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Liven up the Jester's Festival with Daedric concert.
Zone: Stonefalls
Quest Giver: Samuel Gourone
Location(s): Daggerfall, Dresan Keep, Mephala's Nest, Ondil, Vulkhel Guard
Reward: Jester's Festival Box
Stupendous Jester's Festival Box
(?) Leveled Gold
ID: 6722
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
ON-quest-Getting the Band Together.jpg
The Breton Samuel Gourone has a plan to liven up the Jester's Festival. He asked for my help in gathering minstrels for a band that's "out of this realm!"

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

At the Jester's Festival celebrations, Samuel Gourone is unimpressed with the quality of celebrations taking place. He enlists you to go into three different locations across Tamriel: Dresan Keep, Mephala's Nest, and Ondil, to collect rare wines that will, according to him, entice various Daedra to perform as a band during the celebration.

At each location, you must first collect the wine in question, either from the environment or from a killed enemy, and place it in an indicated summoning circle to summon a daedra. Once this has been done, return to Samuel.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

ON-quest-Getting the Band Together 02.jpg
The performers, sedated


  • Depending on which summoning circle you use in Ondil or Mephala's Nest, the Daedra captured to play in the band will be different.

Quest Stages[edit]

Getting the Band Together
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find the fine wine Samuel said would entice the minstrels and recruit them for the festival.
Objective: Recruit Performers for the Festival
Objective Hint: Find Bloodroot Rosé
Objective Hint: Find Spider-Venom Wine
Objective Hint: Find Fioraellian Muskwine
Objective Hint: Place the Wine in a Summoning Circle
Objective Hint: Place the Wine in the Summoning Circle
Hidden Objective: Gain the Minstrel's Cooperation
Hidden Objective: Return to the Jester's Festival Tent
All of the minstrels have been gathered for the Jester's Festival, I should return to Samuel.
Objective: Return to Any Jester's Festival Tent
The minstrels made it to the Jester's Festival. I should talk to Samuel to see if there's anything else he needs.
Objective: Talk to Samuel Gourone
Samuel decided to let me do the honors and ring the nearby bell to tell the minstrels to start their performance.
Objective: Ring the Bell
I helped Samuel liven up the Jesters Festival with music performed by captive Daedra. I should speak with him now that the performance is over.
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