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Unique items can be found throughout the world and are often rewarded for completing quests and defeating powerful enemies. Unlike most other items which are randomly generated, these unique items will only drop from specific enemies as listed below. Note that word unique is used extremely loosely. The items are not actually unique but rather reflect a unique source. More accurate would be calling these items 'named' or 'labeled' but the term unique is widely used among players regales of the misinterpretation.

Unique Loot by Zone[edit]

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Zone Place Boss Item Name
Auridon Heretic's Summons Snapjaw Snapjaw's Tooth of the Veiled Heritance
Heritance Proving Ground Anarume Loyalist's Longbow of the Veiled Heritance
Nestmother's Den The Nestmother Elegant Serpent's Flame
Seaaside Scarp Camp Quenyas Sea-Raider's Hood of the Twin Sisters
Soulfire Plateau Quendia, Norendo, and Eraman Elegant Deathcaller's Cowl
Wreck of the Raptor Captain Blanchete The Captain's Helm of the Veiled Heritance
Bewan Camandar Sea Greaves of the Veiled Heritance
Del's Claim Polinus Veiled Executioner of the Twin Sisters
Entila's Folly Bakhig Elegant Bahkig's Purestaff
Mehrune's Spite Mati Spitescarred Leggings of the Twin Sisters
Ondil Aluvus Sea Serpent's Tooth of the Twin Sisters
Wansalen Nolonir Elegant Wormtainted Kilt
Grahtwood Hircine's Henge Shagura Shagura's Staff of the Ranger
Lady Solace's Fen Lady Solace Unfortunate Wanderer's Boots of Syrabane
Nindaeril's Perch Nindaeril the Monsoon and Bavura the Blizzard Nindaeril's Tooth of the Green Pact
Poacher Camp Otho Rufinus Poacher's Cuirass of the Ranger
Thugrub's Cave Thugrub the Reformed Thugrub's Bane of Syrabane
Valanir's Rest Valanir the Restless Valanir's Lost Hope of the Green Pact
Burroot Kwama Mine Stormhead the Ravenous Belt of Vaulting of the Ranger
Mobar Mine Sgolag Charging Chestpiece of Syrabane
Ne Salas Lieutenant Khari Time Buckler of the Green Pact
The Scuttle Pit Spider Queen Spiderstaff of the Green Pact
Vinedeath Cave Madruin Tough Mining Boots of the Ranger
Wormroot Depths Raynia Stunning Wormstaff of Syrabane
Greenshade Gathongor's Mire Gathongor the Mauler Croc Hunter's Axe of the Shadow Dancer
Maormer Camp Jahlasri Jahla's Sheild of the Beekeeper  [sic]
Pelda Tarn Zymel Etitan Storm Staff of the Beekeeper
Reconnaissance Camp Maheelius Maheelius' Hunting Vest of the Wilderqueen
Rootwater Spring Heart of Rootwater Rootwater Robes of the Shadow Dancer
Thodundor's View Thodundor of the Hill Thodundor's Boots of the Wilderqueen
Barrow Trench Overseer Basri Basri's Blade of the Shadow Dancer
Carac Dena Urrumaz the Terrifying Urramaz's Shoulders of the Wilderqueen
Gurzag's Mine Retribution Retribution's Cowl of the Shadow Dancer
Harridan's Lair Razorclaw Beasthunter's Pauldrons of the Beekeeper
Naril Nagaia Archmage Camaano Archmage Macano's Mace of the Beekeeper
The Underroot Domina Ssaranth Lamiascale Bow of the Wilderqueen
Malabal Tor Bitterpoint Strand Thjormar the Drowned Waterlogged Chestpiece of Salvation
Bone Grappler's Nest Bone Grappler Spinner's Fractured Femur
Dugan's Knoll Dugan the Red Belt of the Waylaid Traveler of Salvation
