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Unique items can be found throughout the world and are often rewarded for completing quests and defeating powerful enemies. Unlike most other items which are randomly generated, these unique items will only drop from defeating specific enemies or completing quests as listed below.

Note that word 'unique' is used extremely loosely. The items are not actually unique but rather reflect a unique source. More accurate would be calling these items 'named' or 'labeled' but the term 'unique' is widely used among players regardless of the misinterpretation.

Unique Loot by Zone[edit]

Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Khenarthi's Roost
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Dark Knowledge none Inducer's Scalpel On occasion, this delicate blade vibrates slightly when sheathed.
Cat's Eye Quay The Tempest Unleashed Armor of the Trainee Storm-Slave's Razor The grip of this massive sword tingles at your touch. While holding it, you can always feel a fresh breeze.
Eagle's Strand Storm on the Horizon none Gold Fleet's Beacon This simple staff hums quietly when grasped in both hands.
Hazak's Hollow Moon-Sugar Medicament Armor of the Trainee Hazak's Hauberk Hazak's clever alterations provide the hauberk's wearer with absolute freedom of movement.
Laughing Moons Plantation A Pinch of Sugar Armor of the Trainee Ratsplatter This hammer has unrecognizable gristle caked on its head.
Mistral The Perils of Diplomacy Armor of the Trainee Queen's Own Cuirass This chestpiece bears the markings of the Queen's Own Navy. It is lightweight enough that one could swim while wearing it.
Shattered Shoals Cast Adrift Armor of the Trainee Broadhead Shield This shield bears the markings of the Broadhead Marines. Its living wood can recover from splintering, if watered regularly.
Speckled Shell Plantation The Family Business Armor of the Trainee Sugar Jacket This simple coat has a faintly sweet scent to it.
Temple of the Mourning Springs Tears of the Two Moons Armor of the Trainee Mourning Bow This filigreed bow feels damp to the touch.
Windcatcher Plantation The Root of the Problem Armor of the Trainee Rootsplitter This axe is coated in a sheen of sticky sap.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bewan Camandar Armor of the Veiled Heritance Sea Greaves of the Veiled Heritance The Maormer raiders of Bewan used gear like this, all originally forged on their fog-choked home islands.
Bewan Lost Bet none Spellforged Buckle Signs of magical craftsmanship are evident on this weighty belt.
Castle Rilis Rightful Inheritance Armor of the Veiled Heritance Despot's Shoulderplates Forged at the height of Highlord Rilis the XII's reign, the sigil of that house is subtly worked into these shoulderplates.
Castle Rilis The Jester's Joke none The Laughing Blade Dunmer daggers in this style purportedly contain secret compartments for poison, though no one has ever located any.
College of Aldmeri Propriety Harsh Lesson Armor of the Veiled Heritance Thalmor Helm Standard issue to the Dominion soldiers who guard Thalmor diplomats, these helms are crafted to be as comfortable as possible.
Dawnbreak Through the Ashes Armor of the Veiled Heritance Scampcrusher This hammer saw heavy use in the fight for Dawnbreak.
Del's Claim Polinus Queen's Elegance Veiled Executioner of the Twin Sisters Taken from the Heritance in Del's Claim, this massive axe bears the maker's mark of Mathiisen.
Del's Claim Repentant Son none Heritance Gauntlets Symbols of the Veiled Heritance, bitter opponents to Queen Ayrenn's rule, are hidden on the gauntlets' inner lining.
Entila's Folly Bakhig Twin Sisters Elegant Bahkig's Purestaff Found amidst the webbing in Entila's Folly, this sturdy staff is lightly etched with simple runes.
Ezduiin An Act of Kindness none Micro-Etched Ring The runes etched into this simple loop are almost too small to see. The steadiest of hands enchanted this item.
Ezduiin The Mallari-Mora Queen's Elegance Artificer's Bolt The base of this staff bears the personal mark of Telenger the Artificer. The smell of rain accompanies it everywhere.
Firsthold Sever All Ties Queen's Elegance Estre's Dreadstaff Something about this staff exudes a terrible chill that settles deep into the bones.
Greenwater Cove Eye of the Ancients Twin Sisters Serpent-Rider Spaulders Bearing the maker's mark of a Sea Elf leatherworker, this shoulder armor displays the scars of the fight for Greenwater Cove.
Heretic's Summons Snapjaw Armor of the Veiled Heritance Snapjaw's Tooth of the Veiled Heritance In truth, only the core of this blade is made up of clannfear tooth, but it's more than enough to give the sword a vile taint.
Heritance Proving Ground Anarume Armor of the Veiled Heritance Loyalist's Longbow of the Veiled Heritance The Veiled Heritance soldiers training on the shores of Auridon have imbued this longbow with icy, slow-flowing malice.
Maormer Invasion Camp Unaccounted Crew none Sailor's Hatchet Initials on the handle hint at ports visited by this blade's former owner.
Mathiisen The Unveiling Twin Sisters Queen's Eye Leathers This carefully tooled leather chestpiece was made specially for the Eyes of the Queen, Ayrenn's hand-picked agents.
Mehrune's Spite Mati Twin Sisters Spitescarred Leggings of the Twin Sisters Taken from the Daedra at Mehrunes' Spite ... it's better not to think about where the leather for these breeches came from.
Mehrunes' Spite Take Me Home none Scamp Binder's Shoulders The runes sewn into this mantle would be sufficient to frighten any of the lower orders of Daedra.
Nestmother's Den The Nestmother Queen's Elegance Elegant Serpent's Flame The legends of fire-breathing snakes are just that, legends. Or so they say.
North Beacon Eye Spy none Keeneye Belt The Eyes of the Queen use highly specialized gear. This belt, for example, has a small pouch secreted behind the buckle.
North Beacon The Wayward Dagger Queen's Elegance War Mage's Cowl This cloth was hand-dyed in the far-off land of Glenumbra, and issued to a loyal member of the Covenant armed forces.
Ondil Aluvus Twin Sisters Sea Serpent's Tooth of the Twin Sisters The Maormer at Ondil used several pieces of gear crafted from the skin and teeth of their sacred sea serpents.
Phaer The First Patient Queen's Elegance Plaguetender's Staff This simple staff is stained from numerous alchemical substances.
Quendeluun Preventative Measure none Riverwalker Boots These boots were fashioned from the hide of a kagouti, a creature from far-off Shadowfen.
Quendeluun The Veiled Choice Armor of the Veiled Heritance Patriot's Mace This exquisite weapon is only given for exceptional service to the Aldmeri Dominion.
Seaaside Scarp Camp Quenyas Twin Sisters Sea-Raider's Hood of the Twin Sisters Opportunistic bandits, such as the ones at Seaside Scapr [sic], have taken the Three Banners War as a call to arms.
Shattered Grove A Village Awakened Queen's Elegance Binder's Robe Sewn into the hem of this robe are numerous runes meant to ward and bind spirits and Daedra.
Silsailen Teldur's End Queen's Elegance Traitor's Flame This utilitarian staff is like the ones used by the warmages of the First Auridon Marines.
Skywatch Final Blows none Executioner's Gloves Though carefully cleaned, an odor of death still permeates these gloves.
Skywatch Spirited Away none Mourner's Ring This simple loop is worn from where it was repeatedly twisted around tired, grieving fingers.
Soulfire Plateau Quendia, Norendo, and Eraman Queen's Elegance Elegant Deathcaller's Cowl Smelling vaguely of embalming fluid and cremation ash, this hood was a dear treasure on Soulfire Plateau.
South Beacon The Serpent's Beacon Twin Sisters First Mate's Leathers The fine etching on these leggings is typical of Maormer crafting techniques.
Tanzelwil Corruption Stones none Monastic Slippers These simple slippers are worn by priests tending the ancient Aldmeri site of Tanzelwil.
Tanzelwil Rites of the Queen Twin Sisters Eaglebanner Longbow Queen Ayrenn herself has tuned and tightened the bowstring on this weapon, ensuring every arrow flies straight and true.
The Veiled Keep The Veil Falls Armor of the Veiled Heritance Queensguard Chestplate Metalsmiths from across the Summerset Isles collaborated to forge this chestpiece, a token of esteem directly from the Queen.
Torinaan Relic Rescue none Relic-Tender Sash Simple runes are sewn into the sash, revering the Eight Divines in their myriad forms.
Vulkhel Guard A Hostile Situation Armor of the Veiled Heritance Queensguard Greaves These greaves are well appointed, with gold accents and inlaid runes.
Vulkhel Guard New in Town none Collector's Coinblade A mysteriously collectible and sought-after piece, despite being worth next to nothing.
Wansalen Nolonir Queen's Elegance Elegant Wormtainted Kilt The dead of Wansalen were tightly controlled, likely because of the numerous Daedric runes sewn at this kilt's hem.
Wreck of the Raptor Captain Blanchete Armor of the Veiled Heritance The Captain's Helm of the Veiled Heritance Once worn by Captain Blanchete himself, this helm has seen every shore in southern Tamriel.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bone Orchard Keeper of Bones Ranger's Gait Barrowbough's Cage The small bones sewn into this armor strengthen it greatly. This does not restrict the movement of the wearer's arms.
Brackenleaf Bosmer Insight Ranger's Gait Brackenleaf's Bough This bow is as light as it is deadly. It was made from wood freely given by Brackenleaf himself.
Burroot Kwama Mine Stormhead the Ravenous Ranger's Gait Belt of Vaulting of the Ranger This belt feels lighter than it looks.
Burroot Kwama Mine Caring for Kwama none Kwama Goad This strange hammer has a peculiar, earthy scent. When wielded below ground, its bearer constantly salivates.
Cave of Broken Sails Luck of the Albatross Syrabane's Grip Bloodshark's Cutlass Brauti Bloodshark's cutlass is razor sharp. Several splotchy stains mar the blade itself.
Cormount The Blacksap's Hold Ranger's Gait Vinedusk Pauldrons These pauldrons change color in the light. The iridescent gleam is reminiscent of a magical portal.
Elden Root Temple Until Death none Scented Leathers This distinctive but not unpleasant odor permeating this armor is said to repel fleshflies.
Elden Root Rare Imports none Alyxe's Rancid Pants Whatever is caked into the material will require powerful magic to remove.
Elden Root The Great Tree none King Camoran's Boon This garment is slippery to the touch. It appears to be a Khajiiti gift of state re-gifted to you by King Camoran Aeradan.
Elden Root The Honor of the Queen none Ear of the Queen There is a tiny etching of an ear on the back of this amulet. In dim light, the etching glows faintly.
Falinesti Winter Site A Lasting Winter Green Pact Jade General's Helm This helm once belonged to General Endare. It bears the markings of a decorated Dominion general.
Gil-Var-Delle The Wakening Dark Green Pact Scourer's Scale Daedric script lines the inside of the shield. The acrid smell reminds you of the prison bars in Coldharbour.
Gil-Var-Delle The Wounded Wood none Nereid's Slippers These slippers vibrate softly when near sources of running water.
Goldfolly Blood Hunt Green Pact Blood Groove This axe has dozens of tiny notches along the haft. A pair of fangs are fastened tightly to the grip.
Goldfolly Phantom Guilt none Cathartic Band This ring is simple in its design. The wearer feels a distinct sense of calm and acceptance.
Haven A Little on the Side none Quartermaster's Secret This belt is warm to the touch. A secret compartment within appears large enough to hold three small vials.
Haven Unsafe Haven Ranger's Gait Jackdaw's Galoshes These fine boots are much lighter than they appear. They keep the wearer's feet completely dry.
Hircine's Henge Shagura Ranger's Gait Shagura's Staff of the Ranger This staff is warm to the touch.
Karthdar Pact Advocate Green Pact Pactbreaker This axe's blade never dulls. Karthdar's citizens provided it to symbolically purge their town of items that offend the Green.
Lady Solace's Fen Lady Solace Syrabane's Grip Unfortunate Wanderer's Boots of Syrabane These boots smell of mildew and death.
Laeloria Eyes of Azura Syrabane's Grip Culanwe's Will This staff is quite ancient. While holding it, you can hear incredibly faint but indescribably beautiful singing.
Mobar Mine Sgolag Syrabane's Grip Charging Chestpiece of Syrabane This shirt crackles when you touch it.
Mobar Mine Wanted: Sgolag none Whispering Gloves When clapped together, the sound made by these gloves is no louder than a whisper.
Ne Salas Lieutenant Khari Green Pact Time Buckler of the Green Pact This shield shimmers with faint purple light.
Ne Salas Passage Denied none Stibbons's Misplaced Sash A small note within this worn belt reads: "To Stibbons, for five years of entirely adequate service. —Laurent"
Nindaeril's Perch Nindaeril the Monsoon and Bavura the Blizzard Green Pact Nindaeril's Tooth of the Green Pact This tooth still has sinews attached to it and can fit around your neck.
Ossuary of Telacar The Unquiet Dead Ranger's Gait Telacar's Sustaining Helm This helm glows with a pale yellow light. It was long ago worn by the powerful necromancer Telacar.
Poacher Camp Otho Rufinus Ranger's Gait Poacher's Cuirass of the Ranger This breastplate is cool to the touch.
Redfur Trading Post Flipping the Coin Ranger's Gait Hollow Moon Cowl This cowl is difficult to see in poor light. It does not impede the wearer's field of view.
Redfur Trading Post The Innkeeper's Daughter none Redfur Trading Gloves These gloves are well maintained, despite years of use. An advertisement for Redfur Trading Post is stitched within.
Reliquary of Stars Forbidden Love none Murdered Mason's Boots These boots are caked in layers of ancient mud. They are all that remains of a slave who upset his Ayleid master.
Reliquary of Stars Heart of the Matter Green Pact Ukaezai's Scalpel This sword emanates dark energy. When released, the hilt blackens the bearer's palms with greasy soot.
Reliquary of Stars Lost in Study none Reliquarian's Robes These robes are remarkably thin. They seem to be made from some strange kind of silk.
Reman's Bluff A Chief Concern Green Pact Barkbite Greaves This plate armor was made by Wood Orc smiths. It is thick, heavy, and well-constructed.
Reman's Bluff The Enemy Within none Barkbite Breastplate This heavy breastplate is incredibly sturdy. Its simple construction shows the great skill of Barkbite smiths.
Sarandel's Carnival Carnival Conundrum none Belt of the Bad Performance This belt twitches slightly when objects are thrown at its wearer.
Southpoint The Grip of Madness Syrabane's Grip Sheogorath's Choice This peculiar crown looks too small to fit comfortably. When worn, the faint urge to dance is unrelenting.
Sweetbreeze Cottage The Wandering Minstrel none Sweetbreeches These traveling breeches seem cool to the touch.
Tarlain Heights Ancient Stones none Abaede Pauldrons These immaculate pauldrons are of Ayleid design. Eminaire traded them to me for the fragments I brought her.
The Gray Mire Scars Never Fade Syrabane's Grip Mother Lightning's Spur This hammer is only heavy when sheathed. It crackles and seems to lose half its weight in the bearer's hand.
The Orrery The Orrery of Elden Root Syrabane's Grip Rajhin's Diminished Mantle This is all that remains of Rajhin's Mantle. Its curse-and much of its power-was burned away by the Orrery.
The Scuttle Pit Spider Queen Green Pact Spiderstaff of the Green Pact This staff is covered with a sticky coating.
The Scuttle Pit A Silken Garb none Cheliceral Hook The hollow reservoir within this dagger seems patterned after some kind of fang. It only stops dripping when sheathed.
