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A Safebox

Safeboxes are locked containers containing valuable items which are found across Tamriel. They resemble ornate rectangular silver boxes with a hinged top. Due to the high value of the items found within a safebox, they are always guarded by various NPCs, often including guards. These NPCs will not hesitate to report any players spotted trying to unlock these boxes, so stealth is advised when attempting to steal from one.


Safeboxes are equipped with locks ranging from Simple to Master, and higher difficulty locks usually indicate better quality loot. After the lock is picked, the player may take the items within. Safeboxes always contain a leveled amount of gold, and one or two items of at least green quality. The items in a safebox are all marked as contraband, and should be sold to a fence as soon as possible.

Related Quests[edit]

Luxurious Safeboxes[edit]

A Luxurious Safebox

Luxurious Safeboxes are a special type of safebox that can only be looted once per character. They generally relate to an achievement.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Leyawiin's Master Burglar.png Leyawiin's Master Burglar 10 Steal the Luxurious Lockbox from the Leyawiin Guard Tower.
ON-icon-achievement-Markarth's Master Burglar.png Markarth's Master Burglar 10 Steal the Luxurious Safebox from Vlindrel Hall.
ON-icon-achievement-Gonfalon Bay's Master Burglar.png Gonfalon Bay's Master Burglar 10 Steal the Luxurious Lockbox from the Gonfalon Palace.


Safeboxes spawn in fixed locations throughout the world. If a particular spot is empty, the box there may have been recently looted, and will respawn over time. Known safebox spawn points are listed below.

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Khenarthi's Roost (7) Mistral (4) Skins & Satin Next to clothing table Intermediate
Bone-Awl Outfitters On table facing woodworking station Advanced
Mistral Treasury Behind desk Master
Sea Glass Enchantments Behind counter Intermediate
Windcatcher Plantation Silat's House Between bed and trunk Intermediate
Laughing Moons Plantation Juranda-ra's House On desk next to cooking fire Intermediate
Eagle's Strand Shipwreck Sundries Behind Kadalura's stand Simple
Auridon (25) Vulkhel Guard (15) Watch Captain Astanya's Home Left room, first floor Advanced
Second floor, next to side table near stairs Advanced
Mara's Kiss Public House Second floor, on table near bed Intermediate
Mages Guild Right wing, corner near torch Advanced
Left wing, far end near brazier Advanced
Fighters Guild First floor, left side of building, along wall Advanced
First floor, right side of building, along wall Advanced
The Crystal Vial Second floor, on crate near weapon rack Intermediate
The Arrowpoint Club Behind counter on right Advanced
Brightsteel Armory On right side of building, behind crates Advanced
Starfall Arcana Under stairs, next to shelf Intermediate
Harborside Market In tent Simple
The Handy Haversack Behind crates on right side Simple
Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury Between wardrobes behind bankers Master
Aegis of Auri-El Next to fireplace in left room Advanced
Skywatch (8) Island Woodworks In tent, left side Intermediate
Aldmer Essences Between desk and alchemy table Intermediate
The Watcher's Forge South corner, next to stool Advanced
Barbed Hook Tavern Under stairs Intermediate
Mages Guild Near table on left side Advanced
Fighters Guild On top of bookshelf Advanced
Skywatch Coinhouse Behind counter Master
The Pilgrim's Purse Behind counter Simple
Phaer (2) Eambar's House In kitchen Intermediate
Second floor, next to bed Intermediate
Grahtwood (21) Elden Root (10) Alchemical Amalgams Behind alchemy station Intermediate
The Bottomless Pocket Between bookshelves Simple
Fighters Guild At blacksmith's station, near table Advanced
On stone table near hanging beds Advanced
Treasury of the Tree (West Side) Behind table on right side Master
Mages Guild Near foot of double-deck bed Advanced
Next to weapon table nearest to alchemy station Advanced
Altmer Embassy Barracks Behind counter Intermediate
On right side table, near beds Advanced
Hut nearest to Great Tree Stables Near bed Intermediate
Redfur Trading Post (8) Suitable Staples Right side of tent Intermediate
The Essential Arcanist Back left corner of tent Advanced
The Iron Warden Back of tent Intermediate
Mages Guild At back of hut Advanced
Fighters Guild Between crates and baskets along wall near torch Advanced
The Hearty Hoarvor Lowest node, opposite cooking fire Simple
Highest node, next to cooking fire Simple
Milgangor's House Back of house Intermediate
Cormount (3) Glardel's House Under fish rack Intermediate
The Green Leaf Behind the bookkeeping stand Intermediate
Orabess' Common Wares Next to the counter Simple
Greenshade (21) Marbruk (8) Mages Guild Right wing of building, between potted plants Advanced
Left wing of building, behind table Advanced
Zuzik's Fine Goods Between table and bookshelf Simple
Behind Nirn's Majesty Tailoring Among some crates Intermediate
Fighters Guild Next to large crate at right side counter Advanced
Next to pillar opposite Drivas' counter Advanced
The Foundation of Trust Under stairs, next to table Master
The Parchment & Horn In leftmost room, first floor Intermediate
Woodhearth (6) Pharad's Home Right side of house Intermediate
The Greenbower Next to front desk Intermediate
Adaishir's Trustworthy Goods In stall Simple
Mages Guild Between partition and desk Advanced
Fighters Guild Next to desk near fireplace Advanced
Blade and Song Behind weaponsmith counter Advanced
Bramblebreach (4) Serchel's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Ranedor's Home Between bed and cooking fire Intermediate
Ciireriath's Home Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Emanir's Home Near bed Advanced
Longhaven (3) Parenonas' Home Next to enchanting table Intermediate
Berisse's Home Next to table on right Intermediate
Yazhin's cart Between the cart and some crates Advanced
Malabal Tor (21) Velyn Harbor (7) Harbor Customs Hall First floor, right side of bank near fireplace Master
Second floor, right side opposite fireplace Intermediate
Polished Protection Behind counter Advanced
The Perilous Blade Behind counter Advanced
Mages Guild Right of central foyer, behind table Advanced
Fighters Guild Behind armsman's counter on bench Advanced
Behind General Elirwen on crate Advanced
Vulkwasten (5) Mages Guild next to bookshelf Advanced
Fighters Guild Behind table on right Advanced
Tall Trunk Tavern Second floor, near barrels Intermediate
Forongon's House Opposite front door at back of house Intermediate
Borwiian's House Under bed Intermediate
Baandari Trading Post (4) Baan Dar's Weapons Right side of stall Advanced
Mages Guild Behind counter Advanced
Silver Moons Inn Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Trade Post Triumphs Behind Murgrud's stall Simple
Silvenar (4) Malaniel's House Next to table, on right of house Intermediate
Bolelos's House Near beds on right side of house Intermediate
Gwilgoth's House Near table on right side of house Intermediate
Shadazi's House On table at right side of house Intermediate
Deepwoods Filbolrel's House In the sleeping alcove,behind the bedrolls Intermediate
Reaper's March (19) Rawl'kha (11) Kuna's Hut Next to Kuna Intermediate
Edhelvir's tent At right of store Intermediate
Bisussah's Enchanted Enclosure Behind enchanting table on left Advanced
The Waxing Crescent Second floor, behind partition near bed Intermediate
Behind front counter Intermediate
Hears-the-Wind's Home Next to table Advanced
Fighters Guild First floor, behind Panreth Advanced
The Cryptic Concoction At right side of stall, on floor Intermediate
Rawl'kha Bank Near front desk Master
Shasirba's cart Next to cart Intermediate
Dominion camp near Rawl'kha In front of supply tent Advanced
Arenthia (3) Two Notched Hilts At back of store Advanced
Mages Guild At back of house Advanced
The Empty Tankard Behind counter Intermediate
S'ren-ja (2) Storage hut with cart outside Back of hut Simple
Urbani's House Opposite door, next to table Intermediate
Dune Walker's Stay Behind front counter on stool Intermediate
Willowgrove Glathras' House Next to the dining table Intermediate
Outside The Vile Manse Xil-Vilax's Home Near the window, next to some boxes Advanced

