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The Bosmer are bound by the terms of the Green Pact to not harm the Valenwood. The Bosmer do not eat anything made from plant life;[1] fruits are only allowed if they have already fallen from the tree, and the seeds must be replanted, lest they face the wrath of the forest.[2] As such, their recipes tend to include animal products. The Green Pact is interpreted differently depending on the tribe - foodstuffs such as fruits that felt from the trees, dairy products, honey, mushrooms, and insects are eaten with zest by all but the most ultra-zealous of Pact Bosmer.[3] Ritualistic cannibalism, is a part of Bosmeri culture and a requirement for the upholding of the Green Pact; they eat their dead and even their enemies as part of upholding the meat mandate, though the practice of cannibalism has fallen out of favor in Valenwood during the Second Era and only practiced by the most zealous upholders of the Green.[4][5]

Bosmer Meats and Fish[edit]

Name Description Image
Bosmer Bites Bosmer Bites are thinly sliced cured meat pieces that contain slices of fruit and cheese. This basic recipe works very well with a variety of tree fruits and assorted meats; the Bosmer use whatever freshly cured meat they have on hand.[2]
Bosmer Bites
Kollopi Kollopi are arboreal rodents that are cooked into delicious little balls of flesh, thick with spices and juice, it is considered a peasant dish. The kollopi mainly live in Graht-oak trees and are harvested by Imga.[6]
Jugged Venison Jugged Venison is Bosmer meal typical for the region of Greenshade.

In order to prepare the meal one needs: 1 Venison Haunch, bloody


1 Imported Onion, finely chopped

Hang the Haunch for 5 days, until it is tender to the touch.

Heat the haunch in over a medium flame. The oil will give the meat a nice crisp outside. When the meat starts to pop, remove it from the heat.

Seal the hot meat in a vase or jug with the stock and the onion. Let it stand for another fortnight.

To serve, open the jug and pour the tender haunch onto the table. It is so tender no knife is required.[7]

Timber Mammoth A woodland dwelling species of Mammoth. It's meat is served grilled and seasoned on kebabs.[8]


Name Description Image
Arenthian Brandy A rare example of a Bosmer spirit that isn't meat based, this brandy is made from grapes and lemon.[9]
Jagga Jagga is an alcoholic drink made from fermented pig's milk which is popular in Valenwood.[10]

In order to prepare it one must:

Set several shallow pans of boiled pig's milk cream where the cat can't step on them and leave alone for a day, then stir several times per day thereafter. Strain the whey into a separate vessel, keeping the curds in their pans. Break the curds apart with a spoon, then allow the curds to dry into shards. Stir daily to keep them from spoiling. Once dry, use these shards to thicken skimmed pig's milk, or to add more cream to plain pig's milk. Bottle and let ferment for 3 weeks.

One can drink the whey immediately, or use it in other recipes.[11]

Sun's Dusk Ale Sun's Dusk Ale is a Bosmer Ale made from crosswings, mimics, and green mold. It smells like "juicy steak marinated with plum wine and coriander". Imga dislike the taste of the Ale.

To make it one must stretch seventeen strings of Alfiq-gut over each barrel, then fresh boar meat is pressed onto the strings, with the brewer being careful not to let any fall before it has properly rotted. Then the meat is dusted with the finely chopped skins of the red-striped frog to make sure the crosswings are drunk and happy when they fall. This is done every month for three or more years, until there is enough meat and bugs to fill the barrel.

Enchantments and spells are used in the process as well to attract the crosswings and mimics, spells to keep out the flipbacks, tree-hoppers, and hoarvor young and spells to encourage the green mold and prevent the brown and white molds. [12][UOL 1]

Root Liqueur Root Liqueur is a rare Valenwood delicacy that was created by a group of Bosmer in secret using Elden Root clippings, which is considered blasphemous against the Green Pact by the Bosmer.[13]
Bloodfroth Bloodfroth is a Bosmeri drink.[14] In order to prepare the drink one must:

Pour fresh blood into shallow pans and place in the cold cave till nearly congealed. Meanwhile, whip together a couple of chicken egg yolks and melted tallow.

Using a sharp knife, slice the blood into chunks, then dice. This is why you let it congeal first—it's impossible to dice fresh blood!

Whip the blood slivers with the yolks and tallow, adding more tallow if needed to thin into a beverage. Add salt to taste.

Set aside for a month to allow it to ferment.[11]

Fermented Honey Liquor In order to prepare this liquor one must combine two hives' of strained honey with twice the amount of water, and a handful of hops, cover and let it ferment for a season before tasting. Afterwards it needs to be ladled into bottles which are then sealed with beeswax and put away. It tastes better with age and as such it is advised to let it unopened for significant amount of time.[11]


Name Description Image
Jagga-Drenched "Mud Ball" Jagga-Drenched "Mud Ball" is a Bosmer seasonal dessert of sticky consistency traditionaly enjoyed during the New Life Festival. It is made with bone flour and senche-passed coffee beans.[15]
Jagga-Drenched "Mud Ball" (ESO)

Fruits and Vegetables[edit]

Name Description Image
Forbidden Fruit The Green Pact makes consumption of fruits and vegetables difficult for the curious Bosmer. In cities such as Falinesti however, one may get away with a small serving of these items, such as seasoned melons and radishes.[16]
Taboo Salad A pact violating salad consisting of melon, beets, and saltrice.[17]


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