Thugrub's Cave Thugrub the Reformed Syrabane's Grip Thugrub's Bane of Syrabane Flames lick the blade of this massive sword.
Valanir's Rest Valanir the Restless Green Pact Valanir's Lost Hope of the Green Pact This staff emanates despair.
Vinedeath Cave Madruin Ranger's Gait Tough Mining Boots of the Ranger These boots look like they could stand up to anything.
Vinedeath Cave Storgh's Bow none Orthelos' Torchstaff This staff smolders brightly in the darkness. If kept alight for too long, the bearer begins to crave roasted acorns.
Wormroot Depths Raynia Syrabane's Grip Stunning Wormstaff of Syrabane This staff smells of decay.
Wormroot Depths Light in the Darkness none Clumsy Alchemist's Vambraces These heavy gloves have a distinct alchemical smell. Dozens of acid spatters cover the metal.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Barrow Trench Overseer Basri Shadow Dancer's Raiment Basri's Blade of the Shadow Dancer
Barrow Trench The Unfilled Order none Amulet of the Alchemist
Bramblebreach Audience with the Wilderking Shadow Dancer's Raiment Robes of the Wilder
Bramblebreach Handmade Guardian none Guardians' Girdle
Carac Dena Urrumaz the Terrifying Wilderqueen's Arch Urramaz's Shoulders of the Wilderqueen
Dread Vullain Right of Theft Wilderqueen's Arch General Malgoth's War Harness
Driladan Pass Mourning the Lost none Shoulderpads of the Faithful
Driladan Pass Retaking the Pass Beekeeper's Gear Vinedusk Staff
Falinesti Cave Beasts of Falinesti Shadow Dancer's Raiment Pariel's Torn Hood
Falinesti Spring Site Hunting the Mammoth none Mammoth Hunter's Mantle
Falinesti Spring Site Swift Justice none Hammer of Swift Justice
Falinesti Spring Site The Falinesti Faithful none Bloody War Boots
Gathongor's Mire Gathongor the Mauler Shadow Dancer's Raiment Croc Hunter's Axe of the Shadow Dancer
Greenheart Hunting the Wasp none Tracker's Chausses
Greenheart Throne of the Wilderking Shadow Dancer's Raiment Ashenblade Veiled Heritance Champion Andur once used this weapon during the fight to protect the Court of the Wilderking.
Gurzag's Mine Forthor's Cursed Axe none Redeemed Hand Axe
Gurzag's Mine Retribution Shadow Dancer's Raiment Retribution's Cowl of the Shadow Dancer
Harridan's Lair Razorclaw Beekeeper's Gear Beasthunter's Pauldrons of the Beekeeper
Hectahame Striking at the Heart Beekeeper's Gear Defender of the Valenheart This massive axe was awarded after defeating the Shade of Prince Naemon and helping Indaenir heal the Valenheart.
Hectahame The Senche none Master Tracker's Bow
Labyrinth A Tangled Knot Shadow Dancer's Raiment Staff of Memory
Longhaven Deadly Ambition none Ring of Ambition
Longhaven Mist and Shadow Wilderqueen's Arch Longhaven Brigandine
Maormer Camp Jahlasri Beekeeper's Gear Jahla's Shield of the Beekeeper
Marbruk The Artisan none Enforcer's Vambraces
Marbruk Troublemakers none Rathide Boots
Moonhenge Moonhenge's Tear Beekeeper's Gear Moonhenge Chausses
Naril Nagaia Archmage Camaano Beekeeper's Gear Archmage Macano's Mace of the Beekeeper
Naril Nagaia The Misuses of Knowledge none Mage's Regret
Pelda Tarn Zymel Etitan Beekeeper's Gear Storm Staff of the Beekeeper
Reconnaissance Camp Maheelius Wilderqueen's Arch Maheelius' Hunting Vest of the Wilderqueen
Reconnaissance Camp Scaled Captors none Lizardhide Shield
Rootwatch Tower The Amronal of Valenwood none Hunter's Skullcap
Rootwater Grove The Flooded Grove Shadow Dancer's Raiment Circlet of the Wooded Eye of the Shadow Dancer
Rootwater Spring Heart of Rootwater Shadow Dancer's Raiment Rootwater Robes of the Shadow Dancer
Seaside Sanctuary A Storm Upon the Shore none Triumphant Spaulders
Seaside Sanctuary Pelidil's End Beekeeper's Gear Sargasso's Curse This sword, forged long ago for a Maormer Warlord, now celebrates Vicereeve Pelidil's death near Seaside Sanctuary.
Serpent's Grotto Hunting the Troll none Trollsmasher
Serpent's Grotto The Serpent Lord Shadow Dancer's Raiment Serpent Staff of the Shadow Dancer
Shademist Moors Lost in the Mist none Mistwalker's Cord
Shadows Crawl Stone Cold Beekeeper's Gear Watchman's Helm
Shrouded Vale The Fading Tree Shadow Dancer's Raiment Vale's Legacy Leggings
Spinner's Cottage The Witch of Silatar Shadow Dancer's Raiment Earth-Shaker Staff Wood from trees on Silatar was used in creating this staff.
The Underroot Domina Ssaranth Wilderqueen's Arch Lamiascale Bow of the Wilderqueen
Thodundor's View Thodundor of the Hill Wilderqueen's Arch Thodundor's Boots of the Wilderqueen
Verrant Morass The Blight of the Bosmer Beekeeper's Gear Gauntlets of the Forest Protector
Woodhearth Double Jeopardy Beekeeper's Gear Woodhearth Breastplate
Woodhearth In the Belly of the Sea Hawk none Fine Silk Gloves
Woodhearth Manthir's Debt none Matchmaker's Slippers
Malabal Tor
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Abamath Arithiel Salvation Arithiel's Ring
Abamath The Soul Trap none The Birthsign Amulet
Baandari Trading Post A Tangled Net Thunderbug's Carapace Gold Coast Gauntlets These gauntlets were once fashionable amongst Colovian knights. A mild enchantment quickly clots the blood for minor wounds.
Belarata Buyer Beware Thunderbug's Carapace Blade of the Ayleid King
Bitterpoint Strand Thjormar the Drowned Salvation Waterlogged Chestpiece of Salvation This piece of armor is creaky with rust, yet surprisingly functional.
Black Vine Ruins Blackvine Strangler Spinner's Garments Spinner's Sapstung Helmet This helmet is slightly translucent.
Bloodtoil Valley Shock to the System none Sword of Sizzling
Bloodtoil Valley Z'en and Mauloch none Amulet of Z'en
Bone Grappler's Nest Bone Grappler Spinner's Garments Spinner's Fractured Femur This large leg bone crackles with energy.
Dead Man's Drop Captain Shammin Salvation Dead Man's Ring of Salvation This ring is gold in color, but color only.
Deepwoods The Hound's Men Salvation Dagger of the Green Sister Several collectible items related to the Green Lady, such as this dagger, are made in Deepwoods.
Deepwoods The Tale of the Green Lady none Valenwood Heartleaf
Dra'Bul Wayshrine Nature's Best Friend none Shapeshift Slayer
Dra'bul Reap What Is Sown Thunderbug's Carapace Axe of the Houndslayer The edge is so finely honed, it can cut through paper along its width.
Dugan's Knoll Dugan the Red Salvation Belt of the Waylaid Traveler of Salvation This belt is gilded with stolen silver.
Falinesti Summer Site The Summer Site Thunderbug's Carapace Helmet of the Planes
Fuller's Break Raise the Curtain Spinner's Garments Acrobat's Boots
Hoarvor Pit Oghezai Thunderbug's Carapace Thunderbug Carapace Bugslayer This dagger still has remnants of insect ichor on the blade.
Horseshoe Island Blind Man's Bluff none Belt of the Sightless Pirate
Ilayas Ruins The Storm's Call Salvation Cuirass of Storms
Jagged Grotto Tallatta the Lustrous Spinner's Garments Spinner's Sea Tamer's Torc The torc feels warm against one's skin, no matter the weather.
Jathsogur The Prisoner of Jathsogur Spinner's Garments Sapmagic Ring Though Bosmer in origin, this ring also incorporates Wood Orc motifs.
Jode's Pocket The Captain's Honor Thunderbug's Carapace Storm Shield
Ouze Back to Rest none Totem of Y'ffre
River Edge Commander Faldethil Salvation Commander's Signet of Salvation This ring bears the mark of one of high military rank.
Roots of Silvenar Adavos Dren Thunderbug's Carapace Thunderbug Carapace Quicksilver Axe Indiscernible voices emanate from this axe.
Treehenge The Dark Night of the Soul Spinner's Garments Rootsong Amulet
Shael Ruins Arrai Thunderbug's Carapace Thunderbug Carapace Boots of Clomping These boots seem to shake the ground as they fall.
Silvenar Restore the Silvenar Salvation The Hound's Helm While not shaped like an actual hound's head, this helm would provide excellent protection against one.
Tanglehaven A Father's Promise Salvation Greaves of the Wolf-Father
Tomb of the Apostates Gwaeregil Thunderbug's Carapace Thunderbug Carapace Heretic's Necklace This necklace somehow manages to look … shunned.
Valeguard A Tale Forever Told Spinner's Garments The Spinner's Weave This elegant cowl smells faintly of lilacs. The pleasant scent helps the wearer concentrate amidst chaotic surroundings.
Velyn Harbor One Fell Swoop Spinner's Garments Vest of Long Sight
Vulkwasten For Everything a Season none Frostbringer
Vulkwasten Something Rotten Spinner's Garments Rotmeth Sandals These leather sandals were boiled in rotmeth. The tingling sensation they provide keeps the wearer alert.
Wilding Run The Ties that Bind Salvation Ulthorn's Regret
Windshriek Strand Skullbreaker Spinner's Garments Spinner's Skullbreaker This hammer weighs more than a guar.
Reaper's March
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Arenthia Over the Edge none Queensguard Ring This ring is only given to loyal agents of Queen Ayrenn for service and sacrifice.
Arenthia Stonefire Machinations Senche's Bite Great Axe of the Crescent Moon Found in the wake of the Colovian occupation. Kazirra believes it may have been looted from a Khajiiti tomb.
Arenthia The Colovian Occupation none Leathers of the Emancipator Tooled by one of the finest craftswomen in Arenthia, these leggings were finished just before the Colovians invaded.
Big Ozur's Valley Big Ozur Soulshine Big Ozur's Ogre Grips of Soulshine Big Ozur the Ogre didn't give up these gauntlets willingly. They're impressive pieces of crafting, if you can stand the smell.
Claw's Strike Fishbreath Senche's Bite Fishbreath's Leathers of the Senche The story of how Fishbreath got his name is not for the faint of heart, the weak willed, or the religiously devout.
Claw's Strike To Honor the Fallen none Veteran's Warhammer Battered from long use in the border wars between the Wood Elves and the Khajiit, there is fight in this weapon.
Deathsong Cleft Ravenous Loam and Dirge of Thorns Skooma Smuggler Smuggler's Devouring Earth Greatstaff When Nirn itself rises up against the races of Tamriel, it's a sure sign that corruption has rooted itself deep.
Do'Krin Monastery An Offering none Ehtayah's Tear The unadorned circle was found on a Do'Krin offering altar.
Do'Krin Monastery The Golden Claw Soulshine Gauntlets of the Claw These master-forged grips are treasures by several Khajiiti monastic orders.
Dune The Den of Lorkhaj Soulshine Fire of Shazah's Wisdom Formed from planar dream-stuff, this staff embodies the wisdom and intelligence of the Champion Shazah.
Dune The Fires of Dune Senche's Bite Desert's Jewel Cowl This comfortable hood was only tooled days before the attack on the city.
Falinesti Autumn Site Gentle Gardener none Arbordawn Breastplate Not so much forged as grown, this carapace will withstand almost any blow.
Falinesti Autumn Site The Arbordawn Cult Skooma Smuggler Artificer's Vestments Telenger himself inlaid enchantments on this garment, ensuring only the most powerful of spells can harm it.
Fardir's Folly Ravo Peltrasius Soulshine Ex-Legionaire's Breastplate of Soulshine The Colovian deserters that found their way to Fardir's Folly found the life of the brigand much to their liking.
Fort Grimwatch Grimmer Still Skooma Smuggler Khaj Rawlith Crescent Found in the ruins beneath Fort Grimwatch, this is a relic of ancient times.
Fort Sphinxmoth An Affront to Mara Soulshine Mara's Breath Reverent prayers to the wife of Akatosh imbue this staff with an air of cheerful grace.
Fort Sphinxmoth Prisoners of the Sphinx Eyes of Mara Sphinxblade Hatchet A holdover from the days when Sphinxmoth was a true garrison, the bite on this axe is as sharp as the day it was forged.
Hadran's Caravan Hadran's Fall Skooma Smuggler Emancipator's Gloves Left behind in the slave quarters of Hadran's Caravan, this was marked as property of a former 'guest.'
Hadran's Caravan Into the Vice Den none Senche Hide Girdle The senche-tiger, one of the most dangerous creatures on Tamriel, has hide which make excellent armor.
Jode's Light Test of Faith none Faithful Greaves Worn by the most faithful of the lunar clergy, blessed by the light of Jone and Jode.
Jode's Light Yenadar Skooma Smuggler Smuggler's Vestments of Jode's Light Still dusty from the ruin of the same name, this vestment seems to carry the sorrow of its previous owner with it.
Kuna's Delve How Few Remain none Trollslayer's Girdle The hardiness of this belt is made to withstand the sharpness of troll claws.
Kuna's Delve Limbrender Senche's Bite Limb-Render of the Senche A stout blade left behind by miners fleeing Kuna's Delve, it now bears the same name as the troll's alpha leader.
Moonmont Desecrated Ground none Desecration Treads Forged in the days of Rid-Thar, these boots show a level of skill rarely seen in Tamriel today.
Moonmont Motes in the Moonlight Soulshine Gavel of the Hallowed A relic of the early structure at the Mount of the Moons, this hammer sings with the light of Jone and Jode.
Old S'ren-ja Docks Ysolmarr the Roving Pyre Senche's Bite Crocmother Fang of the Senche Torn from the mouth of the Crocmother herself, this fang still exudes the toxic venom that made her a walking nightmare.
Pa'alat A Traitor's Luck Senche's Bite Traitor's Treads Though the former Eye hasn't seen much action in recent years, Krin Ren-dro wore only the best gear.
Rawl'kha The First Step Skooma Smuggler Pathwalker's Shield The light of Jone and Jode seems to flow from every scar on this shield's surface.
Reaper's Henge Gravecaller Niramo Senche's Bite Niramo's Gravegloves of the Senche Taken from the Necromancer at Reaper's Henge. Best not to think about where the leather for these gloves came from.
Senalana A Door Into Moonlight none Chain of the Hallowed Each link is like forged moonlight, lustrous in light, dim and shadowed elsewise.
Senalana Gates of Fire Soulshine Blade of the Eye This was left behind by the Queen's Eye, Razum-dar, at the Senalana forward camp.
Thibaut's Cairn History's Song Magnus' Gift Epic Bard's Cowl Passed down through Valencia's family, this simple garment retains the glamor of its association to that legendary bard.
Thibaut's Cairn Worm Eremite Skooma Smuggler Smuggler's Excruciatus Staff Thibaut's Cairn is adorned with runes praising the gods. This twisted staff bears the same runes, twisted into foul corruption.
Thizzrini Arena The Champion Division Senche's Bite Great Blade of Thizzrini This sword bears the sigil of Thizzrini Arena, cleverly worked into it as a maker's mark.
Thizzrini Arena The Sorcerer Division none Sorceror's Mantle The sigil of Thizzrini, mark of a true champion, is woven into the inner neckline of this garment.
Thizzrini Arena The Summoner Division none Summoner's Shoulderpads The sigil of Thizzrini is the mark of a true champion.
Thizzrini Arena The Swordmaster Division none Swordmaster's Shoulderplates The sigil of Thizzrini, a mark of a true champion, is used as a maker's mark in the neck of this armor.
Two Moons Path The Moonlit Path none Helm of Khali's Strength Formed from planar dream-stuff, this handsome helm was awarded to you by the Lunar Champion.
Ushmal's Rest Overlord Nur-dro Soulshine The Overlord's Sun Shield of Soulshine The vampires of Ushmal's Rest laid in enchantments to protect themselves from the sun. This massive shield is no different.
Vinedusk Village Oath of Excision none Gloo's Primer This small band still smells of potentially flammable reagents.
Waterdancer Falls Queen of Three Mercies Skooma Smuggler Smuggler's Gloves of Three Mercies These finely crafted, waterproof gloves were made for the Queen of Three Mercies.
Weeping Wind Cave Nimriian Soulshine Nimriian's Shortblade of Soulshine The pack at Weeping Wind cave originated elsewhere in Valenwood, but found the hunting in the March too good to pass up.
Willowgrove Questionable Contract Soulshine Pircalmo's Rimestaff Despite the questionable skill of its enchanter, the spellwork on this staff is competently done.

