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Location Mages Guilds in various cities
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Valaste is a High Elf member of the Mages Guild. She is the Master of Incunabula, responsible for maintaining the guild's libraries, arcanaea, and seeking out new and interesting works to add to the collection.

At the conclusion of The Mad God's Bargain, depending on the choice you make, Valaste will make a permanent home outside the guild hall on Eyevea.

Related Quests[edit]


Before you join the guild, she will be too busy to speak with you:

"If you want to join the Mages Guild, please see the magister. I have pressing issues I must attend to."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Long Lost Lore[edit]

Once you have become an adept of the Mages Guild, Valaste will have some need of your skills. As you approach, you'll hear her say: "Hmm. Yes, that's just in line with the third law of arcanodynamics. Excellent."

Speak to her. If you have spoken to Adelle Montagne already, she'll greet you with:

"You received my message! Excellent. I appreciate your prompt attention."

Otherwise, she'll say:

"Well met, Adept. I believe I may have a task for you."
What can I do for you?
"New members are the lifeblood of the Mages Guild. Especially for retrieval missions.
I've received word about a possible store of ancient knowledge in a ruin nearby. I'd like you to retrieve it for me."
Where is this?
Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion:
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant:
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact:
"To the north of the city lies the ruin known as Ondil.
If you please, investigate the ruin and bring back any interesting books you can find."
I'll return as soon as I can.
"The ruins of Ondil are a dark and dangerous place. Tread carefully, Adept."
"Along the coast to the north lies the Ayleid ruin known as Silumm.
If you please, investigate the ruin and bring back any interesting books you can find."
I'll return as soon as I can.
"The ruins of Silumm are a dark and dangerous place. Tread carefully, Adept."
" West of here, on the coast near Ash Mountain, lies a Dwemer ruin, the Inner Sea Armature.
If you please, investigate the ruin and bring back any interesting books you can find."
I'll return as soon as I can.
"The Inner Sea Armature is a dangerous place. Tread carefully, Adept."

Once you have agreed to help her with research, you can ask her about herself, the books and the guild.

What is your role in the Mages Guild?
"I am the Master of Incunabula, the keeper of tomes.
I've come here to inspect the local Arcanaeum, the guild's library. I've dedicated my life to expanding our guild's knowledge. Standards must be kept."
How did you learn about these books?
"We have ears everywhere, Adept. An intelligence report fell into my hands that mentioned these tomes."
Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion:
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant:
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact:
I thought the Guild was neutral in the war?
"We are neutral in the war for Cyrodiil. And proud of it. That doesn't mean we don't take an interest when the Eyes of the Queen notice something."
Eyes of the Queen?
"The intelligence arm of the Aldmeri Dominion. Personally loyal to her Majesty Queen Ayrenn. My understanding is that many of their members used to adventure with Her Highness during her wild days."
I thought the Guild was neutral in the war?
"We are neutral in the war for Cyrodiil. And proud of it. That doesn't mean we don't take an interest when the Ring of Daggers notices something."
Ring of Daggers?
"The intelligence arm of the Daggerfall Covenant. They enforce economic and political issues for King Emeric. My understanding is that the leader, a woman named Copper, got the position when she called in some kind of marker from His Majesty."
I thought the Guild was neutral in the war?
"We are neutral in the war for Cyrodiil. And proud of it. That doesn't mean we don’t take an interest when the Hidden Armigers notice something."
Hidden Armigers?
"The intelligence arm of the Ebonheart Pact. Rumor is they used to be an alchemy group from within House Telvanni who jumped ship. Now they answer to King Jorunn personally, and the Eight only knows what they get up to."
What's in these books?
"I don't know. It's always a delicious mystery, cracking open a book for the first time.
They could be anything from ancient recipes for stew to high arcana. Even racy journals penned by Elven poets!"

After retrieving the tomes and getting visited by a strange Nord, you can return to Valaste and tell her what happened.