Jagged Grotto Tallatta the Lustrous Spinner's Sea Tamer's Torc
River Edge Commander Faldethil Commander's Signet of Salvation
Windshriek Strand Skullbreaker Spinner's Skullbreaker
Black Vine Ruins Blackvine Strangler Spinner's Sapstung Helmet
Dead Man's Drop Captain Shammin Dead Man's Ring of Salvation
Hoarvor Pit Oghezai Thunderbug Carapace Bugslayer
Roots of Silvenar Adavos Dren Thunderbug Carapace Quicksilver Axe
Shael Ruins Arrai Thunderbug Carapace Boots of Clomping
Tomb of the Apostates Gwaeregil Thunderbug Carapace Heretic's Necklace
Reaper's March Big Ozur's Valley Big Ozur Big Ozur's Ogre Grips of Soulshine
Deathsong Cleft Ravenous Loam and Dirge of Thorns Smuggler's Devouring Earth Greatstaff
Old S'ren-ja Docks Ysolmarr the Roving Pyre Crocmother Fang of the Senche
Reaper's Henge Gravecaller Niramo Niramo's Gravegloves of the Senche
Ushmal's Rest Overlord Nur-dro The Overlord's Sun Shield of Soulshine
Waterdancer Falls Queen of Three Mercies Smuggler's Gloves of Three Mercies
Claw's Strike Fishbreath Fishbreath's Leathers of the Senche
Fardir's Folly Ravo Peltrasius Ex-Legionaire's Breastplate of Soulshine
Jode's Light Yenadar Smuggler's Vestments of Jode's Light
Kuna's Delve Limbrender Limb-Render of the Senche
Thibaut's Cairn Worm Eremite Smuggler's Excruciatus Staff
Weeping Wind Cave Nimriian Nimriian's Shortblade of Soulshine

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Zone Place Boss Item Name
Glenumbra Balefire Island Grivier Bloodcaller Bloodthorn Bloodcaller Clogs
North Shore Point Asard the Putrid Bloodthorn Brooch
Seaview Point Graufang Graufang's Werewolf Hide Belt
Trapjaw's Cove Trapjaw Bloodthorn Crocodile Hide Gloves
Western Overlook Limbscather Limbscather's Branch of the Wyrd Tree
The Wolf's Camp Salazar the Wolf Werewolf Hide Wolf's-Head Ring
Cryptwatch Fort Valenwe Werewolf Hide Everblooded Dagger
Ebon Crypt The Ebon Lord Ebon Bone Staff of the Wyrd Tree
Enduum Odilon Odilon's Spectral Amulet of the Wyrd Tree
Ilessan Tower Gaetane Stormcommander of the Wyrd Tree
Mines of Khuras Lilou Bloodthorn Lilou's Curative Coif
Silumm Sincano Werewolf's Hide Razor
Stormhaven Abandoned Farm Gar Xuu Gar Gar Xuu Gar's Axe of Night Terror
Ancient Altar Zymel Kruz Storm-Summoner's Cops of the Storm Night [sic]
Dreugh Waters Brood Queen Dreamer's Driftwood Staff
Mudcrab Beach Titanclaw Carapace-Shaped Heater of the Storm Knight
Scrag's Larder Cousin Scrag Fang of Scrag of the Storm Knight
Spider Nest Old Widow Silk Dreamer's Cobweb-Laced Trousers
Bearclaw Mine Octavia Dreamer's Bear-Hide Moccasins
Farangel's Delve Dimitri Dimitr's Leathers of Night Terror
Koeglin Mine Girara Girara's Fist of the Storm Knight
Norvulk Ruins Nariam Flame-Twist Blade of Night Terror
Pariah Catacombs Uncle Bones Bone-Handled Dirk of Night Terror
Portdun Watch Ariane Dreamer's Fine-Wrought Staff
Rivenspire Aesar's Web Aesar the Hatespinner Darkstride Hatespinner Amulet
East-Rock Landing Stroda gra-Drom Stroda's Orcish Coif of Necropotence
Magdelena's Haunt Magdelena Magdelena's Ancient Ring of the Vampire's Cloak
Old Kalgon's Keep Louna Darkblood Darkblood Staff of the Vampire's Cloak
Siren's Cove Desuuga the Siren Siren's Call of Necropotence
Valeguard Tower Menhir Stoneskin Darkstride Stoneskin Shield
Crestshade Mine Grimtooth Darkstride Grimtooth's Annihilation Axe
