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Arch-Mage Shalidor
(lore page)
Location Varies
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Arch-Mage Shalidor

Arch-Mage Shalidor is a legendary Nord mage from the First Era. When you are tasked by the Mages Guild to collect rare books, he will appear and ask you to collect four rare tomes to take back his sanctuary, Eyevea, from the Shivering Isles.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Long Lost Lore[edit]

After collecting the tomes, his ghost will appear briefly and speak to you.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Well done! I am Shalidor, young one. And I think you'll do nicely … Return that book to Valaste. Tell her fire will show her the words …"

He then disappears. Take the books back to Valaste and after following her instructions, Shalidor will be able to materialize again, saying, "I knew it. I was right in choosing you."

You can then speak with him to see what he wants.

"I can sense … yes. The aura around you glows with good fortune. You will be the one to help me complete my final task."
Why me?
"What I hope to accomplish is difficult. Perhaps impossible. It will require great strength of spirit! I sense this strength in you. That is what drew us together in the ruins."
What is this task?
"A storm rages towards us, Adept. War has come to Tamriel, and the Mages of this great guild must have quarter. I intend to offer them a safe haven. A sanctuary where they may study in peace."
How do we create this sanctuary?
"I created that sanctuary, centuries ago! It was stolen from me by an agent of chaos, and magically transported to the Shivering Isles. To recover the island we must locate four hidden tomes. This is the task of which I speak."
Where are these tomes?
"They're being held in a place known as … Cheesemonger's Hollow. It is a realm of the Mad God, Sheogorath. Stand by my side, and I will open a portal."
I'll stand with you, Shalidor.
"Be careful. Sheogorath is not to be taken lightly. I lost the sanctuary because of his nimble tongue and mad stare."
Shalidor, why have you returned?
"To protect my legacy. While this Guild was … after my time, I accomplished much in Tamriel. I founded schools of magic, oversaw the construction of the Great Maze, and bore my Spellmirror into battle."
And you think the war could undo that?
"I know it. I laid powerful enchantments on my final resting place. When my legacy is threatened, I'm drawn back from Aetherius. My presence here is proof enough: the Three Banners war is a threat to every Mage in Tamriel."
"Nimble tongue?"/How did you lose this sanctuary?
"I won't waste my time recounting his antics. Suffice to say, he got the better of me. Bets were made, wagers were lost. And my sanctuary, Eyevea, was pulled into his realm … my apprentices screaming all the while."
Who is Sheogorath?
"He's known as the Daedric Prince of Madness: the Mad God. The Dunmer call him one of their Four Corners of the House of Troubles. And he's earned the title a thousand-fold."
Is he really a threat? He sounds like a joke.
"Don't take him too lightly. Madness comes in many forms. Sheogorath encompasses them all. He rules the Shivering Isles, but often takes an active interest in our world. That … usually doesn't end well."
Am I really going to a place called Cheesemonger's Hollow?
"Yes. An example of Sheogorath's "humor". There are those that find his madness amusing. I am not one of those people. The Mad God would just as soon serve you an aged cheddar as he would flay the skin from your bones. Remember that."

Find your way through the Daedric plane. After defeating the clannfear Gutsripper, Sheogorath will appear and then summon Shalidor.

Sheogorath: "I can't wait to see the look on his face! If it's precious enough, I might hang it on the wall."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "What's the meaning of this? Sheogorath!"
Sheogorath: "You remembered! Ahh, Shalidor. You never write. You never visit. Just now, I made a deal with your lackey here. How long have you wanted those books? Eternity?"
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Your "deals" are hardly fair. What farce have you contrived this time?"
Sheogorath: "Think of it as an adventure? And don't worry. I've got a surprise for you too. I put a tiny curse on these books. Just a small one. Long story short, Shal, you can never read these books."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Curse you, Mad God!" (attacks Sheogorath)
Sheogorath: "Boring! Be more imaginative, Shal. Like, "Curse you, Mad God! May you become cheese eternally gnawed by skeevers!" Unfortunately, I have no more time for constructive criticism. Do stay in touch!"

You can then talk to Shalidor.

"Curse the Mad God. I don't know what game he's playing with you. But I do know the stakes."
At least we have one tome.
"That's true, though without my help, it will take Valaste considerably longer to translate it. I'd like you to return and let her know the bad news."
I'll tell her.
"I'll send you back to Tamriel, then. Are you ready?"
Yes, I'm ready.

Simply Misplaced[edit]

When you approach the Mages Guild building, Shalidor will materialize and greet you: "Your timing is impeccable." Talk to him.

"I'd hoped to find you here, Adept."
What can I help you with, Shalidor?
"Valaste has finished translating the tome. Once you're ready, join us at the Mages Guild. Speak to Valaste when you arrive. I'll be making preparations for your first trial."
Where can I find her?
"Valaste will be expecting you at the Elden Root Guildhall. I'll see you there, Adept."
What has she discovered?
"She did most of the hard work. I'll leave the explanation to her. Just know that Sheogorath is nowhere near as clever as he thinks. She was able to unravel his nonsense, and determine where you need to go. Hah!"

Travel to the guildhall at your Alliance capital. Inside you find Valaste and Shalidor. If you speak to him before talking to Valaste, he says, "You do the guild credit with your bravery and dedication, Adept."

If you talk to him after speaking to Valaste:

"The brazier is ready. Valaste prepared it precisely. According to my instructions, of course."
What is the brazier for?
"We're having trouble opening a portal directly there. So we created this anchor to help us. Some trickery of Sheogorath's, no doubt.
The next time around, I'm sure this won't be an issue."
I'm ready. Let's go.

