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Warlock Carindon
Location Selene's Web, Lair of Maarselok
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Warlock Carindon

Warlock Carindon is an Altmer member of the Mages Guild, and the leader of the expedition exploring Selene's Web. His fellow accomplices have not been fully briefed on what the goal of the mission is, as Carindon seeks to capture the power of the Changeling Selene.

Afterwards, Carindon will travel to the Tenmar mountains to continue his studies of the forest spirit, only for Maarselok and his corruption to disrupt his experiments. This is in turn forces a momentary truce between him and the captured Selene, in order to stop the Azureblight from reaching the Elden Tree and beyond.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Knowledge Gained[edit]

Carindon and his expedition team

As you enter the Selene's Web dungeon, you'll hear the following exchange:

Warlock Carindon : "I understand your concerns but think of the potential rewards. These woods have long been rumored to house a powerful forest spirit."
Apprentice Patraud : "There is something off about these Bosmer. Something wild. Feral. Are you sure they just won't attack us?"
Journeyman Mirondil : "I agree with the Apprentice. How are we to get past these Bosmer if they try to stop us?"
Warlock Carindon : "We have visitors it seems. Perhaps they can be of assistance."

When you approach him he'll say "Come and speak with me, my friend." Speaking to him, he'll say:

"What a timely arrival. You appear quite well-armed. My mages and I could have a great use for you."
You could?
"Indeed! Rumor has it that an ancient forest spirit dwells amongst the trees here, and we mean to seek out and study it.
You could handle this forest's Bosmer natives should they become hostile against us during our research."
You want bodyguards.
"I wouldn't use those words, but yes. I assure you that the Guild will amply reward you.
You'll accompany Apprentice Patraud while he treats with the Bosmer. Just let him do the talking, and we will join you shortly."
Very well.
"Make haste, now. My students and colleagues have travelled  [sic] far, and we don't have time to waste."
What do you want from this forest, again?
"The same thing every mage wants. Knowledge.
The rumor has long been that an ancient forest spirit dwells here, one that is undocumented by the Guild. I would find it and learn what I can from it."
And why do you need protection to do this?
"A mage's studies can sometimes require a bit of brute force, and that's where you come in.
The local Bosmer have not been entirely welcoming."

After you fight off the Bosmer which kill Apprentice Patraud, Carindon will arrive with the rest of the expedition:

Warlock Carindon : "You have done well, friend. Come, I would have words with you."

You can then talk to him about the situation:

"Patraud was a good man. That attack … was unfortunate.
Bosmer can be aggressive, but killing without provocation is rare for even the most feral of their kind. The sooner we find this spirit, the better."
Will you push on?
"Of course. It will be dangerous, but committing to our craft is danger in itself. Any mage is prepared to give his or her life for the art.
Be on your guard. I suspect the other Bosmer we encounter will have a similar demeanor."
I can handle the Bosmer if they attack again.
"Of that I have no doubt, but eliminating these Bosmer could enrage the forest spirit, if it is indeed here.
Take Evoker Ahainar-jo with you. He may be able to connect with these natives where Patraud could not."
We will see.

Ahainar-jo will then become your follower. If you speak with the warlock again:

"Accompany Evoker Ahainar-jo. He will attempt to contact the Bosmer again. Perhaps they will tell us how to contact the spirit of this forest."

After you encounter Treethane Kerninn and beat him, you will be too late to stop them from having killed Ahainar-jo. Carindon will then arrive, announcing they caught a prisoner:

Warlock Carindon: "So they killed Ahainar-jo? His death will not be a hollow one. We've managed to capture a prisoner."

You can then speak with Carindon:

"This continued aggression from the Bosmer is distressing. With two mages lost already, we'll need to be careful. My fallen colleagues will not be forgotten.
No doubt our elusive forest spirit is nearby."
I have not seen a forest spirit. (Ends Conversation)

Journeyman Draval will then suggest questioning the prisoner for information:

