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Researcher An'Xeh
Home City Necrom
Location Outside the Necrom Mages Guild
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Researcher An'Xeh

Researcher An'Xeh is an Argonian member of the Mages Guild who can be found within Necrom. He is looking for help after an experiment with the Dreamstone went awry.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will be standing outside the Mages Guildhall, and when you approach you may hear:

"Can anyone help me? I don't want to live in a nightmare!"

Speak with An'Xeh to see what is wrong:

Member of the Mages Guild:
Not a member:
"We don't like to discriminate against the more bookish members of our guild. In fact, we tend to encourage them. But we need an adventurer, not a librarian.
The guild has need of you. It will be dangerous, but we can compensate you."
"This doesn't entirely break precedent, but it is unusual. I've been sent to find assistance outside the Mages Guild.
Can you help us? We will reward you for the danger you face."
What does the Mages Guild need me for?
"You know how powerful mages can be. We command the elements or make things from nothing. We can summon entities from across Oblivion. Even shape reality if you want to be grandiose about it.
But what if we … summon something terrible?"
A Mages Guild member summoned something terrible?
"Not yet. But if we don't stop it, one of Vaermina's nightmare Daedra could manifest in our world.
This portal leads to Warlock Vanton's Tower, the focus of the threat. Do you know other warriors? Gather them. This will be exceedingly dangerous."
All right, I'll go through the portal.

After you agree to help, a portal will form beside Researcher An'Xeh. You can continue speaking with him and ask more questions:

"Talk to Scholar Arlance when you arrive at the tower. He's watching over Warlock Vanton with the rest of the mages. I only left to find help when we figured out what Vaermina's Daedra planned.
The portal is right there. Quickly now!"
Why is one of Vaermina's Daedra attacking Warlock Vanton?
"The Daedra attacking Vanton exists only in nightmare. But Vanton's power might be enough to bring it fully into this plane.
Warlock Vanton was studying the Dreamstone. If there is anywhere a nightmare creature can hide, it's in that relic."
If there are other mages with Warlock Vanton, why don't they deal with this?
"We're worried about what would happen if the Daedra's plan succeeds and it enters this plane. If the thing plaguing Vanton infects anyone else …. It's better if we send someone else to help Vanton.
Someone whose mind isn't at risk."
If this Dreamstone is so dangerous, why don't you destroy it?
"Destroy it? Without knowing the magic it possesses? Without fully comprehending the power it holds? No.
I agree the relic is dangerous. But that's why only the most accomplished Mages Guild members should deal with it."
Why did Vanton have this Dreamstone?
"He asked to study it. None of us thought he'd be foolish enough to do so without setting protective wards first.
I don't know Vanton very well, but Wizard Twelvane speaks highly of him. I hope this doesn't destroy his mind entirely."

After you defeated Ansul:

"I hope I don't have any nightmares relating to what Vanton endured. My spine is already tense from too many waking terrors."