Oblivion:Staff of the Everscamp

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Staff of the Everscamp
Artifact: Staff of the Everscamp (0004F790)
(lore page)
Type Staff
Editor ID MS43EverscampStaff
Health Health 30
Health Health 30
Weight Weight 12 (0) — see notes Value Value 0
Summons four permanent Everscamps
Damage Speed 20 pts to staff's bearer
Charge/Cost = Uses N/A
The Staff of the Everscamp

The Staff of the Everscamp is a Daedric staff associated with Sheogorath. Once the staff is activated by reading its engraved rune, four non-hostile Everscamps appear and follow the staff's bearer. The staff's bearer is no longer able to put down or get rid of the staff. There are only two ways to get rid of the staff: find someone else who is willing to take it, or return to its original location, namely the shrine of Sheogorath in Darkfathom Cave. Rosentia Gallenus has accidentally activated the staff and enlists the player's help in getting rid of it during the quest Whom Gods Annoy.


  • If one of the Everscamps is killed, it will shortly reappear (with no memory that it was previously attacked). Therefore attacking the scamps is a very useful way to train combat skills.
    • You do not need to be on the quest to make use of the Everscamps. Beforehand, Rosentia doesn't seem to mind you killing the Everscamps in her house; after the quest, you can repeatedly go back to Darkfathom Cave and attack the Everscamps.
    • Killing Everscamps can also be used to easily obtain Lesser Souls.
    • Souls can be captured using Azura's Star to recharge items over and over
  • The Everscamps can be useful as allies in combat through Command Creature spells, especially at lower levels. You only need a command spell with a duration of one second: the scamps will stay in combat with any enemy you were fighting with when casting the command spell. At higher levels, their fixed attack damage makes them less useful. However, many spells can be used to enhance the Everscamps: Shield and Fortify Health improve their defenses and Fortify Speed can make them a dangerous force when they surround a foe. They can also be used as guard dogs, alerting you to an enemy's presence. For efficiency, it's best to make your spells for the scamps have a radius of 10 feet to avoid having to cast at each scamp.
  • When you take the staff from Rosentia, your Speed is damaged by 20 pts. This reduction is implemented by directly modifying your character's speed attribute (it does not show up as damage in your statistics), and therefore it cannot be removed by any means (e.g., restore effects or other healing methods), nor exploited to raise Speed above 100. The only way to regain your 20 speed points is to drop the staff, finishing the quest.
  • Since the staff is a quest item, it normally weighs nothing. It weighs 12 pounds after it ceases to be a quest item.
  • The Everscamps are also useful to distract enemies and, since they tend to crowd near you, block attacks from ranged enemies.
  • Though the staff is of Daedric origin, it cannot be given to Martin in the quest Blood of the Daedra.
  • Entering the Shivering Isles causes the everscamps to stop following you until you re-enter Cyrodiil.
  • Since there are four Everscamps, the restorative effect of an Absorb Magicka spell with a small area of effect will be effectively quadrupled. This is especially useful to characters born under the Atronach sign, since they can use the Everscamps to circumvent their Stunted Magicka with custom spells.
    • This effect can be enhanced by casting a Fortify Magicka spell on the Everscamps.


  • While you have the Staff of the Everscamp, and Everscamp followers, do not go into any Ayleid ruin with a poison gas trap (most commonly noticed in Vindasel where Umbra is found). If the Everscamps die in the poison gas area, when resurrected, Oblivion will crash to desktop.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 3.4.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch; partially fixed by making the Everscamps immune to poison, but if something else kills them in the gas Oblivion will still crash on resurrection.
  • It is possible to permanently obtain the Staff of the Everscamp (but not the respawning scamps themselves). At quest stage 60 (after arriving at the Shrine of Sheogorath in Darkfathom Cave), a message appears telling you: "I'm no longer feeling the urge to possess the Staff of the Everscamp." At that point the staff ceases to be a quest object. Instead of dropping the staff on the ground, you can place the staff into the corpse of a creature who was killed near the altar.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • Never drop the staff anywhere: once dropped it is never possible to pick it back up again (you get the error message "The item cannot be removed from the shrine." even if you are not in the shrine).
    • The staff can be stored in containers and later retrieved, since you're not activating it when removing it from a container.
    • Killing the Everscamps after storing the staff in a container interrupts their following script; they'll simply remain where they've respawned until you add the staff to your carried inventory again.
    • You must not save your game when the staff is drawn. Your staff shows up in the save picture, but the next time you load your game your staff will have disappeared, and you will have nothing but your hands drawn.
    • The main reason to do this is that you can now add a custom enchantment to the staff using an enchanting altar, because technically the Staff of the Everscamp is "unenchanted" (its effects are all implemented using scripts rather than enchantments).
      • Any such enchantment will be implemented the same way as other custom weapon enchantments: on strike (touch), rather than the targeted spell used by all other staves.
      • Do not enchant the staff without first putting the staff into a container (to complete the quest). Otherwise after the staff has been enchanted, it is impossible to finish the quest.
    • Rosentia may start to randomly attack your player if you are holding the staff after the completion of the quest, yielding to Rosentia triggers a positive response but she will continue to attack relentlessly. This will cause you to receive a bounty for no apparent reason.