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Mages Guild
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Daggerfall Covenant
The Evermore Mages Guild

The Evermore Mages Guild is a guildhall housing the Mages Guild branch in Evermore. It is a Breton-style, two-story guildhall. The upper floor is constructed as a narrow loft circling around the building. It is accessed by the stairways on both sides of the front door. Across the hall from the entrance there is a niche with a magical construct inscribed with Daedric symbols. Prelate Sabinus can be found here. The guildhall has an ascetic atmosphere, not having any decorations, comfortable furniture or storage containers. The only pieces of furniture found here are two desks on each floor. It appears that the guildhall was meant to have a voluminous library since the bookcases decorate practically all the walls, top to bottom, on both floors. However, the bookshelves are half-empty. The magister and the magus reside on the first floor while the mystic can be found in the loft.

The books Picnic at Pelin and The Royal House of King Eamond can be found lying on desks.

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* Only appears here during The Mad God's Bargain quest.

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