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Stros M'Kai
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Izad's Treasure none Izad's Treasure
Bthzark Buried Secrets Armor of the Trainee Neramo's Staff
Dogeater Goblin Camp Tarnish the Crown none Goblinslayer Chausses
Headman Bhosek's Palace Tip of the Spearhead Armor of the Trainee Gallant Chain Captain Kaleen gave you a cut of her profits, including this armor, upon reaching Betnikh.
Port Hunding Sphere Assembly none Rulorn's Silken Garb
Saintsport Like Moths to a Candle Armor of the Trainee Smuggler's Vest
The Grave Innocent Scoundrel Armor of the Trainee Jakarn's Machete
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bloodthorn Lair Into the Hills Armor of the Trainee Bloodthorn Dagger of the Trainee
Carzog's Demise Carzog's Demise Armor of the Trainee Tazgol's Ancestral Axe Once Chief Tazgol learned of the relic's fate, you were granted this from his family's weapon hoard.
Grimfield Unearthing the Past Armor of the Trainee Kingsguard Hammer
Grimfield Prove Your Worth none Garnikh's Bite This axe is as worn and caustic as Garnikh himself. Tiny chunks of what may have once been a scalp are still stuck to the blade.
Moriseli Tormented Souls Armor of the Trainee Targoth's Shield
Stonetooth Fortress Daughter of Seamount none Seamount Bow
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Spindleclutch II quest reward for Blood Relations Spelunker Aegis of Meridia A gift from Sud-Hareem for helping him find his lost son in Spindleclutch.
Glenumbra Moors quest reward for The Nameless Soldier Bloodthorn's Touch Bastion of the Dragon This shield was awarded for discovering Faolchu's weakness by visiting the past.
Baelborne Rock quest reward for Legacy of Baelborne Rock Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Baelborne Signet This signet ring was awarded for resolving the curse of Baelborne Rock.
Baelfire Island unique loot from Grivier Bloodcaller Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Bloodcaller Clogs Light footwear awarded for defeating the Bloodthorn necromancer, Grivier Bloodcaller.
North Shore Point unique loot from Asard the Putrid Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Brooch Jewelry awarded for defeating the Bloodthorn zombie lord, Asard the Putrid.
Westtry quest reward for Memento Mori Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Captain Rosalind's Blade For helping the spirits of Westtry, the sword of Captain of the Guard Rosalind Milielle was awarded.
Trapjaw's Cove unique loot from Trapjaw Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Crocodile Hide Gloves Light hand coverings awarded for defeating the giant crocodile, Trapjaw.
Vale of the Guardians quest reward for Champion of the Guardians Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Guardian's Hammer This weapon was awarded for setting the elemental guardians free from Angof's imprisoning spell.
Mines of Khuras unique loot from Lilou Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Lilou's Curative Coif Headgear awarded for defeating the Bloodthorn cultist officer, Lilou, in the Mines of Khuras.
Tomb of Lost Kings quest reward for The Jeweled Crown of Anton Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Stibbons' Dapper Chapeau For aiding Lady Laurent and Stibbons at the Tomb of Lost Kings, this stylish headgear was awarded.
Deleyn's Mill quest reward for The Wyrd Tree's Roots Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn Wyress Mantle This light armor was awarded for helping the Wyresses save the villagers at Deleyn's Mill.
Crosswych quest reward for The Miners' Lament Crosswych Mining Maul For rescuing the captive miners in Crosswych, Tamien Sellan awarded this two-handed mace.
Cath Bedraud quest reward for Angof the Gravesinger Wyrd Tree's Blessing Daggerfall Champion's Breastplate of the Wyrd Tree A bounty of heavy armor awarded for defeating Angof Gravesinger in Cath Bedraud.
Ilessan Tower quest reward for Red Rook Resources Daggerfall Guard Waist Band This medium belt was bestowed for bringing the Red Rook Bandits' plans to the Daggerfall Guard near Noellaume Manor.
Aldcroft quest reward for Vital Inheritance Dencent Family Heirloom Alexia Dencent bestowed this ring for aiding her outside Aldcroft.
Dresan Keep quest reward for The Hidden Treasure Dusant's Antique Dagger The ghost of Richard Dusant awarded this ancient blade for discovering the treasure of Dresan Keep.
Ebon Crypt unique loot from The Ebon Lord Wyrd Tree's Blessing Ebon Bone Staff of the Wyrd Tree A weapon awarded for defeating the Ebon Lord in the Ebon Crypt.
Lion Guard Redoubt quest reward for Mastering the Talisman Gabrielle's Staff of Healing For purging the Midnight Talisman and restoring its power, mage Gabrielle Benele awarded this healing staff.
Seaview Point unique loot from Graufang Hide of the Werewolf Graufang's Werewolf Hide Belt A belt awarded for defeating the colossal bear, Graufang.
Beldama Wyrd Tree quest reward for Reclaiming the Elements Guardian's Gauntlets These medium hand coverings were awarded for summoning the elemental guardians for the Wyresses of the Beldama Wyrd.
Mines of Khuras quest reward for A Brush With Death Guifford's Mining Helmet This medium headgear was awarded for returning a journal found in the Mines of Khuras to Odette Vinielle in Glenumbra Moors.
Burial Mounds quest reward for Cursed Treasure King Deleyn's Silk Gloves These antique hand coverings were bestowed by the spirit of King Deleyn for returning the stolen regalia to the Burial Mounds.
Daggerfall quest reward for Bloodthorn Assassins Wyrd Tree's Blessing King's Justice of the Wyrd Tree A distinctive weapon awarded by King Casimir for stopping the Bloodthorn assassins in Daggerfall.
Hag Fen quest reward for Wicked Trade LeBlanc's Walking Shoes Guy LeBlanc awarded this light footwear for saving his sister and the other women from the Bloodthorn cultists in Hag Fen.
Western Overlook unique loot from Limbscather Wyrd Tree's Blessing Limbscather's Branch of the Wyrd Tree A staff awarded for defeating the dread lurcher, Limbscather.
Lion Guard Redoubt quest reward for Fortune in Failure Lion Guard Battle Staff For bringing proof of the Red Rook Bandits collaborating with the Bloodthorn cultists, you were given this battle staff.
Farwatch Tower quest reward for Wayward Scouts Lion Guard Gauntlets These heavy gloves were awarded for rescuing the Lion Guard scouts from Dominion forces at Farwatch Tower.
Cath Bedraud quest reward for The Labyrinth Lion Guard Girdle This heavy belt was awarded for rescuing Lion Guard soldiers from the labyrinthine catacombs of Cath Bedraud.
Camlorn quest reward for Rally Cry Lion Guard Great Helm You received this helmet from General Gautier of the Lion Guard for assisting with the first push to retake Camlorn.
Camlorn quest reward for The Fall of Faolchu Wyrd Tree's Blessing Lion Guard Pauldrons of the Wyrd Tree For defeating Faolchu in Camlorn, this heavy shoulder armor was awarded.
Farwatch Tower quest reward for Signals of Dominion Lion Guard Poleyns These heavy leggings were awarded for helping the Lion Guard repel a Dominion attack at Farwatch Tower.
Eagle's Brook quest reward for Cutting Off the Source Wyrd Tree's Blessing Lion Guard Sabatons of the Wyrd Tree These heavy boots were awarded by Dame Clarique of the Lion Guard for assisting with the rescue of Eagle's Brook.
Aldcroft quest reward for Pride of the Lion Guard Lion Guard's Pride This weapon was awarded for finding Recruit Gorak and helping him complete his mission in the swamps outside Aldcroft.
Hag Fen quest reward for Wyrd and Coven Wyrd Tree's Blessing Mother Murk's Corrupted Sprig of the Wyrd Tree For defeating the Hagraven Mother Murk in the Hag Fens, this gnarled staff was awarded.
Red Rook Camp quest reward for Lady Eloise's Lockbox Noellaume Family Heirloom Lady Eloise awarded this pendant for recovering her lockbox from the Red Rook Bandits.
Cambray Pass quest reward for Garments by Odei Odei's Stylish Epaulieres This fashionable light armor was awarded for reuniting Odei with Dame Veronica at Cambray Pass
Enduum unique loot from Odilon Wyrd Tree's Blessing Odilon's Spectral Amulet of the Wyrd Tree A ghostly pendant awarded for defeating Odilon the ghost in Enduum.
Spindleclutch I quest reward for Deadly Whispers Spelunker Spelunker's Chausses of the Spider-Slayer A gift from Sud-Hareem of the Fighter's Guild for rescuing him from the clutches of the Whisperer.
Ilessan Tower unique loot from Gaetane Wyrd Tree's Blessing Stormcommander of the Wyrd Tree A weapon awarded for defeating the Red Rook Bandits' officer, Gaetane, in Ilessan Tower.
Daggerfall quest reward for Swine Thief Swine-Herder Britches These light leggings were awarded for saving the prized pig Glutton in Daggerfall.
Red Rook Camp quest reward for Disorganized Crime Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Daggerfall Guard Tabard Captain Farlivere awarded this medium armor for rescuing the noble hostages from the Red Rook Bandits.
Shrieking Scar quest reward for The Dagger's Edge Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Dagger's Combat Stompers Distinctive heavy footwear awarded for assisting the Daggers against the harpies of the Shrieking Scar.
Cryptwatch Fort unique loot from Valenwe Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Everblooded Dagger A weapon awarded for defeating the Red Rook Bandits' officer, Valenwe, at Cryptwatch Fort.
Burial Mounds quest reward for Servants of Ancient Kings Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide King Deleyn's Longbow This antique weapon was bestowed for aid given to the ancient lords and ladies entombed within the Burial Mounds.
Dwynnarth Ruins quest reward for Vines and Villains Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Kip's Roguish Leathers For disrupting the Red Rook and Bloodthorn meeting at the Dwynnarth Ruins, these medium leggings were awarded.
Crosswych quest reward for Crosswych Reclaimed Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Red Rook Ailettes This medium armor was awarded for defeating the Red Rook Bandits' leader, Sternis Gelves, at Crosswych.
Aldcroft quest reward for Lineage of Tooth and Claw Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Werewolf Slayer Gloria Fausta bestowed this weapon for helping her deal with Duke Sebastien and the werewolves of Aldcroft.
The Wolf's Camp unique loot from Salazar the Wolf Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf Hide Wolf's-Head Ring A ring awarded for defeating the bandit, Salazar the Wolf, who transformed into a werewolf.
Silumm unique loot from Sincano Hide of the Werewolf Werewolf's Hide Razor A weapon awarded for defeating the Dominion officer, Sincano, in Silumm.
Beldama Wyrd Tree quest reward for Purifying the Wyrd Tree Wyrd Tree's Blessing Wyrd Branch of the Wyrd Tree For destroying the Corruption of the Tree and restoring the Wyrd Tree, Wyress Gwen bestowed this powerful staff.
Deleyn's Mill quest reward for Turning of the Trees Wyress Sash This light belt was awarded for helping the Wyresses save the villagers at Deleyn's Mill.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Pariah Abbey quest reward for Azura's Guardian Abbot's Prayer Sash
Alcaire Castle quest reward for The Safety of the Kingdom Alcaire Banneret's Helm
Pariah Abbey quest reward for A Prison of Sleep Storm Knight's Plate Azura's Vigilance
Dreughside quest reward for The Sower Reaps Storm Knight's Plate Baron Sorick's Pauldrons
Pariah Catacombs unique loot from Uncle Bones Night Terror Bone-Handled Dirk of Night Terror
Nurin Farm quest reward for Scamp Invasion Storm Knight's Plate Burnished Knife
Mudcrab Beach unique loot from Titanclaw Storm Knight's Plate Carapace-Shaped Heater of the Storm Knight
Soulshriven Tower quest reward for Curse of Skulls Night Terror Carved Bone Medallion
Shinji's Scarp quest reward for Ending the Ogre Threat Clan Murtag Leggings
Koeglin Village quest reward for A Dangerous Dream Cleftside Espaulders
Nurin Farm quest reward for A Family Affair Crofter's Corslet
Farangel's Delve unique loot from Dimitri Night Terror Dimitr's Leathers of Night Terror
Bearclaw Mine unique loot from Octavia Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Bear-Hide Moccasins
Spider Nest unique loot from Old Widow Silk Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Cobweb-Laced Trousers
Dreugh Waters unique loot from Brood Queen Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Driftwood Staff
Portdun Watch unique loot from Ariane Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Fine-Wrought Staff
Pariah Abbey quest reward for The Return of the Dream Shard Dreamer's Mantle Dreamless Staff This staff is styled after one used by ancient court mages throughout High Rock.
Cumberland's Watch quest reward for Revenge Against Rama Night Terror Ebony-Inlaid Longbow
Scrag's Larder unique loot from Cousin Scrag Storm Knight's Plate Fang of Scrag of the Storm Knight
Firebrand Keep quest reward for Retaking Firebrand Keep Flamecrest Hammer
Norvulk Ruins unique loot from Nariam Night Terror Flame-Twist Blade of Night Terror
Abandoned Farm unique loot from Gar Xuu Gar Night Terror Gar Xuu Gar's Axe of Night Terror
Koeglin Mine unique loot from Girara Storm Knight's Plate Girara's Fist of the Storm Knight
Cumberland's Watch quest reward for Blood Revenge Goblin-Slayer's Coif
Dro-Dara Plantation quest reward for Old Adventurers Hardy Quilted Aketon
Firebrand Keep quest reward for Sir Hughes' Fate Storm Knight's Plate Honor's Guardian This armor honors the one who brought Duchess Lakana's murderer to justice.
Wayrest Sewers I quest reward for Deception in the Dark Sergeant's Mail Investigator's Uniform of the Sergeant The official raiment of a Wayrest Investigator.
Aphren's Hold quest reward for King Aphren's Sword Night Terror King Aphren's Seal
Vanne Farm quest reward for The Slumbering Farmer Knavish Mucking Boots
Wind Keep quest reward for Gift from a Suitor Storm Knight's Plate Manteau's Greatsword
at-Tura Estate quest reward for Saving Hosni Dreamer's Mantle Midnight Union Ailettes
Dro-Dara Plantation quest reward for A Predator's Heart Night Terror Murk-Watcher's Greaves
Wayrest Sewers II quest reward for No Second Chances Sergeant's Mail Pellingare War Plate of the Sergeant
Farangel's Landing quest reward for A Woman Wronged Dreamer's Mantle Recondite Sash
Steelheart Moorings quest reward for Divert and Deliver Night Terror Scimitar of Suffering
Koeglin Lighthouse quest reward for Captive Crewmembers Dreamer's Mantle Seaworthy Shoes
Windridge Cave quest reward for Legacy of the Three Sir Edain's War Belt
Alcaire Castle quest reward for Army at the Gates Sir Hughes' Axe
Moonlit Maw quest reward for The Gate to Quagmire Dreamer's Mantle Spirit Warden's Gloves
Wayrest quest reward for The Debt Collector's Debts S'Rashi's Deadbeat Stompers
Cumberland's Watch quest reward for A Means to an End Stonechewer Maul
Ancient Altar unique loot from Zymel Kruz Storm Knight's Plate Summoner's Cops of the Storm Night
Vanne Farm quest reward for Rozenn's Dream Dreamer's Mantle Supernal Reverie Staff
Pariah Abbey quest reward for Injured Spirit Wardens The Abbey Wall
Wayrest quest reward for Vaermina's Gambit Storm Knight's Plate The High King's War Axe Presented by High King Emeric to you for service to the Daggerfall Covenant.
Weeping Giant quest reward for Azura's Relics Storm Knight's Plate Twilight Poleyns
Koeglin Village quest reward for False Accusations Storm Knight's Plate Unsullied Gauntlets
Shinji's Scarp quest reward for Godrun's Dream Dreamer's Mantle Veiled Favor
Wayrest quest reward for A Gang of Thugs Wayrest Guard's Cincture
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Ravenwatch Castle quest reward for A Dagger to the Heart Adusa's Hunting Bow Adusa-daro awarded her personal hunting bow for helping her bring down Rohlbert Montclair.
Old Kalgon's Keep quest reward for Archaic Relics Arkay's Vambraces Alvaren awarded these Knight of Arkay gloves for recovering holy relics from across Rivenspire.
Shrouded Pass quest reward for Puzzle of the Pass Ayleid Greatsword For solving the puzzle of the Shrouded Pass, Verandis awarded this Ayleid blade.
Westwind Lighthouse quest reward for The Barefoot Breton Barefoot Breton's Shoes Footwear received after helping Parquier find his missing items.
Sanguine Barrows quest reward for Crimes of the Past Necropotence Barrow Hammer of Necropotence Weapon received after dealing with the war criminal Althen at Sanguine Barrows.
Hildune's Secret Refuge unique loot from Leidmir Corpse-Caller Necropotence Corpse-Caller's Fury of Necropotence A weapon awarded for defeating the Montclair officer, Leidmir Corpse-Caller, in Hildune's Secret Refuge.
