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Huntsman Style
Book Crafting Motif 65: Huntsman
Material ON-icon-style material-Bloodscent Dew.pngBloodscent Dew
Outfit System
Armor Styles 1 Weapon Styles 1
Small Armor 000010001000 Gold 1-Handed 000030003000 Gold
Large Armor 000020002000 Gold 2-Handed 000060006000 Gold
"For those who would honor Hircine the Hunter, it is right and proper to adopt the apparel and arms of his Huntsmen, those spear-shakers, fewterers, and whippers-in of the Lord of the Hunting Grounds. –Uraccanach the Witchman"Crown Store description

The Huntsman Style is a crafting skill that can only be learned by reading the chapters of the ON-icon-quest-Book 01.pngCrafting Motif 65: Huntsman book. Different versions of the style are worn by Huntsmen. Like all styles, it is purely cosmetic. Items will have the same stats regardless of the style you use.

It was available in the Crown Store from February 13, 2019 through (?) for 050005000 Crowns.


Sets in this style include:


Type Items
Light Armor ON-icon-armor-Hat-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Huntsman.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Jack-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Bracers-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Belt-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Guards-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Boots-Huntsman.png
Helmet Arm Cops Jack Bracers Belt Guards Boots
Heavy Armor ON-icon-armor-Helm-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Huntsman.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons

This style has long been used by the Hawk's Eye armor set, which has a much older version:

Type Items
Medium Armor ON-icon-armor-Helmet-Huntsman 02.png ON-icon-armor-Arm Cops-Huntsman 02.png
Helmet Arm Cops

Weapons and Shields[edit]

Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Huntsman.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Huntsman.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Huntsman.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield



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