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Stros M'Kai (8) Port Hunding (8) Cheedal-Gah's Common Goods In cart Simple
The Armored Forge Under stairs Advanced
Dugronk's Impenetrable Vault In front of vault door Master
Boarding House Next to bookshelf at the back Simple
Bloody Fist Barracks Second floor, next to bed Intermediate
Screaming Mermaid Behind brewer's counter on ledge Intermediate
Stupefying Satchels and Sacks! Next to Rialanith Simple
Brews by Candariel In cart Intermediate
Betnikh (10) Stonetooth Fortress (10) Laganakh's Home Far left room of house, at foot of bed Advanced
Right wing of house, on shelf near fireplace Advanced
Loose Tooth Lodge Left of door, under shelf Intermediate
The Bank of Betnikh On leftmost table Master
Sandor's Suds On table near stack of barrels Intermediate
Stonetooth Smithy In front of weapon rack, near anvil Advanced
Stonetooth Armor Exchange On table Advanced
Wounding Wood On ledge facing fish rack Intermediate
Ograt's Murder Market On table Advanced
Chillwind Chuck Wagon On ledge facing cooking fire Intermediate
Glenumbra (45) Daggerfall (24) Lavergne House On bed Simple
Fighters Guild Room on left, on dresser Advanced
Room on right, between a stool and trunk Intermediate
Mages Guild At Eilina's counter Advanced
Arcane Secrets, Bargain Prices On table Intermediate
Phien Tailoring Next to table Intermediate
Ginise's Gear On ledge Intermediate
Santerre House On desk Simple
The Rosy Lion behind brewer's counter, against wall Intermediate
Gane House First floor right side, behind cabinet Intermediate
Second floor, on nightstand next to bed Advanced
Landreau House Right side, on bench Simple
Jeran House Between partition and bed Simple
Daggerfall Cathedral Near brazier on right, near altar Intermediate
Stogrin House Second floor, opposite desk Intermediate
First floor, on a corner cabinet near the hearth Intermediate
Hastien House At the foot of the bed Intermediate
Ashton's Enchantments Behind counter Intermediate
Bank of Daggerfall Next to desk near cage Master
Daggerfall Millworks On desk opposite woodworking table Intermediate
Daggerfall Castle First floor, in the kitchen next to some vases Intermediate
Second floor, in the bedroom between a vase and a wardrobe Master
Military tent just outside the Daggerfall Northeast gate On a chair next to a map Advanced
Market stall just outside the Daggerfall Southeast gate On the stall Simple
Crosswych (11) Crosswych Inn Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Virgile's House First floor, next to a dining table Advanced
Second floor, at the foot of the bed Advanced
Donella's House Behind the dining table Intermediate
Theodore's House Next to the front bed, between a bookshelf and cabinet Intermediate
Next to the back bed, between a nightstand and bookshelf Intermediate
Iron Mine Arms & Armor Next to weapon rack Intermediate
Gestor's Fine Goods Behind counter Simple
Menoit's Emporium Behind counter Intermediate
Watchtower, near mayor house Second floor, next to table Advanced
Aldcroft (8) Aldcroft Anvil & Armor On anvil near forge Advanced
Sorcerous Implements Next to cart Intermediate
Fighters Guild In armsman's corner Advanced
Dockside Green Wine-For-All's stand Intermediate
Bits & Pieces, Ugduk gra-Bazgar's cart Simple
Swiftsteed Stables Behind Snukh Simple
North Warehouse Top level, near the Dock Overseer Intermediate
Southeastern docks In a small sailboat Simple
Vale of the Guardians Under a tree near Initiate Delighre Near some baskets and sacks Simple
Lion Guard Redoubt Sutler Bruc's tent Behind the weapons stand Simple
Stormhaven (35) Wayrest (30) Tadhargo's Home Next to fireplace Intermediate
Ugrush's Home Under stairs Intermediate
Klang Manor Next to front door Advanced
Lemaitre Manor Foot of stairs Advanced
Pellingare Manor Behind kitchen counter Advanced
Under stairs Advanced
Ren's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Wayrest Treasury Behind left counter Master
Behind Geonard Stogrin Master
Fog-Break Magicks and Arcana Near stall Intermediate
Normina Rolaine's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Red Squall Armory Behind first floor counter Advanced
Lion's Crown Outfitters Behind armorer's counter Advanced
Gold Coast Wholesale Armor Right side of tent Intermediate
Cloudy Dregs Inn Behind chef's counter Intermediate
Mages Guild Hall Behind desk at rear, first floor Advanced
Second floor, right side Advanced
Fighters Guild Hall Left alcove with dummies Advanced
Right alcove with crates Advanced
Benele's Home Left of door, next to firewood Intermediate
One a cabinet right of the door Intermediate
Emilien Dalielle's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Anya Branck's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Charlebert Dalielle's Home Next to trunk Intermediate
Balqi's Home Next to bed Intermediate
Praldyn's Home On cabinet near door Intermediate
Temple of the Divines Next to desk, left of door Intermediate
Josee Malarelie's Home Near door, along right wall Intermediate
Thibret Dalielle's Home Next to fireplace Intermediate
Home of Adiel Charnis At the foot of the bunk beds Intermediate
Alcaire Castle (3) Bienena's Home Next to fireplace Intermediate
Old Goat Inn behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Kardyn's Home Next to bed against wall Intermediate
Koeglin Village Helena's Home Next to wardrobe Intermediate
Wind Keep Raolin Munier's House Next to bed Intermediate
Rivenspire (28) Shornhelm (18) Hammer & Saw Carpentry In pile of crates opposite woodworking table Intermediate
Shornhelm Smithy Next to table, around corner from clothing station Advanced
The Fighting Edge Behind counter Intermediate
Fighters Guild Opposite main entrance next to trunk Advanced
Basement, next to weapon rack on the left Advanced
Westmark Boots and Apparel In far right corner of stall Intermediate
Endless Autumn Outfitters Behind counter on the right Advanced
Sorick House Next to bed Intermediate
Dead Wolf Inn Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Untamed Elixirs Behind counter Intermediate
Stoneglow Enchantments Behind counter Intermediate
Mages Guild First floor, left alcove near partition Advanced
First floor right side, third bookshelf from right Advanced
Tildus Falon's House Opposite front door Simple
Brea Knodel's House Between desk and bookshelf Advanced
Under stairs Advanced
Shornhelm Savings & Loan Left of door Master
Haliyya's House Near bottom of stairs, next to a basket Intermediate
Hoarfrost Downs (4) Jerine's Ironworks Next to bed Advanced
Fighters Guild tent Near table Advanced
Dusklight Inn Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Behind Goods Merchant counter Intermediate
Northpoint (3) The Sloshing Tankard Behind brewer's counter near stack of barrels Intermediate
First Blood Blades Left side of stall Advanced
Fighters Guild tent Near tent Advanced
Camp Tamrith Leseph Restane's tent Next to counter on floor Simple
Fell's Run The Run Inn Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Shrouded Pass In the middle of the canyon, slightly northwest of the wayshrine(?) Behind a crumbling wall, under spiderwebs(?) (?)
Alik'r Desert (27) Sentinel (16) Farrokh House First floor, next to wardrobe Intermediate
Second floor, next to crate Intermediate
Fighters Guild Under stairs Advanced
Desert Star Tea House Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Ilkhas al-Azif's Home Right of house, along wall Intermediate
Frozen Palms Tavern Behind counter Intermediate
Bank of Sentinel Behind counter Master
Sisters of the Sands Inn Second floor, next to bookshelf Intermediate
Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Near cooking fire Intermediate
Mages Guild Tower Top of tower, northeast side Advanced
The Mystic's Mirage Behind counter Intermediate
The Scalding Vial Behind counter Intermediate
Onsi's Aegis Behind round table Intermediate
The Twice-Blessed Temper Near forge, along wall Advanced
Lucienne Mavine's stall Behind table Intermediate
Bergama (8) Hall of Judgment Behind counter on right side of building Master
The Mule's Reprieve Right side, near crate Simple
Skull-Buckets In tent Advanced
Stone Oasis Inn Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Second floor, next to bed Intermediate
Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Fighters Guild In front of statue Advanced
Mages Guild Tower Base of tower, near enchanting table Advanced
Kozanset (3) The Slaking Chalice Behind the bar counter Intermediate
Fighters Guildhall In the alcove with a table and chairs, next to the divider Advanced
Mages Guildhall In the far corner, across from a desk Advanced
Bangkorai (34) Evermore (18) Dragonstar Caravan Company First floor, under table near fireplace Simple
The Bay Tar's Mess Behind counter Intermediate
Todrak's Eldritch Emporium Behind counter Intermediate
Mages Guild First floor, along left wall Advanced
Second floor, along right wall between bookshelves Advanced
The Golden Cleaver Behind counter Advanced
Fighters Guild Next to fireplace Advanced
At foot of stairs Advanced
Anchor's Point Inn Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Second floor, next to barrels near fireplace Intermediate
Second floor, room straight down hallway Intermediate
The Slippery Scales Armory Behind counter Intermediate
Ten Mountains Armory Behind counter Advanced
Home of Izirama In corner next to wardrobe Intermediate
Bank of Evermore In front of left vault door Master
In front of right vault door Master
Spell-Weaver's Sanctum Behind counter Intermediate
Hallin's Stand (16) Noon Shadow Armor Behind counter Intermediate
Khal's Cudgels & Cleavers Behind counter Advanced
Zeht's Grain Purse Behind counter Simple
Second Skin Outfitters Behind counter Intermediate
Brutes & Bowmen Behind counter Intermediate
Fighters Guild Under stairs, next to weapon rack Advanced
Home of Kathil Behind counter Simple
The Magical Ring Behind counter Intermediate
Home of Runid In corner next to wardrobe Intermediate
The Sublime Elixir Near counter Intermediate
The Drowsy Owl Leftmost room Intermediate
Room facing door Simple
Behind chef's counter Intermediate
Mages Guild Behind counter Advanced
The Steeping Sun In far right corner Intermediate
The Snakeskin Suds Behind counter Intermediate

