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Fighters Guildhall
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Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert
The Kozanset Fighters Guildhall

The Kozanset Fighters Guildhall is a guildhall in the eastern Kozanset housing the local branch of the Fighters Guild. It is a two-story guildhall, however an access to the upper floor is barred. Inside, in the far left corner there is a training area with several dummies. Some of the members can be seen here honing their fighting skills. The door in the training area provides an access to the lower balcony where Tariyeh can be encountered. Back inside, two weapon stands in the foyer and one in the training area can contain freely available leveled weapons and shields. There are quite a few barrels, crates and baskets throughout the hall that can contain provisioning ingredients. This guildhall may be not as cozy as the Mages Guildhall next door, but it has some comfortable armchairs, a sofa and a table served with food and drinks.

An outdoor passage from the balcony of The Slaking Chalice tavern leads to the guildhalls's upper balcony, but you need to jump to get to it. The jump is quite easy and the reward is a lore book, The Amulet of Kings.

Residents and Merchants[edit]

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