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Vykosa the Ascendant
(lore page)
Location Moon Hunter Overlook, Moon Hunter Keep
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health Normal1515587Veteran4710000rounded
Veteran(?) (hard mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon Hunter Pack
Condition Werewolf Lord
Vykosa the Ascendant

Vykosa the Ascendant is a Khajiit Werewolf Lord and the leader of Moon Hunter Pack, a group of werewolves who have infiltrated Moon Hunter Keep. She serves as the dungeon's final boss. During the fight Vykosa is assisted by her powerful Dire Wolf companions Ary and Zel.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Vykosa has two different sets of abilities, and will use one or the other depending on whether her Direwolf pets Ary and Zel are engaged, or Werewolf adds have been spawned.

Pet Phase[edit]

Zel cowering

When Ary and Zel are engaging the players, Vykosa equips her inferno staff and stays in one position in the back of the arena. She stands between the two Silver Dawn standards, flanked on both sides by her Direwolf companions, Ary and Zel. Vykosa will call her Direwolf pets, Ary and Zel, to fight alongside her at health intervals of 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%. If they have been made to cower previously, these are the health intervals her pets will return to her side. At 20%, the wolves break free of their chains and are able to run freely throughout the arena. This signals that the boss has gone into "execute phase", meaning that the group must burn Vykosa down before the group can be defeated.

Ary and Zel must be burned down if you want a smooth fight. The strategy for this is for the tank to grab one wolf and drag it to Vykosa, and for the other to remain free. For example, if the tank takes Ary to Vykosa, Zel will be forced to stay near the wall. In this case, Zel will be restrained, as Ary is taking up more of their tether to follow the tank. The wolves run quite literally on a leashing mechanic. Make sure the dps take out the wolf the tank hasn't grabbed first. If left alone for too long, the restrained wolf will pounce, causing massive damage to one random player. Ensure that Ary and Zel are pacified before damaging Vykosa.

Fear totem
Vykosa summons a totem with an area of effect that will give a fear effect to any players standing in it. Players affected must break free.
Fire Staff Cone
(need the official name of the skill): Vykosa will channel an attack from her inferno staff in a cone-shaped radius that stretches to the end of the arena. To negate the damage and avoid the crowd control effect this ability causes, players must roll dodge or block.
Fire AoE (need the official name of the skill)
Vykosa will occasionally use her inferno staff to set down a large area of effect, inflicting flame damage to players within the affected area. Lingering will set you on fire, causing the Burning condition.
Light attack
Vykosa will light attack with her Inferno staff.

Add Phase[edit]

When werewolf adds spawn, Vykosa will engage in unarmed combat and move from her position.

Vykosa will summon werewolf adds at health intervals of 90%, 70%, 50%, 30% and 10%. Initially, she summons 2 werewolves, but at 30% and 10% health Vykosa will summon 4 werewolf adds. On hardmode, the amount of werewolves summoned for 90-50% and 30-10% is doubled: 4 for 90-50%, and 6 or 8? for 30-10%

If one of the players in your group is killed during the fight, Vykosa can use her werewolf abilities to Devour the dead player's corpse and slowly regain health. This ability can be interrupted by bashing Vykosa.
Vykosa will leap into the air and strike her target. This attack must be blocked or roll-dodged.
Rending slash
Vykosa uses her claws to rend flesh. This is her heavy attack during this phase.
Vykosa roars, setting down a large circular aoe which applies a fear effect to whoever stands in it.
Vykosa yells, creating a conal aoe in front of her that stuns whoever it affects.


She can first be seen standing on the balcony overlooking the Keep Bailey.

Vykosa the Ascendant: "Was Vykosa not told the intruders would be dealt with? Must she handle everything herself?"
Mylenne Moon-Caller: "They shall not intrude much longer, my mistress. I swear it."

When she finally reached in person she will launch into a tirade about how Hircine ruined her life.

Vykosa the Ascendant: "Vykosa never wanted this curse. Hircine forced it upon her. Forced this never ending life of anger. Of pain."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "But make no mistake. She will not become the hunted."

She has a few words for you if you idle without fighting her for a while.

Vykosa the Ascendant: "Do you think you're the first to hunt Vykosa? Her whole life she has been running."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "The moons sing within Vykosa's veins. Always thrumming. Always hungry."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "The Silver Dawn thought to lure her. Trap her. But Vykosa was prepared."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "Always the hunted, always the hated. Until this one chose to fight back."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "You could join us. Freedom, power. Strength. It could be yours."
Vykosa the Ascendant: "Do you truly crave death? Join us. Know what it is to hunt with a pack by your side."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

When engaged
Vykosa the Ascendant: "No longer shall you invade Vykosa's keep!"
Vykosa the Ascendant: "Vykosa shall defend what is hers, by blood and claw!"
Vykosa the Ascendant: "Vykosa will put an end to your intrusion!"
Vykosa the Ascendant: "You'll threaten Vykosa's pack no longer!"
Fire aoe summoned
  • "You shall fear Vykosa's might!"
  • "You cannot fathom Vykosa's power!"
Werewolf Adds
  • "It seems Vykosa must handle you personally."
  • "You think this one needs her pets to attack?"
  • "My claws alone are enough to defeat you!"
  • "This one does not mind getting her claws bloody."
  • "Let us strike against these fools!"
  • "Let us finally feast!"
Ary and Zel Summoned
  • "Ary! Zel! To me!"
  • "You are feeling tired, no? Why not give in to Vykosa's might?"
  • "You're more resilient than Vykosa thought. Well, no matter."
  • "Still alive? Well, Vykosa simply must do something about that."
  • "Still you have not fallen? How surprising."
  • "Zel! Ary! Let us hunt together."
Fear Totem summon
  • "Feeling a little … frightened?"
  • "Run! Run like the prey you are!"
If every group member dies in combat
  • "How unfortunate. You would have made wonderful additions to my pack."
  • "Vykosa would have happily let you join her pack. If only you had asked."
  • "Such fighting spirit, wasted. What a pity."
  • "If only you had seen reason. This one would have let you join us."