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Moon-Bishop Azin-jo
Location Sunspire Vestibule
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo is a Khajiit religious leader who oversees the care of the temple at Sunspire and the worship that goes on there.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Sunspire Vestibule[edit]

When you enter Sunspire, Moon-Bishop Azin-jo will welcome you:

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Ah! More faithful answer the roar of the First Cat! Come, come! Welcome!"

Speaking to him to start the quest:

"Alkosh's booming voice reaches farther with every passing day, bringing new pilgrims for me to greet! Come, bring your offerings and kneel before the Great Cat returned!"
The Great Cat returned?
"Yes, walker! Divine Alkosh has returned to this perch to call the Khajiit who have strayed back to him! Though any who hear his word and obey are welcome here."
Who is Alkosh?
"Who is Alkosh? Gak! Riddle'Thar has kicked sand over the First Cat so long that his name is forgotten!
Alkosh is the first divine: the Dragon King of Cats! The Khajiit have strayed from him, but he's returned to right our path! Come, see for yourself!"
Very well. I'll meet Alkosh.

You can then ask him more about the contents of the trial:

"He has called his faithful to his temple and you have answered! Once you lay your eyes upon divinity everything will become clear.
This way! Come join in our worship and praise Alkosh's return!"
You said he's the Dragon King of Cats? What's that mean?
"He is the First Cat! Winged and glorious! Radiant as the sun and eternal! It is only fitting Khajiit follow in his footsteps. Khajiit are close cousins to Dragons, you know? Can you not see the resemblance?"
How are Khajiit related to Dragons?
"All the races are children of Nirni, but when Azurah made Khajiit Khajiit [sic] she made us in the image of perfection. Alkosh was swift and graceful, but also great and powerful. And clever. And wise. What else could be all these things but a Cat?"
But how is a Cat a Dragon?
"Are we not sleek as the Dragon? Do we not have claws sharp as the Dragon? Are our eyes not like those of the Dragon? Azurah was wise to conceal our true nature under silky fur, but we are as near to Dragons as Cats can be!"
Did Alkosh unleash Dragons on Elsweyr?
"Alkosh is our protector, walker! Though many have shamefully forgotten him, he ensures the steady movement of the moons. Without him, Jone and Jode would be locked in place and terrible things would slip through the Lunar Lattice!"
Why did Alkosh come here?
"This is his temple, walker, but not just any temple. It is built upon holy ground! It was on this summit that Alkosh stood and defended us from the White Snake, Pelinal. There would be no Khajiit left if not for his divine intervention."
Sounds like there's a story there.
"Indeed, walker. Indeed! Long ago the White Snake terrorized the lands to the north. His hatred of Elves knew no end and he was so hungry for their blood that he saw Elves where there were only Khajiit. Khajiit were nearly wiped out by his blind rage."
Pelinal was killing Khajiit?
"The White Snake stained the savannahs in our blood, but Khajiit are natural climbers. They scaled this peak to escape the madman, but what he lacked in grace he overcame with ferocity. Pelinal wrestled with the mountain until he too stood above it."
And this is where Alkosh stopped him?
"Hearing Khajiits' prayers, Alkosh descended from the heavens like a shooting star. His battle cry split the sky as he cast the crusader out of Elsweyr and the wound remains as a reminder of the debt we owe!
Too few remember that since Riddle'Thar."
You really believe a Divine is among us?
"If my words were enough for the faithful, then this temple would have overflowed with worshipers long ago. You may doubt my mortal tongue, walker, but one cannot deny divinity when one sees it. Lay your eyes upon Alkosh and all will be made clear."
Does Alkosh not have many worshipers?
"Too many Khajiit have been weaned on tales of Riddle'Thar, and too many years have passed since Alkosh first graced us with his presence. I feared I would leave behind an empty temple, but Alkosh heard my prayers and came to guide his wayward kin."
Guide them how?
"To inspire faith! To restore his temple to glory! Alkosh will put an end to Khajiits' suffering and lead his people to stand united and strong again!"

Sunspire Temple Grounds[edit]

After you defended yourself from the onslaught of Alkosh's faithful in the Sunspire Temple Grounds, Azin-jo will run out horrified by what you have done. Mojha will confront him.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Alkosh have mercy! What have you done?"
Mojha: "Azin-jo! You liar! You said Alkosh was here to save us, but he turned us into slaves!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "What are you talking about? We should be grateful to serve the Divine!"
Mojha: "You old fool! There are no gods here! Only tyrants!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Blasphemers! You spilled the blood of Alkosh's faithful and desecrated his temple. I should have seen you were bent cats!"
Mojha: "They see through your false god. They will free us."