Erokii Ruins Miruin Woodwalker Miruin's Devastation of the Vampire's Cloak
Flyleaf Catacombs Miremonwe Spellslinger Miremonwe's Magicka Pendant of Necropotence
Hildune's Secret Refuge Leidmir Corpse-Caller Corpse-Caller's Fury of Necropotence
Orc's Finger Ruins Fingaenion Forestsmasher Fingaenion's Toe Gloves of the Vampire's Cloak
Tribulation Crypt Alameric Daillon Darkstride Alameric's Staff of Storms
Alik'r Desert Forsaken Hearts Cave Korignah Soul Kiss of the Withered Hand
Giant Camp Lonely Papa Sword-Singer's Backscratcher
Hag Camp Igazkad Charred Bone Staff of the Withered Hand
King's Rest Abal the Defiler King Haqmir's Bindings of the Withered Hand
Lesser Circle Staada Infused Buckler of the Order of Diagna
Lost Caravan Mother Sands Iridescent Dagger of the Withered Hand
Aldunz Thinks-in-Gears Oil-Stained Padding of the Withered Hand
Coldrock Diggings Feremuzh Bladethirst of the Order of Diagna
Divad's Chagrin Mine Nokhailaedhaz Senche-Pelt Blouse of the Withered Hand
Sandblown Mine Mirudda Embossed Chausses of the Order of Diagna
Santaki Tarrent Herano Sword-Singer's Sandgrubber Boots
Yldzuun Captain Candidus Charged Rod of the Order of Diagna
Bangkorai Arlimahera's Sanctum Dayarrus Seventh Legion's Lava-Charred Greaves
Blighted Isle Woodblight Spriggan's Bark-skinned Gages
Lakewatch Tower Garach Wolf-Father Spriggan's Wolf-Jaw
Nilata Falls Nomeg Hyril Vampire Lord's Cold-Bite
Summoner's Camp Caecilia Attius Seventh Legion's Conjured Oath-Band
Telesubi Ruins Zaman and Qumehdi Seventh Legion's Ayleid Breastplate
Crypt of the Exiles Ulbazar Thief-Lord Spriggan's Thief-Lord's Slippers
Klathzgar Klathzgar's Centurion Spriggan's Centurion Breaker
Rubble Butte Lady Edwyge Vampire Lord Edwyge's Coven Gown
Torog's Spite Lorogdu gra-Gulash Vampire Lord Rune Charm Choker
Troll's Toothpick Pale Squnque Vampire Lord's Gnawed Staff
Viridian Watch Curnard the Generous Seventh Legion's The Wolfguard

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Zone Place Boss Item Name
Stonefalls The Brahma's Grove Ozzacha Netch-Hunter's Bow of the Red Mountain
Cave of Memories Ulath Ancestor Ancestor's Kilt of the Sun
The Matron's Clutch Blueclaw Matron Dreugh-Hide Leggings of the Red Mountain
Shipwreck Strand Shellcracker Crabclaw Axe of the Shalk
Shivering Shrine Aurig Mireh Madcaller's Blade of the Red Mountain
Strifeswarm Hive Strifeswarm Champion Strifeswarm Legplates of the Shalk
Emberflint Mine Maebomaz Maw of Maebomaz of the Red Mountain
Hightide Hollow Oodegu Oodegu's Flamestick of the Sun
Inner Sea Armature Zozuzetharus Guardian's Plate-Helm of the Shalk
Mephala's Nest Gozzak Shadowsilk Headwrap of the Sun
Sheogorath's Tongue Dezanu and Calls-to-Nature Shalk's' Madcaller's Touch
Softloam Cavern Dugrul Lionbanner Buckler of the Sun
Deshaan Caravan Crest Bittergreen the Wild Bittergreen's Scale of Mother's Sorrow
Dire Bramblepatch Sharpfang Sharpfang's Jagged Blade of the Night Mother
Druitularg's Ritual Altar Druitularg Plague Doctor's Dremora's Dread
Grove of the Abomination The Abomination Abomination's Bulwark of the Night Mother
Mabrigash Burial Circle Mabrigash Shade Mabrigash Spectral Blade of Mother's Sorrow
Short-Tusk's Hillock Short-Tusk Kagouti Slayer Medallion of Mother's Sorrow