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Bleakrock Isle (8) Bleakrock Village (8) The Bleak Vault Next to desk Master
The Survivor's Story Under banner Advanced
Linnea's Liniments Next to alchemy table Intermediate
Banner-Torn Brews Behind a keg next to the hearth Intermediate
Denskar Earth-Turner's cart Next to cart Intermediate
Tiredir's Fine Wheel & Loom Behind clothing table Advanced
Mystical Mysteries Next to enchanting table Intermediate
Halmaera's House Behind wardrobe on right Intermediate
Bal Foyen (17) Dhalmora (16) Pejureel's Provisions Behind crate Intermediate
Veth-Veidal's House At back of house Intermediate
Bags, And Also Baskets Between backpacks Simple
Ladrasa's House Next to bookshelf at back of house Advanced
Baskets of Steel Under heavy armor banner Advanced
Under medium armor banner Intermediate
Baseenar's House At back of house Intermediate
Esqoo's House Next to table Intermediate
Highly Practical Armorwear Left of clothing table Intermediate
Right of clothing table Intermediate
Bunach's Enchantments Next to enchanting table Intermediate
Good Titrations Under banner Intermediate
Blood Is Not Rust Behind stall Intermediate
Drinks-Not-Investments Under banner Master
Fit-For-Kings Next to anvil Advanced
Patience Breeds Wealth Next to tent Simple
Bal Foyen landing cove Between a pair of tents on the left Between bedrolls Intermediate
Stonefalls (67) Davon's Watch (24) Mages Guild Basement, near bookshelves next to brazier Advanced
First floor, next to table under Tribunal Crest Advanced
First floor, next to some bookshelves between Avrippe Favraud and Nikulund Advanced
Fighters Guild Entrance foyer, next to desk Advanced
In the tower, to the right of the entrance Advanced
The War-Worn Carapace Behind table Advanced
Baryon's Bows and Staves Next to counter Intermediate
The Fragrant Fungus Behind counter Intermediate
By The Sword Behind counter Advanced
Swamp-Stitch Tailors Behind crate Intermediate
Narvyn's Arcane Emporium Next to table Intermediate
Singing Shards Behind counter Intermediate
Avani House Next to trunk Advanced
Silver-Gills Woodworks Next to chopping block Intermediate
Dhalmora Fine Goods Next to baskets Simple
Ancestor's Aegis Next to clothing table Intermediate
Sethri House Back left, near some hung poultry Intermediate
The Rusty Argonian Blade The front right of the ship, next to some bunk beds Intermediate
Avani Bladeworks Back right corner, next to an open chest Advanced
Davon's Fine Steeds In front of the right water trough, opposite the draft horse Simple
Geneuine Auroch-Hide Bags In the right of the tent, next to a large crate Simple
War-Worthy Leathers Next to a crate with some armor on it Intermediate
The Watch House Behind Mathis Uveran's counter Intermediate
Uveran Bank Next to the desk in the back Advanced
Ebonheart (19) The Ebony Flask Next to cooking fire Intermediate
Behind innkeeper's counter, on left Intermediate
Behind innkeeper's counter, on right Intermediate
Azeex-Eix's House Next to torch Intermediate
Azjai-Tee's House In center, next to floor mat Simple
Dull-Scales's House At back, behind partition Intermediate
Drinks-With-Crabs's House Back of house, near tables Intermediate
Licks-Longfins's House Behind a divider, on some mats Intermediate
Fighters Guild In tent, next to table Advanced
Ashfall Stables Next to food sack Simple
Mages Guild Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Hlaalu House (town hall) Next to bookshelf Advanced
Hlaalu House (home) Right side of house, next to backpack Advanced
Redoran House Lower level, behind the counter in front of the cupboard Simple
Tribunal Temple Lower basement floor, behind the kitchen counter Advanced
Adjunct Enchanter Between a bookshelf and some crates Intermediate
Serelnim House By the right wall, next to the fire pit Intermediate
Ebonheart Unified Metalworks Southeastern crafting building, next to a cart Advanced
Soldiers' Camp In an open tent Intermediate
Kragenmoor (10) Fighters Guild In tent, next to table Advanced
The Sugar-Rot Slop House Next to crates near brewer Intermediate
Mages Guild Next to chair Advanced
Achille's Sublime Enchantments In front of tent, next to the enchanting station Intermediate
Ash-Shadow Alchemists Next to alchemy table Intermediate
Kragenmoor Smithy Between the spinning wheel and clothing station Advanced
Whisker-Twitch Trading Hut Next to Kaasha Simple
Grandmaster's Palace Top floor, left of the bed and nightstand Advanced
Basement, behind the counter next to a cupboard Simple
The Hissing Guar In the basement, among some barrels in the back Intermediate
Iliath Temple (6) Iliath Temple House, on right Behind bed Intermediate
Iliath Temple House, on left Next to table Intermediate
South Iliath Temple Tower Next to short bookshelf Intermediate
Iliath Temple Cloister Next to bench Intermediate
Iliath Temple Shrine Second floor, next to bookshelf Intermediate
North Iliath Temple Tower On the left, next to a bookshelf Intermediate
Lukiul Uxith (3) Veest-Nakal's Hut On left side of hut next to table Intermediate
Lohulurash's Hut Next to partition Intermediate
Meenai-Makka's Hut Back of house, between tables with dyes on them Simple
Sulfur Pools (2) Cloya's House In the back, between the bed and divider Intermediate
Jin-Ei's House Immediately left, next to a Skooma mat Intermediate
Fort Arand Headquarters In the center back, between bookshelves Advanced
Hrogar's Hold Hrogar's Hold Manor Ground floor left wing, between bookshelves Advanced
Davenas Farm Faren House On the left, just before the stairs Intermediate
Deshaan (43) Mournhold (22) Girvu Stables In stables Simple
The Flaming Nix Basement, next to desk Intermediate
Dres House Basement, next to stairs Advanced
Mages Guild Next to bookshelf near Eyevea portal Advanced
Redoran Blades Behind counter Advanced
Comestibulary Next to cooking fire Intermediate
House Redoran Living Quarters On crates near entrance Advanced
St. Llothis' Garments Behind counter Intermediate
Aralas' Arcane Implements Next to table Intermediate
Renim's Luxurious Leathers On table in tent Intermediate
City Center Bank of Mournhold, behind desks Master
Gunar the Red's store, in corner Simple
Hops-Over-Fires' store, behind desk Simple
Fighters Guild Courtyard, next to table Advanced
On dresser near Belderi Llenim Advanced
Hlaalu Alchemical Goods Behind counter Intermediate
Girith House Next to table Intermediate
The Kind Enchanter Next to bookshelf, at back of shop Intermediate
Tribunal Temple In front of paintings in Vivec section Simple
Behind Hand of Alamlexia in Vivec section Intermediate
Near bookshelf in Almalexia section Intermediate
Behind counter in Sotha Sil section Intermediate
