Lore:Gratian Caerellius

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Gratian Caerellius
BM-npc-Gratian Caerellius.jpg
Gratian Caerellius as seen in Bloodmoon
Race Imperial Gender Male
Died 4E 10
Resided in Raven Rock
Appears in Bloodmoon, Dragonborn

Gratian Caerellius was an Imperial colonist, miner, guard and explorer in the employ of the East Empire Trading Company.

Gratian came to Solstheim as a colonist in 3E 427 to work as an ebony miner for the East Empire Company. He helped build the settlement of Raven Rock and volunteered to become a guard for the settlement, to protect it and enforce Imperial law.[1] He eventually moved away from Raven Rock to dedicate his life to exploring ancient ruins all over Tamriel, while still remaining in the employ of the East Empire Company. In 4E 10, he returned to Raven Rock at the request of the Company, after the mine had broken through into Bloodskal Barrow. Gratian and his assistant Millius entered the ruins, but they were attacked by draugr when Gratian attempted to steal the Bloodskal Blade. Mortally wounded, he died trapped within the ruins. The truth was hidden by the East Empire Company, which attributed his death to a tunnel collapse and sealed off that section of the mine.[2]

Gratian was survived by his wife and his son, Rellicus Caerellius. Rellicus later moved to his father's house in Raven Rock and worked as a miner. The Caerellius family remained in Raven Rock throughout the House Redoran takeover and the closure of the ebony mine. Crescius Caerellius, the great-grandson of Gratian, became the last Imperial settler remaining on Solstheim, stubbornly refusing to leave due to a belief that there was more ebony to be found in the mine. In 4E 201, Crescius discovered correspondence between Gratian and the East Empire Company regarding his fatal descent into the mines.[3] Now an old man, Crescius recruited the help of the Last Dragonborn to uncover the truth. Delving into the mine, the Dragonborn discovered Gratian's remains, along with his journal and the Bloodskal Blade. After clearing out the remaining draugr, the Dragonborn presented their findings to Crescius, revealing the Company's cover-up. Thus, the mine was unsealed and reopened, with Crescius put in charge of uncovering new ebony deposits.[4] This ushered in a new era of prosperity for Raven Rock.[5]