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This article is about the enemy. For the set, see Selene (set).

Selene's spirit

Selene is a Changeling priestess of Shagrath found in Selene's Web, serving as the matriarch of the Bosmer there. She has a chance to drop either Selene's Scepter or Webcutter. She is also the namesake of the Selene set and the basis of a trophy and bust. At the conclusion of the dungeon, her soul is bound by Warlock Carindon, and he traps her spirit to research it for his future experiments.

Selene returns in the Lair of Maarselok, having been subject to various experiments and painful bindings by Carindon. He brought her spirit and carcass to the Tenmar Valley until Maarselok awoke. The Stags of Z'en have enlisted Carindon in his assistance to stop Maarselok, requiring him to unbind Selene at times to halt the effects of the Azureblight. Carindon worries that by loosening his hold on Selene, he risks Maarselok increasing his influence and corrupting her. Selene will use her magic to assist you in various fights and cleanse your group members of the Azureblight.

Related Quests[edit]


Selene's Web[edit]

Spider Phase[edit]

(lore page)
Location Selene's Web
Species Spider
Health Normal420699Veteran1246745
Veteran1433757 (hard mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Selene as a spider

She will be waiting for you on her giant web once you open the barrier to her lair.

Standard melee attack
Rending Venom
Causes poison damage
Web Wrap
Selene selects a player and traps them in a cocoon, requiring them to break free
Upon reaching approximately 60% of her health, Selene webs the group and penetrates through her web to reach the bottom, dragging everyone down with her

Changeling Phase[edit]

(lore page)
Location Selene's Sanctum, Selene's Web
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health Normal1,515,587Veteran4,703,728
Veteran5,4029,287 (hard mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Selene's Scepter, Webcutter
Selene's humanoid form

Upon reaching 15% of her health as a spider, Selene's spider form will shrivel into a carcass, and she will burst from it shaped like a Bosmer, now having a much higher health value:

She bashes you
Call Followers
Selene will continuously bring forth Bosmer followers (Earth Mender, True Shot, and Root Guards). The menders are healers and should be killed quickly, while the guards have a knockback attack that should be blocked.
Summon Primal Swarm
Selene calls a group of bats to circle around her and deal damage
Summon Senche Spirit
Selene brings forth a spectral Senche-Tiger to leap at a target, causing damage with Primal leap
Summon Primal Spirit
Selene summons a spectral bear to claw a target
Web Grip
She holds up her weapon and uses arcane threads to bring players in towards her

Appears only with Scalebreaker

Lair of Maarselok[edit]

First Fight[edit]

(lore page)
Location Carindon's Study, Lair of Maarselok
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health Normal926,192Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile (during fight)
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Selene in Carindon's Study

When Allanwen convinces Carindon to unbind Selene, she will turn on the Warlock and attempt to kill him out of revenge, forcing you to subdue her to protect him. During the fight, she summons Selene's Claws and Selene's Fangs, and will be invulnerable while they are still alive.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Poison Bolt
Poison Wave
Periodically she will release a green mist into the air, which will cause poison damage until she is stopped by interrupting her. [verification needed — that this is the ability this description matches up with.]
Venomous Stinger
Summon Shagrath's Host
Selene will occasionally summon Shagrath's Hosts to deal with you.

Optional Hardmode Fight[edit]

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(lore page)
Location Azureblight Summit, Lair of Maarselok
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Azureblight Infected

During the final fight against Maarselok on his roost, Selene can be made hostile by activating the Azureblight Seed to trigger Hardmode in the Veteran dungeon:

<This Azureblight seed resembles those you've seen in your ascent through the corruption, except this one has writhing roots sprouting from its cracked shell. Like it's trying to plant itself in the fetid soil.>
<Try to smash the seed.>

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Knowledge Gained[edit]

Selene gives the treethane his orders to kill

In the earlier areas of the grove, Selene will address Treethane Kerninn before spinning a web upwards and leaving:

Selene: "Kill them."
Treethane Kerninn: "Yes mistress."

When you approach Foulhide, Selene will be addressing her followers before shooting a web to leave:

Selene: "Deal with them, I am nearly finished."
Selene's Thundermaul: "Yes, mistress."

After turning into her Bosmer form, she will call forth her followers and yell out:

"Look what they've done to our home! Rip them apart!"
Selene's soul

Upon her defeat, her soul leaves her body and addresses Warlock Carindon:

Selene: "You mages are as treasonous as your scent is foul. We had an agreement."
Warlock Carindon: "You made a deal with the Guild. Not with me.
Your soul will make me one of the most powerful mages in the Guild."
Warlock Carindon: "I have waited long for this."
Selene: "I have done nothing to your kind, and yet you come into my home, kill my thrall.
You had best live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. My kind have ways of returning to finish our business."
Warlock Carindon: "We shall see, my pet."
Selene: "No! Ahhhhh!"

