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Location The Wailing Prison
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Soul-Shriven
Er-Jaseen after Update 6

Er-Jaseen is an Argonian Soul Shriven prisoner found in the Wailing Prison in Coldharbour. He is seen during the introductory quest, where he can be seen barring a door with two other Soul Shriven. He will also call out to you: "Don't stop, now. Keep moving! More guards are on the way!"

Aside from encouraging you and Lyris to escape, he cannot be interacted with. However, he played a greater role in the quest before Update 6, when he was the one to free you from your cell rather than Lyris.

Removed Dialogue[edit]

This dialogue can no longer be heard in-game.

After you have spoken to the Prophet in your cell, Er-Jaseen approaches the door and yells: "You there. We are escaping! Let me open your door." Once the door has unlocked, he parts with: "That's it. Quickly, you must escape before the guards return." As you follow him into the next area where you must locate a weapon, he calls out: "Grab something to defend yourself from the racks. Don't be greedy, we have a lot of prisoners to arm."

After this, he can be found waiting by a large iron door that leads to the Bleeding Forge. As you speak to him, he says: "Don't stop, now. Keep moving! More guards are on the way!" Asking him what he is doing out here, he replies: "Like you, I am escaping this place. But, since I have been here for some time, the Tall One asked me to help the newer prisoners find their way. Those who are captured will be flayed. Sadly, that will not end their torment, Soul Shriven cannot die." Next, two dialogue options are presented:

Tall One?
"The half-giant, Lyris Titanborn. She leads this uprising. I do not know how or why she is here, but to the Soul Shriven, she is a gift from the Divines."
Soul Shriven?
"We are the vestiges of people whose souls were stolen by ... The God of Schemes. I dare not utter his true name in this place. The Soul Shriven are doomed to slavery in Coldharbour for eternity, or at least until we are no longer useful."

Asking him if all Soul Shriven look like him, he explains: "The longer we remain here, the less ... whole we remain. Our bodies waste away, our skin shrivels, and eventually our minds twist and lose any notion of reality. The oldest of the Soul Shriven are completely insane. We call them Ferals." Next, two additional dialogue options are presented:

Are these Ferals dangerous?
"Oh yes. The lesser Daedra actually fear them. Ferals have no fear of pain or death, because that is all they know. That, and eternal hunger. They will attack and eat anything they can get their claws on, even each other."
Why don't I look like the rest of you
"You will. You are a new arrival, yes? The newly arrived have more free will, more fighting spirit. But that won't last. It never does. In time ... uncounted years, perhaps ... you will become Feral. It is the fate that awaits us all, eventually."

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