Clockwork City


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Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tarnished

Razgurug is an Orc daily job broker found in the Brass Fortress. He is the Mayor of Slag Town, home of the Tarnished.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Repeatable A Bitter Pill: Gather Herbalist's Satchels to assist the people of Slag Town.
  • Repeatable A Daily Grind: Gather flash stone and metal pellets for the residents of Slag Town.
  • Repeatable A Sticky Solution: Gather fabricated husk and counterfeit coal to assist the people of Slag Town.
  • Repeatable Enchanted Accumulation: Gather runestones and runelights to aid the residents of Slag Town in the Brass Fortress.
  • Repeatable Fuel for our Fires: Gather synthetic oils and skimmer mesh to aid the residents of Slag Town in the Brass Fortress.
  • Repeatable Loose Strands: Gather metal strands and artificial lodestones to aid the residents of Slag Town.


When he doesn't have a job to offer he will say

"I don't got nothing for you right now, but check back, you hear?"
"Soon as something comes in, I'll let you know. Take a breather for now."
"I'm glad you want to help, but don't work yourself sick. Take a break."
"No requests coming through at the moment. Check back later."

When he has a job available he will say.

"Looking to help us Tarnished in Slag Town? We have a mighty need for some supplies. You'll get payment, of course, but we're looking for a tough sort who doesn't mind traveling to some rather nasty locales."
"The job orders have been going great. Lots of supplies collected. Of course, we could always use more."
"No one in Clockwork is gonna miss the scrap I'm requesting. But to us? These supplies are worth their weight in gold."
"Things keep going this well and we'll have enough stockpiled to keep us good for years. Still willing to help?"
"I've got good honest work for good honest pay. Helping out Slag Town is just the gravy on the gruel."
Got any work for me?
Any work available?
What do you need me to do?
Got any work?
You have a job available?

After you pick up a quest:

"Don't go killing yourself, you hear? Who else would I get to run around Clockwork for us?"
"Need something else? My mayor-like duties have me pretty busy."
"Hand the supplies to me when you're done, and don't go doing something stupid to get them!"
"You get me those supplies, I get you a reward. Simple as that."

When you return after completing a task, he'll say:

"Did you finish the request? Your reward has been burning a hole in my pocket."
"I've got a lot of people asking about those supplies. Give me some good news."
"Please tell me you have our supplies. I can't take anymore bad news today."
"We're cranked without those supplies. Give me something to smile about."

A Bitter Pill[edit]

Approaching him:

"Any alchemists looking for gold?"

Speaking to him:

"Alchemy plants aren't exactly easy to come by here, and once we get some we tend not to let them go to waste. That's where the alchemical satchels come in. They can keep the plants fresh for years.
Aveberl Tremouille can tell you more if you got questions."
Anything else I need to do?
"Now these satchels work, but they turn the plants so bitter no one will drink the tonics Aveberl makes. We've found a sweet syrup in the Wellspring that makes them tolerable, but you'll have to deal with the patrol factotums.
Still interested?"
I'll get right to it.

After completing the task, you can return and tell him:

I have the herbalist's satchels.
"Thanks for taking the time to get the syrup as well. The little ones stopped raising a fuss once we began adding it to the tonics. A bit of sweet always helps.
You've done Slag Town a great service. I hope you'll work with us again."

A Daily Grind[edit]

Approaching him:

"Looking for a steady hand with a pickaxe ready!"

Speaking to him:

"You got a knack for mining?
The ores in Clockwork have veins of something we call flash stone. It's thought to be worthless by most, but Duldrar Belan has developed a way to grind it into an incredibly useful powder."
So I just have to collect the flash stone?
"Well, there's a bit more to it.
You'll also need to gather the metal pellets used to help with the grinding process.
We can only find the darn things in the Fundament. Belan would be happy to talk your ear off about if you want to know more."
I'll get to it.

Return and tell him:

I have the flash stone.
"Good work, hotshot. You have my thanks.
If only those brass buffoons knew how useful this stuff can actually be. Don't go spreading rumors, though. We don't want anyone else cutting into our supply, right?"

A Sticky Solution[edit]

"You never realize how much you need glue until you go without.
Lucky for us, Njordemar figured out a way to extract some sort of sap from wood husks found in Clockwork. Not quite sure what that stuff is, but it sticks scrap together like nothing else."
Anything else you need done?
"Issue is we got to keep the sap warm or it becomes useless. We've discovered a type of coal that does the trick. You'll need to go to the Reactor District to find it, but it's the only thing that stays hot long enough."
I'll take the job.