Carindon then casts his magic towards Selene's soul to trap it, and she fades away.

Lair of Maarselok[edit]

Selene's spirit can be found within Warlock Carindon's study. The Bosmer enlisted Carindon's and Selene's help to deal with the dragon and the blight emanating from the valley. When she notices you enter the study, she will not be pleased to see you:

Selene: "I see you've brought more torturers to dissect me, warlock."
Allanwen: "Z'en's bargain, we're not torturers! I've come to restore the balance here."
Selene: "Am I to understand you're a follower of Z'en? Return my freedom and I will right the wrongs done here."
Allanwen: "Unbind her, Carindon."
Warlock Carindon: "Unwise. I shall loosen my hold only."
<Carindon uses his magic and loosens the bindings.>
Selene: "Now for payment in kind. It's my turn to study your insides, warlock!"
Warlock Carindon: "Gah! I warned you of her duplicity!"
Allanwen: "Selene! No! Don't let her kill Carindon! We need them both!"
Selene: "Stay out of this! Carindon must pay!"

During the battle with Selene, she'll say any of the following:

Selene: "The warlock sends you to your death!"
Selene: "I deserve to be free!"
Selene: "Shagrath consume you!"
Selene: "I won't be kept prisoner any longer!"
Selene: "Shagrath drink your souls dry!"
Selene: "You're next, warlock!"
Selene: "Get out of my way and I'll spare you."
Selene: "I will walk out of here with my freedom!"
Selene: "You want my help? He is the price!"
Selene: "You have no one left to hide behind!"
Selene: "I won't be denied vengeance!"
Selene: "Get out of my way! It's Carindon I want!"

After defeating her:

Selene: "Enough! I relent."
Warlock Carindon: "See what you wish to bargain with? She must remain bound."
Gadnalon: "Can you two please take your hands off each others' throats long enough to see there is a bloody Dragon turning this place into a fetid latrine!"
Warlock Carindon: "I … concede your point. This Dragon blight is a threat to you, Selene. You will not overcome it without me."
Selene: "I'll need to draw on more than you to oppose Maarselok. You Bosmer must be my connection to the Green."
Allanwen: "Whatever you need, Selene. We'll support you."

After the altercation you can speak with her, she will recognize you if you fought her previously:

"Carindon's attack dogs. Twice now you've made me his prisoner."
Both times you attacked unprovoked.
"Unprovoked? Unprovoked! That oathbreaker invades my domain and takes me captive for his depraved experiments and you say I am unprovoked!
If I still had the strength to tear your throat out, I would."
You're suggesting Carindon broke an agreement with you?
"Vanus Galerion agreed to keep his Mages Guild out of my domain, but that did not stop a rotten soul like Carindon from seeking me out and making me his slave!
He isn't here to help you. Only to protect his spoils."
Allanwen believes we need Carindon to succeed.
"Then she is a fool!
He'll use her as he uses everyone. Only she'll be spared the degradation that Elf has put me through."
You mean his experiments?
"His every thought is of what new depravities he can subject me to. I live with his cold eyes boring into me as deeply as his instruments.
I am not the monster here!"
I didn't know that. I'm sorry. You'll have your freedom after we deal with Maarselok.
"Hmph. I won't be free so long as Carindon lives."
Just stay in line. If I have to fight you again I won't go easy next time.
"It seems I have no choice."

needs dialogue if this is first time meeting her

When you encounter Maarselok for the first time:

Allanwen: "Look! Maarselok!"
Warlock Carindon: "Another rare specimen."
Selene: "Is there nothing you won't objectify?"
Warlock Carindon: "Taking you apart has taught me how to put you back together. You'll be grateful for that as the Dragon's blight rots you from within."
Allanwen: "Save it for the Dragon! Keep moving."
Maarselok: "Ah, she's awake. I wondered how long it would take before you showed yourself, Changeling. Shall we dance?"
Selene: "Maarselok! You'll pay for defiling this place!"
Selene: "Unbind me, warlock!"
Maarselok: "And you've brought an audience! How fun!"
Selene: "Kill this abomination and I'll choke Maarselok on his own corruption!"

You can speak with her and learn more about her nature:

"This would be simpler if my physical form were restored. I could have easily woven a web to snare that Dragon."
I though you're a nature spirit?
"A broad term. Vague and useless. I am a Changeling. I am the pure essence of the Green and I may take any shape within it."
But you prefer the form of a spider?
"Anyone would, if they knew what it was like. They are blessed with perfection by Shagrath. It's only fitting that her High Priestess embody that perfection."
"The Goddess of Spiders. You are too far removed from the Green and the birth of the world to know her name, but her blessed creatures thrive within it."

Selene will use her power during the fight.

