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Mages Guild
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Telvanni Peninsula
The Necrom Mages Guild

The Necrom Mages Guild is a guildhall housing the branch of the Mages Guild in Necrom.

When you enter, the mystic Calodore is selling from his stall, Magnificent Morpholiths, in front of the entrance. Adelle Montagne will be standing on the right if Long Lost Lore has not yet been started. There are stairs to the left and right that both lead to a training and study area, although there is a Necrom Guard at the top of the righthand set of stairs, so players with bounties should be careful. If the lefthand stairs are taken, a copy of Daedric Worship and the Dark Elves can be found on a table on the landing. On a desk next to Arnsi Farano in the study area is the book A New Cult Arises. The magus Maloril Maloren is situated at the back left of the training arena. Note that despite the many bookshelves in the building, only the middle shelves at each end of the training area can be interacted with.


Mages Guild
Arnsi Farano
Calodore Mystic
Eldil Helothren
Ivrosa Drobar
Maloril Maloren Magus
Melvona Faren