Journeyman Draval: "We have a prisoner. Perhaps he can shed some light on where we can find this forest spirit."
Warlock Carindon: "Very well, let's see what he has to tell us."
Evoker Neshtat: "On your feet friend. You're going to tell us all about this forest."
Selene's Dagger: "I've already told you. The forest is all we live for. You are no threat to me."
Evoker Neshtat: "We shall see."
<Neshtat then hits him with a spell which sends the Dagger to the ground writhing in pain.>
Selene's Dagger: "Ahhh …."
Evoker Neshtat: "What do you have to say now?"
Selene's Dagger: "Nothing to you, whorespawn. Your kind will never rule the forest, not as long as Selene is its guardian."
Evoker Neshtat: "We'll see about that little one."
<She unleashes more magic on the Bosmer.>
Evoker Neshtat: "Tell us what you know!"
Selene's Dagger: "Selene will make you pay!"
Evoker Neshtat: "Everyone breaks. Tell us what we want to know."
Selene's Dagger: "Mistress Selene forbids me from speaking."
Evoker Neshtat: "I can make this last as long as I need."
Selene's Dagger: "It hurts! It hurts!"
Evoker Neshtat: "This will end when you tell us what we want to know."
Selene's Dagger: "Ahhhh!"
Evoker Neshtat: "Who are you working for? Why attack us?"
Selene's Dagger: "Death to you!"
Evoker Neshtat: "Where is the forest spirit?"
Selene's Dagger: "No! Gah!"
<At this point the interrogation will loop from "I can make this last as long as I need.">

If you speak to Carindon during the interrogation, he will tell you to keep searching:

"Explore the forest. The mages and I will see to this prisoner."

At this point you will need to search Selene's Web for any signs of the spirit. After you defeat Queen Aklayah, a portal will open nearby and Carindon and the other mages will step through. The nearby passage will be locked and you will need to speak with Carindon:

Journeyman Mirondil : "Through there, the doorway!"
Evoker Neshtat: "The fauna is fascinating in here. It's infused with magic."
Conjurer Hrolda: "This magic is incredibly potent. We may need to combine our efforts to open this door."
Journeyman Draval: "I have a bad feeling about this. We can still turn back. We have our lives to think about."
Warlock Carindon: "Nonsense, Draval. Think of all the terrifyingly beautiful things we've seen here. I could release an entire codex from today's findings alone."

You can then ask him about the door:

"This area is saturated with magic. I believe we have found the mysterious Selene, however, our way ahead is barred.
This journey has been quite the burden."
Can we force our way through?
"Were it that easy. The barrier ahead appears to be magically shielded.
The mages and I will attempt to bypass it. I need you to venture farther and see if there is another way."
I'll look for another path.

After you defeat Foulhide, a mortally injured Draval will come up to you and urge you to return to the others. Once you arrive at the entrance to the sanctum after Mennir Many-Legs is defeated, you will find Carindon is only surviving mage:

"You made it back. I see sending Draval did some good."
Draval didn't make it. What happened?
"He served his purpose. We were attacked as soon as the door was opened. By Bosmer, woodland creatures, Selene's entire army it seems.
We held out as long as we could, fought like trapped Nords. But she was too powerful."
You lost all of your mages, then.
"I won't be judged. Not by you.
Through this barrier is the first changeling the Mages Guild has encountered in thousands of years. What mage could turn down the chance to study her, no matter the risk?"
[Persuade] Your fellow mages didn't seem privy to this information.
"I could not risk telling them the truth. Only a few at the Guild know of Selene's existence.
My superiors decreed that no mage interfere with her, for she is ancient, and her power is great. But how could I resist such a mythical creature?"
[Intimidate] We'll speak after I deal with this.
[Persuade] And what if I walk away? You caused much death today.
"Then our sacrifices—all of them—will have been for nothing. And you would not want that, would you?"
I'll deal with her.

When you speak to him again:

"You're the only one left to challenge Selene."

Upon the defeat of Selene, her soul leaves her body and Warlock Carindon arrives:

Warlock Carindon: "So nice to see you again, my dear Selene.
Your secrets belong to me, now. Even in death you will help me in so very many ways."
Selene: "You mages are as treasonous as your scent is foul. We had an agreement."
Warlock Carindon: "You made a deal with the Guild. Not with me.
Your soul will make me one of the most powerful mages in the Guild."
Warlock Carindon: "I have waited long for this."
Selene: "I have done nothing to your kind, and yet you come into my home, kill my thrall.
You had best live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. My kind have ways of returning to finish our business."
Warlock Carindon: "We shall see, my pet."
Selene: "No! Ahhhhh!"

Carindon then casts his magic towards Selene's soul to trap it, and she fades away. You can then speak to him:

"Selene's menace has been neutralized. We are free to dissect and study her.
I had thought the day lost, but this is exquisite."
What did you do to Selene?
"Selene's soul is mine, now. Today is a historic one for the Guild.
I'll ensure my fallen colleagues receive honorable mentions in the next codex I write."