Return to him and tell him:

I have the sap.
"Well done! You've earned your gold today.
I'll make sure to let Njordemar know we have more sap in stock. He's been wanting to try out a new adhesive bandage he's thought up. Not that I'll be volunteering anytime soon for that particular experiment."

Loose Strands[edit]

Approaching him:

"Looking for a harvester with guts!"

Speaking to him:

"Avarya needs more of the metal strands that are weaved into the clothing of Clockwork. You can find odd bits of cloth in the Wilderness, and we we'll supply you with a specialized lodestone that attracts the strands."
Anything else to the request?
"Well, we can't collect the strands without more lodestones, and the one Avarya created attracts the stuff like nothing else. You'll find the parts needed in the Mnemonic Planisphere, but be careful. I've heard there's trouble about there lately.
I'll take the job.

Return to him and you can tell him:

I have the metallic fibers.
"Excellent! You've helped many of my citizens today. There should be a few less coughs once we get more filters set up.
Be sure to stop by again for another request."

Fuel for our Fires[edit]

Approaching him:

"Hey! Got a job for someone that doesn't mind getting their shoes wet."

Speaking to him:

"I'm not bluffing when I say the puddles around here can help fuel fires.
Leaps-Over-Thistle, genius she is, made a skimmer tool that collects machine oil from the water. The collection process is pretty painless, but there's a bit of a catch to the request."
A catch?
"The skimmer requires a specific kind of wire mesh, and we've only been able to find it in the Halls of Regulation. Leaps-Over-Thistle will need more of the stuff if we want to continue collecting. She can tell you more about the process, if you're still willing."
I'm on it.

Return to him with the supplies and tell him:

I have the synthetic oils.
"Ah! You've done Slag Town a great service, hotshot. You don't know how hard it can be to watch the little ones shiver at night.
Take this reward and my thanks. I hope you'll choose to work with us again."

Enchanted Accumulation[edit]

When you approach him:

"Want to help Slagtown be a bit more enchanting, mhm?"

Speaking to him:

"Mindora, a rare exception to my general hate of mages, discovered that the runestones here have magical gunk coated on them. You'll need a runelight to figure out where the stuff is sticking, but from there you should be able to just scrape it off."
Magical gunk?
"Just another mystery of Clockwork I don't understand.
Oh, and you'll need to get us more runelights. You'll find them behind this strange portal, not quite sure where it leads. Everyone but Mindora was too afraid to go in, so you'll have to ask her."
I'll take the job.

Return to him and you can tell him:

I have the runic residue.
"No excuses, just results. I knew I liked you, hotshot.
I'll be sure to tell Mindora that we have more of this in stock. It's scrap compared to actual glyphs, but we make do with what we can get."


After you've accepted a job, you can ask him about Slag Town and gathering supplies:

Can you tell me more about Slag Town?
"Slag Town, home of the Tarnished! The oil-covered slums of our gleaming city, where the poor and forgotten try to hobble together a home.
Folks around here call me Mayor. Not an official title of course, but I'll take it."
Why are you called the Tarnished?
"Even in this ever gleaming city, there will always be those who are thought of as lesser. Can't sling a spell or work with gears? You're already coming up short.
The residents of Slag Town though, we're lower quality than even those folks."
Why are you lower?
"Various reasons. We're orphans, degenerates, castaways. Abandoned and disgraced. No respectable trade to call our own, or fancy shop to watch over.
Put simply? We're unwanted. A spot of rust on the shiny brass of Clockwork."
How did you become the mayor?
"Came upon the position naturally. I look out for people, always have. It's up to me to keep stock of what supplies we have, and try to get someone to help us find more.
I'll even petition the Apostles if the need around here gets too great."
What do the Apostles do?
"Never much, truth be told. They'll deliver medicinal supplies sometimes, or increase our daily water allowance. Once or twice I even convinced them to send a factotum for repairs, but that was more of a pain in the arse than it was worth."
Why do you need me to gather supplies?
"It's true our bellies never go empty, and I'm thankful for that, but Slag Town can't live off of gruel and a thin blanket. We work hard to get by on our own, and these supplies are needed to do just that.
I'll admit though, it can be dangerous work."
Dangerous work?
"Maybe you haven't been here long, but I'm sure you noticed that Clockwork isn't the safest place in Tamriel. You'll have to go through some dangerous spots to collect these supplies.
But hey, you look like you can handle yourself."
Are these requests worth the risk?
"Well, depends on who you're asking.
To me? Most definitely. These supplies can drastically improve the quality of life here. It stops our little ones from shivering, and helps our sick recover. It's worth every piece of gold I offer."