant East Empire Company presence on Solstheim, as their ventures there had proven consistently unprofitable.[4] Raven Rock flourished under Brara and House Redoran's rule until her death in 4E 65, when her son, Lleril Morvayn, took over control of Raven Rock as its new Councilor. In 4E 95, members of House Hlaalu attempted to assassinate Councilor Morvayn as part of a coup attempt. However, the coup was stopped by the Redoran Guard and its ringleader executed.[5] In 4E 130, Morvayn used his personal wealth to restore The Bulwark, which had showed signs of imminent collapse. In 4E 150, a small group of Argonians attempted to wreak havoc on Solstheim, but were driven off. By about 4E 170 the mine started showing signs of drying up and by 4E 181, Raven Rock Mine was exhausted and had to be shut down.[1] The colony went into a state of decline, as the economy moved towards hunting and fishing, though the constant influx of ash made it impossible to base a sustainable industry on local fishing. In addition, the Bulwark deteriorated, seeping ash through large cracks. Even the Redoran Guard were being lost faster than new recruits could be acquired.[6] Raven Rock was regarded as insignificant among House Redoran's possessions, with little strategic or economic importance.[7]

In 4E 201, a decade-long plot was uncovered where a descendant of the earlier Hlaalu coup leader was hiring Morag Tong assassins for another attempt on Councilor Morvayn's life.[8] The plot was again dismantled and the leader slain. In the same year, Raven Rock Mine was reopened after an investigation into sealed sections of the mine revealed an old draugr crypt connected to Bloodskal Barrow, as well as large amounts of ebony deposits. The populace also briefly fell under the nocturnal influence of Miraak, and helped corrupt the nearby Earth Stone.[9]

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