The Corpse Garden General Celdien Plague Doctor Celdien's Pauldrons
Knife Ear Grotto Drulshasa Drulshasa's Dark Band of Mother's Sorrow
Lady Llarel's Shelter Lady Llarel Plague Doctor Llarel's Sheltering Shield
Lower Bthanual Bthanual Centurion Plague Doctor's Talisman of Bthanual
Taleon's Crag Egg-Eater Dungeon-Delving Mittens of the Night Mother
The Triple Circle Mine Bonetooth Bonetooth's Charm of the Night Mother
Shadowfen Bitterroot Cave Urrai Swamp Raider's Crocodile Skin
Captain Bones' Ship Captain Bones Swamp Raider's Boneaxe
Haynekhtnamet's Lair Haynekhtnamet Swamp Raider's Fang of Haynekhtnamet
Nen Ria Talkynd Dessicated Belt of the Hatchling's Shell
Slaver Camp Rendrasa Discarded Bonds of the Hatchling's Shell
Xal Thak Argablog and Vlaga Slimy Acidic Staff of the Hatchling's Shell
Atanaz Ruins Stormscale Swamp Raider's Bile-Soaked Boots
Broken Tusk Naeraizozan Naeraizozan's Band of Hist Sap
Chid-Moska Ruins Rebecca Lirlane Shield of the Third House of Hist Sap
Gandranen Ruins Fenlord Deepswamp Staff of Hist Sap
Onkobra Kwama Mine Kwama Overseer The Pincher of Hist Sap
Shrine of the Black Maw Peers-Through-Glass Essentia of the Hatchling's Shell
Eastmarch Ammabani's Pride Ammabani Fiord's Ammabani's Pride
Dragon Mound Vivien Armene Bonelord's Annihilator of the Dragon
Dragon's Hallow Mannskadi and Ulgorus Mammoth Band of the Dragon
Rageclaw's Den Rageclaw Rageclaw's Collar of Stendarr
Ratmaster's Prowl Olveidi the Ratmaster Fiord's Ratmaster's Bloodbow
Swiftblade's Camp Beralagr Snow Bear's Fang of Stendarr
The Bastard's Tomb Agnenor the Blade Fiord's Agnenor's Brutal Blade
The Chill Hollow Nomeg Chal Chill Hollow Pendant of Stendarr
The Frigid Grotto Frostbite Mangler Fiord's Frigid Troll Bones
Icehammer's Vault Thane Icehammer Icehammer's Frigid Maul of Stendarr
Old Sord's Cave Braxek, Eorim the Hammer and Gadof Stormfist's Holy Hammer of the Dragon
Stormcrag Crypt Deathknight Stormcrag Deathknight Aegis of the Dragon
The Rift Abandoned Camp Ghoragham Ysgramor's Ghormagham's Shawl
Frozen Ruins Nomeg Rine Traveler's Prop of Draugr Heritage
Giant Camp Longstride and Thickpelt Longstride's Drinking Cup of Draugr Heritage
Hunter Camp Atharra, Indur-sa and Zalinra Witchman Poacher's Friend
Troll Cave Frostdrool and Sleetclaw Iceclaw of the Witchman
Wisplight Glen Aereus Ysgramor's Frost Gem Necklace
Avanchnzel Thzallek Eft Centurion Breaker of Draugr Heritage
Broken Helm Hollow Skullcrusher Unlucky Yngrel's Axe of the Witchman
Faldar's Tooth Rozelun Rozelun's Leathery Hide of the Witchman
Fort Greenwall Uggurek the Vile Battered War Trophy of Draugr Heritage
Shroud Hearth Barrow Jakalor Ysgramor's Jakolar's Staff
Snapleg Cave Frostmaiden Apa Ysgramor's Frostmaiden's Tear


Zone Place Boss Item Name
Coldharbour Aba-Darre Sthorha the Crazed Stortha's Hide Shield of Meridia
Cynhamoth's Grove Cynhamoth Prisoner Cynhamoth's Undulating Band
Daedroth Larder Nolagha, Keggagiha, and Rsolignah Nolagha's Scale Leggings of Meridia
Duriatundur's Killing Field Duriatundur Prisoner Duriatundur's Frigid Amulet
Risen Court Brolsgerbwd Brolsgerbwd's Bone Staff of Meridia
Zemarek's Hollow Zemarek-thul Prisoner Zemarek's Visor
Aba-Loria Cirterisse Stygian Cirterisse's Vampiric Staff
The Cave of Trophies Gnilokelo Prisoner Gnilokelo's Dread