"Were you successful? Do you have the tomes?"
Yes, I have them right here. And something strange happened.
"Well done! You're already proving your worth to the guild.
Sorry, did you say strange? What happened?"
An old man in robes appeared to me. He said his name was Shalidor?
"Shalidor! Labyrinthian's father, the Spellmirror's forger. Are you speaking truly?
And uh … this book's pages are blank. Why is it glowing?"
Shalidor appeared right after I picked up that book. He said fire would show you the words.
"The spellwrights of the First Era used a special ink that would remain invisible until immersed in arcane fire. Perhaps that's what he meant?
We have a brazier nearby burning with such a fire. Let's see what the flames reveal."
I'll give it a try.
"Cast the book into the arcane fire. Fear not. The pages will not burn."

You can ask her about Shalidor.

Can you tell me more of Shalidor?
"Shalidor was the most famous arch-mage of the First Era. His dedication to spellcraft and his commitment to research were unmatched by any before or since.
Most mages revere him, though he does have his critics."
Why would he be criticized?
"Shalidor felt that one should earn the right to be called "mage." He created many trials to test the spellcasting mettle of men and mer.
His loudest detractors were those who failed those tests."

Once you use the Arcane Fire, you can show Valaste what was revealed.

"What has the fire revealed?"
I can't understand the words here. They must be very complex spells.
"Complex indeed. Much of this is beyond my understanding, but … here. This one is an attunement spell.
We can summon Arch-Mage Shalidor himself! We'll need some ritual orbs …."
What do these orbs do?
"They'll focus your Magicka, attune your life energies, and draw him to this place.
The ritual will apparently also link your mind with his."
What does that mean?
"It means that the arch-mage will be able to guide you, and speak to you whenever he chooses.
Are you ready to begin?"
Yes. Let's begin.

Valaste will then begin the ritual and will give you instructions.

Valaste: "To the center!"
Valaste: "First, we attune your spirit to Shalidor's."

Once in the center, three purple orbs will appear around you in a triangle formation.

Valaste: "Ready. When you're set, use the orb before you."

If you talk to her during this, she will ask you to complete the ritual.

"Use the crystal, Adept.
It will prove you worthy … or lacking."

Once you touch the orb, Arch-Mage Shalidor will be able to materialize to explain what he wants help with.

Before you talk to Shalidor:

"Good luck, adept. You carry the Guild's blessing with you on your journey."

After talking to him he will open a portal to the realm of Sheogorath. Before you go into the portal you can speak to her again:

"Adept, new recruits to the Guild rarely impress me anymore... but you've already proven yourself to me. Good luck in Sheogorath's realm."

After completing some trials, you can return to the guildhall with the first tome to deliver it to Valaste.

"You radiate an aura of power. Does this mean you have the books?"
Only one. Sheogorath is going to make us pass tests to earn the others.
"Tests. Well, that's a start. I suppose.
What of Shalidor? He was drawn away from here in a burst of light."
Sheogorath summoned him.
"Not good. Not good.
I'll start translating this right away, but I hope Shalidor returns to help."
Sheogorath cursed the tome. Shalidor can't read it.
"Xarxes' backside! Then this is going to take a while.
Check in at a guild hall from time to time. I'll leave word for you when I've finished."
I will.
"In the meantime, keep an eye out during your travels. There are many lost tomes scattered throughout Tamriel.
Who knows? Any one of these books may help us restore Shalidor's lost island haven."

If you haven't turned in the quest yet, and speak to her again:

"Check in a guild hall from time to time. I'll do my best to contact you when I've finished."
I will.

Once you complete the quest, you can ask her a question before leaving, Valaste will already be getting into the translation.

"Pardon me. I must begin this translation. These runes … fascinating."
Valaste, about Sheogorath ….
"Terrifying isn't he? The will and attention of a child, with the power of a Daedric Prince."
Is he always like that?
"Well, look on the bright side. You're still upright on two legs. You're not inside-out, or bright purple, or afflicted with new, angry limbs.
It could be worse."

Simply Misplaced[edit]

Shalidor will direct you to Valaste, who has made progress with the first tome. She can be found at the Guildhall of your alliance's capital.

