Clockwork City


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Home City Brass Fortress
Location Slag Town
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tarnished

Mindora is an accomplished Bosmer mage found in the slums of Slag Town within the Brass Fortress, assisting Razgurug with keeping Slag Town running in relative comfort.

She is very passionate about the way in which the tarnished are treated in Clockwork, and outspoken about Sotha Sil and the Clockwork Apostles.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Repeatable Enchanted Accumulation: Gather runestones and runelights to aid the residents of Slag Town in the Brass Fortress.


"Welcome to Slag Town. Have a care how you speak to the people here. They may look humble and beggarly, but they're stronger than they look."
"Have you spoken with Razgurug? I asked him to find someone to help with a job. I dare say you're a perfect candidate. You should talk to him."

During the quest, she greets you:

"Greetings. I assume you spoke to Razgurug? Charming fellow. A pity that the Apostles left him to rot down here. Honestly, Slag Town's full of untapped potential.
Speaking of untapped potential, you're here to ask about the runic residue, correct?"
I am. Can you tell me about them?
"Of course.
The Clockwork City provides an abundance of magical substances, but the people of Slag Town have very little access to them. We're forced to improvise—using runelights to find the arcane residue that accumulates on local runestones."
What do you do with this runic residue?
"Quite a bit. This plaque adheres to the runestones. Over time it takes on some of the stone's inherent potency, aspect, or essence. Just a trifling amount, mind you, but we don't really need that much. Our enchantments are purely practical."
Practical enchantments?
"Indeed. We use it to keep metal from corroding, blankets from fraying, that sort of thing. It helps keep our soles sturdy, our ropes taut, and our clothes clean. Well … cleaner. You know what I mean."
What are runelights?
"Divining tools. They emit a faint glow, much like a mage-light. The difference is that this glow shows us where residue accumulates. It shines like ice in the moonlight.
Very recent discovery for me, ever since that portal showed up in the Radius."
A portal?
"I was the only one willing to enter it, but I found a mysterious realm. I believe it may even be a plane of Oblivion.
Well, it doesn't benefit me to study it further, but the Apostles may know more. If you've the patience to deal with them."
You seem like an accomplished mage. What are you doing in Slag Town?
"What am I—? I am standing in solidarity with the impoverished and oppressed! While Sotha Sil and his Clockwork cronies bathe in opulent splendor, these people live hand-to-mouth. Every day.
Soon, the entrenched lower class will rise up! Very soon."
Like … a revolution?
"If necessary, yes! People can only toil in silence for so long. Sotha Sil might be a god, but even a god can be made to listen. Clockwork City isn't just his plaything. We live here! It belongs to everyone!
I …. Sorry. I get carried away sometimes."

After the quest:

"Many thanks for that runic residue. Sturdy shoes do wonders for weary feet.
One day, we'll use these shoes to stamp out the Apostles and their unjust policies! Just you wait!"