The Vault of Haman Forgefire Haman Forgefire Stygian Forgefire's Brutal Blade
The Grotto of Depravity Nerazakan Stygian Nerazakan's Fascination
Mal Sorra's Tomb Mal Sorra Mal Sorra's Curse of Meridia
The Wailing Maw Marwoleath Stygian Marwoleath's Torment
Cyrodiil Bloodmayne Cave Acanthia Acanthia's Arm of Cyrodiil's Light
Ironlash Ironlash's Vine of Cyrodiil's Light
Razorback Razorback's Hide of Cyrodiil's Ward
Breakneck Cave Hegris the Black Dagger The Black Dagger of Cyrodiil's Crest
Longfang Longfang of Cyrodiil's Ward
Capstone Cave Claudette the Sharper Claudette's Fingers of Cyrodiil's Light
Cracked Wood Cave Mebs Runnyeye Meb's Chopper of Cyrodiil's Crest
Regsrot Blacktongue Regsrot's Shoulders of Cyrodiil's Ward
Traug Wolfbreath Traug's Arrow Flinger of Cyrodiil's Ward
Echo Cave Sargos Grent Sargos' Vestments of Cyrodiil's Light
Haynote Cave Theurgist Thelas Thelas' Soul of Cyrodiil's Light
Diabolist Volcatia Volcatia's Shroud of Cyrodiil's Light
Kingscrest Cavern Cynaceae the Verdant Cynaceae's Branch of Cyrodiil's Light
Lipsand Tarn Gaston Ashham Ashham's Breastplate of Cyrodiil's Crest
Marbita Marbita's Helm of Cyrodiil's Crest
Muck Valley Cavern Kerks Half-Ear Kerks' Pauldrons of Cyrodiil's Crest
Ogre Biter Ogre Biter's Shell of Cyrodiil's Crest
Webmistress Webmistress' Silk of Cyrodiil's Light
Newt Cave Graveltooth Gravel Tooth's Tooth of Cyrodiil's Ward
Rock Wing Rock Wing's Skin Belt of Cyrodiil's Ward
Nisin Cave Barasatii Barasatii's Chain of Cyrodiil's Crest
Volgo the Harrower The Harrower of Cyrodiil's Crest
Pothole Caverns Serrin Vol Serrin Vol's Advantage of Cyrodiil's Light
Diabolist Vethisa Vethisa's Grips of Cyrodiil's Ward
Blighttooth Blighttooth's Embrace of Cyrodiil's Crest
Quickwater Cave Athal Andas Athal's Robe of Cyrodiil's Light
Steel-Tail Ingested Hammer of Cyrodiil's Light
Red Ruby Cave Endare Endare's Vision of Cyrodiil's Ward
Zandur Zandur's Speed of Cyrodiil's Ward
Serpent Hollow Cave Bruuke Bruuke's Hide of Cyrodiil's Ward
Bear Matriarch Matriarch Boots of Cyrodiil's Ward
Toadstool Hollow Lucienne Cerine Lucienne's Remnants of Cyrodiil's Light
Captain Roreles Roreles' Ring of Cyrodiil's Ward
Captain Serniel Serniel's Belt of Cyrodiil's Light
General Virane Virane's Boots of Cyrodiil's Crest
Dreadfang Dreadfang's Bite of Cyrodiil's Crest
Underpall Cave Raelynne Ashham Ashham's Crook of Cyrodiil's Light
Emelin the Returned Emelin's Clasp of Cyrodiil's Light
Vahtacen The Faceless Faceless Staff


Place Boss Item Name
The Banished Cells I Cell Haunter Renanimating Pendant [sic]
Shadowrend Render's Axe
Angata the Clannfear Handler Angata's Signet
Skeletal Destroyer Vertebral Ring
High Kinlord Rilis Guilehammer
High Kinlord's Revenge
The Banished Cells II Keeper Areldur Areldur's Ring
Maw of the Infernal Staff of Conflagration
Keeper Voranil Keeper's Insignia
Keeper's Medallion
Keeper Imiril Firetooth
Sister Vera and Sister Sihna Talisman of the Sisters
High Kinlord Rilis Staff of the Banished
Corruptor's Maul
Spindleclutch I Spindlekin Silky Threads
Swarm Mother Spinner's Pierce
Swarm Mother's Sprig
Cerise the Widow-Maker Gilded Choker
Widow's Band
Big Rabbu Guardsman's Mark
The Whisperer Whisperwoe
Spindleclutch II Mad Mortine Gem of Madness
Blood Spawn Bloodfury
Praxin Douare Nightmare