"Shalidor found you! Good to see you again. I've deciphered the spell inside the book. Are you prepared for Sheogorath's first test?"

If you bypassed Shalidor, you can start the quest directly with her:

"Welcome, Adept. I've deciphered the spell inside the book. Are you prepared for Sheogorath's first test?"
Yes, I'm ready.
"Excellent. It's been fascinating to work with Shalidor. Even though he can't read the book, he's been an invaluable resource. I had to decipher layers-upon-layers of meaning hidden within the tome."
Shalidor is here, then?
"Yes. Speak with the Archmage. He's meditating on the challenges ahead. I'm still somewhat … drained from my efforts, so he'll open the portal to the Shivering Isles for you."
Thank you, Valaste.
"Auri-El watch your steps. I'm very excited about this project. Shalidor's sanctuary would be a boon to every mage in Tamriel. Even Guildmaster Vanus approves of our work here!"

Before speaking with Shalidor, you can ask Valaste further questions.

What can you tell me about the book?
"I'm so glad you asked! On the surface it's a simple book of nursery rhymes from the Dunmer land of Stonefalls. But that's just on the surface."
There's more to it than children's stories?
"So much more! Each story has hidden meanings. Clever references to arcane lore, twisting and turning into the depths of history. It was fascinating to fully unlock the secrets of the book.
Sheogorath may be a madman, but he's also a genius!"
Do you know anything about where I'm going?
"Not much. We tried to scry into Oblivion, to get a sense of the place.
I couldn't see anything, but I was swept up in a strong sense of homesickness."
Where are you from?
"I came of age where most High Elves do: the beautiful green shores of the Summerset Isles. I often think of the pink petals and soft breezes of my homeland.
I'm not sure why those memories returned to me today, though."
Could you remind me about this sanctuary?
"Of course, adept. While investigating some ruins for me you caught the notice of Arch-Mage Shalidor, ancient patron of mages everywhere. We're working with him to complete the Mad God Sheogorath's trials and recover Shalidor's lost sanctuary."
What's it like working with Shalidor?
"A genuine pleasure. He has a fascinating view of history from a firsthand perspective!
And his knowledge of the deeper mysteries is … well. I feel like an apprentice again."
Valaste, are you enjoying this more than you're letting on?
"Adept, what transpires between myself and the Archmagus is between us and no one else. I don't need to answer your questions or anyone else's."
What's this sanctuary like?
"Eyevea, it's called. In ages past, it was an island in the Summerset Isles. Set aside for mages from across Tamriel, Shalidor worked tirelessly to make it a sanctuary. And just barely escaped when Sheogorath claimed it."
Has he spoken at all about how the sanctuary was lost?
"He still won't tell me what happened. I gather that there was some kind of bargain between them, and Sheogorath came out the better."

After you retrieve the second book with the help of Shalidor, you can hand it over to Valaste.

"Ah, you've returned. Do you have the second book?"
Yes, here's the book.
"Excellent … "The Circus of Cheerful Slaughter?" That's quite a title!
I'll begin my research immediately. Can't wait to get to it."

Should you talk to her again after completing the quest, she will be happy with your work so far.

"We're lucky to have you, adept. I'm no Battlemage. I'm much more comfortable in the stacks than in the field."

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

After answering the summons, Valaste will be happy you arrived.

"I'm glad Shalidor found you. I need your help."
What's wrong?
"Sheogorath! He's made this process insufferable. I translated the last book you retrieved, but it doesn't make any sense.
I can't find anything that might lead us to the next trial. I must be missing something."
Maybe if I read it?
"By all means. "Circus of Cheerful Slaughter" is just there on the desk.
But be careful. The treachery of the Mad God knows no bounds."
I'll be careful.
"Good luck, my friend."

You can ask her about the research.

The research hasn't gone well this time?
"This time, it's almost as though the runes themselves were mocking me. I translated the text relatively quickly.
You can see when you read it … the words themselves just make no sense."
Are you doing well?
"If you'd told me years ago that I'd do spellwork with Shalidor, I'd have called you a liar.
I'm happy to do the work. It's the chance of a lifetime. But I can't help but feel I'm in over my head."

