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Dragon Priest Otar the Mad
SR-creature-Otar the Mad.jpg
Dragon Priest Otar the Mad
Race Proto‑Nord Gender Male
Born Merethic Era
Died 4E 201
Resided in Ragnvald
Appears in Skyrim
Otar's awakening

Otar the Mad was a high ranking member of the Dragon Cult, and a Dragon Priest in the Merethic Era.[1][2] He also was known as the mad-king of Ragnvald.[3] Otar, never truly deceased, had been sealed within Ragnvald's tomb. His slumber was disrupted, and he was reawakened during the Fourth Era.[4]


Otar's mask (Skyrim)

Little is known of the past of Otar. Once a just ruler and a dedicated priest, Otar's descent into madness began when dark, sinister whispers infiltrated his mind. His noble stature was overshadowed as he turned into a craven priest, and his actions led to the downfall of Ragnvald. The city's once-fair Nordic inhabitants were shattered under his oppressive rule. However, Saerek and Torsten emerged as heroes who outwitted the mad-king Otar and liberated Ragnvald from his grip. Although Otar was subdued, he was never completely obliterated. Instead, he was bound and imprisoned, with his fate inextricably linked to two keys held by these two valiant champions.[3]

During the Merethic Era, Otar ascended through the ranks of the Dragon Cult and achieved a high-ranking position within the organization, attaining the esteemed status of a Dragon Priest.[4][1] Like his fellow priests, he achieved lichdom by receiving eternal worship from his draugr servants.[5][6] It is said that due to his high rank, his dragon overlord bestowed upon him a magical malachite mask,[7][8] which granted resistance to the elements of fire, frost and shock to its wearer.[9] Aside from the mask he wielded unique Staff of the Storm Wall.[10]

During the Dragon War, the ancient Nords rebelled against the dragons and successfully defeated the Dragon Cult. The specific details of the involvement of Otar in the war remain unknown, but he was eventually entombed within the Ragnvald in the Reach.[1][2][4] Long ago, the Guardians, Saerek and Torsten, laid to rest the dreaded Dragon Priest known as Otar the Mad. They sealed his tomb and protected its keys, ensuring that Otar's malevolent power would be contained.[3][11]:482

Circa 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn journeyed to Ragnvald. An adventurer ventured deep into the tomb, revealing Otar's resting place. They then embarked on a quest through the ancient monastery to locate the skull keys and defeated both Saerek and Torsten. Ultimately, their actions unintentionally brought Otar the Mad back to life, leading to a fierce battle that ended with the priest's demise. The Dragonborn emerged victorious, claiming the mask as their own.[12]



  •   The inhabitants of Skyrim during the Dragon War were variously labeled Nords[13] and Atmorans.[14] The truth may lie somewhere in-between; while the two are considered distinct races,[15] the men living in the transition period between the terms' respective usage have been considered 'proto-Nords'.[16][17][18]
  • The origin of his moniker "the Mad" remains uncertain, but there is a possibility that he was influenced by Sheogorath,[19] as his descent into madness is attributed to the dark voices he heard.[3] The Daedric Prince himself once claimed that he "hadn't had cream since he made Otar cry over it" suggesting a connection between Otar's madness and Sheogorath's involvement.[19]

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