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Daily Quest Broker
Home City Orsinium
Location Skalar's Hostel
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Arzorag is an Orc found inside Skalar's Hostel. Acting on behalf of King Kurog, she handles the daily contracts targeting various world bosses in Wrothgar. When you talk to her, you have the option to ask about her job,

What are you doing here?
"The king's business. I serve the throne on matters of civic policy and urban development. When one of our citizens has a problem that threatens the public good, they come to me."
And then you get adventurers to do the work?
"Yes. Exactly. This surprises you? Sending out the city guard is the Breton way, the High Elf way. In Wrothgar we do for ourselves. I facilitate deals between private citizens—nothing more.
We are all citizen soldiers. We should act like it."

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you speak to Arzorag, she says, "Thank Mala—I mean, thank Trinimac you're back. Got another crisis for you. Interested?"

I'm here to work. What do you have for me?

Scholarly Salvage[edit]

"If Orsinium is to become the rival of other great cities, we'll need more than buildings. The king wants culture as well.
We commissioned a High Elf scholar named Cirantille to deliver some of her books to the city, but her shipment was attacked."
Who attacked the shipment?
"Ogres. Apparently, they tore the books to pieces. I'll mark their lairs on your map.
Cirantille blames one ogre in particular. Mad Urkazbur. She wants him dead and what's left of her books returned. If you want to know more, talk to her. She's just over there."
I'll get the books back and kill Mad Urkazbur.
"If you manage to reassemble one of those books, take it back to Cirantille. We've no use for books covered in ogre dung."

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