You can then complete the quest, and have the option of speaking to him again:

"The knowledge we will obtain from the soul of this creature will be immensely beneficial.
I can think of five different potions I'd like to attempt from Selene's aura alone. Glorious!"
What will you do with it?
"Study it, of course. Offensive spells, defensive barriers, utility magic. You saw the arcane threads she weaved as she fought us.
All of it is power for us to harness, now."
[Intimidate] It's your fault those Mages died.
"You are an altruistic one, aren't you? You have power, but you're not cut out to be a Guild Mage. Not a Guild Mage like me.
But you have been very helpful, and I promise you—you will see the fruits of our labor very soon."

The Azure Blight[edit]

Carindon in Lair of Maarselok

When you enter the Tenmar Mountain valley in the Lair of Maarselok, you may overhear a conversation between Allanwen, Gadnalon and Warlock Carindon as they look at the corpse of an Azureblight Spider.

Allanwen: "Oh, agh. The Dragon's corruption has spread farther, Carindon. Closer to you and Selene."
Warlock Carindon: "Yes, this is … unfortunate. I will do what I can. But, Selene? She is difficult to persuade, at best."
Gadnalon: "Selene might've been less difficult if you hadn't chosen to make her the subject of your research."
Allanwen: "It's a moot point. We just need to convince her that the Dragon is a greater enemy than Carindon."

If you speak to him before speaking to Allanwen, he'll scoff:

"This Dragon situation is interrupting my research with Selene. Unacceptable."

When you greet him, he will be dismissive of you, even if you have met previously:

"Is there a reason you are standing here expectantly?"
I joined your expedition in Malabal Tor to find Selene.
"Then I no doubt compensated you and concluded our business already. I am in no need of further services or distractions."
Allanwen thought otherwise.
"Very well. You, at least, have proven capable. I will need that if she expects us to coerce Selene into doing her bidding.
The Changeling is not a creature of reason."
This won't be like last time. You won't use either of us again.
"It seems you were affected by Selene's insidious domination. You appear to have forgotten the reckless abandon with which her enthralled servants attacked our expedition. Unprovoked.
I was willing to bargain before she murdered my subordinates."
I thought you bound Selene to you. Can't you command her yourself?
"Even in her present condition, she is an ancient and powerful spirit. Were my research allowed to continue uninterrupted, I could develop a means to exert more control over the Changeling, but for now I only have the power to contain her."
We defeated Selene. Is she really a match for Maarselok? (Appears when you ask one of the above questions)
"The Wood Elves would like to believe so. I have not yet discovered everything the Changeling is capable of, but I doubt she can defeat the Dragon alone. They must admit that as well by enlisting you.
With my power, we may stand a chance."
How will you help?
"I am two steps removed from the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild. If you can't comprehend what that means, I won't waste my breath on the explanation.
We've wasted enough time. My study is that way. Let's be off."

Otherwise, if this is the first time you have met:

Who are you?
"I am Carindon, warlock of the Mages Guild. Take your chit-chat to Gadnalon. I have no time for further pedestrian inquiry.
Or did you have something of substance to discuss?"
Tell me about Selene.
"She is the subject of my research. A nature spirit of considerable power, which is why the Wood Elves seek her cooperation. If they understood Selene like I do, they would realize how foolish that sounds. Selene understands domination, nothing else."
What do you mean?
"I mean when I found Selene, she had enthralled an entire tribe of Bosmer and laid claim to a swath of their territory. They butchered the expedition I lead without provocation, but I put an end to her tyranny. She serves me now."
So you control her?
"In a sense. She is soul trapped and bound to me. I cannot make her do anything, but neither can she act without my approval. When my research is free to resume, I may continue to find uses for her."
You have her soul trapped and bound to you?
"Is that not what I just said?
Or is it you are making a judgement, perhaps, with your echoing of my words? Humanizing Selene would be a fatal mistake. Remember that when you see her in my study."

After you fight your way to the Ruins of Magrus's Ascent, the trio will follow you in, with some commentary:

Allanwen: "Well, this is homey."
Gadnalon: "High Elf living in a cave. I can see why you required so much compensation."
Warlock Carindon: "I am not some Crystal Tower sorcerer. I go where my research requires. This is the ideal environ to study Selene. That and your contribution are the only reason I'm still here."
Warlock Carindon: "My study is just through these ruins. You will find Selene there."

