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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Take down an awakened dragon to stop the spread of an unnatural blight.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Dungeon: Lair of Maarselok
Quest Giver: Allanwen
Location(s): Lair of Maarselok
Reward: Very High Leveled Gold
Unidentified Lair of Maarselok Armaments
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 6351
Dungeon Group Size: 4
Enter the lair of Maarselok
I met a couple of Wood Elves who want to enlist a mage's and a nature spirit's help to kill a Dragon that threatens Elden Root.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Selene is finally free of Carindon's captivity

Quest Stages[edit]

The Azure Blight
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Allanwen
Latest start The Wood Elf named Gadnalon convinced the mage to help kill the Dragon, but the nature spirit may take more convincing. I need to help by clearing a path to Selene.
Objective: Find Selene
Selene said she would help us, but then attacked after Carindon released her. I need to defeat her.
Objective: Defeat Selene
We stopped Selene's attempt to escape. Now we need to track down the Dragon.
Objective: Find Maarselok
We found Maarselok flying along the side of the mountain. We must destroy him.
Objective: Kill Maarselok
With Selene's help, we fought Maarselok, who retreated. Now we need to find the Dragon again.
Objective: Find Maarselok
The Azureblight Cancroid is oozing it corruption throughout the cavern. We need to destroy it and slow the spread of the blight.
Objective: Kill Azureblight Cancroid
We destroyed the Azureblight Cancroid, but we will need to find and defeat Maarselok to truly put an end to the Azure Blight.
Objective: Find Maarselok
Maarselok is recovering from the last fight in some old ruins. We should try to kill him again.
Objective: Kill Maarselok
Maarselok got away again but suffered a lot of damage. We must pursue him to his lair.
Objective: Find Maarselok
We found Maarselok in his lair. With Selene's help, we should finally kill him.
Objective: Kill Maarselok
☑Finishes quest With Selene's help, we killed Maarselok. I should talk to Allanwen.
Objective: Talk to Allanwen
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