As you read the book, you will transported to the Circus of Cheerful Slaughter which is the stage set for Sheogorath's play The Folly of Isolation. You will have an important role in this story, but as you travel between acts, there will interludes involving Valaste which may provide insight into her past.

After clearing out Heartholdhelm, a Lost Soul will appear and wander towards a trio of similarly spectral figures. Ondendil and Malanie will be mocking a younger Valaste.

Ondendil: "You'll never make a living reading all day. You need to earn some coin, Valaste!"
Malanie: "Even Mages take their noses out of their books once in a while. You just can't stand to be around people! Pathetic."

Further along the path, another vision will play, showing Vanus Galerion accepting her application to the Mages Guild.

Vanus Galerion: "You have a rare mind, Valaste. Not once in a century is a Mer with your talent born. We have accepted your application to join our august and storied Mages Guild."
<Valaste bows her head.>
Valaste: "This is the proudest day of my life, Guildmaster. Thank you."

As you reach the gate of Skyroot Hearth, a vision of a more recent Valaste studying one of the tomes will appear.

Valaste: "Damn the Mad God! Why can't I make sense of this text! I'm such an idiot!"

After defeating Queen Ayrenn and her underlings you will need to head to the third act—Daggerwaymore. There will be more visions, though some shows scene of Shalidor's life instead. However, you can find a vision of Valaste in one of the ruined houses. She is kneeling before a bed where a skeleton lies.

Valaste: "Mother! You left me …. I'm all alone."
<Valaste stands up.>
Valaste: "The other students, the other mages, they all hate me."
Valaste: "You were the only one …."
Valaste: "And now you're gone."

When you reach Daggerwaymore, Sheogorath will summon copies of Shalidor, Vanus Galerion and Valaste and you will need to protect them from the Daggerfall Covenant forces. During this, visions of the three mages will appear, Valaste's is concerning.

<Valaste is continuing to study the tome.>
Valaste: "Finally, the last phrase … hee. The little word buggies go crawling around the page! Squirm, squirm, squirm little buggies!"

Once she is rescued, the copy will fall to her knees.

Valaste: "missing line?
Valaste: Books are my only friends … what happens when even books turn on me …?"

After you take the third tome you will return to the Guildhall. Valaste will have no idea where you went.

"What happened? Where did you go?"
Sheogorath put me through another trial. But I have the third book.
"Oh. I'm almost afraid to ask what happened. I hope this trial wasn't too painful ….
I'll start translating this book right away. We've got one more trial to go. Nice work."

With the completion of the quest, you can tell her what you witnessed.

"There's only one more trial. We'll let you know once we're finished delving through Sheogorath's madness."
Valaste? You were in my last trial.
"I was? What happened?"
Sheogorath forced me to save duplicates of you, Vanus Galerion, and Shalidor.
"The more we deal with him, the more I'm convinced. The Mad God is a spoiled child. Pulling legs off bugs just to watch them twitch.
What else happened?"
He had me attacking visions of the alliances, even the leaders.
"Some kind of commentary about Shalidor's goal, no doubt. He may be a child, but Sheogorath certainly knows how to make a point."

Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent[edit]

When Shalidor contacts you with word of the latest book's translation, he will admit he worried about the toll the books are having on Valaste. When you arrive at the guildhall, Valaste will be writing notes. Her dialogue varies depending on if you started the quest with Shalidor or with her:

"Shalidor found you, excellent. I've puzzled out the hints from that last book … and I'm afraid the news isn't good. Your next trial is in a particularly nasty part of the Shivering Isles. A place called the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent."
"Just the person I wanted to see. I've puzzled out the hints from that last book … and I'm afraid the news isn't good. Your next trial is in a particularly nasty part of the Shivering Isles. A place called the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent."
Should I recognize the name?
"Not unless you've spent your life poring over obscure Daedric tomes. The Chateau is in the darkest part of Dementia, the shadow land of the Shivering Isles. I'm worried that …."
Valaste, are you all right?
"I'm … I'm fine adept. I'm just tired. It's become very draining to translate these tomes. Don't worry about me. I can open the portal to the Isles for you straight away. If you'll allow me?"
Thank you, Valaste.