If you talk to Azin-jo after clearing the first area:

"You blind fools. Only the Dark Behind the World awaits you now."
Dark Behind the World?
"It is where you will go for straying from the path of the Divines! You will spend eternity doing the Bent Dance in the Darks or walk Nirni as dro-m'Athra until true Khajiit banish you with sharp claws and the pure light of Jode!"
You've been luring people into bondage.
"Lies and falsehoods! I will not be tempted astray by bent cats who pull at my tail! You may break my frail body, but Alkosh will not let a true Khajiit's soul sink into the Darks."
I'm not going to hurt you unless you attack me like the others.
"More deceit. The faithful of Alkosh would only raise their claws to enemies of the Khajiit. The Dragon King of Cats saw through your bad intentions. Khajiit may not stop you, but you will not cross the little lattice to profane his chancel!"
Little lattice?
"Like Jone and Jode on high, their incarnations below bar all things dark and terrible from passing through their lattice. Continue to defy Alkosh and their wrath with be great and terrible!"
You believe Jone and Jode are here too?
"Just as their bodies follow the path Alkosh carves for them through time, their wills have followed him here to lead the Khajiit! Jone as cool and pale as a winter moon, and Jode as hot and red as summer solstice."

As you progress to the Way of Jone, Moon-Bishop Azin-jo will call out to you.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Foul marauders of Lorkhaj! You will not walk the Way of Jone unscathed!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Go then, and feel your courage freeze under the pitiless gaze of Jone!"

Speaking to him after defeating Lokkestiiz's faithful in the Way of Jone:

"Do you not fear the Way of Jone because it does not scorch the darkness in your souls? It will not protect you from the claws of the righteous."
This is the Way of Jone?
"The Way of Jone is to strike at evil with tooth and claw until it is driven from the world. One only needs a pure heart to wield its lessons, but if you bent ones wish to follow the Way of Jone without that, you may feel Jone's power firsthand."
And if we're the victors?
"Such hubris! Who are you to best a god? Go and face your divine judgment, so I may return my temple to order."

If you choose to progress through the Way of Jode first:

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Wicked pawns of Lorkhaj! Is there remorse in your mortal heart, bent one, that you choose to walk the Way of Jode?"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "So be it. Step into the fire and be redeemed!"

Speaking to him after defeating Yolnahkriin's faithful in the Way of Jone:

"Walk the Way of Jode and bathe in his holy light. He will burn away the darkness in your hearts until no wickedness remains!."
This is the Way of Jode?
"When true Khajiit follow the Way of Jode, they learn to call upon the bright lunar light and banish bent spirits from our world. You are on the path to do the same, but instead of blessings you will call down his wrath!"
And if we defeat him?
"Such hubris! Who are you to best a god? Go and face your divine judgment, so I may return my temple to order."

After you have defeated both Moon-Impostors and returned to the Temple Grounds, Azin-jo will be there.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "You yet live! And the little lattice is dispelled!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "What powers are at work that you can defy the will of the Moons and win?"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "I'm warning you! If you dare profane holy Alkosh's chancel, you will be damned beyond all damnation!"

You have the opportunity to talk to a furious Moon-Bishop.

"B—begone from my temple!"
Are you ready to accept that your faith is misplaced?
"Do not test my faith! I will not put it aside for servants of great evil!"
If you won't believe me. Come see what your god has to say for himself.
"Very well! I will bear witness to this, and when Alkosh once again drives out darkness from this temple I will teach this day to the faithful."

He will then speak to "Alkosh" and ask for his assistance:

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Glorious Alkosh! Your faithful are beset by these heretics! This one begs you to cast the wicked from this mountain once again."
Nahviintaas: "You had one task, cat: gather faithful to serve me. Instead you have brought me troubles."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Forgive Azin-jo! Spare your faithful from these heretics and this one will spread word of Alkosh's infinite mercy to every corner of the world!"
Nahviintaas: "Mercy? I have no use for mercy any longer. Kill them all."

After you fight off Alkosh's forces, Azin-jo will be shocked by their appearance.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Who—who were those bent cats?"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "There was nothing of the divine in their eyes. Only fear and obedience."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Is this what Alkosh wants us to become?"

You can then talk to him.

"Azin-jo has not always been Alkosh's best servant, but he has stayed faithful. He has stayed true. Even though his failings make him unworthy of the Great Cat's grace, he is not deserving of death … surely?"
Those Khajiit that attacked us. You don't recognize them?
"Never has Azin-jo seen them before. They appeared from nowhere by the Great Cat's will, but this one thinks they looked more damned than blessed!
Alkosh's wrath is more terrible than this one could have imagined."
You still believe this Dragon is Alkosh?
"Who is he to question a god? Who are you?
This one devoted his entire life to serving Alkosh. Never did he doubt his god, even in the bleakest times, but now … Azin-jo does not know what to believe."

