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A Knight of the Dragon

This article is about the knightly order. For the general class of warriors, see Dragon Knights.

The Knights of the Dragon are a knightly order which has the official duty of protecting the city and royal family of Daggerfall, especially the King who is known as "the Dragon".[1]

During the Alliance War, King Casimir insisted that the knights be kept as a separate entity despite Daggerfall's part in the Covenant.[2] The knights have been led by many prestigious figures, including the honorable Lord Bridwell, the greatest hero of the War of Betony.[3]

To be considered for admission into the fighting order, one must demonstrate exceptional combat skills and a reputation for honor and loyalty to Daggerfall and the King. In return, the knights are treated with unparalleled respect.


  • For more information, see the Daggerfall and ESO articles.
  • The Knights of the Dragon follow an oath: "I vow to serve the Dragon. I lay down my life, my gold, and my sacred honor for my King. His word is my order, my sword is his arm. Our lives are one."[1]


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