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Sergius Sosia's Manor
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Owner Sergius Sosia
Telvanni Peninsula
Northern Necrom
Sergius Sosia's Manor

Sergius Sosia's Manor is a large home in the northern part of Necrom that belongs to Sergius Sosia. The front door is protected by an advanced lock. A number of NPCs wander the fountain plaza out front.


Sergius Sosia's Manor
Sergius Sosia
Tinos Guls


The home's interior layout is donut-shaped: from the foyer, you can go left or right, and regardless of which hall you choose, you'll end up back at the entrance if you keep walking. Tinos Guls wanders the hall to the left nearest to the dining room, and Bijum-Kai patrols the hall to the right, where the spare bedroom lies. There's a hiding spot in the left hallway.

Sergius Sosia is in the dining room sitting at the table furthest from the hearth. The doorway west of that table leads to the guest bedroom. There's an advanced safebox on the right side of the room, behind a folding screen.

There's a hiding spot against the wall on the left in the hall leading north from the dining room. The master bedroom lies ahead: you'll find Theos the hot pepper bantam guar sitting atop the nightstand beside Sergius' bed. There's an advanced safebox sitting on the floor in the corner, beside one of the single beds on the right-side wall.