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ON-Icon-Transparent Logo.png This page contains deprecated information about Elder Scrolls Online content.
The content described here was removed from the game after Update 11.
This location has been disabled (as of Update 11)
In preparation for Player Housing, Lemaitre Manor is no longer available to the public.
Lemaitre Manor
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Daggerfall Covenant
Lemaitre Manor

Lemaitre Manor is a private residence in Wayrest. It is located in the northeastern part of the city, south of Pellingare Manor.

Manor interior

The manor has three entrances, each with an advanced lock. Lemaitre Manor also has a stables with two horses. Loglorag gra-Burbulg can be seen walking outside the house and Jerissean af-Owlin is sweeping the ground outside the manor's western entrance.

The interior contains a safebox with an advanced lock and many containers, all of which are owned. Madame Lemaitre herself is found inside, along with Khojifa. The house only has one level, as the staircase within leads to nowhere.

NPCs Living Here[edit]