Clockwork City


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Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town Outlaws Refuge
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Brengolin is an aspiring Bosmer chef located in the Slag Town Outlaws Refuge. While his food is more corden bleugh than bleu; that is due to the lack of decent ingredients available within Clockwork rather than a lack of culinary skill.

He offers a few quests in which you seek out ingredients for dishes, so he and his companions in the outlaws refuge can enjoy more than just gruel, and in return you get recipes of Brengolin's own creation.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tarnished Truffles[edit]

"Come in search of a hot meal? Hard to come by here, I know, but mark my words, one day there'll be more than just the aroma of bubbling brass wafting out of Slag Town. People are going to come from far and wide to try what's making it."
You're a cook then?
"Or a mud mixer. Might as well be the same thing most days. Getting ingredients that pass for edible is a challenge in Slag Town.
Salas Ramothran's got real mushrooms he's been dangling in front of me, but he won't sell to the likes of us."
Anything I could do to help?
"Really? Well, if you got me some fresh ones from Halls of Regulation that'd be a start, but they aren't much good like that. Salas has some trick to making them edible he keeps closely guarded.
Maybe you could pilfer his secret recipe for me?"
Sure, I can look into it.
"Mind yourself around Salas. He's a mean one with friends in high places. Helps him keep his monopoly on the mushroom trade. He won't take kindly to anyone poking around."

You can then ask him some more questions:

Any idea how I might learn Salas's secret?
"Oh, he's the type to keep records on anything he considers worth remembering. Especially if it can make him a profit.
I'm sure he's got his notes tucked away in his office. Maybe even under lock and key."
What if I'm caught?
"Be best not to mention us then. It wouldn't help your case, being associated with Slag Towners.
I'd hate to see you get in trouble on our account, but we're just scraping by, you understand?"
What's so special about these mushrooms? / The mushrooms you want. What's so special about them?
"Oh, I reckon anything that can grow here is special, but from what I gather they've got real flavor. Might even be strong enough to take the edge off fabricant meat."
You seem to know what you're doing. Why do you need Salas's secret to prepare them?
"I've tried, but no amount of boiling, chopping, or mashing did the trick. Those mushrooms are tougher than shoe leather and full of spores any way you dice 'em. Besides, they're hard enough to come by without me wasting them on trial and error."
Are you certain you should be eating any of this stuff?
"Can't really say that any of the Tinkerer's creations were designed with edibility in mind, but there's only so much of that mushy food paste a person can eat in one lifetime!
I was raised on the stuff and I can barely stand it. "
You were born in Clockwork City?
"Doesn't make me much of a Wood Elf, does it? All my parents used to talk about over dinner was the wild game from home ….
Everyone from outside gets the same look in their eye when talking about their favorite meal. It's why I took up cooking."
You have your work cut out for you.
"Don't I know it, but if I can make the days a little easier for even one person, it'll be worth it.
And if I only wind up making something so bad the past is good by comparison, that's a victory in a way, right?"

Once you return with the mushrooms recipe:

"That's great! Let's have a look, eh? Why that slimy son-of-a-scrib—he's been lying through his teeth! I could have been growing these mushrooms the whole time. Still, his pickling recipe is just what I needed to make use of 'em.
Great work!"

Tasty Tongue Varnish[edit]

After helping him with the mushrooms, he will have another request for you:

needs dialogue
"Oh yes, uncommon stuff. Created by Bosmer ages ago in secret using Elden Root clippings. Blasphemous against the Green Pact, they say. Me? I don't think I've ever even seen the color green.
Never had the stuff before I stumbled on Maurice's stash."
What do you plan to do with it?
"Well, it's pretty sweet you see, and almost syrupy as it is. Reckon it'd make a real great base for marinade. Much better than boiler coolant, that much I'm certain."

A Matter of Tenderness[edit]

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