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Staff of the Everscamp (Oblivion)

The Staff of the Everscamp is a Daedric staff adorned with metallic scamps at its tip[1] and inscribed with Daedric lettering spelling out the word "nonsense".[2] It's a recurring artifact primarily associated with Sheogorath,[3] though some evidence suggests a connection with Namira.[4] The staff was created in Darkfathom Cave's shrine, located in Cyrodiil's Blackwood. Its purpose is to hinder those unfortunate enough to wield it. It summons "Everscamps", which, like the name suggests, are scamps whose presence is permanent, as they will immediately rematerialize post-mortem. Additionally, the staff will slow down the speed of its wielder. Finally, the staff will compel its user not to dispose of it, a curse only reversible by returning it to the shrine in Darkfathom Cave.[5]


The Staff of the Everscamp was known to be an artifact associated with Sheogorath as early as 2E 582.[3]

Circa 3E 433, a mysterious spellsword was passing through Leyawiin, and heard a woman named Rosentia Gallenus' interest in buying curiosities. Despite Rosentia's suspicion at the staff being offered at a huge bargain, she decided to take it. The staff was inactive until she translated the inscription on the staff, and spoke the word at the same time as wielding it. What ensued was a smelly and annoying surprise, which prompted Rosentia to be confined to her house, afraid to let anyone see her unwanted Daedric companions. Talk around the town stirred as people heard strange noises and smelled a foul odor radiating from her home. Hearing this rumor, an adventurer investigated the home and heard of Rosentia's plight. The remorseful buyer instructed the hero to obtain information from her friend Alves Uvenim in the Mages Guild, and was told of Darkfathom Cave and the staff allowing itself to be given to another person. Rosentia handed her hero the staff, who made their way to the cave's shrine. There, the compulsion of keeping the staff was lifted, and the staff was able to be placed unto its altar, and the scamps were content to stay in their new home. In return for helping her dispose of the cursed staff, she gave the adventurer the Ring of Eidolon's Edge.[6]


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