After she opens the portal she will be visibly drained, you have the option of checking up on her before you go.

"Uhh … Xarxes give me strength. I'm all right adept. I just didn't realize how tired I am."
Valaste, what's going on? There's something wrong with you.
"Let me answer your question with one of my own. Do you know of Dementia and Mania?"
Sorry? What?
The Shivering Isles, the Oblivion realm you've been exploring on Sheogorath's mad errands, is primarily divided into two spheres.
In Mania, the colors are brighter than bright. Beautiful flowers bloom, and creatures skitter through the underbrush."
You're not going to answer my question then?
"Dementia has dark shadows, overcast skies, and snarling beasts. Dark stone and rattling chains. That's why I'm so tired, adept. Last night my dreams were of Dementia, and the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent."
How did the last tome lead you to the Chateau?
"Uncle Robier's Vegetable Garden" was … surprisingly calming. But read into the subtext and things quickly become dark. It's the tale of a plantation."
A plantation?
"The book describes a well-appointed guesthouse. A beautiful maze, where you can while away the afternoon. And a sprawling manse with rooms upon rooms.
Make of that what you will."
This is the last book I have to retrieve, right?
"Auri-el make me truthful, I think so. Sheogorath speaks madness and breaths [sic] insanity, but when a Daedric Prince strikes a deal they … tend to keep their word."
They "tend" to?
"Well, think about it. He didn't have to give you any of the books if he didn't want to.
If he's gone this far with his little game, why would he stop now?"

After you have toured the Chateau and receive the next book, you can hand it over to Valaste.

"You've returned! Do you have the book?"
I do.
"You've done it! We have them all. Now I just need to closely study the books, together as a set.
And we should be able to find Shalidor's island!"

She seems to be doing better and you can tell her so.

"Wish me luck, my friend. I'll need it, this time around."
You're looking a little better Valaste.
"Yes, adept. I recovered quickly after you left. I'm just … I'm feeling a little weary. This business with the books you've been collecting. It's taken a lot out of me."
You said that before. What do you mean?
"These books are like word labyrinths. There are layers of meaning upon meaning, endless research avenues. He's laden these things with oblique references that only someone with my mastery of lore would be able to understand.
It's very tiring."
You seemed nervous when you were talking about the next book.
"Like I said, just a little weary. Don't worry adept. I'm up to the challenge. I'm one of only a handful of people in the whole of Tamriel that could have puzzled these out, in fact!
We'll see it done."

The Mad God's Bargain[edit]

After you answer the summons and meet with Valaste, you will see that her condition has further deteriorated.

"Adept. Shalidor must have found you.
Very glad to see you again. I've translated the final book, and we're ready to monkey rum butter."
Valaste, you've gotten even worse.
"No, I'm … I'm just very tired. Thanks to Shalidor, we were able to decipher the deeper ritual hidden within the tomes as a set.
He's ready and waiting. Together, you'll perform the ritual that will … hah. Perform. Like a dancing midget!"
You need rest.
"Just focus on the task at hand. I've prepared the ritual space, as you can see. Here are the books. Take them, and place them on the pillars of light around the Hall.
They'll focus the power of the books for the Archmage."
If you insist.
"I'll be able to rest soon enough, adept. Shalidor is the only reason I was able to finish. His enthusiasm and energy sustained me through this difficult trial."

If you press further she will wave off your concerns.

You seem even worse than the last time we spoke.
"Please, adept. I'm going to be fine. As I said, translation of the books has taken a considerable toll. I'm exhausted. But it will be worth it.
The sanctuary will save so many lives, and give us all a chance to work in peace."

You can speak to her after placing the books.

"Well done, adept! The shine off of the gleaming floor, so beautiful! We'll have a real party today."

