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Menoit's Emporium
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Daggerfall Covenant
Menoit's Emporium

Menoit's Emporium is an apothecary and enchanting store, and the Crosswych branch of the Mages Guild. It is a one-room cottage in the southeastern part of the settlement. The magister of the Mages Guild can be found outside, near the entrance. Inside there is a cooking fire, an alchemy station and an enchanting table, all available for crafting. A single bed is tucked in a corner, behind the folding screens. A bookshelf contains a copy of Witch Cults of Northern High Rock. Several containers found in the room can hold provisioning ingredients. There are also three cabinets, a dresser and a trunk. All three vendors can be found here, working, sweeping floors or practicing spell casting.

Residents and Merchants[edit]


  • This building is marked on the in-game map as a store, rather than a Mages Guild.
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