The portal will take you to the Glade of the Divines first. Talk to Shalidor.

"This place. It's familiar, yet not. As if Sheogorath stole a piece of the Summerset Isles. He must be mocking me. My long-lost Sanctuary shares some similarities to this place …."
What do you mean?
"Eyevea was an outlier island in the Summerset archipelago. The High Elves gave it to me in exchange for some baubles, minor artifacts of no real consequence. It was a beautiful place …."

After speaking with Haskill for your tasks, you enter the portal to Vuldngrav, a Nordic ruin.

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "I'll never forget that smell. A Dragon Priest's tomb."

He can tell you more if asked:

"This place is known as Vuldngrav, the final resting place of Korthor the Dragon Priest. Where there are Dragon Priests, there are sure to be draugr."
Have you been here before?
"No, not to Vuldngrav. But Skyrim is littered with ruins like this. Leftovers from the age when Dragons and their priests ruled my people. In my younger days adventuring across the holds I plundered many of these dank little tombs."

As you explore, he comments on your progress:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Look at the treasures he's collected. Perhaps the Fork is here as well."

Later he says:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "That chest. Perhaps the Fork is in there."

Examine the chest, which seems to rouse the Dragon Priest:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Ah, Kordor's awake."

He later warns you:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "The shadows move, Adept. Watch yourself."

As you approach Kordor: "There. The ice barrier's thawed. We can get through."

Defeat the dragon priest and get the fork, which earns Haskill's attention. He sends you off to Asakala, a place in the Alik'r desert:

Arch-Mage Shalidor: any comments?

You can talk for Shalidor for any advice he can give you about the place.

"As I expected. Another resting place for the dead.
Sheogorath has a sick sense of humor."
What is this place?
"This is the necropolis Asakala, the resting place of Prince Maleel. Also known as the Scythe of Yokuda.
The prince's underlings were clever. They crafted magical seals to guard his resting place.
And you know how to get past them?
"Observe the Yokudan statues. Each bears a crystal in the helm and a seal at the base.
The essences you see swirling around in the air here? Their energy can be used to unlock those keystones."
How do I capture them?
"Here, I can grant an aura that will allow you to capture the essences as they pass through you. Collect as many of the small ones as you can. They should unlock these scarab seals on the statues nearby.
I'll need to consider the other two. "
I can do this.

You can ask him further questions before collecting the essences.

"This place is incredible. The ancient Redguards were a noble and accomplished people."
I still have some questions.
"What can I tell you, Adept?"
Can you tell me again about the essences?
"Alik'r is under attack. A necromantic cult has disrupted the normal ebb and flow of life and death. The dead that once served Maleel are now a way into his tomb."
How do I collect them?
"You need only to be near them to collect them. My spell will keep the essence tied to you until you're ready to deposit it within the statue. Just remember, you'll only be able to collect four at a time."
What were you saying about the statues?
"Beneath the statues lie buried the dead of Prince Maleel's armies. Their essences have bubbled up from beneath the sands, released by the dangers threatening Alik'r today."
So I'm imbuing the essences back into the statues?
"Just so, Adept. The lesser essences you see before you will empower the statues with the orange and green crystals, the statues near the entrance to this complex. I need to consider how we'll empower those two rear statues."
How do you know all this, Arch-Mage?
"What sort of Arch-Mage would I be if I didn't? I spent my mortal life seeking knowledge of all things, not just magic. Yokudan, or as you know them, Redguard, culture is no exception. If Valaste was here, I'm sure she could tell you the same."

Once you have collected the essences, you can return to Shalidor who will be admiring the place.

"For such a superstitious, Mage-hating people … this place is a work of art."
What do we do about the other two statues?
"Have you observed the sand barriers on those passages in the canyon walls? I suspect the Prince's generals may be waiting within.
Their essences would no doubt be more than enough to activate the other two statues."
His generals? How do you know this?
"Very simple, adept. The seals at the bases of those statues show a scorpion and a spider.
Those were the spirit totems claimed by Maleel's chief generals, Sahdina and Rashomta."
Let's go get them, then.

Defeat the generals and Shalidor will say,

Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Rashomta's statue will be marked with a spider seal."
Arch-Mage Shalidor: "Sahdina's statue should have a scorpion seal at its base."

Activate the seals. Shalidor says, "The crystals hum with power. Go to the center. You should find the key to Prince Maleel's tomb there."

Wait for the tomb to open. Go inside and defeat the Prince. After the deed is done, Shalidor will urge you, "I'd guess Haskill will be waiting outside. Let's go."

Return to the Glade of the Divines and receive the one of the books after playing around with the Wabbajack. Shalidor says when talked to, "If there's anything consistent about Sheogorath, it's his knack for surprises. Come. Let's return to Valaste now that you've recovered the second book."

needs dialogue after returning to nirn

Circus of Cheerful Slaughter[edit]

Outside the Mages Guildhall, Shalidor will call to you, "Hold there, Adept." Talk to him.

"Well met, Adept. We … we are in need of your assistance."
Valaste has translated the latest book?
"Sort of. Valaste has translated Sheogorath's tome, but we're having some trouble understanding it. She may need your assistance. Seek her out, soon as you can."
Where can I find her?
"Valaste is working the problem out of the Marbruk Guildhall. See you there, Adept."
Why is this one proving so difficult?
"The Mad God is a deranged skeever, that's why it's proving so difficult. There's not so much actual text … the last two have had clues we could use to unravel his nonsense. This one is nothing but nonsense!"
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