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Arch-Conjurer Corvus Direnni
Race Altmer Gender Male
Resided in Isle of Balfiera
Flame Atronach Horse typical for Direnni cavalry

Arch-Conjuer[1] Corvus Direnni was a powerful mage of the Direnni clan. His spell secrets were recorded in his Grimoire.[2] Along with his contemporary Calani Direnni, he was a pioneer of the modern School of Conjuration. Their binding rituals are still used when summoning lesser daedra.[3][4] However, Corvus in particular is lauded for codifying its rules.[5] He was apparently the first conjurer to interweave the summoning and binding of a daedra into a single spell, making the practice exponentially safer.[6] He took part in the Battle of Glenumbra Moors circa 1E 482, where his conjured creatures played a pivotal role.[7] Direnni mages mounted on flaming horses first appeared during this battle.[8]

Corvus was the first to theorize that the wayshrines of Tamriel correspond to the pattern of stars in the night sky and that they could be used as some sort of transportation network. He also used Ayleid research to devise and then promulgate the standard "portal" spells which were later put into use by the Mages Guild.[9]

He was known for conjuring numerous atronachs and shaping them into animal forms. He could summon Flame Atronach wolves of varied sizes.[1][10] He was the first wizard to compel a Storm Atronach to assume the form of a great cat.[11] He also could shape them into the forms of horses and camels. At some point in the history, he met the High King of Hammerfell Ar-Azal and astounded him by summoning the storm atronach camel.[12] He researched Frost Atronachs as well and theorized that the Frost Senche-Panther may actually be a form of atronach summoned from Fourth Sinus of Takubar.[13]

He was responsible for mentoring numerous Direnni students for the Master Conjurer test. Famous Peregrine Direnni was among his pupils.[14]



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