Flesh Atronach Trio Fleshlinks
Urvan Veleth Signet of the Stalker
Chain of the Coven
Vorenor Winterbourne Vampiric Scepter
Axe of Sacrifice
Fungal Grotto I Tazkad the Packmaster Huntmaster's Leash
Tazkad's Band
War Chief Ozozai War Chief's Firebrand
Broodbirther Broodmother's Knot
Clatterclaw Crabclaw Charm
Kra'gh the Dreugh King Goblinsbane
Dreugh King's Totem
Fungal Grotto II Mephala's Fang Spidersilk Garland
Gamyne Bandu Knife of Shadows
Ciirenas the Shepherd Mender's Mark
Spawn of Mephala Debaser
Webspinner's Brace
Reggr Dark-Dawn Band of the Breaker
Vila Theran Nightcaller
Widow's Voidstaff
Elden Hollow I Akash gra-Mal Akash's First Love
Ancient Spriggan Grandmother's Lace
Chokethorn Chokethorn's Healing Root
Nenesh gro-Mal Tribal Hair-Knot
Leafseether Leafring
Pendant of Vines
Canonreeve Oraneth Canonreeve's Scepter
The Thalmor Gavel
Elden Hollow II Dubroze the Infester Daedroth Tooth Necklace
Dark Root Dark Root of Restoration
Azara the Frightener Jewel of Azara
Murklight Murkhammer
The Shadow Guard Oraneth's Lost Jewels
Band of the Shadow Guard
Bogdan the Nightflame Bogdan's Claw
Bogdan's Flame
Wayrest Sewers I Slimecraw Lost Wedding Band
Investigator Garron Garron's Cold Betrayal
Uulgarg the Hungry Uulgarg's Charm
Smuggler's Luck Beads
The Rat Whisperer Rattail Necklace
Varaine Pellingare Mightmaker
Allene Pellingare Wicked Bite
Ratskewer Bow
Wayrest Sewers II Malubeth the Scourger Malubeth's Stinger
Skull Reaper Reaper's Choker
Uulgarg the Risen Ring of the Risen
Uulgarg's Bones
Garron the Returned Garron's Icy Grasp
The Lost One Loop of the Lost
Allene and Varaine Pellingare Allene's Deathly Bow
Varaine's Death Knell
Darkshade Caverns I Head Shepherd Neloren Kwama Shepherd's Charm
Foreman Llothan Llothan's Burning Crutch
The Hive Lord Hive Lord's Shell
Deadly Pincer
Cavern Patriarch Lambent Netch Tentacles
Cutting Sphere Lost Imperial Band
Sentinel of Rkugamz Imperial Arm-Cleaver
Imperial Warhammer
Darkshade Caverns II The Fallen Foreman Foreman's Ring
Transmuted Hive Lord Fist of the Hive Lord
Transmuted Kwama Shell
Transmuted Alit Alit Tongue Charm
Grobull the Transmuted Grobull's Charge
Dwarven Gauntlet Automaton Gem
The Engine Guardian Ancient Great Axe
Pincer of the Guardian
City of Ash I Infernal Guardian Wildmaul
Golor the Banekin Handler Scamplord's Signet
Warden of the Shrine Staff of the Grove
Aegis of Ash
Dark Ember Ember Eye
Rothariel Flameheart Rothariel's Necklace
Razor Master Erthas Bow of the Deadlands
Betrayer's Axe
City of Ash II Rukhan Rukhan's Rugged Kilt
Urata the Legion Urata's Mask of Mockery
Horvantud the Fire Maw Fire Maw's Fang
Ash Titan Splitting Axe of the Titan
Xivilai Boltaic and Xivilai Fulminator Charged Loop
Valkyn Skoria Skoria's Charred Claymore
Crypt of Hearts I The Mage Master Mage Master's Signet
Archmaster Siniel Archmaster's Ritestaff
Uulkar Bonehand Bonehand's Amulet
Death's Leviathan Bonehammer
Dogas the Berserker Pulsing Dremora Ring
Dremora Collar
Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zaven Athor's Sundering Voice
Zaven's Doomstaff
Crypt of Hearts II Ibelgast Ibelgast's Promise
Ruzozuzalpamaz Ruzozuzalpamaz's Charged Barb
The Chamber Guardian Band of Bone Cracking
Ilambris Amalgam Mallet of the Devourer
Mezeluth Mezeluth's Ring
Nerien'eth Nerien'eth's Forsaken Staff
