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Home Settlement Ald'ruhn
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Urshilaku Tribe

Numani-Rasi is an Ashlander Dark Elf of the Urshilaku Tribe who can be found in her yurt in Ald'ruhn. She appears after completion of the quest Ancestral Ties and Ashlander Relations.

Related Quests[edit]


Speaking to her about accepting a quest:

"Enter and be welcomed, outlander. I wonder, however. Are you willing to prove your friendship?
Daedric shrines, remnants of a better time, dot the land. We seek to preserve the memory of these places. Aid me and gain the favor of the Urshilaku tribe."


"Greetings, Outlander. There's more history to preserve, if you want to help our tribe again."
What kind of help do you need?

While a quest is in progress, she'll say:

"Explore the shrine, gather the relics, and return to me. I promise to reward you for your efforts."

Returning to her after completing the task:

"I foresee a profitable partnership as our association deepens, Outlander. Now, what have you brought me?"
Here are the relics I recovered.

After completing a quest, but before the daily timer resets, she'll tell you the following:

"You honor the Urshilaku with your enthusiasm, but we need time to study and preserve the last relics you brought us.
Feel free to rest in our camp for as long as you like. On the morrow, we'll find another shrine to explore."

Relics of Ashurnabitashpi[edit]

Exiles at Ashurnabitashpi

Approaching her:

"Our past is our strength, outlander."

Speaking to her:

"The shrine of Ashurnabitashpi has become a haven for exiled Ashlanders who prey upon those who traverse the wastes. They carelessly trample relics of the past that should be preserved.
It troubles me to say so, but this desecration must end."
What do you need me to do?
"Head to the northern coast, west of the Forgotten Wastes, and find the ruins. Clear out as many exiles as you can. There's no hope for them now and they have become a blight on the land.
Recover the relics and bring them to me for safekeeping."
I'll gather the Ashurnabitashpi relics from the exiles near the ruins.

Return to her after gathering the relics and she'll say:

"It pains me to see our brethren fall, but they brought this fate upon themselves.
Thank you. I will see these relics placed under the care of our Wise Woman."

Relics of Ebernanit[edit]

Atronachs at Ebernanit

Approaching her:

"We see the future and the relics of the past."

Speaking to her:

"The shrine of Ebernanit, once lost, has emerged from beneath the ever shifting ash. Go to the ruins and recover as many relics of historic importance as you can before the place disappears again."
Where can I find these ruins?
"The ruins lie far to the north, west of the Forgotten Wastes. I do not know what dangers surround the ancient shrine, so tread carefully.
Return to me when you've collected a good amount of relics."
I'll gather the Ebernanit relics and return as soon as I can.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"Pieces of history once thought lost are found again. Thank you.
And for you, please accept this humble reward."

Relics of Yasammidan[edit]

Approaching her:

"A newcomer, just like the wise woman foretold."
Hostiles at Yasammidan

Speaking to her

"A large number of our people have turned away from the Daedra to follow the false teachings of the three usurpers. Their time won't last forever, though, and the Dark Elves will once again seek the true faith.
We need to be ready for that day."
How can I help?
"Head along the coast, to the ruins of Yasammidan that overlooks the sea. It was once a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. Find any relics you can and bring them to me.
History fades if measures aren't taken."
I'll gather whatever relics I can find at the ruins of Yasammidan.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"Thanks to you, the worship of Mehrunes Dagon shall be preserved for future generations, when all Dark Elves willingly return to the true faith.
This small reward is inconsequential compared to the service you have provided, Outlander."

Relics of Assarnatamat[edit]

Approaching her:

"The past and future are simply just 2 points in a circle."
Brigands at Assarnatamat

Speaking to her:

"Brigands desecrate the ancient shrine of Assarnatamat. We cannot allow such blaspheme to continue.
The Temple may have outlawed worship at these shrines, but nothing restricts us from defending it."
Where can I find these ruins?
"To the south, between here and Balmora. Slay the brigands and recover any relics they may have stolen.
Bring the relics back to me and the Urshilaku will keep them safe for the day when Daedric worship returns to the fore."
I'll gather the Assarnatamat relics from the brigands near the ruins.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"Well done.
How easily our people forget the past. How eager they are to bury it in the endless ash. We never forget. We never forgive. Now take this, with our thanks."

Relics of Dushariran[edit]

Vampires at Dushariran

Approaching her:

"The more we learn about the past, the better prepared we are for the future."

Speaking to her:

"Vampires nest within the ruins of Dushariran. I know not why or what they seek, but this desecration must not be allowed to persist. It prevents our scouts from retrieving relics from the shrine."
Where can I find this shrine?
"The ruins lie to the northwest of Ald'ruhn. Travel to the shrine and slay as many of these vampires as you can. They lair deep below ground where we cannot go, but every death you deal weakens the pack.
Retrieve any relics you find and return to me."
I'll see what I can find.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"Every piece of history tells a part of the story. Thank you for retrieving these. I will have the taint of the vampires removed from them as soon as possible.
Thank you for your help, Outlander. Take this in gratitude for your efforts."

Relics of Ashalmawia[edit]

Cultists at Ashalmawia

Approaching her:

"We preserve history so that nothing vital is lost."

Speaking to her:

"Cultists have taken control of the shrine of Ashalmawia. They are too strong and numerous to expel, but we must save as many historic relics as possible. Are you up to this task, Outlander?"
What do you need me to do?
"Travel north and west from Ald'ruhn and seek out the ruins near the coast. Gather whatever relics you can find from the exterior ruins and bring them back to me.
Avoid the interior of the shrine, however. The place is cursed."
I'll see what I can find.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"You saved these relics from dark cultists. We shall purify them and preserve them for future generations, thanks to you.
Accept this humble token as a symbol of our gratitude."

Relics of Maelkashishi[edit]

Cultists at Maelkashishi

Approaching her:

"Remember history or repeat the mistakes of the past."

Speaking to her:

"Do you know Maelkashishi, a fallen shrine to the Lord of Madness? Most avoid it, though on occasion cultists gather there. They commit profane acts in Sheogorath's name and bring shame to a once sacred place. We find this unacceptable."
What do you need me to do?
"The ruins lie to the north, to the east of West Gash. Go there and put an end to the cult and remove temptation from the House of Troubles.
Return any relics they removed from the shrine to me for safekeeping."
I'll gather the Maelkashishi relics from the cultists near the ruins.

Return the relics to her and she'll say:

"You have done my tribe and all our people a great service, Outlander. One day, these relics shall be returned and the Daedric shrines will be opened. One day.
In the meantime, take this humble reward with our thanks."