Old Kalgon's Keep unique loot from Louna Darkblood Vampire Cloak Darkblood Staff of the Vampire's Cloak A staff awarded for defeating the necromancer, Louna Darkblood.
Tribulation Crypt unique loot from Alameric Daillon Darkstride Darkstride Alameric's Staff of Storms A weapon awarded for defeating the undead wizard, Alameric Daillon, in Tribulation Crypt.
Crestshade Mine unique loot from Grimtooth Darkstride Darkstride Grimtooth's Annihilation Axe A weapon awarded for defeating the troll leader, Grimtooth, in Crestshade Mine.
Aesar's Web unique loot from Aesar the Hatespinner Darkstride Darkstride Hatespinner Amulet A neck item awarded for defeating the giant spider, Aesar the Hatespinner.
Shornhelm quest reward for Shornhelm Divided Darkstride Darkstride High King's Shield High King Emeric bestowed this shield for defeating Montclair's forces in Shornhelm.
Lorkrata Hills quest reward for The Concealing Veil Darkstride Darkstride Ravenwatch Boots For tearing Lleraya's veil in the Lorkrata Ruins, Verandis awarded this House Ravenwatch footwear.
Ravenwatch Castle quest reward for Dream-Walk Into Darkness Darkstride Darkstride Ravenwatch Cuirass Verandis awarded this House Ravenwatch armor for unraveling the mysteries of his memories in Ravenwatch Castle.
Moira's Hope quest reward for Hope Lost Darkstride Darkstride Ravenwatch Girdle Adusa-daro awarded this House Ravenwatch adornment for aid provided at Moira's Hope.
Silverhoof Vale quest reward for Rusty Daggers Darkstride Darkstride Silverhoof Loop A ring received for saving the villagers of Silverhoof Vale.
Valeguard Tower unique loot from Menhir Stoneskin Darkstride Darkstride Stoneskin Shield A shield awarded for defeating the gargoyle champion, Menhir Stoneskin.
Traitor's Tor quest reward for A Traitor's Tale Vampire Cloak Dathieu's Traitorous Axe of the Vampire's Cloak For listening to his tale and ending Ranser's curse, General Dathieu awarded the axe that killed the mad king.
Edrald Estate quest reward for A Change of Heart Necropotence Edrald's Wedding Veil of Necropotence Arlie Edrald bestowed this elegant head piece for saving her and her family.
Cave of Sorrows quest reward for The Price of Longevity Eternal Tree Spliter Merethrin's spirit bestowed this weapon for freeing him from the eternal tree.
Fell's Run quest reward for Fell's Justice Vampire Cloak Fell's Run Hero Necklace of the Vampire's Cloak A pendant bestowed by Constable Aguza for aiding the people of Fell's Run.
Orc's Finger Ruins unique loot from Fingaenion Forestsmasher Vampire Cloak Fingaenion's Toe Gloves of the Vampire's Cloak Wood Elf footwear awarded for defeating the Bitterhand Bandit leader, Finaenion Forestsmasher, in Orc's Finger Ruins.
Aesar's Web quest reward for The Spider's Cocoon Garth's Gages Gloves given for saving Garth from the spider cave.
Hinault Farm quest reward for Dearly Departed Gennove's Blade For aiding the Hinault family, Jowan awarded his father's sword.
Crypt of Hearts I quest reward for Lover's Torment Ebon Armory Heartbreaker's Ebon Greaves A present from Alanwe for saving her shattered soul in the Crypt of Hearts.
Hinault Farm quest reward for Under Siege Necropotence Heloise's Staff of Necropotence Healer Heloise's staff, awarded for aiding the soldiers at Hinault Farm.
Shornhelm quest reward for The Crown of Shornhelm High King's Signet For saving Rivenspire and helping choose a ruler, High King Emeric awarded this signet ring.
Northpoint quest reward for The Liberation of Northpoint Vampire Cloak House Dorell Cuirass of the Vampire's Cloak Awarded for service to Northpoint above and beyond the call of duty, this armor bears the crest of House Dorell.
Northpoint quest reward for Northpoint in Peril House Dorell Greaves Awarded for service to Northpoint above and beyond the call of duty, these leggings bear the crest of House Dorell.
Camp Tamrith quest reward for In the Doghouse Ignobert's Sash A belt given for locating the missing Ignobert for his worried wife.
Shornhelm quest reward for Last Words Klaandor's Pauldrons Shoulder protection awarded for bringing news of Klaandor's fate to his true love.
Orc's Finger Ruins quest reward for The Lady's Keepsake Lothson's Smasher Lothson bestowed this weapon for locating Marien's stolen necklace from Orc's Finger ruins.
Magdelena's Haunt unique loot from Magdelena Vampire Cloak Magdelena's Ancient Ring of the Vampire's Cloak A ring awarded for defeating the elder hag, Magdelena.
Erokii Ruins quest reward for Ancient Power Magister's Staff For returing the Tear of Anurraame to the Mages Guild in Shornhelm, the magister awarded this staff.
Flyleaf Catacombs unique loot from Miremonwe Spellslinger Necropotence Miremonwe's Magicka Pendant of Necropotence A necklace awarded for defeating the Bitterhand Bandit leader, Miremonwe Spellslinger, in Flyleaf Catacombs.
Erokii Ruins unique loot from Miruin Woodwalker Vampire Cloak Miruin's Devastation of the Vampire's Cloak A weapon awarded for defeating the Montclair officer, Miruin Woodwalker, in the Erokii Ruins.
Crypt of Hearts II quest reward for Edge of Darkness Shroud of the Lich Necromancer's Lich-Heart This amulet is cold to the touch.
Northsalt Village quest reward for A Lucky Break Nedras' Leather Pants Leggings presented for bringing news of Nedras' fate to his sister Gendinora.
Ravenwatch Castle quest reward for Assassin Hunter Ravenwatch Gloves Adusa-daro awarded these House Ravenwatch hand coverings for dispatching Arcorion Two-Blades.
Shornhelm quest reward for A Spy in Shornhelm Ravenwatch Mask Adusa-daro awarded this House Ravenwatch head covering for exposing the spy in Shornhelm.
Ravenwatch Castle quest reward for The Assassin's List Ravenwatch Rerebraces Adusa-daro awarded these House Ravenwatch shoulder pads for obtaining the assassin's list of targets.
The Doomcrag quest reward for The Lightless Remnant Vampire Cloak Ravenwatch Staff of the Vampire's Cloak Gwendis wanted you to have Verandis' staff for standing with him at the Doomcrag.
Ravenwatch Castle quest reward for Threat of Death Ravenwatch Tassets Adusa-daro awarded these House Ravenwatch leggings for helping her stop the assassins at Ravenwatch Castle.
Camp Tamrith quest reward for The Blood-Splattered Shield Darkstride Reezal-Jul's Dagger For slaying Reezal-Jul, Countess Tamrith presented the necromancer's dagger.
Crestshade quest reward for The Blood-Cursed Town Necropotence Reezal-Jul's Necrotic Robes of Necropotence For granting the spirits of Crestshade peace, the Mayor presented Reezal-Jul's discarded robes.
Hoarfrost Downs quest reward for The Wayward Son Shornhelm Guard Armet A helm given for recruiting soldiers at Hoarfrost Downs.
Hoarfrost Downs quest reward for The Bandit Shornhelm Guard Baldric A belt given for recruiting soldiers at Hoarfrost Downs.
Hoarfrost Downs quest reward for The Lover Vampire Cloak Shornhelm Guard Sollerets of the Vampire's Cloak Boots given for recruiting soldiers at Hoarfrost Downs.
Siren's Cove unique loot from Desuuga the Siren Necropotence Siren's Call of Necropotence A bow awarded for defeating the nereid, Desuuga the Siren.
Breagha-Fin quest reward for The Emerald Chalice Necropotence Stibbons's Fancy Epaulettes of Necropotence Shoulder protection awarded for helping Lady Laurent and Stibbons recover the Emerald Chalice at Breagha-Fin.
East-Rock Landing unique loot from Stroda gra-Drom Necropotence Stroda's Orcish Coif of Necropotence Head gear awarded for defeating the Orc battlemage, Stroda gra-Drom.
Crestshade Mine quest reward for Friend of Trolls Troll Friend Grulaz's troll-taming staff, awarded for returning her journal to Gothurg in Shornhelm.
Alik'r Desert
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Impervious Vault quest reward for Restoring the Ansei Wards Ansei Greatsword
Kulati Mines quest reward for Crawling Chaos Sword-Singer Arachnid Gauntlets
Tu'whacca's Throne quest reward for Revered Ancestors Armiger's Protector
Tava's Blessing quest reward for Warship Designs Ashlander Axe
Coldrock Diggings unique loot from Feremuzh Order of Diagna Bladethirst of the Order of Diagna
Bergama quest reward for Left at the Altar Brigandine of Bergama
Ogre's Bluff quest reward for Trapped in the Bluffs Order of Diagna Caravan Chain
HoonDing's Watch quest reward for March of the Ra Gada Champion's Cuirass
Yldzuun unique loot from Captain Candidus Order of Diagna Charged Rod of the Order of Diagna
Hag Camp unique loot from Igazkad Robes of the Withered Hand Charred Bone Staff of the Withered Hand
Na-Totambu's Landing quest reward for Past in Ruins Curse-Breaker's Boots
Volenfell quest reward for Blood and Sand Duneripper's Scales Duneripper Ancient Crown A discarded helm, abandoned long ago by its owner.
Rain Catcher Fields quest reward for The Nature of Fate Dunerunners
Divad's Chagrin Mine unique loot from Nokhailaedhaz Order of Diagna Embossed Chausses of the Order of Diagna
Sentinel Docks quest reward for Risen From the Depths Order of Diagna Gauntlets of the Ra Gada
Salas En quest reward for Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion Order of Diagna Greaves of Firsthold
Kozanset quest reward for Feathered Fiends Robes of the Withered Hand Harpy Feather Shirt Harpy down is spun with fine wool to make the shirt's sturdy fabric.
Morwha's Bounty quest reward for The Initiation Order of Diagna Helm of the Ash'abah
Lesser Circle unique loot from Staada Order of Diagna Infused Buckler of the Order of Diagna
HoonDing's Watch quest reward for The Nature of Fate: Part Two Inspired Cowl
Lost Caravan unique loot from Mother Sands Robes of the Withered Hand Iridescent Dagger of the Withered Hand
Bergama quest reward for Gone Missing Order of Diagna Justice Longbow
King's Rest unique loot from Abal the Defiler Robes of the Withered Hand King Haqmir's Bindings of the Withered Hand
Salas En quest reward for Lady Laurent's Favor Leg Guards of Loyalty
Satakalaam quest reward for Imperial Incursion Order of Diagna Liberator's Spaulders of the Order of Diagna
HoonDing's Watch quest reward for Trials of the Hero Sword-Singer Mantle of Honor
Leki's Blade quest reward for Master of Leki's Blade Order of Diagna Master's Sharpsword Generations of Masters at Leki's Blade have wielded swords like this, though it's rare for one to be seen outside the school.
Salas En quest reward for The Oldest Orc Mauloch's Cleaver
Aldunz unique loot from Thinks-in-Gears Robes of the Withered Hand Oil-Stained Padding of the Withered Hand
Rain Catcher Fields quest reward for Trouble at the Rain Catchers Robes of the Withered Hand Raincatcher Pantaloons
Saltwalker Militia Camp quest reward for Malignant Militia Saltwalker Cinch
Artisan's Oasis quest reward for Undying Loyalty Sandwalker's War Boots
Sandblown Mine unique loot from Mirudda Robes of the Withered Hand Senche-Pelt Blouse of the Withered Hand
Goat's Head Oasis quest reward for Satak was the First Serpent Serpentskin Gloves
Forsaken Hearts Cave unique loot from Korignah Robes of the Withered Hand Soul Kiss of the Withered Hand
Tava's Blessing quest reward for Alasan's Plot Robes of the Withered Hand Staff of Withering This staff was made from a tree which once grew in Motalion Necropolis.
Motalion Necropolis quest reward for Amputating the Hand Sword-Singer Suturah's Hubris
Giant Camp unique loot from Lonely Papa Sword-Singer Sword-Singer's Backscratcher
Santaki unique loot from Tarrent Herano Sword-Singer Sword-Singer's Sandgrubber Boots
High Temple quest reward for Temple's Treasures Tava's Mercy
Tu'whacca's Throne quest reward for A Reckoning with Uwafa Sword-Singer Throne Keeper Coif Several thin copper medallions are inset into the coif.
Sep's Spine quest reward for Whose Wedding? Sword-Singer Wildur's Oath Ring
Tu'whacca's Throne quest reward for Tu'whacca's Breath Windcaller's Sash
Sentinel quest reward for The Impervious Vault Robes of the Withered Hand Yokudan Epaulets of the Withered Hand A repetitive motif of stylized waves is woven into the epaulets.
Tears of the Dishonored quest reward for Honoring the Dishonored Order of Diagna Zariya's Sorrow
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Troll's Toothpick quest reward for Troll's Dessert A Bent Silver Ring
Sunken Road quest reward for Present in Memory A Cheap Trinket
Nilata Ruins quest reward for A Marriage in Ruins Spriggan's Thorns Anexiel's Thorax
Blackheart Haven quest reward for Jumping Ship Bone Pirate's Tatters Bone Pirate's Pillaging Garb A parting gift from your friend, Shifty Tom.
Hallin's Stand quest reward for The Lion's Den Boots of the Seventh Legion
Kerbol's Hollow quest reward for Freedom's Chains Spriggan's Thorns Chausses of the Cured
Torog's Spite quest reward for Claim to Fame Clan's Pride Necklace
Pelin Graveyard quest reward for The Waking Darkness Vampire Lord Crozier of St. Pelin
Northglen quest reward for Beyond the Call Seventh Legion Brute Cuirass of the Defender
Crypt of the Exiles quest reward for A Favor Between Kings Exiles' Legacy
Murcien's Hamlet quest reward for The Charge of Evermore Spriggan's Thorns Foe-Smasher
Bangkorai Garrison quest reward for Storming the Garrison Seventh Legion Brute Greatshield of Bangkorai Etched along all its edges are the coats of arms for both King Eamond and Queen Arzhela of Evermore.
Hallin's Stand quest reward for A Thirst for Revolution Hallin's War Belt
Old Tower quest reward for A Token Trophy Helenus' Helm
Hall of Heroes quest reward for Trials and Tribulations Heroes' Hatchet
Fallen Grotto quest reward for The Heart of the Beast Spriggan's Thorns Hircine's Boon
Silaseli Ruins quest reward for Urenenya's Lament Klathzgar's Fingergloves
Silaseli Ruins quest reward for Conflicted Emotions Merciless Longsword
Evermore quest reward for A City in Black Mourning Sash
Hall of Heroes quest reward for Striking Back Ring of the Fallen Wastes
Jackdaw Cove quest reward for Heart of Evil Vampire Lord Robe of Nature's Fury
Martyr's Crossing quest reward for Raiders at the Crossing Vampire Lord Saint Pelin Leggings
Damar Farmstead quest reward for The Returned Vampire Lord Scorched Shoulderpads
Viridian Woods quest reward for The Will of the Woods Spriggan's Thorns Sentinel's Longbow
Onsi's Breath quest reward for Rising Against Onsi's Breath Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion Gauntlets
Telesubi Ruins unique loot from Qumehdi and Zaman Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion's Ayleid Breastplate
Summoner's Camp unique loot from Caecilia Attius Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion's Conjured Oath-Band
Evermore quest reward for Imperial Infiltration Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion's Greaves of Evermore
Arlimahera's Sanctum unique loot from Dayarrus Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion's Lava-Charred Greaves
Viridian Watch unique loot from Curnard the Generous Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion's The Wolfguard
The Far Shores quest reward for To Walk on Far Shores Seventh Legion Brute Shore's Edge It is said the edge of this blade was honed on a type of whetstone found only in the Far Shores.
Halcyon Lake quest reward for The Water Stone or Sunken Knowledge Vampire Lord Skystaff of Secrets
Blighted Isle unique loot from Woodblight Spriggan's Thorns Spriggan's Bark-skinned Gages
Klathzgar unique loot from Klathzgar's Centurion Spriggan's Thorns Spriggan's Centurion Breaker
Crypt of the Exiles unique loot from Ulbazar Thief-Lord Spriggan's Thorns Spriggan's Thief-Lord's Slippers
Lakewatch Tower unique loot from Garach Wolf-Father Spriggan's Thorns Spriggan's Wolf-Jaw
Hallin's Stand quest reward for The Shifting Sands of Fate Vampire Lord Staff of Secundus Grandeya Nuwarrah of Hallin's Stand gave you this staff for defeating the city's Imperial occupiers.
Qharroa Ruins quest reward for Tongues of Stone Spriggan's Thorns Stoneskin Gloves The gloves are lined with tufts of goat hair, softening their touch on the wearer's skin.
Evermore quest reward for The Parley Seventh Legion Brute The Negotiator This ceremonial blade is an exquisite marriage of form and function.
Old Tower quest reward for Scavenging for a Scarab Spriggan's Thorns The Scarab's Sting
Rubble Butte quest reward for Back in Time Timeless Braided Cord
Basking Grounds quest reward for A Handful of Stolen Dreams Token of Gratitude
Rubble Butte unique loot from Lady Edwyge Vampire Lord Vampire Lord Edwyge's Coven Gown
Torog's Spite unique loot from Lorogdu gra-Gulash Vampire Lord Vampire Lord Rune Charm Choker
Nilata Falls unique loot from Nomeg Hyril Vampire Lord Vampire Lord's Cold-Bite
Troll's Toothpick unique loot from Pale Squnque Vampire Lord Vampire Lord's Gnawed Staff
Jackdaw Cove quest reward for The Last Spriggan Wyrd Moccasins

