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Glenmoril Wyrd Style
Material None
Outfit System
Armor Styles 1 Weapon Styles 1
Small Armor 000010001000 Gold 1-Handed 000030003000 Gold
Large Armor 000020002000 Gold 2-Handed 000060006000 Gold

The Glenmoril Wyrd Style is an outfit style inspired by the Glenmoril Wyrd. It cannot be crafted, and is only available as part of the Outfit System. Pieces are in Light Armor and Weapons only. Pages are obtainable through the 2019 Witches Festival event.

Style Pages[edit]

Glenmoril Wyrd Style
The sky darkens
The purple spike
A Glenmoril Sword

Both armor and weapon style pages have a chance to be obtained from Dremora Plunder Skulls. Armor pages drop directly as items, however weapon pages require you to follow a treasure map linked to a particular zone which leads to the style page. They are typically found near places with a supernatural or ghostly significance - or locations associated with the Glenmoril Wyrd.

Initially, these style page are not found as chest loot like regular treasure, but instead spawns as the weapon itself, surrounded by a large spike of purple light. As you approach the spike, the sky darkens and turns purple and green aurora are visible in the sky. Taking the weapon immediately adds the style page to your inventory, and the sky returns back to normal.

Style pages can also be bought from The Impresario for 00000055Event Tickets each, however these are account-bound and cannot be sold or traded.



Motif Page Map Name Location
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Axe Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Stonefalls (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Battle Axe Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Eastmarch (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Bow Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Reaper's March (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Dagger Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Glenumbra (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Greatsword Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Malabal Tor (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Mace Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Rivenspire (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Maul Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Bangkorai (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Shield Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Shadowfen (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Staff Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Auridon (map)
Style Page: Glenmoril Wyrd Sword Glenmoril Wyrd Treasure Map: Alik'r (map)


ON-icon-armor-Hat-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Epaulets-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Jerkin-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Robe-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Gloves-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Sash-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Breeches-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Shoes-Glenmoril Wyrd.png
Hat Epaulets Jerkin Robe Gloves Sash Breeches Shoes

Weapons and Shields[edit]

Weapons and Shields
ON-icon-weapon-Dagger-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Axe-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Mace-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Greatsword-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Battleaxe-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Maul-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Bow-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-weapon-Staff-Glenmoril Wyrd.png ON-icon-armor-Shield-Glenmoril Wyrd.png
Dagger Sword Axe Mace Greatsword Battle Axe Maul Bow Staff Shield