Narsis (6) Lenith House Second floor bedroom, next to bed Advanced
First floor room on right, behind desk Advanced
Sup And Sup Well In tent Simple
Seron Denelu's Home Near bookshelf Advanced
Sadri House Right room first floor, near bed Advanced
First floor room on left, near crate Intermediate
Quarantine Serk (4) Brooding Elf Inn Behind chef's counter Intermediate
Behind innkeeper's counter Intermediate
Trades-with-Vigor's cart Next to cart Simple
Tower north of town Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Shad Astula (4) Alvon's cart Next to cart Simple
Arch-Mage's Office Behind brewer's counter Intermediate
Favel's stall Next to stall Intermediate
Instructor Housing (South) Next to nightstand Intermediate
Tal'Deic Fortress (3) Fighters Guild Behind table Advanced
Mages Guild Behind desk, in corner Advanced
Nelvani's Supply Tent Behind counter Simple
Eidolon's Hollow Dithisi's store Next to cart Simple
Avayan's Farm Avayn Farmhouse At back of house near crates Intermediate
Windmill Next to bed Intermediate
Mzithumz Next to Gidain Hlaalu's cart Simple
Shadowfen (43) Stormhold (23) Pojeel's Massive Sacks Next to cart Simple
Hollow-Leg's Weaponry Next to stone slab Advanced
Eye-Catching Tailoring In tent Intermediate
Indalor Magical Goods Next to table Intermediate
Mages Guild Left of main entrance Advanced
Next to Vori Cruel-Wind Advanced
Behind Dee-Nur's counter Simple
Fighters Guild Next to bench near central pillar Advanced
Behind armsman's counter Advanced
Bathed-in-Steel Next to counter Advanced
Nalman's House Right side along wall Intermediate
Tarvynil's House Left side along wall Simple
Daynila's House Left side along wall Advanced
Coin Brothers' Cornerclub Near cooking fire Intermediate
Borrows-Trouble's Hut At back of hut Simple
Ianix's Hut Behind partition on left Simple
Looks-too-Long's Hut On dining table behind wall Simple
Under-Root Bank Second floor near desks Master
Jagged-Peak Carpentry & Supply Near woodworking station Intermediate
The Steel-Clad Fist Near clothing station Intermediate
Nubaree's Experiments Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Ianix, Enchanter Next to bookshelf Intermediate
Nelvani's Battlewear In front of counter Intermediate
Alten Corimont (6) Sundry Swills In shack near stall Intermediate
Next to stall Intermediate
Othesa's Imports Next to stall Simple
Mages Guild Near large crate on south side Advanced
Fighters Guild Near door behind banner Advanced
The Blasted Breton Behind baskets near brewer's counter Intermediate
Hissmir (5) Vuh-Naat's Hut At left side of hut Simple
Riverbrew Near stone counter Intermediate
Melil Beleth's Swamp Food Near cauldron Intermediate
Toughened Scales Next to table Advanced
The Wayward Pilgrim Behind partition on left Simple
Percolating Mire (4) Mush-Shei's Hut Behind partition on left Simple
Looks-Under-Rocks' Hut On the left Simple
Nokama's Hut Center of the room, next to the table Intermediate
Tah-Tehat's Hut Back of room, next to some shelves Simple
Mud Tree Village (3) Behind counter near blacksmithing station Simple
Mathon's House Next to wardrobe Simple
Trihild's House Next to nightstand Intermediate
Xal Ithix (2) Coin-Hoarder's Store At back of store Simple
Mud-Toes' Hut At right side of hut Simple
Eastmarch (41) Windhelm (26) Mistja Oaken-Hull's tent In tent Intermediate
Mages Guild Right side, behind food counter Advanced
Left side, behind bookshelf Advanced
Left side, between bookshelf and desk near stairs Advanced
Snow-Bourne House At foot of stairs Intermediate
Coldheart House Behind counter, first floor Intermediate
The Tree's Bounty Near table on right side Intermediate
Inner Eye Mystical Gems Next to weapon rack Intermediate
Ice & Fire Weaponry Left of tent Advanced
Oaken-Hull's Emporium Behind counter, first floor Advanced
The Sober Nord Tavern First floor, right side corner near harp Intermediate
First floor, in the storage room Intermediate
Stormcrag Armorer's Hall First floor right side, on large crate Advanced
On tailor's counter Advanced
Thane Mera's House First floor, near fireplace Advanced
Second floor, near fireplace Advanced
Fighters Guild First floor left side, next to bookshelf Advanced
First floor right side, between a plant and bookshelf Advanced
First floor right side, by a plant near the entrance to the back hallway Advanced
Second floor left side, next to weapon rack Advanced
Second floor right side, next to weapon rack Advanced
Cold Moon Inn Second floor, next to poster bed Intermediate
Room under stairs Intermediate
The Adept's Retreat Near enchanting table Simple
The Anvil & Pauldron Next to clothing table Intermediate
Near fireplace near Frikkhild Advanced
Fort Amol (9) The Thrown Gauntlet In tent Advanced
Deldwine's Inn First floor, behind food counter Intermediate
Second floor, at the foot of the bed behind the divider Intermediate
Behind Deldwine's Inn To the right of some kegs Intermediate
The Uncanny Alembic Behind counter on right Intermediate
Prince Irnskar's Tent Left side near bed Advanced
Curios & Crystals Next to desk Intermediate
Fort Amol Barracks First floor, behind partition on left Intermediate
Second floor, in the far right corner behind some cots Advanced
Jorunn's Stand (5) Thane Jeggi's Drinking Hole Jeggi's tent, behind partition Advanced
Fighters Guild In tent Intermediate
Marvyn the Chef's tent Next to tent, left side Intermediate
The Practical Traveler In tent Simple
Mages Guild Behind desk Intermediate
Hfirorg Farm Seeks-White-Bird's House Between the beds Intermediate
The Rift (23) Riften (14) Rethan Holdings Behind partition on left side Master
Artisan's Hall Behind Shishiv's weapon rack Simple
Near forge facing lake Advanced
J'darzi's Fine Imports Behind crate Simple
Mages Guild Next to nightstand in foyer Advanced
Second floor, near northwest window Advanced
Shadehome Inn On first floor counter Intermediate
Second floor, between nightstand and wardrobe Simple
Fighters Guild Near Earth Forge portal Advanced
First floor, left side storeroom Advanced
Boran's Bulwarks Near crates Advanced
Riften Arcane Studies On table Intermediate
The Withered Tree Second floor bedroom, near door Simple
Farm House northeast of Riften Next to wardrobe Intermediate
Shor's Stone (4) Mages Guild Next to bookshelf near door Advanced
Rami's Reinforced Leatherwear Behind armor rack facing the Tapped Vein Intermediate
The Tapped Vein Behind chair on stage Intermediate
In room under stairs Intermediate
Nimalten (2) Nimalten Markets Frerbild's General store, on counter Intermediate
Riverside Inn Room under stairs Intermediate
Black-Briar Lodge (2) Next to bookshelf Advanced
Next to bellows near fireplace Advanced
Ivarstead Gray-Sky Home On table, right side of house Intermediate


