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A wild mammoth

Mammoths are large woolly beasts that are generally non-hostile unless provoked, they are most commonly found near giants in herds. Their distribution varies, with them being a common sight across the tundras of Skyrim, the Wrothgarian Mountains, northern Cyrodiil, and the western regions of Valenwood.[1][2]

While it's commonly believed that giants herd mammoths[3], scholars have observed that their relationship is based more on mutual respect. They are seemingly able to communicate with mammoths, and protect them fiercely. In return, giants receive companionship and milk, which they process into cheese.[4] Mammoths belonging to giants have markings on their tusks. The two have a protective relationship, with giants protecting them from anything that would do harm to the mammoths, and conversely, tamed mammoths will attack anything that threatens the giant.[2]

They are commonly hunted for their meat and ivory tusks, with the tusks being very valuable. The meat of one mammoth can feed many for a whole month.[5] Powdered mammoth tusk can be used in alchemy, but only the giants know how to grind the incredibly hard tusks down into powder, making the ingredient rare.[6]




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