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Jephrine Paladin Style
Material None
Outfit System
Armor Styles 1 Weapon Styles 1
Small Armor 00000500500 Gold 1-Handed 000015001500 Gold
Large Armor 000010001000 Gold 2-Handed 000030003000 Gold

The Jephrine Paladin Style is a signature outfit style. There is a chance to receive a weapon or armor style page by opening a Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box. Weapons and armor cannot be crafted in this motif, but the style can be applied to an outfit using an outfit station. Like all styles, it is purely cosmetic. It is cosmetically inspired by Indriks, creatures that bear a relation to the deity Jephre.

Backstory Description[edit]

Become a protector of the wilds with the Jephrine style

Eat Cake & Earn Bonus Rewards During The ESO Anniversary Jubilee


ON-icon-armor-Helm-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Pauldrons-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Cuirass-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Gauntlets-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Girdle-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Greaves-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Sabatons-Jephrine Paladin.png
Helm Pauldrons Cuirass Gauntlets Girdle Greaves Sabatons

Weapons and Shields[edit]

Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Jephrine Paladin.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Jephrine Paladin.png
Sword Greatsword Bow Staff Shield


Weapons and Shield[edit]