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Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Craglorn Belkarth Belkarth Banking House Next to Neena Intermediate
High Road Woodworks Behind counter Advanced
Fighters Guild Next to weapon rack Master
Mages Guild Next to desk along wall Advanced
The Gem & Flask Next to alchemy table Simple
Waste-Walker's Forge On counter near forge Intermediate
Dragonstar Caravan Company Depot Next to brewer's kegs on countertop Intermediate


Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Orsinium (23) Mages Guild Counter behind Othukul Advanced
Skalar's Living Quarters On dresser near bed Intermediate
Borbgur's House Next to bed Intermediate
Golakha's House Next to wardrobe Intermediate
The Greedy Gut On chef's counter Intermediate
King's Cornerclub On top of rack in brewer's corner Intermediate
Dariot Morrad's House Second floor, on dresser next to bed Advanced
Basement, near shelves Advanced
Halsinan's House Nightstand next to bed Intermediate
Laindilaure's House Next to bookshelf Advanced
Mazuka's House On desk Intermediate
Ufgel's House On cabinet opposite fire Advanced
Prismatic Pigments Behind partition Intermediate
Masbeshir's House Next to wardrobe Intermediate
Borbuz's House On dresser next to bed Intermediate
Orcish Pride Outfitters In storeroom Intermediate
Green-Tusk Grocery On counter Intermediate
The Iron Vault Behind counter Master
Room above bank, next to desk Advanced
Second floor north hallway, under a tapestry at the end (?)
Ash-Tongue Armorers Behind counter Advanced
Avwenn's House Store room, behind partition Advanced
Bedroom, next to wardrobe Advanced
Morkul Stronghold (5) The Gem Forge On counter Intermediate
Clan Longhouse Next to desk in the first room on the left Simple
Wanderlust Wares In cart Simple
Chief Abzug's Longhouse Next to double bed Advanced
Behind partition Advanced
Graystone Quarry (2) Stonemason's Mercantile On counter Simple
Tumnosh Longhouse Next to bookshelf Advanced
Exile's Barrow Cold Coast Cuisine In cart Simple
Honor's Rest Eastern tent Behind a nightstand Simple

