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Group Dungeon:
Lair of Maarselok
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Aldmeri Dominion
Green HallGrahtwood
Neighboring jungles of the Tenmar Forest
Instanced Dungeon Group Instance
Group Size 4
Lair of Maarselok

The Lair of Maarselok is a group dungeon the jungles of Tenmar, entered at a lake northeast of the Ossuary of Telacar. It will be part of the upcoming Scalebreaker dungeon pack DLC, along with the Moongrave Fane. A deathly corruption that originates from the Lair of Maarselok threatens the Elden Tree, and Grahtwood’s protectors have tried and failed to destroy the Dragon at the center of the blight. A truce has been called between the forest spirit Selene and her captor, the warlock Carindon. Together, and with your help, they must attempt to save the Elden Root tree before the corruption can spread.

Related Quests[edit]


Elite Enemies[edit]


Maarselok is fought three separate times throughout the dungeon:



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