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Artifact: Lord's Mail (FExxxD63)
(lore page)
Type Heavy Armor
Added by Lord's Mail
Editor ID ccBGSSSE021LordsMail
Rating Rating 45
Rating Rating 45 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 32 Value Value 6000
Tempering Ebony Ingot
Tempering Ebony Ingot Perk Steel Smithing
Opponents in melee range have 5 points of health absorbed per second. Increases Poison Resistance by 75%. Increases Magic Resistance by 17%.
Lord's Mail (male)

This article is about the blessed variant. For the cursed version, see Lord's Mail (Cursed).

The Lord's Mail is an artifact created by Kynareth. It is heavy armor and enchanted with poison resistance, magic resistance, as well as a unique area effect that inflicts 5 points of health absorption per second on nearby opponents. It can be improved with an ebony ingot. It counts as Imperial armor for the purpose of the Matching Set perk. It can be obtained by completing the quest Gift of Kynareth.

Related Quests[edit]


  • This can be a useful item to wear while swimming, as it will damage underwater enemies such as slaughterfish.
  • Brawling while wearing the Lord's Mail will violate the rules of the brawl and will give you a bounty for assault.


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