Guilds Pack[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Hew's BaneCrown Store (19) Abah's Landing (19) Armorer On crate near store Advanced
Apprentice Lodgings At the back of store room Intermediate
Bahrez's House On table next to door Simple
Banker's Office On small table in back room Advanced
Blacksmith Station Next to forge, on crate Advanced
Clothing Station Next to clothing table Intermediate
Darano's House Next to small table in side room Simple
Gemane's House In the corner left of the bed Intermediate
Fighters Guild First floor, next to desk in corner Advanced
Second floor store room Advanced
Jamadin's House Next to bed Advanced
In first floor alcove Advanced
Next to wine rack Advanced
Leaping Frog Sundries In the corner behind cages Simple
Mages Guild Second floor, next to bookshelf nearest to staircase Advanced
Masbayat's House Next to wardrobe near bed Intermediate
Padrul's House Next to bed Simple
Tall Papa's Hoard Next to desk in the back Advanced
Woodworker Next to counter Intermediate
Gold CoastCrown Store (24) Anvil (16) Laeranir's House Back right corner, behind the bed Intermediate
Mudcrab and Suds Behind the counter, immediately right of entrance Intermediate
The Prowler The rear bunk room, between two bunk beds Intermediate
Anvil Repository In the corner behind the banker's desk Master
Second floor(?) Master(?)
Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics At the center back, among some rugs Intermediate
Fighters Guild Second floor, next to a cabinet under some hanging barrels Advanced
Mages Guild Second floor, next to some desks littered with books Intermediate
Anvil Ironworks and Tannery Back wall, behind Steel-Scales' counter Advanced
Thahiri's Treats On Thahiri's stall Intermediate
Narhag's House On a sill beside the bed Intermediate
Delvin's House On a sill on the left, above some barrels Simple
Gold Coast Trading Company First floor, center back room (?)
Enrick's Public House Behind the counter, immediately right of entrance Intermediate
Senna's House At the foot of the bunk bed (?)
Orval's House To the right of the fireplace Simple
Kvatch (8) Agrius Albutian's House Behind the divider Simple
The Eight Blessings Behind the counter Intermediate
Famula's Wonders Behind the counter, in front of a bookshelf Intermediate
Strillian's House Second floor, behind a divider Advanced
Panundus's House Second floor, far corner between a dresser and bookshelf Intermediate
Catina's House Second floor, between a desk with a mirror and a cabinet Intermediate
The Dabbler's Den Behind the counter Intermediate
Abelle's House Next to the nearer bed, behind a divider Simple


Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
MurkmireCrown Store Alten Meerhleel Dock House In storage room, on the left Intermediate
Meerhleel Market Behind the stall, next to a barrel Simple
Bright-Throat village Bountiful Boughs left corner of stall, below map of Murkmire Simple
East of storage room South of bountiful boughs, on corner of storage platform Advanced
Vetra-Jat's House In the bedroom, in front of the wardrobe Intermediate
Derkeehez's House In the bedroom, next to the wardrobe Intermediate
Dead-Water Village Naga-Kur Necessities between baskets Simple
Raj-Kaal's House near the table, between a shelf and several sacks Intermediate
Nisswo Uaxal's House In the corner next to the bed Simple
Lilmoth Marshland Market Woodworm's Woodworking, on top of furrier's trap Intermediate
Muck and Magicks, on top of table Intermediate
Peatfire Smithery, on hearth of fireplace Advanced
Bog Brokers Sernea's Serene Ironworks, on top of shelf Advanced
A Thousand Cuts, between anvil and water trough Advanced
Leathers of Lilmoth‎, left of tanning rack Intermediate
Croaking Carpentry, in front of woodcutting table Intermediate
The Lusty Argonian Footman Front bar, on the table Intermediate
Fillies and Foals In corner of storage area in center Intermediate
Bogside Bags (?) Simple
High-End Furnishings Behind Home Goods Furnisher Intermediate
Mach-Taeed's House On desk on right side of house Intermediate

