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Housing Storage is a feature that was added in Update 17. It essentially gives players the option to buy additional storage containers that can be placed in player homes.

Storage Types[edit]

There are two main storage types available, chests and coffers. Chests can have up to 60 items inside, and coffers can hold 30 items. Currently, a maximum of four coffers and four chests can be acquired, giving a total of 360 additional storage slots.

Chests and coffers can be acquired in a number of different ways. One coffer can be acquired for free from the leveling reward system, acquired at Level 18. Chests can be bought with Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu, Tel Var Stones from Tel Var General Merchants in the Imperial Sewers or from the Crown Store.


Each chest and container can be named, and placed in each house that has been purchased by the player. Each storage item (chest or coffer) takes up one placement item slot, meaning if your house could have 700 items, 699 will be remaining. Items inside the containers are the same across each house, meaning that items stored in one house are accessible from the same container in another house.


Items placed in a chest or coffers are not able to be accessed by other players. Items stored in these chests will not be accessible via either a banker or an assistant as they are not stored in a bank, meaning you will have to physically access the chest in your house. The same chest can be placed in multiple houses, allowing access from all of them.