Arx Corinium Fanged Menace Chain of the Snake Charmer
Ganakton the Tempest Belisaro's Bolt
Sliklenia the Songstress Sweetsong
Matron Ixniaa Matron's Mark
Ixniaa's Jewels
Ancient Lurcher Swampbinder
Sellistrix the Lamia Queen Sellistrix's Siphon
Fang of the Lamia Queen
Tempest Island Sonolia the Matriarch Matriarch's Ring
Valaran Stormcaller Stormcaller's Blade
Yalorasse the Speaker Speaker's Band
Stormfist Tempestshield
Raining Hammer
Commodore Ohmanil Commodore's Medal
Stormreeve Neidir Neidir's Thundering Staff
Volenfell Desert Lion Lion-Tooth Pendant
Quintus Verres and the Monstrous Gargoyle Quintus' Exploding Staff
Boilbite Beetle Eye Ring
Unstable Construct Ancient Ring
Ancient Necklace
Tremorscale Tremorscale's Tooth
Guardian Trinity Ancient Imperial Staff
Ancient Imperial Hammer
Direfrost Keep Teethnasher the Frostbound Troll-Tooth Necklace
Keeper of the Flame Witchdrinker
Drodda's Apprentice Snowy Signet
Apprentice's Chain
Drodda's Dreadlord Dreadlord's Mark
Iceheart Shard of Iceheart
Drodda of Icereach Drodda's Boreal Staff
Drodda's Withering Edge
Selene's Web Treethane Kerninn Treethane's Sigil
Longclaw Longclaw's Bow
Queen Aklayah Adventurer's Lost Medallion
Foulhide Bearslayer
Foulhide's Fang
Mennir Many-Legs Arachnoid Ring
Selene Selene's Scepter
Blackheart Haven Iron-Heel Pillager's Ring
Jewels of the Iliac Bay
Atarus Atarus' Masher
First Mate Wavecutter First Mate's Mark
Roost Mother Roost Mother's Branch
Hollow Heart Hollow-Heart Pendant
Captain Blackheart Skullmaker
Shield of the Black Death
Blessed Crucible Grunt the Clever Necklace of Giant Toes
The Pack Wolfpack Staff
Teranya the Faceless Mark of the Morag Tong
The Troll King Beastmaster's Crop
Captain Thoran Thoran's Bond-Ring
Captain's Medallion
The Lava Queen Brimstone Staff
Claymore of the Crucible
Vaults of Madness The Cursed One Gem of Curses
Forbidden Jewels
Ulguna Soul-Reaver Soul-Siphon
Death's Head Bonebound Ring
Death's Amulet
Grothdarr Grothdarr's Fist
Achaeraizur Achaeraizur's Chain
Band of the Daedroth
The Ancient One Watcher's Eye
Ring of the Ancient One
Iskra the Omen Ill Omen
Omen's Edge
Mad Architect Architect's Shield
The Mad Cleaver
The Mad Maul
Imperial City Prison Overfiend Subjugation Fist
Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor Toxic Cleaver
Gravelight Sentry The Vigilant One
Flesh Abomination Abomination's Clout
Lord Warden's Council Warden's Trust
Lord Warden Dusk Warden's Courage
White-Gold Tower The Adjudicator Harvest Dirk
Elite Guard Protector's Resolve
The Planar Inhibitor The Unbroken
Molag Kena Molag Kena's Touch

Dark Anchors[edit]

Place Boss Item Name
Dark Anchors Amkaos, Kathutet and Ranyu (?)
Anaxes and Medrike Hammer of Anaxes
Battleaxe of Medrike
Dregas Volar Volar's Crescent Dagger
Volar's Crescent Staff
Dylora, Jansa and Vika Dylora's Staff
Fangaril, King Styriche and Zayzahad King Styriche's Helm
King Styriche's Pauldrons
Gedna Relvel (?)
Glut, Hogshead and Stumble Glut's Twin-Tail Hat
Hoghead's Shawl
Stumble's Boots
Hrelvesuu (?)
Menta Na Mace of Menta Na
Methats Traveler's Prop of Draugr Heritage
Nomeg Haga Glacial Staff of Nomeg Haga
Ozzozachar Ozzozachar's Claw
Ozzozachar's Tooth
Rhagothan (?)
Velehk Abecean Pirate King's Armor
Yggmanei (?)
Zymel Hriz Staff of Zymel Hriz