Daedric War Trilogy[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
VvardenfellCrown Store Ald'ruhn Western large tent In leftmost tent, on the left Intermediate
Tent to the right of Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar On a bench to the right Simple
Balmora Retheran's House In front of bed in upper level bedroom Advanced
Behind stairs on lower level Advanced
In training room on lower level Advanced
The Randy Netch Inn Behind the front counter Simple
Lord Drono's Townhouse Lower level, in the kitchen Advanced
Gnisis Romoren's House Basement, between mirror and dresser Intermediate
Ground level kitchen, on the left Intermediate
The Resting Kwama Behind the counter Intermediate
Shandasi's House On the bedstand to the left Intermediate
Lathdar's House At the foot of the bed Intermediate
Drivam's House In the back, at the bottom of a storage rack Intermediate
Sadrith Mora Givyn Tower On the right, near Sentry Relenila's patrol spot Advanced
At the entrance, on the right (?)
In the basement, in a small alcove to the back right Advanced
Gateway Inn Behind innkeeper's counter, behind barrels Intermediate
Bandas' House On second level, next to bedstand Intermediate
Ground floor, up the short steps between table and bookshelf Intermediate
Reram's House On second level, left of bookshelf Intermediate
Tel Naga On balcony of first level, right of mystic station Intermediate
On ground floor table right of Enchanting Station, beneath stairs, near Enchanter Vaden Inlador Intermediate
Adept's Hall, reading room to the left (near Wizard Jinrisa) Simple
Adept's Hall, reading room in center to the right (near Adept Banus) Simple
Nilvon's House In the bedroom, on a dresser Intermediate
Seyda Neen Andrilo's House Next to cabinet on left Intermediate
Sea Salt Grocery Behind counter in corner Intermediate
Suran Ralaal's House Between bookshelves in study on right Advanced
In basement, under stairs Advanced
Tel Aruhn Slavemaster's House Second level, next to bed Advanced
Vedran's House Second level, next to triptych Intermediate
Selaro's Tower Basement, in front of pile of hides Advanced
Tel Branora Dalen's House Ground level, in the kitchen Advanced
Tistar's House In the second-story bedroom, next to a dresser Advanced
Vivec City Saint Delyn Guild Halls Chamber northwest of Fighters Guild room Advanced
Mages Guild room, left of cupboard Intermediate
Abbey of St. Delyn, behind the counter Intermediate
Fighters Guild room, behind the counter on the south side Intermediate
Vivec City Furnishing, in the bedrooms (?)
Saint Olms Guild Halls Behind grocery stall in Farmers and Laborers Hall Intermediate
Behind bag merchant stall in Tanners and Miners Hall Simple
In the corner between desks in Tailors and Dyers Hall Intermediate
In the fish storage room in the Brewers and Fishmongers Hall Intermediate
Saint Olms Plaza Behind Div Nervion's stall Simple
Vos Varo's House In waiting room at back Intermediate
Selvayn's House Next to kitchen table at back Intermediate
Mevil Rendar's House Mevil Rendar's house On crates left of the stairs Simple
Clockwork CityCrown Store Brass Fortress Domicile Enhancement Hub Behind table with chairs on it Simple
Slag Town On rock outcrop behind Razgurug Simple
Daram Stables On roof, next to large empty crate Intermediate
The Grand Depository On second level, in corner of the room with desks Master
On first level, at the end of the room with desks, behind the lectern Master
Chancel of Transaction Between desk and crate in Ravam Sedas, Noveni Adrano, and Commerce Delegate's pavillion Simple
Near some sacks in Orstag, Shogarz, and Valowende's pavillion Simple
In the southwestern square, between some crates and chairs, near where Proctor Sovor Saryoni and Alienist Llandras meet Simple
The Cloisters Ground floor southern room, on the east wall Advanced
Second floor southern room, on the south wall Intermediate
Hall of Refined Techniques North wing ground level, in the center of the room Intermediate
North wing ground level, on the wall between the west blacksmith station and a desk Advanced
North wing upper level, behind the west clothing station Intermediate
South wing ground level, below the "Galvene's Gleaming Goods" banner Intermediate
South wing upper level, next to the jewelry crafting station Intermediate
South wing upper level, between the east alchemy station and a desk Intermediate
SummersetCrown Store Alinor
Kinlady Valullinwe's House Second level landing, on a table Advanced
Second level study, on a desk in front of the window Intermediate
Third level bedroom, on a desk Intermediate
Judicator Linulyia's House First level kitchen, next to the fireplace Intermediate
First level bedroom, on a table Intermediate
Second level study, near a few desks Intermediate
Third level, on a desk next to a pair of beds Advanced
Mages Guild Behind Desh-Taa's counter Intermediate
Third level bedroom, on a table in the center Advanced
Fighters Guild In the training room, in front of a pair of combat dummies Advanced
Second level bedroom, on a desk immediately left of the entrance Advanced
Rinmawen's Plaza Rulenliondil's shop, next to a cabinet Advanced
Nuzon's shop, on a table Intermediate
Grashegg's shop, behind some crates Intermediate
Drakaws's shop, behind some crates Intermediate
Mirdinnarian's House First level study immediately right of the entrance, on a table Intermediate
First level kitchen, next to a melon basket Intermediate
Third level bedroom, on a table next to the fireplace Advanced
Irene Epinard's House First floor kitchen, on a desk Intermediate
Second floor west bedroom, on a table Intermediate
Third floor bedroom, on a desk Advanced
Plaza of the Hand On table between jewelry crafting & enchanting station Intermediate
Next to spinning wheel Intermediate
Next to lamp post at The Green's Grocer Intermediate
Among piles of planks on a rack next to blacksmithing station Advanced
In the corner next to the western woodworking station Intermediate
Next to the alchemy station Intermediate
Cey-Tarn Keep Cey-Tarn Keep Barracks Northern sleeping quarters, between the two leftmost beds Intermediate
Second level bedroom, at the foot of the bed Intermediate
Third level, under a desk Advanced
Refectory In the kitchen, at the end of the island facing the fireplace Intermediate
Second level landing, under a desk Intermediate
Lillandril The Shrewd Brew Behind the counter Intermediate
Mages Guild First level, behind the counter Advanced
Second level, in the bedroom in a corner next to a cabinet Advanced
Fighters Guild Second level landing, in the alcove Advanced
Second level sleeping quarters, between a wardrobe and potted plant Advanced
Alcildilwe's House First level kitchen, in the corner Intermediate
Second level, behind the bathtub Advanced
Kinlady's Mansion First level storage room, behind stacked barrels Advanced
Second level bedroom opposite the stairs, next to the nightstand Intermediate
Second level eastern bedroom, on a wine rack Advanced
Rellenthil Canonreeve's House In the kitchen, next to the fireplace Intermediate
Next to the bathtub Advanced
Rellenthil Bathhouse Next to the empty bathtub Advanced
Shimmerene Mages Guild First level, next to bookshelves in Dessathiel's room Advanced
Second level library, between bookshelves Advanced
Tanulldel's House Second level, next to the fireplace Intermediate
Second level bedroom, next to a ruined wardrobe Intermediate
Anchors Aweigh Inn Behind the counter Intermediate
Vinwysea's House First level kitchen, on the counter Intermediate
Second level bedroom, on the nightstand next to the bed Intermediate
Third level loft, on the desk Advanced
Orninlusea's performance spot Between two carts Intermediate
Ealaren's House Second level library, in the corner next to a chair Intermediate
Third level bedroom, in the corner next to a wardrobe Intermediate
Alinor Docks Alinor Docks In a storehouse to the east, in front of several small cages Simple
On the back of a cart on a small dock in the middle Simple
Brodran's House Brodran's House In the storage room, next to a potted plant with pink flowers Intermediate
Unordirwe's House Unordirwe's House In the bedroom, next to the nightstand Simple
Vinafwe's House Vinafwe's House In the bedroom, next to a potted plant on a desk Intermediate

Season of the Dragon[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Northern ElsweyrCrown Store Rimmen Rimmen Artisans District On the shelf left of the alchemy station Intermediate
Feziri's House Second floor, staircase on the right Advanced
Baandari Bazaar Nearby the leatherworker Simple
At the weaponsmith, on the table Simple/Advanced
At the mystic, behind a crate Simple
Rimmen Fighters Guild In the entrance, on the left Advanced
Rimmen Mages Guild Second floor Advanced
Mashawi's House On nightstand next to bed, second floor Intermediate/Master
Catspaw Counting House Next to vault, behind the counter Master
Kashraska's House Second floor, in front of the bed Intermediate
Southern ElsweyrCrown Store Black Heights Meashuri's House In the corner of the bedroom Intermediate
Senchal Adrabassi's House On the lower floor by some crates Intermediate
Arrivaza's House On the counter in the right room Intermediate
Court of Crafts In the blacksmithing area Advanced
In the alchemy area Intermediate
Mahargo's House By the couch Simple
Mero Dobellis' House On the lower floor Intermediate
Safe and Secure Bank Behind the divider Master
Senchal Mages Guild In the corner of the upper floor room Advanced
Senchal Merchant Square Behind Tundullie Intermediate
Behind Kavzodd Intermediate
Behind Irzaba Simple
Senchal Palace On the upper northwestern room Advanced
Sorvayel's House Behind the grill Intermediate
The Sweet Breezes Inn On the uppermost floor Intermediate
By the grill beside the outfit station building Intermediate

Dark Heart of Skyrim[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Western SkyrimCrown Store Morthal Gretolde's House On the upper floor, at the foot of the bed Simple
Jarl Reddharn's Hall On the second floor, against the east wall Master
Sondi's House On the upper floor, beside the double bed Simple
Von's House In the kitchen area Intermediate
Whispering Axe Tavern To the right of the entrance Simple
Behind the counter to the left of the entrance Intermediate
Solitude Betnarre's House On the lower floor, in the back Intermediate
Magnate's House In the middle floor dining area Intermediate
In a bedroom on the top floor Advanced
Signgul's House On the upper floor Simple
Tolfrika's House On the upper floor Intermediate
Blue Palace In the upper floor library Master
Bountiful Goods By Talsgryr Simple
Braryn's Hammer On the ledge Advanced
Favored Anima Beside the stall Intermediate
Haafingar Hoard In the back Master
Hall of the Dead In the upper floor bedroom Intermediate
Radiant Raiment Behind Anjuld Intermediate
Solitude Fighters Guild By the desk on the lower floor Advanced
Solitude Mages Guild In an upper floor bedroom Advanced
The Lonely Troll By the brewer Intermediate
The Swinging Axe On the stall counter Advanced
Unyielding Steel On a barrel Advanced
Winter Harvest Behind the cooking fire Intermediate
Yew and Feather Behind Erivase Selarys Intermediate
The ReachCrown Store Markarth Beirma's House Back room by the crates Intermediate
Beirolwen's House In the bedroom, right of the main living area Intermediate
Etavarn's House Last room, in the basement Advanced
Guild Tower Mages Guild sleeping area Advanced
At the end of the main hall, by the archery targets Advanced
Ionregha's House By the bed Intermediate
Markarth Mercantile Behind counter, next to merchant Simple
Stonevault Repository Side room Advanced
Behind counter, in front of bookshelf Master
The Hunter's Repose First passage left, room at the end Intermediate
Right side passage, first room on the right Intermediate
Trenol's House Back wall Simple
Trenvarn's House Right back room Intermediate
Underhall End of the main hallway, right Advanced
Vlindrel Hall Second room off the dining room on the left Advanced

