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Location Mages Guilds in various cities
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Valaste is an Altmer member of the Mages Guild. She is the Master of Incunabula, responsible for maintaining the guild's libraries, arcanaea, and seeking out new and interesting works to add to the collection.

At the conclusion of The Mad God's Bargain, Valaste will make a permanent home outside the guild hall on Eyevea.

Related Quests[edit]


Before you join the guild, she'll only say, "If you want to join the Mages Guild, please see the magister. I have pressing issues I must attend to." After joining she will have a quest for you.

Long Lost Lore[edit]

"Well met, Adept. I believe I may have a task for you."
What can I do for you?
"New members are the lifeblood of the Mages Guild. Especially for retrieval missions. I've received word about a possible store of ancient knowledge in a ruin nearby. I'd like you to retrieve it for me."
Where is this? (Aldmeri Dominion)
"To the north of the city lies the ruin known as Ondil. If you please, investigate the ruin and bring back any interesting books you can find."
I'll return as soon as I can.

This starts the quest.

"The ruins of Ondil are a dark and dangerous place. Tread carefully, Adept."
What is your role in the Mages Guild?
"I am the Master of Incunabula, the keeper of tomes. I've come here to inspect the Arcanaeum, the guild's library. I've dedicated my life to expanding our guild's knowledge. Standards must be kept."
How did you learn about these books?
"We have ears everywhere, Adept. An intelligence report fell into my hands that mentioned these tomes."
I thought the Guild was neutral in the war?
"We are neutral in the war for Cyrodiil. And proud of it. That doesn't mean we don't take an interest when the Eyes of the Queen notice something."
Eyes of the Queen?
"The intelligence arm of the Aldmeri Dominion. Personally loyal to her Majesty Queen Ayrenn. My understanding is that many of their members used to adventure with Her Highness during her wild days."
What's in these books?
"I don't know. It's always a delicious mystery, cracking open a book for the first time. They could be anything from ancient recipes for stew to high arcana. Even racy journals penned by Elven poets!"
missing dialogue options for other alliances

Simply Misplaced[edit]

"Excellent. It's been fascinating to work with Shalidor. Even though he can't read the book, he's been an invaluable resource. I had to decipher layer upon-layers of meaning hidden within the tome.
Shalidor is here, then?
"Yes. Speak with the Archmage. He's meditating on the challenges ahead. I'm still somewhat... drained from my efforts, so he'll open the portal to the Shivering Isles for you."
Thank you, Valaste.
"Auri-el watch your steps. I'm very excited about this project. Shalidor's sanctuary would be a boon to every mage in Tamriel. Even Guildmaster Vanus approves of our work here!"
What can you tell me about the book?
"I'm so glad you asked! On the surface it's a simple book of nursery stories from the Dunmer land of Stonefalls. But that's just on the surface."
There's more to it than children's stories?
"So much more! Each story has hidden meanings. Clever references to arcane lore, twisting and turning into the depths of history. It was fascinating to fully unlock the secrets of the book.
Sheogorath may be a madman, but he's also a genius!"
Do you know anything about where I'm going?
"Not much. We tried to scry into Oblivion, to get a sense of the place.
I couldn't see anything, but I was swept up in a strong sense of homesickness."
Where are you from?
"I came of age where most High Elves do: the beautiful green shores of the Summerset Isles. I often think of the pink petals and soft breezes of my homeland.
I'm not sure why those memories returned to me today, though."
Could you remind me about this sanctuary?
"Of course, Adept. While investigating some ruins for me you caught the notice of Arch-Mage Shalidor, ancient patron of Mages everywhere. We're working with him to complete the Mad God Sheogorath's trials, and recover Shalidor's lost sanctuary.
What's it like working with Shalidor?
"A genuine pleasure. He has a fascinating view of history. From a firsthand perspective!
And his knowledge of the deeper mysteries is ... well. I feel like an apprentice again."
Valaste, are you enjoying this more than you're letting on?
"Adept, what transpires between myself and the Archmagus is between us and no one else. I don't need to answer your questions ... or anyone else's."
Could you remind me about this sanctuary?
"Eyevea, it's called. In ages past, it was an island in the Summerset Isles. Set aside for Mages from across Tamriel, Shalidor worked tirelessly to make it a sanctuary. And just barely escaped when Sheograth claimed it.
Has he spoken at all about how the sanctuary was lost?
"He still won't tell me what happened. I gather that there was some kind of bargain between them, and Sheogorath came out the better"

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]


Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent[edit]


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