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This article is about the dragon priest. For the mask, see Rahgot (artifact).

Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Forelhost
Appears in Skyrim

Rahgot, whose name means "Rage" in the Dragon language, was an ancient Dragon Priest of Skyrim. He led the last remnants of the Dragon Cult from the secluded monastery of Forelhost high in the Jerall Mountains until 1E 140.[1] After the defeat of Alduin during the Dragon War, the ruling Dragon Priests were overthrown. Several sects of the Dragon Cult adapted and survived by going into hiding all across Skyrim. Many held the belief that Alduin would one day return and resurrect the faithful.[2] Rahgot and his cultists were one such sect, and until that day they chose to bide their time within Forelhost.[3]

In late 1E 139 a legion of King Harald's soldiers, commanded by Skorm Snow-Strider, discovered Rahgot's hidden stronghold. Recognizing the potential threat, they laid siege to it for several weeks. Once the main gate had been breached, Rahgot and his followers retreated into the interior of the monastery and collapsed the main stairway to block access to the refectory.[1]

Rahgot devised a plan to survive the attack. Several cultists would commit suicide in the front chamber in hope that if Skorm and his men eventually did break through the main door, the sight of the mass suicide would deter them from clearing the rubble blocking the refectory and discovering the remaining survivors and Rahgot himself.[4] He ordered his alchemists to make large amounts of deathbell poison for his followers to ingest[5][6] and also poisoned their own water supply.[7] Dissent was dealt with brutally; when Rahgot's head alchemist questioned his orders for mass suicide,[4] she was murdered.[8][6]

The mass suicide was eventually carried out. Rahgot ordered the burial of the children's bodies[5] and the remaining cultists died in their beds after taking the poison or slitting their wrists. When Skorm took the fortress, he saw the aftermath and proceeded no further.[6][1] Rahgot survived and was later encased in a sarcophagus within the refectory.[6] The upper courtyard door was sealed with a magic barrier, sustained by the sacrifice of his followers.[1]

In 4E 201, the Last Dragonborn discovered the tomb of Rahgot during an assignment to recover his powerful mask. Rahgot awoke from his ancient slumber and battled with the Dragonborn, but was ultimately defeated.[6]


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