Once you enter Carindon's study, Selene will notice the group, Allanwen will try a talk with her, only for Selene to try and attack Carindon:

Selene: "I see you've brought more torturers to dissect me, warlock."
Allanwen: "Z'en's bargain, we're not torturers! I've come to restore the balance here."
Selene: "Am I to understand you're a follower of Z'en? Return my freedom and I will right the wrongs done here."
Allanwen: "Unbind her, Carindon."
Warlock Carindon: "Unwise. I shall loosen my hold only."
<Carindon uses his magic and loosens the bindings.>
Selene: "Now for payment in kind. It's my turn to study your insides, warlock!"
Warlock Carindon: "Gah! I warned you of her duplicity!"
Allanwen: "Selene! No! Don't let her kill Carindon! We need them both!"
Selene: "Stay out of this! Carindon must pay!"

When Selene has been subdued:

Selene: "Enough! I relent."
Warlock Carindon: "See what you wish to bargain with? She must remain bound."
Gadnalon: "Can you two please take your hands off each others' throats long enough to see there is a bloody Dragon turning this place into a fetid latrine!"
Warlock Carindon: "I … concede your point. This Dragon blight is a threat to you, Selene. You will not overcome it without me."
Selene: "I'll need to draw on more than you to oppose Maarselok. You Bosmer must be my connection to the Green."
Allanwen: "Whatever you need, Selene. We'll support you."

After speaking with Selene, Carindon will be skeptical about her claims:

"I hope that dispelled any doubts you had that Selene is not to be trusted. Remain on your guard. If she worms her way into the Bosmers' minds, they'll turn on us the first chance they get."
You think she's going to turn Allanwen and Gadnalon against us?
"Drawing upon their power is only a pretense. I have no doubt her goal is to mesmerize them and force me to fully release her bindings.
Maintaining my hold will be taxing, but I will not let my guard down for a moment."
Wouldn't releasing her be easier for everyone?
"Are you mad? Keeping her on a taut leash is the only defense we have against her insidious influence. If freed she'd simply return to dominating others. It's her nature. Her instinct."
So, you control her because she can control others?
"That's one reason. Another is that studying her allows me to make great strides in the advancement of civilization. Her essence alone … ah, you're implying that I'm a hypocrite.
Spare me your judgement."
I can see why you're so cautious.
"Then you are a great deal wiser than the others. They are too quick to trust a creature that could enslave them effortlessly."

When you encounter Maarselok for the first time:

Allanwen: "Look! Maarselok!"
Warlock Carindon: "Another rare specimen."
Selene: "Is there nothing you won't objectify?"
Warlock Carindon: "Taking you apart has taught me how to put you back together. You'll be grateful for that as the Dragon's blight rots you from within."
Allanwen: "Save it for the Dragon! Keep moving."
Maarselok: "Ah, she's awake. I wondered how long it would take before you showed yourself, Changeling. Shall we dance?"
Selene: "Maarselok! You'll pay for defiling this place!"
Selene: "Unbind me, warlock!"
Maarselok: "And you've brought an audience! How fun!"
Selene: "Kill this abomination and I'll choke Maarselok on his own corruption!"

Then you can ask Carindon what he knows about dragons:

"Well, now we've seen the threat that's upon us."
Do you know much about Dragons?
"I prefer working with live specimens, or near enough. Dragons were nothing more than old bones and tall tales until their recent reemergence. So, no, I have nothing to offer. Though, capturing Maarselok alive would offer ample opportunity for study."

After Maarselok flees from the first encounter:

Allanwen: "He's playing with us!"
Warlock Carindon: "Good. Underestimating us will be his undoing."
Selene: "Unleash me, and he won't be laughing much longer."
Warlock Carindon: "I'll give you only the slack you need, hound, no more. Now sniff out the Dragon before he escapes us."

The warlock will warn you not to take the dragon lightly:

"Don't be fooled by the Dragon's playful bravado. He's tasted our power and found it a bitter poison.
We must press our advantage while Maarselok is still off guard."

Traveling further into the lair:

Selene: "I can feel it. Everywhere. Seeping into everything."
Warlock Carindon: "Stop fighting my control and I can more easily shield you from its influence."
Selene: "One toxic influence for another."

Entering the Azureblight Cancroid's chamber:

Selene: "There. That writhing mass is the source of the cancer in this cavern. It must be purged."
Warlock Carindon: "Leave it. Its proximity is already beginning to taint you."
Selene: "Destroying it weakens Maarselok's hold!"
Allanwen: "We're destroying it! Help Selene however you can!"

