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Black Kiergo Brigand Style
Material None
Outfit System
Armor Styles 1 Weapon Styles 1
Small Armor 00000000Gold 1-Handed 000000000 Gold
Large Armor 000000000 Gold 2-Handed 000000000 Gold
"As Caska can tell you, in the den of cutthroats called Black Kiergo, the greater the risk you take, the greater the reward you gain. They don't let just anyone in—but your chances increase if you look like you belong."Crown Store description

The Black Kiergo Brigand Style is an outfit style made available in the Crown Store from January 2 to January 5, 2020. It can only be learned by purchasing the style from the Crown Store. Armor cannot be crafted in this style, but the style can be applied to an outfit using an outfit station. There are no weapons in this style. Like all styles, it is purely cosmetic. The Black Kiergo Brigand Style was available for 020002000 Crowns. The pack comes with one Outfit Change Token.


Type Items
Armor ON-icon-armor-Chest-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Shoulders-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Hands-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Waist-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Legs-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Feet-Black Kiergo Brigand.png ON-icon-armor-Head-Black Kiergo Brigand.png
Chest Shoulders Hands Waist Legs Feet Head