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Crafting Motif 89: Ancestral High Elf Style
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Crafting Motif 89: Ancestral High Elf Style
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Ancestral High Elf style

With the need for armed combatants to fight against the Alessian Empire, armor and weapon artisans like yourselves craft tirelessly. Unfortunately, your varied artistic visions rob the army of a cohesive aesthetic. As every Elf knows, war without grace is the province of men. I, for one, cannot abide such a comparison. Therefore, all smiths must henceforth adhere to the specific style, outlined below, when fashioning arms and armor.

Raven Direnni


Those wielding axes among our forces deserve more than a logger's implement, but one mustn't overlook utility when in the field. All axes must curve in a manner that emulates the wing (or wings, in the case of the two-handed axe) of an eagle in flight. Wood smoothed with sanded paper sourced from Summerset makes up the haft, which should be bound in supple, interwoven straps of leather.


Think of the most graceful avian majestically leaping into the air. Our belts should take that image and translate it into metal and leather. Pay special attention to the detail of the stylized feathers on the belt. Note that the buckle's size must be tasteful and unobtrusive. We are not "those of the needlessly large buckle" as some of our past foes have been, now, are we?


This may sound trite, but it's true: an army moves not only on its stomach, but also on its feet. To that end, soldiers need sturdy footwear to enhance the native swiftness of our birthright. A snug fit and pliable leather at the ankles are essential.


After last year's debacle, we must prioritize function over form with our bows and quivers. The metal guards of Auri-El's eagle on the upper and lower limbs should appear graceful, but must not interfere with the weapon's draw. These guards should also provide archers with a means to dispatch melee foes. The quiver should take the form of a bird's wing, crafted in matching metal.


The fully glory of flight dominates every piece of chest gear. Our soldiers may wade through muck and viscera to face certain death on the battlefield, but when they look upon each other, they need to be reminded of who they fight for, and what they fight for. Make their hearts soar! And let us hope that the gear protects their literal hearts from the primitive fury of Men.


When any look upon our daggers, they should be reminded of our sharp minds, our deadly prowess, and our elegance. But only for a brief moment. Then? They should be dead or wounded, as the wielder wishes. Continue to use the swoop of a bird's wing in your crafting of these deadliest of small war-pieces, and ensure that a bird's head graces the pommel.


Soldiers must perform many functions with ease while in the field. Work to provide as much articulation within gloves, without sacrificing protection. None should complain of chafing, inability to fully perform their favored killing move, and so on.


Our troops contain multitudes, and each performs a specific role. Those working in light armor may prefer a more subtle means of destruction, so a simple hood should suffice. With our other troops, form the stylistic visage of a noble eagle with metal and leather, with a hint of a beak for our more heavily armed warriors.


The stylistic choices made in the other pieces of armor are tied together by the leg armor. The flow of the armor depends on this piece, even as the strength and agility of a soldier depend on their legs. Though protection is key, keep the knee flexible so that our troops can dodge both sword and magic on the field of battle.


Yes, flanges can take many forms, and ours should once again draw upon the symbols of Auri-El. To wit, craft each flange's blade to resemble a wing. The knob, formed from the same metal as the blade, shows our reverence to the Eagle, as ever.


Made of metal, our shields integrate feathering and eagle head styles, expressing our reverence for Auri-El as well as acknowledging the tenacity and freedom of our people. Make them heavy enough to lay low any foes unfortunate enough to receive a blow from one, but light enough to not drag the wings of our troops!


The arms of our soldiers are their wings. Remember that when crafting shoulder armor. Each piece should incorporate the idea of feathers and flight even as they provide defense.


Two gracefully curved blades come to points over a middle prong, almost looking as if the staff itself wants to take to the air. Or so that is what you should strive for in your work for our mages and healers. The metal on the staff's end can also serve to help them move over rougher terrain.


Whether two-handed or not, swords serve as the staple weapon in our forces. As such, the pommel provides another opportunity to use our emblematic eagle's head, and the guard should bring an ascending eagle to mind.