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Armor of the Knights of the Crypt

The Order of the Crypt is a Breton knightly order of spell-knights that originally served as keepers of the Crypt of Hearts and protectors within the kingdom of Shornhelm. The Order had taken a vow to not just guard the Crypt of Hearts, but to guard the people against those who might seek to use their hearts in briarheart rituals. They eventually broadened their goals, becoming legendary crusaders in the process.[1]


Crypt of Hearts (Arena)

Sometime in the Fourth Era, a witch of the Beldama Coven named Daenalla fell in love with Simon Rodayne, a knight from the Order of the Crypt. The knight willingly gave his heart to his lover, becoming a briarheart.[1] Daenella and Simon eloped, knowing neither of their clans would approve of their union.[1] The Order of the Crypt doubled its efforts against the Beldama Coven and drove them further east, believing Simon was tricked into becoming a briarheart. Meanwhile, the Wyrd thought that Daenalla had betrayed them to the knights.[2]

The Beldama Coven attempted to track the couple down.[2] The Order extended its influence far beyond Shornhelm in pursuit of the coven, forcing the Wyrd east into the Reach.[1] The Order slayed any Reachmen who gave the coven refuge. Eventually, Simon died, and he was buried on a hilltop somewhere in the Reach.[1]

Sometime in 4E 201, the knights who were tracking the Beldama were wiped out, and the coven was able to find Daenella at her lover's grave after several years. The coven made Daenella watch as her husband’s heart was cursed, preventing them from being reunited in the afterlife. She was then killed.[2] At Karthspire, the Beldama Coven was destroyed by an adventurer who recovered Simon's heart. It is unknown if they returned it to his grave tainted, thereby damning him, or if the heart was cleansed, allowing the lovers to reunite.[3]