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Bleakrock Isle
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bleakrock Village The Missing of Bleakrock none Bleakrock Garrison Plate This chestplate marks its wearer as a stalwart protector of the Ebonheart Pact.
Hozzin's Folly Hozzin's Folly Armor of the Trainee Seyne's Bootknife
Orkey's Hollow The Frozen Man Armor of the Trainee Bonesplinter This hammer was frost-forged for extra strength.
Skyshroud Barrow What Waits Beneath Armor of the Trainee Darj's Shield Darj gave you this shield for returning the dead at Skyshroud Barrow to their rest.
Bal Foyen
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bal Foyen Dockyards Breaking the Tide Armor of the Trainee General Vette's Greatsword This greatsword was wielded by the ruthless Covenant Commander who attacked Bleakrock.
Fort Zeren Zeren in Peril Armor of the Trainee General Emax's Staff You received this staff after defending Fort Zeren from Covenant attack.
Hidden Dagger Landing Site If By Sea Armor of the Trainee Earth-Turner Axe Aera Earth-Turner gave you this family heirloom for your heroics at Dhalmora.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
The Brahma's Grove Ozzacha Shadow of the Red Mountain Netch-Hunter's Bow of the Red Mountain Taken up by a fallen hunter in the Brahma's Grove.
Cave of Memories Ulath Ancestor Silks of the Sun Ancestor's Kilt of the Sun Blessed by the tribe's wise woman in the Cave of Memories.
The Matron's Clutch Blueclaw Matron Shadow of the Red Mountain Dreugh-Hide Leggings of the Red Mountain Smells faintly of the tides around Matron's Clutch.
Shipwreck Strand Shellcracker Shalk Exoskeleton Crabclaw Axe of the Shalk Made from the actual claw of Shellcracker, the cannibal crab.
Shivering Shrine Aurig Mireh Shadow of the Red Mountain Madcaller's Blade of the Red Mountain Stained with the blood of a dozen sacrifices at the Shivering Shrine.
Strifeswarm Hive Strifeswarm Champion Shalk Exoskeleton Strifeswarm Legplates of the Shalk Still reeks of the kwama tunnel where it was formed.
Emberflint Mine Maebomaz Shadow of the Red Mountain Maw of Maebomaz of the Red Mountain Hewn from the skull of the Daedric beast at the bottom of Emberflint Mine.
Hightide Hollow Oodegu Silks of the Sun Oodegu's Flamestick of the Sun Burnt and pitted from close-up combat in the depths of Hightide Hollow.
Inner Sea Armature Zozuzetharus Shalk Exoskeleton Guardian's Plate-Helm of the Shalk Still slightly warm from the steamy air of Inner Sea Armature.
Mephala's Nest Gozzak Silks of the Sun Shadowsilk Headwrap of the Sun Smells vaguely of the cabbage eaten by Goblins in Mephala's Nest.
Sheogorath's Tongue Dezanu and Calls-to-Nature Shalk Exoskeleton Shalk's Madcaller's Touch The air around this relic from Sheogorath's Tongue always feels vaguely oily.
Softloam Cavern Dugrul Silks of the Sun Lionbanner Buckler of the Sun Scarred from battle, taken from the commander in Softloam Cavern.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Caravan Crest Bittergreen the Wild Mother's Sorrow Bittergreen's Scale of Mother's Sorrow A ring awarded for defeating the giant guar, Bittergreen the Wild.
Dire Bramblepatch Sharpfang Night Mother's Embrace Sharpfang's Jagged Blade of the Night Mother A dagger awarded for defeating the giant troll, Sharpfang.
Druitularg's Ritual Altar Druitularg Plague Doctor Plague Doctor's Dremora's Dread An axe awarded for defeating the elite Dremora, Druitularg.
Grove of the Abomination The Abomination Night Mother's Embrace Abomination's Bulwark of the Night Mother A shield awarded for defeating the plague husk known as the Abomination.
Mabrigash Burial Circle Mabrigash Shade Mother's Sorrow Mabrigash Spectral Blade of Mother's Sorrow A sword awarded for defeating the ghost, Mabrigash Shade.
Short-Tusk's Hillock Short-Tusk Mother's Sorrow Kagouti Slayer Medallion of Mother's Sorrow A necklace awarded for defeating the giant kagouti, Short-Tusk.
The Corpse Garden General Celdien Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Celdien's Pauldrons For defeating the elite skeleton, General Celdien, in the cave known as the Corpse Garden, this heavy armor was awarded.
Knife Ear Grotto Drulshasa Mother's Sorrow Drulshasa's Dark Band of Mother's Sorrow For defeating the Dremora leader, Drulshasa in the cave known as Knife Ear Grotto, this ring was awarded.
Lady Llarel's Shelter Lady Llarel Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Llarel's Sheltering Shield For defeating the wraith of Lady Llarel in the cave known as Lady Llarel's Shelter, this shield was awarded.
Lower Bthanual Bthanual Centurion Plague Doctor Plague Doctor's Talisman of Bthanual For defeating the Dwarven centurion in the cave known as Lower Bthanual, this necklace was awarded.
Taleon's Crag Egg-Eater Night Mother's Embrace Dungeon-Delving Mittens of the Night Mother For defeating the giant wasp called Egg-Eater in the cave known as Taleon's Crag, these medium gloves were awarded.
Triple Circle Mine Bonetooth Night Mother's Embrace Bonetooth's Charm of the Night Mother For defeating the giant kagouti called Bonetooth in the Triple Circle Mine, this necklace was awarded.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bitterroot Cave Urrai Swamp Raider Swamp Raider's Crocodile Skin These leggings are soft yet durable.
Captain Bones' Ship Captain Bones Swamp Raider Swamp Raider's Boneaxe The blade of this axe is jagged and sharp.
Haynekhtnamet's Lair Haynekhtnamet Swamp Raider Swamp Raider's Fang of Haynekhtnamet This dagger is made from a single jagged tooth.
Nen Ria Talkynd Hatchling's Shell Dessicated Belt of the Hatchling's Shell This belt creaks when bent.
Slaver Camp Rendrasa Hatchling's Shell Discarded Bonds of the Hatchling's Shell These metal bonds are strong but restricting.
Xal Thak Argablog and Vlaga Hatchling's Shell Slimy Acidic Staff of the Hatchling's Shell This staff is covered in unremovable goo.
Atanaz Ruins Stormscale Swamp Raider Swamp Raider's Bile-Soaked Boots These boots have a thin coating of foul-smelling mucus.
Broken Tusk Naeraizozan Robes of the Hist Naeraizozan's Band of Hist Sap This ring causes pain in the hand it is worn upon.
Chid-Moska Ruins Rebecca Lirlane Robes of the Hist Shield of the Third House of Hist Sap This shield bears an inscrutable insignia.
Gandranen Ruins Fenlord Robes of the Hist Deepswamp Staff of Hist Sap This staff is soaked with acrid swamp water.
Onkobra Kwama Mine Kwama Overseer Robes of the Hist The Pincher of Hist Sap This dagger looks to be made from the pincher of a giant insect.
Shrine of the Black Maw Peers-Through-Glass Hatchling's Shell Essentia of the Hatchling's Shell This necklace seems to draw life energy from the very space around it.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Ammabani's Pride Ammabani Fiord's Legacy Fiord's Ammabani's Pride A ring awarded for defeating the giant sabre cat, Ammabani.
Dragon Mound Vivien Armene Akaviri Dragonguard Bonelord's Annihilator of the Dragon A weapon awarded for defeating the necromancer, Vivien Armene.
Dragon's Hallow Mannskadi and Ulgorus Akaviri Dragonguard Mammoth Band of the Dragon A ring awarded for defeating the giant mammoth, Mannskadi.
Rageclaw's Den Rageclaw Stendarr's Embrace Rageclaw's Collar of Stendarr A necklace awarded for defeating the giant wolf, Rageclaw.
Ratmaster's Prowl Olveidi the Ratmaster Fiord's Legacy Fiord's Ratmaster's Bloodbow A weapon awarded for defeating the vampire, Olveidi the Ratmaster.
Swiftblade's Camp Beralagr Stendarr's Embrace Snow Bear's Fang of Stendarr A necklace awarded for defeating the giant snow bear, Beralagr.
The Bastard's Tomb Agnenor the Blade Fiord's Legacy Fiord's Agnenor's Brutal Blade A weapon awarded for defeating the Stormfist Brigade leader, Agnenor the Blade, in the Bastard's Tomb.
The Chill Hollow Nomeg Chal Stendarr's Embrace Chill Hollow Pendant of Stendarr A necklace awarded for defeating the frost atronach, Nomeg Chal, in the cave known as Chill Hollow.
The Frigid Grotto Frostbite Mangler Fiord's Legacy Fiord's Frigid Troll Bones A necklace awarded for defeating the troll champion, Frostbite Mangler, in the cave known as the Frigid Grotto.
Icehammer's Vault Thane Icehammer Stendarr's Embrace Icehammer's Frigid Maul of Stendarr A weapon awarded for defeating the draugr, Thane Icehammer, in the cave known as Icehammer's Vault.
Old Sord's Cave Braxek, Eorim the Hammer and Gadof Akaviri Dragonguard Stormfist's Holy Hammer of the Dragon A weapon awarded for defeating the Stormfist Brigade leader, Eorim the Hammer, in Old Sord's Cave.
Stormcrag Crypt Deathknight Stormcrag Akaviri Dragonguard Deathknight Aegis of the Dragon A shield awarded for defeating Deathknight Stormcrag in the cave known as Stormcrag Crypt.
The Rift
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Abandoned Camp Ghoragham Ysgramor's Birthright Ysgramor's Ghormagham's Shawl
Riften Into the Outside none Aetherian The staff's name and lineage had once been etched upon the staff. Now, the barest trace of its name is all that remains.
Fullhelm Fort The Thunder Breaks Ysgramor's Birthright Bonebane This legendary weapon once belonged to Unnvald, Fullhelm's thane.
Frozen Ruins Nomeg Rine Draugr's Heritage Traveler's Prop of Draugr Heritage
Giant Camp Longstride and Thickpelt Draugr's Heritage Longstride's Drinking Cup of Draugr Heritage
Hunter Camp Atharra, Indur-sa and Zalinra Witchman Armor Witchman Poacher's Friend
Troll Cave Frostdrool and Sleetclaw Witchman Armor Iceclaw of the Witchman
Wisplight Glen Aereus Ysgramor's Birthright Ysgramor's Frost Gem Necklace
Avanchnzel Thzallek Eft Draugr's Heritage Centurion Breaker of Draugr Heritage
Broken Helm Hollow Skullcrusher Witchman Armor Unlucky Yngrel's Axe of the Witchman
Faldar's Tooth Rozelun Witchman Armor Rozelun's Leathery Hide of the Witchman
Fort Greenwall Uggurek the Vile Draugr's Heritage Battered War Trophy of Draugr Heritage
Arcwind Point Shattered Hopes Witchman Armor Wormwood Staff Tiny holes made by beetle larvae once ran throughout the staff, but are now sealed with a hardened layer of resin.
Shroud Hearth Barrow Jakalor Ysgramor's Birthright Ysgramor's Jakolar's Staff
Snapleg Cave Frostmaiden Apa Ysgramor's Birthright Ysgramor's Frostmaiden's Tear
Trolhetta Securing the Pass none Jorunn's Commendation
Trolhetta Summit Stomping Sinmur Draugr's Heritage Mace of the Companions This sturdy mace commemorates the newly forged bond amongst the Nords, Elves, and Argonians.


Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Aba-Darre Sthorha the Crazed Meridia's Blessed Armor Stortha's Hide Shield of Meridia A shield awarded for defeating the daedroth champion, Sthorha the Crazed.
Cynhamoth's Grove Cynhamoth Prisoner's Rags Prisoner Cynhamoth's Undulating Band A ring awarded for defeating the harvester champion, Cynhamoth.
Daedroth Larder Nolagha, Keggahiha, and Rsolignah Meridia's Blessed Armor Nolagha's Scale Leggings of Meridia Heavy leggings awarded for defeating the daedroth trio led by the fearsome Nolagha.
Duriatundur's Killing Field Duriatundur Prisoner's Rags Prisoner Duriatundur's Frigid Amulet A necklace awarded for defeating the ice wraith champion, Duriatundur.
Risen Court Brolsgerbwd Meridia's Blessed Armor Brolsgerbwd's Bone Staff of Meridia A weapon awarded for defeating the Dremora necromancer, Brolsgerbwd.
Zemarek's Hollow Zemarek-thul Prisoner's Rags Prisoner Zemarek's Visor A light head covering awarded for defeating the Dwarven centurion, Zemarek-thul.
Aba-Loria Cirterisse Stygian Stygian Cirterisse's Vampiric Staff A weapon awarded for defeating the Altmer necromancer, Cirterisse, in the cave known as Aba-Loria.
The Cave of Trophies Gnilokelo Prisoner's Rags Prisoner Gnilokelo's Dread A staff awarded for defeating the Dremora terror mage, Gnilokelo, in the Cave of Trophies.
The Vault of Haman Forgefire Haman Forgefire Stygian Stygian Forgefire's Brutal Blade A weapon awarded for defeating the draugr champion, Haman Forgefire, in the Vault of Haman Forgefire.
The Grotto of Depravity Nerazakan Stygian Stygian Nerazakan's Fascination A shield awarded for defeating the Dark Seducer champion, Nerazakan, in the Depraved Grotto.
Mal Sorra's Tomb Mal Sorra Meridia's Blessed Armor Mal Sorra's Curse of Meridia An amulet awarded for defeating the wraith champion, Mal Sorra, in Mal Sorra's Tomb.
The Wailing Maw Marwoleath Stygian Stygian Marwoleath's Torment A ring awarded for defeating the powerful harvester, Marwoleath, in the cave known as the Wailing Maw.
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Proving Grounds Dolmen Elemental Army Way of Fire Unstable Element Staff of the Fire
Mtharnaz, Ruins of Kardala The Corrupted Stone Way of Fire Sandstone Guard of the Fire
Bangkorai Gate The Warrior's Call Way of Air Edge of the Black Sands of the Air
Reinhold's Retreat The Missing Guardian Way of Air Pendant of the Sundered of the Air
The Howling Sepulchers The Time-Lost Warrior Way of Martial Knowledge Riven Hourglass, Sword of Martial Knowledge The blade feels strange in your hand, calling to mind memories of past events from the life of the departed warrior.
Belkarth The Shattered and the Lost Way of Martial Knowledge Lost One's Cowl of Martial Knowledge
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Bloodmayne Cave Acanthia Light of Cyrodiil Acanthia's Arm of Cyrodiil's Light This unique bow is made from an unknown hardwood and requires great strength to wield.
Ironlash Light of Cyrodiil Ironlash's Vine of Cyrodiil's Light Ironlash's tentacles serve as a unique belt.
Razorback Ward of Cyrodiil Razorback's Hide of Cyrodiil's Ward Razorback's carapace grants its wielder lightweight but sturdy protection.
Breakneck Cave Hegris the Black Dagger Crest of Cyrodiil The Black Dagger of Cyrodiil's Crest The Black Dagger's unusually sharp edge easily slices through most armor.
Longfang Ward of Cyrodiil Longfang of Cyrodiil's Ward Longfang's poison sacs have imbued this sword's blade with a toxic coating.
Capstone Cave Claudette the Sharper Light of Cyrodiil Claudette's Fingers of Cyrodiil's Light A faint shimmer on the surface of these gloves hints at their magical enhancements.
Cracked Wood Cave Mebs Runnyeye Crest of Cyrodiil Meb's Chopper of Cyrodiil's Crest This massive ax is extremely well-balanced and a joy to wield.
Regsrot Blacktongue Ward of Cyrodiil Regsrot's Shoulders of Cyrodiil's Ward This shoulder protection seems unusually well-made.
Traug Wolfbreath Ward of Cyrodiil Traug's Arrow Flinger of Cyrodiil's Ward A mighty bow whose smooth lines bespeak great accuracy.
Echo Cave Sargos Grent Light of Cyrodiil Sargos' Vestments of Cyrodiil's Light The intricate patterns woven into this material suggest master craftmanship.
Haynote Cave Theurgist Thelas Light of Cyrodiil Thelas' Soul of Cyrodiil's Light The wielder of this staff feels its power vibrating up through hands and arms.
Diabolist Volcatia Light of Cyrodiil Volcatia's Shroud of Cyrodiil's Light This headgear is warm to the touch, though the source of its heat is uncertain.
Kingscrest Cavern Cynaceae the Verdant Light of Cyrodiil Cynaceae's Branch of Cyrodiil's Light The solidity of this thick staff confers confidence to those who wield it.
Lipsand Tarn Gaston Ashham Crest of Cyrodiil Ashham's Breastplate of Cyrodiil's Crest Heavily ornamented and immensely strong, this breastplate imbues its wearer with a sense of immortality.
Marbita Crest of Cyrodiil Marbita's Helm of Cyrodiil's Crest This helmet's interlocking metal plates provide excellent protection for the wearer's head.
Muck Valley Cavern Kerks Half-Ear Crest of Cyrodiil Kerks' Pauldrons of Cyrodiil's Crest These heavy shoulder pieces project an aura of strength and endurance.
Ogre Biter Crest of Cyrodiil Ogre Biter's Shell of Cyrodiil's Crest Insect carapaces reinforce the metal-and-leather structure of this unique shield.
Webmistress Light of Cyrodiil Webmistress' Silk of Cyrodiil's Light A belt spun of spider silk. The patterns seem divinely influenced.
Newt Cave Graveltooth Ward of Cyrodiil Gravel Tooth's Tooth of Cyrodiil's Ward The edges of this wickedly sharp dagger appear coated with an unknown substance.
Rock Wing Ward of Cyrodiil Rock Wing's Skin Belt of Cyrodiil's Ward Metal and hide strands interweave to give this belt unusual strength and flexibility.
Nisin Cave Barasatii Crest of Cyrodiil Barasatii's Chain of Cyrodiil's Crest This intricately woven chain feels slimy upon the neck.
Volgo the Harrower Crest of Cyrodiil The Harrower of Cyrodiil's Crest Volgo's favored weapon feels light and perfectly weighted.
Pothole Caverns Serrin Vol Light of Cyrodiil Serrin Vol's Advantage of Cyrodiil's Light This ring feels slick upon one's finger, as if always about to slip off.
Diabolist Vethisa Ward of Cyrodiil Vethisa's Grips of Cyrodiil's Ward Power emanates from these gloves, made from animal hide reinforced with metallic thread.
Blighttooth Crest of Cyrodiil Blighttooth's Embrace of Cyrodiil's Crest The simplicity of this wrapping is belied by the feeling of power that issues from it.
Quickwater Cave Athal Andas Light of Cyrodiil Athal's Robe of Cyrodiil's Light Eerie shimmers pulse along the threads of this extraordinary robe.
Steel-Tail Light of Cyrodiil Ingested Hammer of Cyrodiil's Light Crafted in Oblivion, this weapon's surface glistens with an evil sheen.
Red Ruby Cave Endare Ward of Cyrodiil Endare's Vision of Cyrodiil's Ward Lightweight and intricately designed, this helm protects its wearer well.
Zandur Ward of Cyrodiil Zandur's Speed of Cyrodiil's Ward Lightweight and strong, this armor fits the legs snugly, enabling rapid movement.
Serpent Hollow Cave Bruuke Ward of Cyrodiil Bruuke's Hide of Cyrodiil's Ward This crudely made chestpiece seems very sturdy, able to stand up to any attack.
Bear Matriarch Ward of Cyrodiil Matriarch Boots of Cyrodiil's Ward The pads on these boots grant improved traction on almost any surface.
Toadstool Hollow Lucienne Cerine Light of Cyrodiil Lucienne's Remnants of Cyrodiil's Light These shoulder ornaments fill their wearer with the desire to see the world.
Captain Roreles Ward of Cyrodiil Roreles' Ring of Cyrodiil's Ward This ring is well-worn, but a feeling of power still issues from it.
Captain Serniel Light of Cyrodiil Serniel's Belt of Cyrodiil's Light The craftsmanship that went into this sash makes it a delight to behold.
General Virane Crest of Cyrodiil Virane's Boots of Cyrodiil's Crest These boots served General Virane in life, though not well enough to prevent his death.
Dreadfang Crest of Cyrodiil Dreadfang's Bite of Cyrodiil's Crest This blade reeks of foulness.
Underpall Cave Raelynne Ashham Light of Cyrodiil Ashham's Crook of Cyrodiil's Light This staff glows with an evil-looking inner light.
Emelin the Returned Light of Cyrodiil Emelin's Clasp of Cyrodiil's Light This translucent necklace always feels damp to the touch.
Vahtacen The Faceless Light of Cyrodiil Faceless Staff Faint whispers, heard only by the wielder, are said to emanate from this ill-omened weapon.
Dark Anchors (These items no longer drop)
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name
Dark Anchors Amkaos, Kathutet and Ranyu (?)
Anaxes and Medrike Draugr's Heritage Hammer of Anaxes
Draugr's Heritage Battleaxe of Medrike
Dregas Volar none Volar's Crescent Dagger
none Volar's Crescent Staff
Dylora, Jansa and Vika Shroud of the Lich Dylora's Staff
Fangaril, King Styriche and Zayzahad none King Styriche's Helm
none King Styriche's Pauldrons
Gedna Relvel (?)
Glut, Hogshead and Stumble none Glut's Twin-Tail Hat
none Hoghead's Shawl
none Stumble's Boots
Hrelvesuu Draugr's Heritage The Bestial Rampart
Menta Na none Mace of Menta Na
Methats Draugr's Heritage Traveler's Prop of Draugr Heritage
Nomeg Haga Draugr's Heritage Glacial Staff of Nomeg Haga
Ozzozachar none Ozzozachar's Claw
none Ozzozachar's Tooth
Rhagothan (?)
Velehk none Abecean Pirate King's Armor
Yggmanei (?)
Zymel Hriz Draugr's Heritage Staff of Zymel Hriz
Fighters Guild
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Anchors from the Harbour N/A Anchorstone Amulet Created from a chunk of rock broken off of a Dark Anchor dolmen, this amulet still whispers with Coldharbour's secrets.
Mzeneldt The Dangerous Past N/A Dwemerdark Signet A simple band made from Dwarven metal, it bears incomprehensible runes in the Dwemeris tongue.
The Earth Forge The Prismatic Core N/A Forgemaster's Band Worn by the forgemasters of the Fighters Guild as they work superheated metals at the Earth Forge.
Ragnthar Proving the Deed N/A Aelif's Shadowband Aelif purchased this at a little shop in Dune, on the border of Elsweyr, for the price of a man's darkest secret.
The Earth Forge Will of the Council Orgnum's Scales Prismatic Weapon The pure fire of Meridia's Gift emanates from within the blade. Just holding it in your hand makes the darkness retreat.
The pure fire of Meridia's Gift emanates from within the bow. Just holding it in your hand makes the darkness retreat.
The pure fire of Meridia's Gift emanates from within the staff. Just holding it in your hand makes the darkness retreat.
Mages Guild
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Cheesemonger's Hollow Long Lost Lore N/A The Amulet of Eyevea Imbued in long-lost Eyevea, the ancient sanctuary of the Tamriel Mages Guild.
Glade of the Divines Simply Misplaced N/A Artifact-Hunter's Band Once worn by a treasure-hunter of Alik'r. Found amidst a pile of artifacts in an Elsweyr Troll fen.
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter Circus of Cheerful Slaughter N/A Thespian's Ring I won't tell you, I'll show you! That's the essence of storytelling. Show, don't tell. - Sheogorath
Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent Rattlecage Uncle Leo's Choker Putting aside its foul smell and extreme discoloration, this leather choker is horrifying. It appears to be made of human flesh.
Eyevea Mages Guild The Mad God's Bargain Shalidor's Curse Spellbreaker's Staff Enchanted by Shalidor himself after his legendary First Era battle against the Rourken clan of Dwemer.
Main Quest
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
The Harborage The Harborage none Prophet's Recollection A signet ring the Prophet has carried with him since his days in the Moth Priest's library.
The Foundry of Woe Daughter of Giants none Titanborn Family Signet Lyris kept this with her for years, as she trained relentlessly with the members of her mercenary company.
The Worm's Retreat Chasing Shadows none Aldmion's Amulet Imbued with some of the animal cruelty that comes from a life as a vampire and cultist.
Castle of the Worm Castle of the Worm none Signet of the Worm Worn by the upper ranks of Mannimarco's followers, this simple ring is stained with necromantic fluids.
The Harborage The Tharn Speaks none Tharn Family Ring Emblazoned with the symbol of the ancient Tharn family, and most likely hundreds of years old.
Halls of Torment Halls of Torment none Jewel of the Duchess This simple band allowed the Daedra working for the Duchess to withstand the agony of her mere presence.
The Valley of Blades Valley of Blades none Sword Saint's Choker A relic interred within the Ancestral Crypt. Disturbed by the dark magics of Mannimarco and once worn by a Sword Saint of old.
Sancre Tor Shadow of Sancre Tor none Signet of Sancre Tor After years in the heavily enchanted vaults of Sancre Tor, this ring actively deflects magicka around it.
Vision of the Companions Council of the Five Companions none Band of the Companions The inner edge of this ring bears runes, one for each member of the original Five Companions.
Heart's Grief God of Schemes Oblivion's Foe Great Axe of the Titanborn Runes along the blade sing of the Titanborn clan legacy. The deeds of Lyris' father are the last that will be engraved here.
Heart's Grief God of Schemes Oblivion's Foe Sword Saint's Blade Inscriptions run the length of the blade, prayers from Sai Sahan to the Sword Saints of Alik'r.
Heart's Grief God of Schemes Oblivion's Foe The Emperor's Blessing Carved by Varen himself as his sight left him, the runes that run its length speak to his power as a mage and a seer.
The Harborage Cadwell's Silver Meridia's Blessed Armor Meridia's Charm of the Dawn Meridia created this token from the first light of dawn at the height of summer.
The Harborage Cadwell's Gold Meridia's Blessed Armor Meridia's Emblem of Searing Light Though the task Meridia set before you is complete, you sense that she still watches you through this pendant.