Selene: "The wild is mine to control, Dragon!"
Maarselok: "Are you holding back? I'm beginning to think you're not trying."
Selene: "I'll purge you from this valley!"
Maarselok: "Again! Again! You've still got fight in you."
Selene: "Taste your own rot!"
Maarselok: "I feel like you aren't giving this a chance, Selene."
Selene: "You won't be laughing when you're in my web!"
Maarselok: "Are you enjoying yourself, Changeling? I am."

After Maarselok flees from the first encounter:

Allanwen: "He's playing with us!"
Warlock Carindon: "Good. Underestimating us will be his undoing."
Selene: "Unleash me, and he won't be laughing much longer."
Warlock Carindon: "I'll give you only the slack you need, hound, no more. Now sniff out the Dragon before he escapes us."

She will be seething at Carindon's comments:

"Hound. If that warlock believes he's tamed me, he's greatly mistaken.
Be wary, Maarselok is leading us farther into his blight. He hopes to weaken us."

Traveling further into the lair:

Selene: "I can feel it. Everywhere. Seeping into everything."
Warlock Carindon: "Stop fighting my control and I can more easily shield you from its influence."
Selene: "One toxic influence for another."

Entering the Azureblight Cancroid's chamber:

Selene: "There. That writhing mass is the source of the cancer in this cavern. It must be purged."
Warlock Carindon: "Leave it. Its proximity is already beginning to taint you."
Selene: "Destroying it weakens Maarselok's hold!"
Allanwen: "We're destroying it! Help Selene however you can!"

After destroying the Azureblight Cancroid:

Selene: "Ugh. It's done …."
Allanwen: "Selene? Are you alright?"
Warlock Carindon: "As I said, we should be conserving our energy."
Selene: "Ignore him. I feel better already."

You can then speak with Selene and see how she is doing.

"This horrid blight. Why? Dragon's aren't of this world. No natural creature would twist the land this way.
We have to kill Maarselok. We must."
Are you all right?
"I'm fine! I only want to put an end to this. If you want to help, continue cutting out Maarselok's cancer."

During the second encounter with Maarselok:

Maarselok: "There you are, my pet. I feared you lost interest."
Selene: "I am no one's pet!"
Maarselok: "No, you're the Elf's plaything. But you could be so much more."
Selene: "You'll pay dearly for all of this, Dragon!"
Allanwen: "Go. Protect Selene! We'll give her everything we have!"
Maarselok: "We don't have to be enemies, Selene. I am in need of a priestess."
Combat Dialogue

If the adds are overwhelming her:

Selene: "Ah! Keep these blighted ticks away from me!"
Selene: "I need to concentrate. Don't let these creatures get near me!"
Selene: "Grr! Kill the hoarvors!"

After fighting off Maarselok:

Maarselok: "I've had enough of you insects. For now."
Selene: "Rrragh! You won't escape! I'll hunt you to the ends of the world!"
Gadnalon: "I think we really hurt him! This crazy plan might actually work!"
Warlock Carindon: "Your confidence is heartening. We've driven Maarselok back to his lair, but the battle will not be finished until the Dragon is dead, or ensnared."
Selene: "He deserves the worst you can do, warlock, but I won't give you the satisfaction."
Allanwen: "We're cleansing all of this corruption, that includes its source."

Then you can talk to her about the situation:

"They can tug and tear all they like. I will not submit to Elf, Dragon, or Man!"
What do you mean?
"I'm caught between two wolves, trying to pry me from each other's jaws. The sooner we end Maarselok's miserable life, the sooner I'll be free of them."

While on the hunt:

Selene: "He's up there. By that spire."
Allanwen: "Ugh, the blight's everywhere. We have to hurry. Help Selene cleanse a path through."

Along the way, players will be afflicted with the Azureblight. Selene will set a ward down that will allow the afflicted player, who glows blue, to purge. She will say the same lines when this mechanic occurs during the final battle with Maarselok.

"Use this glyph to root out the blight from your body! Quickly!"
"There! It's within you! Get to my ward!"
"I've found the seed. Purge it here!"
"The blight has you! Cleanse it quickly!"
"His stench is unmistakable. Wash it away!"
"Use the ward! Get that corruption out of you!"
"His sickness takes root! Use my ward!"
"His rot's inside you! Here!"

Once you make it to the dragon's lair:

Selene: "Enough running, coward."
Maarselok: "Oh, yes. Welcome to my web, spider-witch. I'll make you feel quite at home."
Warlock Carindon: "He's much stronger here. He's trying to wrest control of Selene!"
Allanwen: "Hurry! Finish this before Maarselok corrupts anyone else!"
Selene: "Use my glyphs to purge the blight! Just like before."
Maarselok: "If you won't submit willingly, I'll just have to bend your knees for you."

