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Fighters Guild Hall
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Wayrest Market Square
The Wayrest Fighters Guild Hall

The Wayrest Fighters Guild Hall is a guildhall located near Wayrest Market Square. It is a Breton-style building with a spacious hall and a smaller chamber on the left-hand side from the entrance. It looks quite imposing with stone columns, grand warrior statues and a large chandelier suspended from a high ceiling. There are quite a few containers around the guildhall that can contain either provisioning or alchemical ingredients, crafting materials or recipes. All the journals you collect during the related quest can be found here afterwards.

There are two advanced safeboxes in the hall. One is near the armsman, and the other is among the training dummies where Charlisse Alinie trains.

Related Quests[edit]


Fighters Guild Hall interior

* This person can be found here only until The Dangerous Past quest.

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