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(RefID: 0004BCC4)
Home City Solitude
Location Castle Dour
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 4 Class Lumberjack
RefID 0004BCC4 BaseID 0004BCC3
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 60
Stamina 60
Primary Skills Restoration
Morality Any Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes (Until the decoy emperor is dead)
Voice Type FemaleCommoner
Faction(s) DB09TowerFaction; DBGiannaFaction
Gianna preparing a dish

Gianna is an Imperial cook in the Castle Dour Emperor's Tower. She is the castle's cook, and is assigned to assist the Gourmet when the Emperor visits Skyrim. She is eager to take the unique opportunity to not only work with the Gourmet, but to serve the Emperor as well. After the quest, she disappears from the game.

Gianna wears a chef's tunic along with a chef's hat and a pair of shoes and defends herself with an iron dagger. She also carries a belted tunic.

Related Quests[edit]


When you present yourself as the Gourmet, Gianna has unique responses depending on your race.

Race Response
Altmer "You're a High Elf! I... I never would have guessed it. So many of your recipes are clearly aimed at the commonfolk. It just seems..."
Argonian "You... you're an Argonian! Where did you learn to cook like that? Surely not in Black Marsh. Why even the..."
Bosmer "I guessed right! I... I always imagined the great Gourmet was a Wood Elf. You see, only someone with a knowledge of woodland herbs could combine..."
Breton "Well, I just never expected the Gourmet to be a Breton. It almost seems too obvious. Some of the greatest cooks have been Bretons, and..."
Dunmer "I... Well, I just can't believe the Gourmet is a Dark Elf. How difficult it must have been for you in Morrowind. The food there is..."
Imperial "Well, I don't mean to seem disappointed, but... I just never figured the Gourmet was an Imperial. I had dreamed of something more exotic, maybe..."
Khajiit "Oh, well, it's just... I never imagined the Gourmet was a Khajiit. You know, because of all the fur, and the potential for getting hair in the..."
Nord "You're a Nord! I never would have guessed it! But where in the world did you learn to cook like that? Here in Skyrim? Or maybe somewhere less..."
Orc "It's just... Well... you're an Orc! Ha ha ha! If the people of the Empire only knew! I mean, now I understand your need for secrecy. Most would..."
Redguard "Well, I'm just surprised the Gourmet is a Redguard. I had you pegged for a Wood Elf, honestly. You know, because of your use of..."
Silence! I am ready to prepare the grand feast!
"Oh. Well, um, actually... you're not. Wearing a chef's hat, I mean. There's one right over there on the shelf. You can't very well cook without it...
We'll begin as soon as you're wearing the hat. Check the shelf over there. Wouldn't want the Emperor mistaking you for someone else, now would we."

After obtaining a Chef's Hat:

"Oh, just look at you. Absolutely brilliant. Now... now you're just as I imagined."

When you are wearing a chef's hat, it is time to begin.

Enough! The Gourmet is here to cook, not talk! Let us begin.
"Oh! Yes, but of course. Ahem. The Emperor has requested your signature dish - the Potage le Magnifique. I've taken the liberty of getting it started. But the cookbook only says so much, and everyone makes the Potage differently. I would be honored if we could make it... the Gourmet's special way. The base broth is already boiled. We can get started right now. So... which ingredient should I add next?"

If you left dialogue:

"Maybe we should start over, hmm? We want the Gourmet's famous Potage Le Magnifique to be perfect after all. So, what is the first special ingredient?"

She may also say one of the following:

"The Emperor is going to love it. How can he not?"
"Keep it together, Gianna. Keep it together..."
"Maybe when this is all over, you could sign one of your cookbooks for me?"
"I'm so nervous."

You now have four ingredients to select, at each stage there are three options, the normal, the strange and her choice.

Option Dialogue option Responses
First ingredient
Normal Carrots. "Carrots? Really? Okay... What next?"
Strange A sweetroll. "Ooohh.... how decadent. I never would have guessed it. What next?"
Her choice Remain silent. "Oh, I get it. This is a test, right? You want to see how well I know the Potage le Magnifique. Well then, I think a pinch of frost salts should do the trick, right? Now what?"
Second ingredient
Normal You must now add a splash of mead. "Ah, of course. I suspected as much."
Strange The next ingredient is... vampire dust. "Vampire dust? Seriously? Hmm... yes. I guess I can see how that would add a more... earthy texture. And, oddly enough, we do have some on hand... All right. What next, then?"
Her choice Remain silent. "My choice, then? Very well. I think we should add some Chaurus eggs. For additional flavor."
Third ingredient
Normal One nirnroot. "Really? Oh, I use Nirnroot as a special seasoning all the time as well. What a wonderful idea. Okay. Now what?"
Strange We shall now add... a giant's toe! "A... giant's toe? You're... sure about that?", I said a giant's toe! Do not question the Gourmet!, "Of course! I.... I'm sorry. One giant's toe. There. What, um... What next?"
Her choice Remain silent. "Ooookay.... Um.... Let me see. Thistle? Yes, let's try that. Just a sprig or two..."
Fourth ingredient
Normal Diced horker meat. "Hmmm... horker. So delicious. I swear, is there a soul alive who doesn't enjoy the taste of... Sorry, I didn't mean to get carried away. There we go, one cup of diced horker meat. I have to say, the stew seems done. Add anything else, and we may dilute the distinct flavors. So... is that it?"
Strange You must add... a septim. "A Septim? As in... a gold coin? Really? Ah, I see now. That would give the Potage le Magnifique a slightly metallic - but delicious - aftertaste. Simply brilliant. I have to say, the stew seems done. Add anything else, and we may dilute the distinct flavors. So... is that it?"
Her choice Remain silent. "My choice, hmm? All right, then - tomatoes. Simple, yet infinitely flavorful. Don't you agree? Well, I have to say, the stew seems done. Add anything else, and we may dilute the distinct flavors. So... is that it?"

When you are finished you can choose to add one final ingredient, the Jarrin Root:

There is one final ingredient. Here, add this. (Give jarrin root)
"Oh? What is this, some kind of herb? Are you sure? The Potage tastes perfect as it is. Any other ingredient might..."
Now, now, Gianna. Who's the Gourmet here?
"Heh, I'm sorry. Of course. It's your most famous recipe, after all. All right then, your secret ingredient's been added. And if I may say so... it has been an honor, getting a chance to prepare a meal with, well... the best chef in the entire Empire. I'll carry the stew pot, and lead the way up to the dining room. I'm sure the Emperor and his guests are dying to meet you."
"Here we are. Gods, I'm nervous. We'll go in in just a moment. Please, I'll serve. You just stand there and... be amazing"

If the decoy Emperor dies from the meal:

Penitus Oculatus Agent: "By the gods! The Gourmet and the chef have poisoned the Emperor! Get them!"
Gianna: "What? No! No, you don't understand! There's been some kind of mistake! I... Aggghhh!"


  • You can pickpocket Gianna if you have unlocked the Misdirection perk and Perfect Touch perk, but only after she delivers the soup to the Emperor.
  • The iron dagger is the only thing you can pickpocket from her until the Emperor is dead, then the chef's hat and chef's tunic are available after his death. Alternatively, you can loot her corpse if you decide to kill her, thus making the items not stolen.
  • Gianna also appears in Castles.