Gates of Oblivion[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
BlackwoodCrown Store Gideon Governor's Mansion Second room on the right (?)
Shulbaza's Home Upstairs, at the foot of a bed Advanced
The Egg and Hammer Inn Upstairs, in the left bedroom Intermediate
Leyawiin Armor and Fine Garments Second floor next to Iaesh Advanced
Crafting area Between the clothing stations Intermediate
In the wagon next to the woodworking station Advanced
Dahli's House Second floor Simple
Darsine's House Ground floor dining room Advanced
Second floor sleeping area Advanced
Dolmesa Othravel's House Third floor Advanced
Eilewen's House Basement Intermediate
Second floor Intermediate
Eponis Sabinus's House Second floor Simple
Guard Tower Under the stairs at the bottom Master
In the sleeping area Master
Janonia Monrius's House Second floor library Intermediate
Jeanrobin Gulitte's House Second floor bedroom Intermediate
Lirar Droth's House Second floor between the beds Simple
Leyawiin Banking House In the back room Master
Leyawiin Castle In an upstairs room by the northeastern spiral staircase Master
Upstairs, on the balcony overlooking the throne room Master
Sally Forth Goods In a side room Simple
FargraveCrown Store Arusax's House In the kitchen Advanced
Dyus Amnis's House Second floor Intermediate
Foshaz's House Lower floor bedroom Advanced
Huzdul's House In the bedroom Simple
Nila's House In the bedroom Intermediate
Raminus Munia's House In the back room Simple
Waxolt's House In the back Simple
Za's House In the back Advanced
Mages Guild Basement, southwest corner between two bookshelves Advanced
Fighters Guild Basement, against the north wall by bench Advanced
Fargrave Fancies Behind Haj-Mere Simple
Fargrave Holdings By the golden urns behind Hixibaz Master
Fargrave Saddlery By the stack of barrels Intermediate
Packs and Baskets Between the merchant stalls Advanced
DeadlandsCrown Store Wretched Spire Faltonia Rato's bar Behind the bar Intermediate
Nirsinnaf and Zirat's building In the back Simple
Ollelrin and Alinef's building On the balconies Simple (2x)
Stighelm's lean-to Next to the rubble near the water Simple
Un's shop By the barrels Simple

Shadow Over Morrowind[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
Telvanni Peninsula Ald Isra Retainers Billet On the lower floor Intermediate
Necrom Dark Heat Metalworks On a crate Advanced
Death's Essence Arms In the cart Advanced
Drogrethe's House On a table in the library area Simple
Elite Provisions Behind Hurthendor Simple
Fortune's Fount Behind the unoccupied counter Master
Harvest's Bounty Behind a row of produce Intermediate
Ienasa Felas's House Behind a divider Simple
Mourner's Solace Inn In the storage room Intermediate
Nalsie Nothro's Manor In the right room on the bottom floor Advanced
In the northwestern bedroom Advanced
In the southeastern bedroom Advanced
Necrom Handicrafts Behind a cart by the enchanter Intermediate
Behind planks by the woodworker Intermediate
Necrom Mages Guild In the north side upper room Advanced
Othreloth Hlaalo's Manor Between two bookshelves in the library Intermediate
On a nightstand in the bedroom Intermediate
Relur Uveran's House Between the bookshelf and trunk Simple
Rothdred's Manor In the sleeping area Advanced
Serguis Sosia's Manor West-side bedroom, behind the divider Advanced
North-side bedroom, behind a bed Advanced
Apocrypha Cipher's Midden Cipher Im-Zish's House At the back Simple
Cipher Junia's House In the back room Simple
Zil's Mercantile Behind Zil Simple

West Weald[edit]

Zone Settlement Store/Building Name Location Difficulty
West Weald Gold Road Skingrad Basket of Colovia Across from Germia Marcrina Intermediate
The Fertile Respite Near the counter Intermediate
Legion's Trove On a shelf in the basement Master
Lion's Claw Weapons Behind Veriasa Dourar Advanced
Recruit's Assurance Armory Beside the Grapeskin Tannery counter Intermediate
In the side room Advanced
The Great Chapel of Julianos Lower nook Intermediate
Twisted Vine Stable Against the wall Intermediate
A seating area north of West Weald Woodworks Between the barrels and bench Intermediate
Bazula's House Left bedroom Intermediate
Dabienne Geontene's House Behind the stairs on the ground floor Advanced
In the bedroom on the third floor Advanced
Grigleid's House In a corner of the upper floor Intermediate
Miles Talanian's House On the upper floor desk Intermediate
Nirwynia's Manor Ground floor study Advanced
On a counter in the north bedroom Advanced
Beside a counter in the west bedroom Advanced
Placida Menanius's Manor In a corner of the cellar Intermediate
In the second floor bedroom Advanced
On a desk in the third floor south bedroom Advanced
Ontus Soldier's Fortune Market Behind Festus Sertorius Simple
Stonechip Tavern Near the fireplace Intermediate
Laurina's House Back of the upstairs storage area Intermediate
Rogano Doniticus's House Back of the storage area Advanced
Vashabar Gifts of the Green Beside the table Simple
Galangor's House On the small table by the hammocks Advanced
Tellilrin's House By the cooking fire Intermediate


  • Both the act of unlocking and the act of looting a safebox are crimes. Be sure to be completely hidden before unlocking one.
  • Safeboxes are a good way to make gold as well as advance your Legerdemain skill, since both unlocking the box and selling the items inside will grant skill experience.
  • The amount of gold in a safebox can be increased by unlocking the Fortune's Favor perk in the Craft Champion tree.
  • The safeboxes at Hallin' Stand, Northpoint, Crosswych, Dune, Arenthia, Velyn Harbor and Silvenar will not appear until the liberation quest for that particular location has been completed.
  • Conversely, the safeboxes at Bleakrock Village will be inaccessible once the quest to evacuate Bleakrock is completed, as the village will be destroyed.
  • To access the safebox at Fort Amol Barracks, you must wear the Fort Amol Guard disguise. If you don't, the guards inside will kick you out.
  • Safeboxes count as treasure chests for the related Achievements.