Veteran Hard Mode has unique dialogue if you activate it:

Azureblight Seed: "<This Azureblight seed resembles those you've seen in your ascent through the corruption, except this one has writhing roots sprouting from its cracked shell. Like it's trying to plant itself in the fetid soil.>"
<Try to smash the seed.>

The seed will then spread the corruption to Selene, making her a Thrall to Maarselok, throughout the fight, she and Maarselok will say:

Selene: "Join us in the azure world!"
Selene: "I'll claim you all for Maarselok!"
Selene: "Taste the blight!"
Selene: "Ah, free! For now. …"
Maarselok: "What a splendid display of excretion."
Maarselok: "I bless you, from the bottom of your heart."
Selene: "Kill him! Before he takes me again!"
Maarselok: "You can only fight it for so long."
Selene: "Alive or dead, you will become one with Maarselok!"
Maarselok: "I've sown the seeds of victory among you, but where?"
Maarselok: "Oh, you'll make fertile ground!"
Selene: "I can't resist him for long! Hurry!"
Maarselok: "My dear priestess, I am not finished with you."
Maarselok: "Can you feel the seed taking root?"
Selene: "I'm not free of the blight yet. We have to kill him!"

When you have defeated Maarselok:

Allanwen: "Z'en above! We did it!"
Gadnalon: "And we're all alive! Somehow. You all really pulled through for us. Even you, Carindon."
Warlock Carindon: "Did I not agree to lend you Selene's aid? I expect payment from your king, promptly."
Selene: "You don't speak for me, oathbreaker. Your promises aren't worth the air you waste speaking them."
Allanwen: "Hey! Hey! Let's not sour our victory!"

You can then speak with Selene:

"I've done as you asked. By Z'en, I expect my freedom."
Thanks for your help.
"I don't want your thanks. I want my freedom.
You … are welcome. We persevered despite the warlock's meddling."
What will you do with your freedom?
"Scour this blight from the land and return to my web. It will be difficult, but as I regain strength this valley will flourish again."
You won't go after Carindon?
"He should pay, but it won't be me who delivers justice to Carindon. I don't have the strength left to oppose him.
I will watch and wait. If he comes for me again, I will be ready."
What do you mean, "despite his meddling"? / What did you mean when you said "despite Carindon's meddling" before?
"His constant strangle hold sapping the life out of me. This would have been far easier if I wasn't diminished so.
You would have been wiser to let me kill him."
Do you know why Maarselok was so interested in you?
"He must have believed I could help him shape the world with my powers.
Dragons seek only to dominate. Many corrupt with fear, and promises of power. Maarselok chose to mold the world to his liking. Depraved even by Dragon standards."

After you have spoken with Allanwen, Carindon will try and renege on the deal to free Selene afterwards. However his Bosmer companions will be ready for this:

Selene makes her escape
Selene: "You've got what you wanted. Honor the pact and release me."
Warlock Carindon: "The Wood Elves made that foolish bargain. I never agreed to it."
Selene: "Liar! I'll kill you!"
Warlock Carindon: "Again you prove yourself too dangerous to let roam. Perhaps when you're tamed."
Allanwen: "Carindon! No! I won't let you break our agreement!"
Gadnalon: "Let her go, you cad!"
Gadnalon: "Run, Selene!"
Warlock Carindon: "Weak-willed fools! She's made you her puppets! Let me go!"
Allanwen: "You aren't going anywhere, Carindon. The Arch-Mage wants a word with you."

Selene will then run away.

[verification needed — does something different happen if this is the first time meeting carindon and selene?]



This boss is associated with several achievements.

Achievement Points Description
Selene's Web
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Selene's Web Vanquisher 10 Defeat Longclaw, Foulhide, and Selene in Selene's Web.
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Selene's Web Conqueror 15 Complete Veteran Selene's Web by defeating Treethane Kerninn, Longclaw, Queen Aklayah, Foulhide, Mennir Many-Legs, and Selene.
ON-icon-achievement-UD Skill Master.png Selene's Web Survivor 50 Defeat Treethane Kerninn, Longclaw, Queen Aklayah, Foulhide, Mennir Many-Legs, and Selene in Veteran Selene's Web, without suffering a group member death.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png Selene's Web Assassin 50 Defeat Treethane Kerninn, Longclaw, Queen Aklayah, Foulhide, Mennir Many-Legs, and Selene in Veteran Selene's Web within twenty minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when players engage the first group of Bosmer.
Lair of Maarselok
ON-icon-achievement-Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher.png Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher 10 Defeat Selene, Maarselok in flight, the Azureblight Cancroid, Maarselok on his perch, and Maarselok in his roost in Lair of Maarselok.
ON-icon-achievement-Duck and Weave.png Duck and Weave 10 Defeat Selene without taking damage from her Poison Bolts in Lair of Maarselok.