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Nalsie Nothro's Manor
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Owner Nalsie Nothro
Telvanni Peninsula
Western Necrom
Nalsie Nothro's Manor

Nalsie Nothro's Manor is a medium-sized home owned by Nalsie Nothro on the west side of Necrom. The front door is across from the Mages Guild and is protected by an advanced lock.


Nalsie Nothro's Manor
Andillu Baro
Nalsie Nothro


The manor has two floors with two rooms on the bottom level and four on the top. The northern room on the bottom floor has a hiding spot near the doorway and an advanced safebox at the back of the room. Gunth can be found walking around this room. The southern room has nothing of note.

Up the stairs, Andillu Baro will sometimes be sweeping the landing at the top. The rest of the time, she will be patrolling the northern two bedrooms. If she sees you, she will become hostile and attack you. There is a hiding spot outside the northwest bedroom and an advanced safebox inside.

On the other side, there is a hiding spot behind a divider in the hallway. Nalsie Nothro walks between the two bedrooms. An advanced safebox can be found in the southeast bedroom.


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