DLCs and Chapters[edit]

Appears only with Orsinium
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name
Bonerock Cavern Riekr Revenge Trinimac's Valor Riekr Wrecker
Exile's Barrow Draugr Dilemma Briarheart Barrow Brigandine
Fharun Stronghold Blood and the Sacred Words Mark of the Pariah Malacath's Final Word
Frostbreak Fortress The Hidden Harvest Briarheart Winterborn Gardbrace
Frostbreak Fortress For King and Glory none Ice-Heart's Blade
Frozen Fleet Where Loyalty Lies Briarheart Materre's Bodkin
Graystone Quarry Quarry Conundrum Mark of the Pariah Pauldrons of Clan Tumnosh
Honor's Rest The Ashes of Our Fathers Trinimac's Valor Diagnan Hauberk
Morkul Stronghold The Hand of Morkul Trinimac's Valor Morkul's Mighty Mallet
Old Orsinium Flames of Forge and Fallen Mark of the Pariah Blade of the Bloody Tusk
Paragon's Remembrance Forcing the Faith Mark of the Pariah Trinimac's Blessed Plackart
Rkindaleft A Heart of Brass Briarheart Dwarven Brass Sallet
Shatul Range A Question of Succession Mark of the Pariah Barbute of Clan Shatul
Sorrow Sorrow's Kiss Mark of the Pariah Vambrace of Sorrow
Appears only with Clockwork City
Clockwork City
Place Boss?Quest Set Item Name Description
Brass Fortress Lost in the Gloam Unfathomable Darkness Tenebrous Girdle The Whispering Shadows cult that serves Nocturnal crafts its armor with threads of living shadow pulled from the streams of Evergloam.
Clockwork City Vaults To The Clockwork City Unfathomable Darkness Living Shadow Skin Divayth Fyr's mind worked quickly to infuse part of his lost shadow essence into this cast-off brigandine.
Cogitum Centralis Where Shadows Lie Livewire Proctor's Bronze Fists The Clockwork Apostles furnish their proctors with the most finely-crafted armor in the Clockwork City.
Elegiac Replication The Light of Knowledge Mad Tinkerer Raiment of the Initiate You served Sotha Sil well, and in exchange he presented you with this garment common to initiates of the Clockwork Apostles.
Evergloam Unto the Dark Unfathomable Darkness Evergloam Leggings "You know," Dalomar mused, "the Shrikes don't wear clothes. I wonder why the cultists bother."
Everwound Wellspring Oasis in a Metal Desert Mad Tinkerer Gardening Gloves The rich loam of the Everwound Wellspring is a rare and precious resource, and should be handled with gentle care.
Halls of Regulation The Halls of Regulation Livewire Welder's Greaves With all of the sparking, burning, and bladed objects in the Clockwork City, having good protection at knee level is considered essential.
Mechanical Fundament In Search of a Sponsor Mad Tinkerer Registrar's Legwrap Apostle garb is stiff and inflexible, much like the Apostles themselves.'
The Strangeness of Seht Unfathomable Darkness Grips of the Impostor The Shadow of Sotha Sil slipped through your fingers. It won't next time.'
Mnemonic Planisphere The Astronomer's Apprentice Mad Tinkerer The Astronomer's Orbit Even something as simple as a belt is a metaphor in Clockwork theology. In this case, the movement of celestial spheres and planes.'
Reactor District Most Complicated Machine Livewire Spare Serpentine Belt This tough belt is made from a rubbery strap leftover from Terari's exchange machine.'
The Shadow Cleft The Shadow Cleft Unfathomable Darkness Cleft Striders Tightly sealed boots are important when moving through Evergloam, lest small Daedric creatures wriggle their way into the spaces between.'
Vale of Tiers Cogs of Fate Mad Tinkerer Oracular Sandals It doesn't take a prognosticating factotum to know that a good pair of shoes can save you a lot of grief.'
Family Feud Livewire Explorer's Boots Raynor cobbled these boots together from spare parts found during your exploration of the Clockwork City.'
Ventral Terminus Deepening Shadows Livewire Traitor's Cuirass Even the act of betrayal has its place in Apostle philosophy.'
Appears only with Morrowind
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name
Ald'ruhn Divine Delusions Warrior-Poet Greaves of the Warrior-Poet
Balmora Family Reunion Defiler Veya's Axe of the Defiler
Barilzar's Tower Divine Intervention Defiler Great Axe of the Defiler
Clockwork City Vault Divine Restoration Warrior-Poet Blade of the Warrior-Poet
Dreudurai Glass Mine An Armiger's Duty Defiler Tribal Helm of the Defiler
Firemoth Island Breaking Through the Fog War Maiden Governor's Ring of the War Maiden
Forgotten Wastes Echoes of a Fallen House Defiler Nirith's Bulwark of the Defiler
Gnisis Hatching a Plan War Maiden Revus's Spare Staff of the War Maiden
Hleran Ancestral Tomb Ancestral Ties Defiler Seal of Hleran
Library of Andule The Lost Library Defiler Andule's Cuirass of the Defiler
Nchuleftingth The Heart's Desire War Maiden Artificer's Coat of the War Maiden
Tel Mora At Any Cost War Maiden Dark Staff of the War Maiden
Vassamsi Mine The Heart of a Telvanni War Maiden Tear-Stained Staff of the War Maiden
Vassir-Didanat Mine Like Blood from a Stone War Maiden Blackstone Hammer of the War Maiden
Veloth Ancestral Tomb Ancestral Adversity Warrior-Poet Pauldrons of the Warrior-Poet
Vivec City Divine Blessings Warrior-Poet Breastplate of the Warrior-Poet
Vos Reclaiming Vos War Maiden Dratha's Epaulettes of the War Maiden
Appears only with Summerset
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name
Alinor Royal Palace A New Alliance Wisdom of Vanus Ring of Summerset's Champion
Cathedral of Webs A Necessary Alliance Wisdom of Vanus Surcoat of the Psijic Order
Cey-Tarn Keep The Taste of Fear Grace of Gloom Greaves of the Insatiable
Corgrad Wastes Wasting Away Gryphon's Ferocity Corgrad Heirloom Belt
Crystal Tower The Crystal Tower Wisdom of Vanus Staff of the Crystal Tower
Direnni Acropolis Lauriel's Lament Wisdom of Vanus Tomb Keeper's Breeches
Ebon Stadmont Lost in Translation Grace of Gloom Ritemaster's Memorial Battlesword
Eldbur Ruins Whispers from the Deep Wisdom of Vanus Shoes of the Psijic Order
Eton Nir Grotto The Dreaming Cave Grace of Gloom Ritemaster's Gifted Gardbraces
Illumination Academy Illusions of Grandeur Grace of Gloom Targe of Foul Story
Karnwasten The Abyssal Cabal Grace of Gloom Battlereeve's Abyssal Gauntlets
Lillandril Murder In Lillandril Wisdom of Vanus Fallen Scholar's Epaulets
The Perils of Art Gryphon's Ferocity Boots of the Courier
The Tower Sentinels Gryphon's Ferocity Tower Sentinel Brigandine
Oleander Coast Winery Bantering with Bandits Gryphon's Ferocity Hulkynd's Sullied Sabatons
Russafeld Old Wounds Gryphon's Ferocity Ghost's Skullcap
Sea Keep Storming the Walls Grace of Gloom Sea Keep Siege Cuirass
Shimmerene The Queen's Decree Wisdom of Vanus Sash of the Psijic Order
Sil-Var-Woad Untamed and Unleashed Gryphon's Ferocity Menagerie Keeper's Gloves
Sunhold Sunhold Sundered Gryphon's Ferocity Sunnawel's Shining Espaulders
Appears only with Murkmire
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name
Lilmoth Missing in Murkmire Bright-Throat's Boast Helm of the Schemer
The Remnant of Argon By River and Root Champion of the Hist Rootmender's Staff
Root-Whisper Village The Swamp and the Serpent Dead-Water's Guile Maul of the Fallen Comrade
Appears only with Elsweyr
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Star Haven Adeptorium Captain Carvain N/A Sweetsilver Pendant A delicate silver necklace. Ironically, this lucky pendant was likely stolen.
Bright Moons, Warm Sands N/A Caravaner's Strong Box This box supposedly belongs to you, though your memory of it is hazy. Its contents will no doubt help you get back on your feet.
Riverhold A Rage of Dragons Call of the Undertaker Anequina Crypt Cudgel A Khajiiti hammer superbly balanced and weighted for smashing the undead.
The Usurper Queen N/A Blade of the Rawlith Khaj The adepts of the Desert Wind usually wield these balanced swords in pairs.
The Battle for Riverhold Vesture of Darloc Brae Riverhold Dragonfeller There are few deeds more legendary than felling a Dragon.
The Riverhold Abduction Call of the Undertaker Investigator's Burden Mizzik's heart is in the right place, even if his stomach isn't.
The Song of Kingdoms N/A Khajiit Historian's Girdle It's going to be quite an adventure finding those tablets. Hitch up your trousers and let's get going.
The Singing Crystal Crafty Alfiq Khajiit Scholar's Vestments Somehow, you can see Rajhin smile in your mind's eye whenever you touch the fabric.
Abode of Ignominy An Animal's Grim Abode Vesture of Darloc Brae Skein-Woven Grips Though made in the Khajiiti style, the cloth and leather components seem to consist of spider silk and supple chitin.
Tomb of the Serpents Strange Messengers Vesture of Darloc Brae Serpent Strand The Akaviri Potentate's peculiar armorsmithing practices changed the Imperial legions forever.
Ashen Scar The Witch of Azurah Call of the Undertaker Sabatons of the Lich Vastarie's take on necromancy is unorthodox, but not altogether malign.
Path of the Hidden Moon Vesture of Darloc Brae Hidden Moon Band Adepts of the Hidden Moon likely wore rings such as this as a reminder of what they stood to lose, should they fall to darkness.
The Moonlight Blade Crafty Alfiq Shard of the Crossing This amulet contains a sliver of crystallized power from the Crossing—the realm between realms.
Rimmen Two Queens Vesture of Darloc Brae Usurper Slayer Awarded for helping bring down Euraxia, the Usurper Queen of Rimmen.
The Final Order Call of the Undertaker Greatsword of the Cygnus Irregulars The Cygnus Irregulars may seem odd as Imperial soldiers go, but their weapons are second to none.
Cadwell the Betrayer Vesture of Darloc Brae Blade of the Betrayer Cadwell's former life came back to haunt him, even if it was a few thousand years later.
Jode's Core Vesture of Darloc Brae Moon Sentinel's Arc A mighty bow wielded by the ancient and mysterious Moon Sentinels on the Plane of Jode.
The Heir of Anequina Crafty Alfiq Royal Staff of Anequina Anequina is at peace once more, through great effort and bloodshed.
Scariest in Show N/A Dog Walkers Mind your step around untrained dogs.
Cross-cultural Confusion N/A Rigurt's Spare Shirt This garment is well-tailored, but Rigurt really needs to learn that washing one's clothes isn't optional.
Hadamnargo's Farmhouse Love and Guar N/A Guar-Guardian's Mantle The Khajiit don't have any guar-herding tradition to speak of, but perhaps Hadamnargo can start one.
Rimmen Necropolis Relatively Speaking Vesture of Darloc Brae Uncremated Necropolis Buckle Khajiiti grandparents are even more judgmental than human ones.
Anequina Aqueduct In Sickness and In Health Crafty Alfiq Anequina Healer's Rod S'rendarr's Cradle was a place of healing, but blood rarely washes out completely.
Hakoshae Descendant of the Potentate Crafty Alfiq Potentate's Staff of Storms The Akaviri may be gone from Tamriel, but their descendants remain, and their culture endures.
Weeping Scar Blood and Tears Call of the Undertaker Tenarr Zalviit Pauldrons Tenarr Zalviit is Ta'agra for 'Night Stalkers.'
The Tangle Moonstruck in Manacles Call of the Undertaker Ruddy Fang Helm Few bandit prides can match the Ruddy Fangs' long reach and entrenched regional power.
Two Moons at Tenmar Temple The Lunacy of Two Moons Call of the Undertaker Sheggorath's Greaves These metal leg guards smell faintly of cheese.
Merryvale Farms Home Sweet Home Call of the Undertaker Sugar-Baron's Defender Bodyguards of the southern Anequina sugar-barons often carry heater shields like this.
Darkpool Mine Iron in the Blood Vesture of Darloc Brae Daegonite Jerkin In the Khajiiti pantheon, Mehrunes Dagon is simply known as 'Merrunz' and is pictured as a destructive kitten. Not unlike standard kittens.
Cicatrice Scars of the Past Call of the Undertaker Staff of Corrupted Springs Even spirits of healing may fall prey to despair in times of great sickness and death.
The Stitches Thick as Thieves Vesture of Darloc Brae Vault-Cracker's Vizard Khasda's reign has come to an end, but who's to say what will become of his riches?
Beware the Purring Liar N/A Thief-God's Pants Silken fabric and a snug fit makes these pants perfect for skulking.
The Connoisseur N/A Vintner's Buckle Gathering up cursed items does occasionally pay off! This buckle is polished to a mirror-sheen.
The Jewel of Baan Dar N/A Sandstorm Mask Without suitable protection, even the strongest adventurers can succumb to the raking winds of an Anequina sandstorm.
Sweet Rotmeth Brew N/A Rotmeth Grips These gloves, while comfortable, reek of Wood Elf libations.
Orcrest Unhealthy Preoccupation Vesture of Darloc Brae Orcrest Quarantine Spaulders When you are up to your arms in the sick and the dead, these provide good protection.
Predator Mesa Hunting the Hunters Vesture of Darloc Brae Athlete's Treads One pair of sturdy boots with new soles, courtesy of your bet winnings.
The Prowl Preserving the Prowl Call of the Undertaker Poacher's Grips No beast can escape the vise-like grip of these gauntlets.
Appears only with Dragonhold
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Black Heights Chiaroscuro Crossroads Marauder's Haste Paint-Stained Ring A ring covered with small flecks of paint from the town of Black Heights.
Dragonguard Sanctum The Dragon's Lair Ancient Dragonguard Ancient Dragonguard Sword An ancient Dragonguard blade found among the ruins of the Dragonguard Sanctum. Whatever foundry produced it could likely be restored.
Reformation Dragonguard Elite Signet of the Dragonguard A ring given to the founding members of the new Dragonguard.
Uneasy Alliances Dragonguard Elite Restored Dragonguard Helm A restored helmet found within the armory of the Dragonguard Sanctum.
Order of the New Moon Dragonguard Elite Ancient Dragonguard Bow An intricately carved bow perfect for hunting Dragons.
The Pride of Alkosh Dragonguard Elite Charged Akaviri Staff A treasure found within the vaults of the Dragonguard Sanctum.
The Dragonguard Marauder's Haste Talon of Nahfahlaar A blade forged from a discarded talon of the Dragon Nahfahlaar.
The Dark Aeon Marauder's Haste Aeonstone Weave Armor forged from aeonstone by the Order of the New Moon.
New Moon Rising Dragonguard Elite Dragonguard Battlemage Armor A set of armor found in the Dragonguard Sanctum.
Forsaken Citadel Dreams of the Forsaken Senchal Defender Forsaken Citadel Armor An Imperial cuirass, undamaged by time, recovered from the depths of the Topal Imperial Academy.
Moonlit Cove Skooma Sequela Marauder's Haste Moonlit Cove Sash A piece of armor blessed by the waters of Moonlit Cove.
Senchal Palace Masterpieces N/A The Many Threads Cryptic notes from an Alfiq criminal, tracking his fellow thieves and their tapestry pieces.
The Pride of Elsweyr Senchal Defender Eminence of Elsweyr A medal of the highest honor bestowed by Queen Khamira for helping to save Elsweyr from a rage of Dragons.
South Guard Ruins A Childhood in Flames Senchal Defender Flame-Kissed Shield A shield scarred but made strong in the fires that ravaged South Guard.

Appears only with Greymoor
Place Boss/Quest Set Item Name Description
Deepwood Vale Bound in Blood N/A Traveler's Luggage This luggage supposedly belongs to you, though your memory of it is hazy. Its contents will no doubt help you get back on your feet.
Kilkreath Temple The Gathering Storm Winter's Respite Ambritt's Iceflame A dagger recovered from the Icereach Coven witch, Sister Ambritt.
Meridia's Brilliance Winter's Respite Meridia's Healing Rod A staff of healing, awarded for service to Meridia's priests at the Kilkreath Temple.
Solitude Dark Clouds Over Solitude Winter's Respite Surcoat of Solitude This outerwear identifies the wearer as a friend of Solitude.
Danger in the Holds Winter's Respite Morthal Barrow Breastplate Spoils from Morthal Barrow, awarded for service to Hjaalmarch Hold.
The Vampire Scholar Winter's Respite Fire Staff of the Gray Host An enchanted shaft once used by the Gray Host and recovered from Tzinghalis's Sanctum.
The Gray Host Venomous Spite Longbow of Solitude This bow is one of the legendary Weapons of Solitude.
Greymoor Rising Winter's Respite Greymoor Skullcap Vampiric headgear acquired in Blackreach's Greymoor Keep.
Daughter of the Wolf Eternal Vigor Sword of Solitude This sword is one of the legendary Weapons of Solitude.
The Maelmoth Mysterium Eternal Vigor Aggrieved Greaves Dark Elf armor, acquired while assisting the famed adventurer, Narsis Dren.
Orchestrations Winter's Respite Dancer's Treble Leggings Armor provided for aiding the Bards College in Solitude.
N/A Nel's Hidden Loves A love song of a bard's admiration for his missing instruments.
A Salskap to Remember Winter's Respite Dancer's Treble Shoes Footwear provided for aiding the Bards College in Solitude.
The Aspiring Scholar Winter's Respite Antiquarian's Gloves A scholar's gloves, awarded for aiding the Antiquarian, Yvara.
Karthwatch The Blood of Old Karth Eternal Vigor Karthwatch Walking Boots Boots once worn by the soldiers of Karthwatch, awarded for helping the town's survivors.
Mor Khazgur A Clan Divided Venomous Smite Mor Khazgur Crusher A powerful hammer constructed in the Orc style.
Karthald Cultural Conciliation Winter's Respite Rigurt's Fancy Shirt Rigurt the Brash of the Nord Cultural Exchange provided this fancy shirt as a thank you for your help.
Dragonhome Spellbound Eternal Vigor Dragonhome Helm An ancient helmet, acquired from the ruins of Dragonhome.
Dragon Bridge Crisis at Dragon Bridge Eternal Vigor Dragon Bridge Bastion A Nordic shield, awarded for service to the garrison at Dragon Bridge.
Shadowgreen The Mountain Bellows Venomous Smite Spriggan's Lament Spriggans demonstrate a particular fear of this sharp blade.
Labyrinthian The Fading Fire Winter's Respite Seeker's Cincture Ancient armor found in the ruins of Labyrinthian.
Frozen Coast The Fate of the Frozen Venomous Smite Icewalker's Boots Magreta provided this footwear for bringing her news concerning her partner, Nelfthea.
Morthal Long Journey Home Winter's Respite Frost-Cursed Lament For saving her daughter, Lady Ninetha of Morthal gave you this necklace.
The Silver Cormorant Of Ice and Death Eternal Vigor Frost-Cursed Staff Maxten Favrete, the ice necromancer, wielded this staff in Verglas Hollow.
Hjaalmarch The Pale Man Eternal Vigor Drendek's Gloves These gloves belongs to Aerolf's brother, a reward for helping him deal with the Pale Man.
Chillwind Depths Potent Poison Venomous Smite Angrar's Brace Armor given as a reward for returning Angrar's note.
Dusktown Adanzda's Mining Samples Venomous Smite Zabusihr's Soft Shoulders This Khajiiti armor was your reward for finding and returning mining samples.
Digging Up Trouble Venomous Smite Bitterblade Mining Helmet Protective headgear used by the miners in Dusktown.
Ghamborz's Mining Samples Venomous Smite Ghamborz's Rough Leggings This Orc armor was your reward for finding and returning mining samples.
Inguya's Mining Samples Eternal Vigor Girdle of Inguya This Vampiric armor was your reward for finding and returning mining samples.
Kelbarn's Mining Samples Eternal Vigor Kelbarn's Mantlet This Nordic armor was your reward for finding and returning mining samples.
Reeh-La's Mining Samples Venomous Smite Reeh-La's Scaled Vest This Argonian armor was your reward for finding and returning mining samples.
Blackreach: Dark Moon Grotto Hounds of Hircine Eternal Vigor Hircine's Moonring A ring bearing a Hircine stone, acquired by helping the Werewolf pack of Dark Moon Grotto.
Greymoor Keep The Lady of Blood Venomous Smite Deathstone Spiral A ring containing a Vampiric deathstone, found in Greymoor Keep.
The Lightless Hollow One Last Adventure Eternal Vigor Viggol's Mallet This hammer commemorates Viggol's last adventure.
Midnight Barrow Prisoner of the Past Venomous Smite Draugr's Demise This heavy blade has decimated dozens of Draugr.
The Scraps Scraps Matter Winter's Respite Spiderprod Staff A Dwarven staff designed to herd Dwarven Spiders, acquired in the Scraps.
Nchuthnkarst The Tones of the Deep Eternal Vigor Nchuthnkarst Halberd A Dwarven axe acquired in the ruins of Nchuthnkarst.