After Shalidor opens the portal, he will ask her to come with him. Valaste will assure you that she is following if you speak with her.

"I'll be right behind you. Don't worry."

When you arrive on the island, you will see that it is overrun with Daedra. If you speak with Valaste beforehand it appears that whatever is effecting her has been amplified.

"Shalidor seems very upset. Best talk to him! Don't want him telling father."

Once you have spoken to Shalidor, he will have headed to the hall. Valaste will be disappointed to see him leave.

"He left us! Why did he leave us? Let's go, let's go! Can't keep the Archmage waiting!"

Valaste will have become your follower and you can lead her to the hall. She will occasionally comment on things, sometimes she will sound like her old self, other times her commentary will approach the inane.

Valaste: "Fascinating creatures, Daedra."
Valaste: "Never thought I'd have the chance to study one of those up close."
Valaste: "Hmm. Just spotted another way "Varieties of Daedra" is wrong."
Valaste: "So tired of the fighting. Why can't we all just talk?"
Valaste: "Is there anything good about these things? Any light or hope?"
Valaste: "Always thought my combat spellwork was theoretical!"
Valaste: "Have you seen my books? My books are my friends, did you know that?"
Valaste: "Do you hear him? I hear his voice, he keeps saying my name!"
Valaste: "There's so many. So much pain and anger and death."
Valaste: "They just keep coming. Haven't we killed them all yet?"
Valaste: "Were we kidding ourselves? Can we ever truly be free of war?"
Valaste: "That last one spoke to me. Did you hear it? It said my name!"
Valaste: "Have you always been like this? I could have sworn you were taller before."
Valaste: "If I ever get a good night's sleep, I'd love to write a paper about these things."
Valaste: "Why … what did we do that for? It looked so friendly!"
Valaste: "The buzzing is louder and louder and louder! Stopped. Stopped, it's all right now."
Valaste: "Well that was exhausting! No more Daedra, all right?"
Valaste: "Light off the portals, the light was so bright! Daedra has gone, has gone into night!"
Valaste: "Did I just violate the third rule of inter-evocative hermetic harmonics?"
Valaste: "Shalidor! Shalidor! Where are you Shallywallydorable?"

If you talk with Valaste while Sheogorath and Shalidor arguing in front of the hall, she will tell you something concerning.

"That man … that Sheogorath. Can you … can you hear him? He's whispering in my head, I hear his voice. Why is his voice in my head?"

After Sheogorath leaves and you have spoken with Shalidor, Valaste will be determined to complete the task.

"I can do this, adept. I'm ready to do what must be done."

While you close the portals, Valaste will continue to follow you and will say the same lines from the above dialogue pool. Once you return to the hall, she will have gotten worse.

"Three little ducklings all in a row. Red bill, green bill, yellow bill too!"

If you talk to her while placing the crystals, she'll say:

"Sparkly crystals, sparkle in the sun. Rays of light from every one."

After speaking with Shalidor, he will break the seal on the door.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "You can do this adept. You've proven yourself, that you're up to this. Good luck!"
<Once the door is unlocked, Valaste will run in ahead of you.>
Valaste: "I can hear him! I'm coming Uncle Sheo!"

You can speak with her once inside the guildhall.

"How did the butterflies get inside my head? They're swirling around my words and drinking my mind honey."