Ruin of Alkosh[edit]

He will then go directly to Nahviintaas' peak to plead to his god for a final time.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Great Alkosh! Do not forsake us! I beg—"
Nahviintaas: "Daal Tiid Zaam!"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "You are tearing the wound wider! Why?"
Nahviintaas: "To restore the natural order. To reclaim all that was and will be. To correct the mortal mistake."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "You—you are no Divine!"
Nahviintaas: "I will remind you: Dragons are gods in the flesh."

After you have slain Nahviintaas, the freed servants will arrive and Azin-jo will be seeing the truth clearly.

Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "What an ugly thing! How could this one not see it for what it was?"
Mojha: "The thirsty desert walker sees what they want to see."
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "It was a beautiful mirage …."
Mojha: "Only to the blind. Do you see my scars now?"
Moon-Bishop Azin-jo: "Forgive this one. His eyes are open now."

You can then talk to him for your reward:

"A thousand thousand pardons and a thousand more to come for all the ills Azin-jo spoke of you. You were bright and true as Two Moons, and this one was clouded."
You saw through their deception eventually.
"This one would not have seen if he had not been guided by wiser walkers. You have the bravery and heart of the old heroes who fought the White Snake on this mountain. Alkosh smiles on you, and so do we all. Take these offerings for your true faith!"

After you have completed the quest, you can ask him more questions.

"These are dark days for the temple, but we shall heal in time. That is another of Alkosh's gifts. Through him we learn and grow."
How will your temple recover from this?
"The temple still stands and the evil cast out. This one will offer penance and prayers to Alkosh for his foolishness. With the Great Cat's blessing, Azin-jo will reconsecrate this place in his name and work to restore its glory. As he always has."
How long have you been a priest of Alkosh?
"For as long as he can remember. He was left at this temple with his littermates when we were but cubs. We all grew up serving the temple, but Azin-jo was the only one who stayed."
Why was that?
"Some weren't suited to it, others lost their faith or found it elsewhere. Most Khajiit now turn to Riddle'Thar for guidance and forgot all they owe to Alkosh.
This one prayed for a means to restore faith in the Great Cat. He thought he found it."
How did the Dragon convince you he was Alkosh?
"He appeared to Azin-jo on the summit, by the wound in the sky. His voice shook the heavens and his golden body shone in the sun with holy radiance. This one has never seen a Dragon or a god, but upon seeing him they seemed one and the same."
What did he want?
"This one only knows what he was told. Alkosh told him to spread word of his return and to bring him faithful servants, so that is what Azin-jo did. He did not question why Alkosh wanted these things or spoke to the wound in the sky."
The Dragon spoke to that rift?
"Yes, with those words that sound like thunder. This one thought Alkosh meant to mend the wound he made in his battle with the White Snake, Pelinal, but now … the desires of Dragons are beyond his ken."
What will you do with the people you lured here?
"Azin-jo will throw himself on their mercy and offer penance for the pain he has caused. He has little to offer other than apologies and the desire to make things right."
You have this temple.
"Who would wish to stay in this place with a jeek priest who follows false gods?"
Why don't you offer and see?
"It would be an undeserved blessing to have his prayers answered, but if Khajiit wish to use this temple once again, Azin-jo will be grateful.
This one will do his best to see the people's faith restored."
Good point.
"Azin-jo has failed Alkosh and his people. It is only right that he labor alone in this place."

If you failed to pick up the quest at the beginning of the dungeon, you can give Azin-jo an item looted from Nahviintas's corpse to completed the quest. On normal, you loot the Teeth of the False Alkosh.

I took this trophy from the false Alkosh. I thought you should have it.
"Teeth from the great blasphemer's mouth. We will keep them as reminders of the victory you won today in the name of the Great Cat.
We honor this great deed done in Alkosh's name! Take this with our gratitude."

On veteran, you loot the Tongue of the False Alkosh.

I took this trophy from the false Alkosh. I thought you should have it.
"The golden liar's tongue. Ensuring it never again speaks its blasphemy is a fitting tribute to Alkosh! We will keep it as proof of your great deed, and the fate of those who would profane our worship of the Great Cat!
Take this with our blessing."

These lines are unidentified:

"Only through your works and your devotion. Were it not for you, this one would still blindly follow a false god.
Azin-jo is not fit to give you Alkosh's blessings, but they are all he has to offer. May the Great Cat keep your path true."

"Only because Alkosh sent a miracle to set things right. You blessed champions cast down the false gods with such vengeance that this one wonders if the Dragon King of Cats did not strike the blows himself!
We offer you all the thanks we have."