Aldmeri Dominion[edit]

Place Boss Set Item Name
The Banished Cells I Cell Haunter Jailbreaker Reanimating Pendant
Shadowrend Jailbreaker Render's Axe
Tormentor Darktarge
Angata the Clannfear Handler Sanctuary Angata's Signet
Skeletal Destroyer Tormentor Vertebral Ring
High Kinlord Rilis Jailbreaker Guilehammer
Sanctuary High Kinlord's Revenge
Place Boss Set Item Name
The Banished Cells II Keeper Areldur Sanctuary Areldur's Ring
Maw of the Infernal Sanctuary Staff of Conflagration
Keeper Voranil Tormentor Keeper's Insignia
Tormentor Keeper's Medallion
Keeper Imiril Jailbreaker Firetooth
Sister Vera and Sister Sihna Sanctuary Talisman of the Sisters
High Kinlord Rilis Sanctuary Staff of the Banished
Jailbreaker Corruptor's Maul
Place Boss Set Item Name
Elden Hollow I Akash gra-Mal Undaunted Bastion Akash's First Love
Ancient Spriggan Light Speaker Grandmother's Lace
Chokethorn Light Speaker Chokethorn's Healing Root
Nenesh gro-Mal Barkskin Tribal Hair-Knot
Leafseether Light Speaker Leafring
Undaunted Bastion Pendant of Vines
Canonreeve Oraneth Barkskin Canonreeve's Scepter
Undaunted Bastion The Thalmor Gavel
Place Boss Set Item Name
Elden Hollow II Dubroze the Infester Undaunted Bastion Daedroth Tooth Necklace
Dark Root Light Speaker Dark Root of Restoration
Azara the Frightener Light Speaker Jewel of Azara
Murklight Barkskin Murkhammer
The Shadow Guard Undaunted Bastion Oraneth's Lost Jewels
Light Speaker Band of the Shadow Guard
Bogdan the Nightflame Barkskin Bogdan's Claw
Undaunted Bastion Bogdan's Flame
Place Boss Set Item Name
City of Ash I Infernal Guardian Sunderflame Wildmaul
Golor the Banekin Handler Burning Spellweave Scamplord's Signet
Warden of the Shrine Burning Spellweave Staff of the Grove
Embershield Aegis of Ash
Dark Ember Sunderflame Ember Eye
Rothariel Flameheart Embershield Rothariel's Necklace
Razor Master Erthas Sunderflame Bow of the Deadlands
Embershield Betrayer's Axe
Place Boss Set Item Name
City of Ash II Rukhan Burning Spellweave Rukhan's Rugged Kilt
Urata the Legion Sunderflame Urata's Mask of Mockery
Horvantud the Fire Maw Burning Spellweave Fire Maw's Fang
Ash Titan Sunderflame Splitting Axe of the Titan
Xivilai Boltaic and Xivilai Fulminator Embershield Charged Loop
Valkyn Skoria Sunderflame Skoria's Charred Claymore
Malabal Tor
Place Boss Set Item Name
Tempest Island Sonolia the Matriarch Jolting Arms Matriarch's Ring
Valaran Stormcaller Jolting Arms Stormcaller's Blade
Yalorasse the Speaker Overwhelming Surge Speaker's Band
Stormfist Jolting Arms Tempestshield
Storm Master Raining Hammer
Commodore Ohmanil Overwhelming Surge Commodore's Medal
Stormreeve Neidir Overwhelming Surge Neidir's Thundering Staff
Storm Master Windwhisper
Reaper's March
Place Boss Set Item Name
Selene's Web Treethane Kerninn Vestments of the Warlock Treethane's Sigil
Longclaw Hircine's Veneer Longclaw's Bow
Queen Aklayah Hircine's Veneer Adventurer's Lost Medallion
Foulhide Durok's Bane Bearslayer
Vestments of the Warlock Foulhide's Fang
Mennir Many-Legs Durok's Bane Arachnoid Ring
Selene Vestments of the Warlock Selene's Scepter
Durok's Bane Webcutter

Daggerfall Covenant[edit]

Place Boss Set Item Name
Spindleclutch I Spindlekin Prayer Shawl Silky Threads
Swarm Mother Knightmare Spinner's Pierce
Prayer Shawl Swarm Mother's Sprig
Cerise the Widow-Maker Spelunker Gilded Choker
Prayer Shawl Widow's Band
Big Rabbu Knightmare Guardsman's Mark
The Whisperer Spelunker Whisperwoe
Knightmare Spindlecleave
Place Boss Set Item Name
Spindleclutch II Mad Mortine Knightmare Gem of Madness
Blood Spawn Spelunker Bloodfury
Praxin Douare Spelunker Nightmare
Flesh Atronach Trio Prayer Shawl Fleshlinks
Urvan Veleth Knightmare Signet of the Stalker
Prayer Shawl Chain of the Coven
Vorenor Winterbourne Prayer Shawl Vampiric Scepter
Spelunker Axe of Sacrifice
Place Boss Set Item Name
Wayrest Sewers I Slimecraw Combat Physician Lost Wedding Band
Investigator Garron Sergeant's Mail Garron's Cold Betrayal
Uulgarg the Hungry Toothrow Uulgarg's Charm
Sergeant's Mail Smuggler's Luck Beads
The Rat Whisperer Toothrow Rattail Necklace
Varaine Pellingare Sergeant's Mail Mightmaker
Allene Pellingare Combat Physician Wicked Bite
Toothrow Ratskewer Bow
Place Boss Set Item Name
Wayrest Sewers II Malubeth the Scourger Toothrow Malubeth's Stinger
Skull Reaper Sergeant's Mail Reaper's Choker
Uulgarg the Risen Sergeant's Mail Ring of the Risen
Combat Physician Uulgarg's Bones
Garron the Returned Combat Physician Garron's Icy Grasp
The Forgotten One Combat Physician Loop of the Lost
Allene and Varaine Pellingare Toothrow Allene's Deathly Bow
Sergeant's Mail Varaine's Death Knell
Place Boss Set Item Name
Crypt of Hearts I The Mage Master Shroud of the Lich Mage Master's Signet
Archmaster Siniel Shroud of the Lich Archmaster's Ritestaff
Uulkar Bonehand Ebon Armory Bonehand's Amulet
Death's Leviathan Leviathan Bonehammer
Dogas the Berserker Leviathan Pulsing Dremora Ring
Ebon Armory Dremora Collar
Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zaven Leviathan Athor's Sundering Voice
Shroud of the Lich Zaven's Doomstaff
Place Boss Set Item Name
Crypt of Hearts II Ibelgast Ebon Armory Ibelgast's Promise
Ruzozuzalpamaz Leviathan Ruzozuzalpamaz's Charged Barb
Chamber Guardian Leviathan Band of Bone Cracking
Ilambris Amalgam Ebon Armory Mallet of the Devourer
Mezeluth Shroud of the Lich Mezeluth's Ring
Nerien'eth Shroud of the Lich Nerien'eth's Forsaken Staff
Alik'r Desert
Place Boss Set Item Name
Volenfell Desert Lion Crusader Lion-Tooth Pendant
Quintus Verres and the Monstrous Gargoyle Treasure Hunter Quintus' Exploding Staff
Boilbite Treasure Hunter Beetle Eye Ring
Unstable Construct Crusader Ancient Ring
Crusader Ancient Necklace
Tremorscale Duneripper's Scales Tremorscale's Tooth
Guardian Council Treasure Hunter Ancient Imperial Staff
Duneripper's Scales Ancient Imperial Hammer
Place Boss Set Item Name
Blackheart Haven Iron-Heel Knight-Errant's Mail Pillager's Ring
Undaunted Unweaver Jewels of the Iliac Bay
Atarus Undaunted Unweaver Atarus' Masher
First Mate Wavecutter Bone Pirate's Tatters First Mate's Mark
Roost Mother Undaunted Unweaver Roost Mother's Branch
Hollow Heart Undaunted Unweaver Hollow-Heart Pendant
Captain Blackheart Bone Pirate's Tatters Skullmaker
Knight-Errant's Mail Shield of the Black Death

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

Place Boss Set Item Name
Fungal Grotto I Tazkad the Packmaster Viper's Sting Huntmaster's Leash
Viper's Sting Tazkad's Band
War Chief Ozozai Spider Cultist Cowl War Chief's Firebrand
Dreugh King Slayer Dreughsdeath
Broodbirther Spider Cultist Cowl Broodmother's Knot
Clatterclaw Dreugh King Slayer Crabclaw Charm
Kra'gh the Dreugh King Viper's Sting Goblinsbane
Dreugh King Slayer Dreugh King's Totem
Place Boss Set Item Name
Fungal Grotto II Mephala's Fang Viper's Sting Spidersilk Garland
Gamyne Bandu Viper's Sting Knife of Shadows
Ciirenas the Shepherd Dreugh King Slayer Mender's Mark
Spawn of Mephala Viper's Sting Debaser
Dreugh King Slayer Webspinner's Brace
Reggr Dark-Dawn Spider Cultist Cowl Band of the Breaker
Vila Theran Dreugh King Slayer Nightcaller
Spider Cultist Cowl Widow's Voidstaff
Place Boss Set Item Name
Darkshade Caverns I Head Shepherd Neloren Armor of Truth Kwama Shepherd's Charm
Foreman Llothan Netch's Touch Llothan's Burning Crutch
The Hive Lord Netch's Touch Hive Lord's Shell
Netch's Touch Deadly Pincer
Cavern Patriarch Strength of the Automaton Lambent Netch Tentacles
Cutting Sphere Netch's Touch Lost Imperial Band
Sentinel of Rkugamz Armor of Truth Imperial Arm-Cleaver
Strength of the Automaton Imperial Warhammer
Place Boss Set Item Name
Darkshade Caverns II The Fallen Foreman Armor of Truth Foreman's Ring
Transmuted Hive Lord Armor of Truth Fist of the Hive Lord
Armor of Truth Transmuted Kwama Shell
Transmuted Alit Netch's Touch Alit Tongue Charm
Grobull the Transmuted Netch's Touch Grobull's Charge
Engine Garrison Netch's Touch Automaton Gem
The Engine Guardian Strength of the Automaton Ancient Great Axe
Strength of the Automaton Pincer of the Guardian
Place Boss Set Item Name
Arx Corinium Fanged Menace Undaunted Infiltrator Chain of the Snake Charmer
Ganakton the Tempest Lamia's Song Belisaro's Bolt
Sliklenia the Songstress Undaunted Infiltrator Sweetsong
Matron Ixniaa Lamia's Song Matron's Mark
Lamia's Song Ixniaa's Jewels
Ancient Lurcher Medusa Swampbinder
Sellistrix the Lamia Queen Medusa Sellistrix's Siphon
Medusa Fang of the Lamia Queen
Place Boss Set Item Name
Direfrost Keep Teethnasher the Frostbound Ice Furnace Troll-Tooth Necklace
Keeper of the Flame Magicka Furnace Witchdrinker
Drodda's Apprentice Magicka Furnace Snowy Signet
Magicka Furnace Apprentice's Chain
Drodda's Dreadlord Draugr Hulk Dreadlord's Mark
Iceheart Ice Furnace Shard of Iceheart
Drodda of Icereach Ice Furnace Drodda's Boreal Staff
Draugr Hulk Drodda's Withering Edge
The Rift
Place Boss Set Item Name
Blessed Crucible Grunt the Clever Nikulas' Heavy Armor Necklace of Giant Toes
The Pack Nikulas' Heavy Armor Wolfpack Staff
Teranya the Faceless Sword Dancer Mark of the Morag Tong
The Troll King Noble Duelist's Silks Beastmaster's Crop
Captain Thoran Noble Duelist's Silks Thoran's Bond-Ring
Sword Dancer Captain's Medallion
The Lava Queen Noble Duelist's Silks Brimstone Staff
Noble Duelist's Silks Claymore of the Crucible


Place Boss Set Item Name
Vaults of Madness The Cursed One Rattlecage Gem of Curses
Rattlecage Forbidden Jewels
Ulguna Soul-Reaver Rattlecage Soul-Siphon
Worm's Raiment Maleficence
Worm's Raiment Soul-Reave
Death's Head Rattlecage Bonebound Ring
Oblivion's Edge Death's Amulet
Grothdarr Oblivion's Edge Grothdarr's Fist
Oblivion's Edge Fleshsear
Rattlecage Despair
Achaeraizur Rattlecage Achaeraizur's Chain
Oblivion's Edge Band of the Daedroth
The Ancient One Worm's Raiment Watcher's Eye
Worm's Raiment Ring of the Ancient One
Iskra the Omen Oblivion's Edge Ill Omen
Rattlecage Omen's Edge
Worm's Raiment Ruin
Mad Architect Oblivion's Edge Architect's Shield
Worm's Raiment The Mad Cleaver
Worm's Raiment The Mad Maul
Rattlecage Vengeance

DLCs and Chapters[edit]

Imperial City
Place Boss Set Item Name Description
Imperial City Prison Overfiend Scathing Mage Subjugation Fist A brutal hammer, aptly named, and suitable to the Overfiend's mission.
Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor Sheer Venom Toxic Cleaver Gazing upon this unwholesome weapon, it's suddenly not hard to believe in the vile legends of Ayleid flesh sculpture.
Gravelight Sentry Sheer Venom The Vigilant One A bow suitable for a sentry who needs to be alert for intruders—and also remain wary of a hovering Watcher.
Flesh Abomination Scathing Mage Abomination's Clout Grasping this powerful weapon by the haft makes the wielder's hands feel somehow unclean, though no actual taint appears.
Lord-Warden's Council Scathing Mage Warden's Trust Apparently even Daedric minions need Restoration magic to recover from wounds.
Lord Warden Dusk Leeching Plate Warden's Courage When holding the Lord Warden's sword, one can somehow sense the strength of his resolve.
Place Boss Set Item Name Description
White-Gold Tower The Adjudicator Essence Thief Harvest Dirk This dagger looks like it was forged from an actual Harvester's claw. Can that really be true?
Elite Guard Brands of Imperium Protector's Resolve This greatsword appears to be ideal for a sentry who needs to hold a door at all costs.
The Planar Inhibitor Spell Power Cure The Unbroken This strange flame staff is constructed of some unfamiliar material. Could it have come from Infernace itself?
Molag Kena Spell Power Cure Molag Kena's Touch This exotic shock staff seems to crackle with internal energy even when at rest.