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Home City Alinor
Location Rinmawen's Plaza
Store Crystal Couture
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Tailor

Nuzon is a Khajiit tailor who runs Crystal Couture in Rinmawen's Plaza in Alinor. His stall is south of the plaza under the arcade.


His dialogue is randomized and differs on whether you are an Altmer or not. If you're an Altmer, he will be hostile and sarcastic towards you:

"Friend High Elf, welcome, welcome. How may this one serve you?
Nervous? No. Why would you ask such a thing? Does Nuzon look nervous to you? This one has nothing to hide from the Divine Prosecution. Nothing at all. Did I ask how I may serve you?"
"Oh, a High Elf. So special. Think your dung doesn't stink, do you? Smells like rainbows and moon-sugar, yes? Well, a pox on you!
Now, what can this one help you with today?"
"Another High Elf? Why are there so many of you in this moons-forsaken city? Oh, right. It is your city. How could Nuzon forget when you make that abundantly clear.
Forgive this one. It has been a long day. Now then, do you actually want something?"

If you're not an Altmer, Nuzon will feel more free to complain:

"The High Elves call us "arrivers," "guests." But they say the words with such disdain and indignation. Well, I hope their fur tangles and their claws fall off! We have every right to be here. We were invited!
Bah, was there something you wanted?"
"You know what that word means? The one the High Elves call us? "Nebarra." It means "unwelcome." Clawless bastards! This one loves our nation and this beautiful land. It's the High Elf arseholes Nuzon can't stomach.
Sorry, sorry. How can I help you?"
"This one thinks coming here was a terrible mistake. Despite the queen's promises, the island isn't accepting and open-hearted. Not completely, anyway. Some High Elves are rude, mean. Some are violent.
And then there's the Divine Prosecution …."