After you fight Haskill and win, Shalidor will arrive to confront Sheogorath. However, the Mad God has his eyes fixed on someone else.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Enough with the games, Sheogorath. Are you going to relinquish the island to us or not?"
Sheogorath: "All right, all right. Settle down. I'll just gather my things and go. Valaste! Dearie, why don't you come over here?"
Valaste: "Uncle Sheo? Are we going somewhere?"
Sheogorath: "Yes, little one. You're coming with me. Home to the Shivering Isles! Won't that be nice?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Mad God, stay back! Valaste isn't yours to take!"
Sheogorath: "Isn't she though? I can see it on her face, smell it in the air. She's crazy, mad, a lunatic. All that time with Uncle Sheo's stories and she's got the urge to visit the Isles. My Shivering Isles."
Valaste: "I do! I want to go with Uncle Sheo! He's got the butterflies! I love butterflies!"
Sheogorath: "Hmm, this is a conundrum. A riddle, a … choice. I tell you what, mortal. Why don't we let you decide? Should Valaste stay? Or come with me to the dear old Isles?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "And if the adept decides she goes with you?"
Sheogorath: "Well, as it happens I have one more book here. I'd give it to you in exchange for Valaste. It's called … the Folium Discognitum."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Sheogorath, you bastard! You'd throw the Folium back in my face, after all these years?"
Sheogorath: "Wrote it myself, it's a delightful little artifact. It imbues the reader with the knowledge of madmen! It's very powerful … worth oh, four or five of those Skyshard things you adventurers are always looking for."
Sheogorath: "So! Valaste stays and I cure her. Or … she goes with me and you, my little mortal, become much more powerful. Your choice!"

At this point you can talk to Valaste and Shalidor before you answer Sheogorath.

"Uncle Sheo wants to take me to the Shivering Isles! So wonderful. The butterflies! They'll be everywhere! And he has so many books!"
Valaste, he says if you stay you can become sane again.
"But … Uncle Sheo! He will keep me warm, and he will keep me safe, and I'll have so many friends to play with. Books are my friends, did you know?"
But what if he doesn't treat you well? He's a madman.
"Adept, if I stay … if I stay I don't know if … But perhaps, with him. I'll be happy.
Happy like the butterflies! They flap, flap, flap their wings!"

Once you speak with Sheogorath and give him your answer, events can happen two ways. If you decide to take the Folium Discognitum, Sheogorath will gleefully call Valaste over while Shalidor despairs.

Sheogorath: "The mortal's decided to let Valaste go with me! Valaste, dearie, come on over. You're coming with Uncle Sheo."
Valaste: "Yay! The butterflies! I love to watch them flutter!"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "He's … he's won again. Please don't take her, Mad God!"
Sheogorath: "Oh, don't worry, she's in good hands! And this is where I say my farewells. Mortal, nice working with you! Shalidor … never change. Say goodbye, dearie."
Valaste: "Goodbye! I'll miss you!"
Sheogorath: "Until next time, Magelings!"
<Sheogorath, Haskill and Valaste leave in purple light. Shalidor doesn't want to stay either.>
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "I can't stay in here, adept. Let us speak some more outside."

However, if you decide to save Valaste, Sheogorath will be a good sport and will uphold his end of the bargain.

Sheogorath: "The mortal's decided to let Valaste stay! So, this is where I say my goodbyes. Mortal, nice working with you! Shalidor … never change."
<Sheogorath points his finger at Valaste and a stream of magenta light flows out of her.>
Sheogorath: "Valaste … sorry dear. Say goodbye to the little dreamlings!"
<The beam of energy stops and Valaste looks exhausted.>
Sheogorath: "The Prince of Madness doesn't stay where he's not wanted … heh, except when he does. But in this case, he doesn't! Until next time, Magelings!"
<Sheogorath and Haskill leave.>
Valaste: "It's like … it's like a fog has lifted from inside my mind. Adept, I don't know what to say. You've saved me from a fate worse than death."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Valaste … are you?"
Valaste: "Yes, I'm … all right, Shalidor. I'm myself again."

You can then talk with her to see how she is.

"Don't worry, adept. I'll be fine soon enough. Now that you've restored my mind, I just need some rest."
You're welcome, Valaste.
"You've passed the challenges of the Mad God, restored me to sanity, and reclaimed this sanctuary for the Mages Guild. Somehow, my thanks seem small in comparison. But you have them. Thank you, adept. For all you've done."

You will then receive the Spellbreaker's Staff and a glyph. After this, Shalidor will head outside, when you speak with him he will have his own gift for you. Once the ritual for "Shalidor's Library of the Mind" is completed, Valaste will join the pair of you outside.

"Don't worry, adept. I'll be fine soon enough. Now that you've restored my mind, I just need some rest."