During this fight, Carindon will call out orders:

Warlock Carindon: "Plant the seed in the source!"
Warlock Carindon: "Selene's cleansed the seed! Use it against the blight!"
Warlock Carindon: "Use that to harm the source!"
Warlock Carindon: "That seed will weaken the mass!"

After destroying the Azureblight Cancroid:

Selene: "Ugh. It's done …."
Allanwen: "Selene? Are you alright?"
Warlock Carindon: "As I said, we should be conserving our energy."
Selene: "Ignore him. I feel better already."

If Carindon is spoken with, he will comment:

"Playing right into the Dragon's hand. I expected more from Selene, but her baser instincts drive her. She may seem like a Mer, but that is a facade to draw you in to her web. Don't forget that."

After the second fight against Maarselok:

Maarselok: "I've had enough of you insects. For now."
Selene: "Rrragh! You won't escape! I'll hunt you to the ends of the world!"
Gadnalon: "I think we really hurt him! This crazy plan might actually work!"
Warlock Carindon: "Your confidence is heartening. We've driven Maarselok back to his lair, but the battle will not be finished until the Dragon is dead, or ensnared."
Selene: "He deserves the worst you can do, warlock, but I won't give you the satisfaction."
Allanwen: "We're cleansing all of this corruption, that includes its source."

Then you can talk to him about the situation:

"If Selene devoted half the effort she wastes tugging at my control to fighting Maarselok we would not be chasing him through his overripe garden."
Are you having trouble keeping control?
"The Dragon's grip on her grows tighter with every passing moment. Warding it off takes considerable effort and the more she struggles against me the harder that is.
Her pride could very well cost us."

Once you make it to the dragon's lair:

Selene: "Enough running, coward."
Maarselok: "Oh, yes. Welcome to my web, spider-witch. I'll make you feel quite at home."
Warlock Carindon: "He's much stronger here. He's trying to wrest control of Selene!"
Allanwen: "Hurry! Finish this before Maarselok corrupts anyone else!"

When you have defeated Maarselok:

Allanwen: "Z'en above! We did it!"
Gadnalon: "And we're all alive! Somehow. You all really pulled through for us. Even you, Carindon."
Warlock Carindon: "Did I not agree to lend you Selene's aid? I expect payment from your king, promptly."
Selene: "You don't speak for me, oathbreaker. Your promises aren't worth the air you waste speaking them."
Allanwen: "Hey! Hey! Let's not sour our victory!"

Carindon will be disappointed you couldn't keep the dragon alive for study:

"A pity you could not incapacitate the Dragon. No matter what the Wood Elves think, Maarselok would have been an invaluable asset for the advancement of civilization."
Selene makes her escape

After you have spoken with Allanwen, Carindon will try and renege on the deal to free Selene afterwards. However his Bosmer companions will be ready for this:

Selene: "You've got what you wanted. Honor the pact and release me."
Warlock Carindon: "The Wood Elves made that foolish bargain. I never agreed to it."
Selene: "Liar! I'll kill you!"
Warlock Carindon: "Again you prove yourself too dangerous to let roam. Perhaps when you're tamed."
Allanwen: "Carindon! No! I won't let you break our agreement!"
Gadnalon: "Let her go, you cad!"
Gadnalon: "Run, Selene!"
Warlock Carindon: "Weak-willed fools! She's made you her puppets! Let me go!"
Allanwen: "You aren't going anywhere, Carindon. The Arch-Mage wants a word with you."

If you speak with Carindon, he will plead with you to help him:

"Don't listen to them! Selene has them in her thrall! Free me. There's still time to rectify this! I'll make it worth your while!"
You were lying in Selene's Web and you're lying now.(If you completed Selene's Web)
"Fine! Don't trust me. My motives don't change the fact that Selene is dangerous! What's to be gained by subjecting me to censure? A monster on the loose, the study of magic set back decades, an offered reward lost.
What harm have I done?"
You killed and enslaved Selene and risked all our lives.
"You were saving Valenwood from a corrupting influence, just like you did here! And I gave you a commensurate reward!
Damn you all. She never would have overpowered me if I held back more from the struggle with Maarselok!"
You were holding back?
"Only a fool would exhaust their power while a threat still looms! I should have let Maarselok take her and let you all wear each other down. I could have taken control of the situation before it slipped out of my hands!"
dialogue is different if this is the first dungeon you have met him in


  • Despite several options to use Persuasive Will and Intimidating Presence on Carindon, this does nothing other than extending his dialogue.
  • Carindon's tone and dialogue implied that he would be an antagonist of a second part of Selene's Web, though it was likely not made after changes in development.
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