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The Fang of Lorkhaj
Location The High Lunarium, Maw of Lorkhaj
Species Grievous Twilight
Health Normal24,993,878Veteran64,634,364
Veteran80,854,832 (Hard Mode)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Dro-m'Athra
Defiled Whiskers, Dro-m'Athra Style pages, Ancient Lunar Talisman

Rakkhat, The Fang of Lorkhaj, is a powerful dro-m'Athra found within the Maw of Lorkhaj. He emerges after you confront Kulan-dro in the High Lunarium. He takes the form of a large Grievous Twilight with glowing blue stripes and serves as the trial's final boss.

Upon his defeat, his loot will appear in a reward chest near the wall in the back of the room. If you fail to get the quest from Adara'hai at the start of the trial, your loot will include an Ancient Lunar Talisman, which you can activate from your inventory to begin the quest. This exists as a failsafe to ensure you can get your weekly coffer for completing the trial, even if you forget to talk to Adara'hai or accept a quest share from one of your groupmates.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Consumed by the Void
Threshing Wings
Crushing Void
Annihilation Sphere
Lunar Smash
Searing Shadows
Shadow Barrage
Void Blast[verification needed]
Void Bomb[verification needed]
Rakkhat with Hard Mode activated
Void Sphere
During the fight, shadowy images of ritualists will appear in the center of the room. Some players then need to pass through the gate to the back of the room, and defeat a total of six Void Callers (who spawn on circular mats that are embroidered with moons and adorned with pillows) are also making motions as though casting a spell. The runners need to activate the Eyes of Jode synergy to see the Void Callers. The dancing Bent Cats present within the Void only serve as a distraction and should be ignored. While the shadowy ritualists are present, the lunar images on the floor will begin to darken, and the ritualists will eventually sink into the ground. If the players in the void fail to kill the Void Callers in time, the ritualists will disappear, and Rakkhat will cast Void Sphere, which eliminates the group.
Wrath of the Void

Death Recap Tips[edit]

  • Many of Rakkhat's attacks are extremely deadly to anyone who is not protected by a Lunar Bastion.
  • Dark Affliction and Breath of Lorkhaj are powerful curses that reduce the effectiveness of healing on your character.
  • Entering the void or stepping on a void platform will apply Breath of Lorkhaj. Two exposures can kill even the strongest hero.
  • Those who perish while cursed with the Breath of Lorkhaj become dark gateways, allowing Ghostly Sar-m'Athra to enter Mundus.
  • Dark Barrage becomes more lethal when hitting fewer targets.
  • Be on the lookout for friendly targets afflicted with Unstable Void energy. This energy eventually explodes in all directions.
  • When targeted by Void Shackles, try to create distance between you and the pursuing Orb of Torment.
  • Large Twilight Clusters may form underneath you during the seventh lunar phase. The clusters frequently jump between targets.
  • When Void Callers try to devour you with their twisted Void magic, continuously fight for your survival and wrestle free.
  • All Void Callers must be vanquished before their ritual is completed. If even one survives, the consequences are deadly.
  • Use the Eyes of Jode while in the void to reveal Void Callers. Slay them before they can complete their ritual.
  • Making use of Adara'hai's powerful Celestial Purge ability during Rakkhat's Void Bomb will help you eliminate his minions.
  • When Rakkhat summons Void Callers, brave souls must enter the void and use the Eyes of Jode to hunt them down.
  • In Veteran mode, Dark Barrage drains magicka if allowed to hit the maximum amount of targets.


Kulan-dro moments before transforming into Rakkhat

Rakkhat will emerge from the Void in the High Lunarium, tearing through Kulan-dro's limp body:

Kulan-dro: "If you value your pathetic mortal lives, you'll turn back now. You have been warned."
Adara'hai: "Jone's mercy... Kulan-dro, what's happened to you? Kulan-dro!"
Kulan-dro: "Have you not heard me? Have I not made your choice plain? You will listen, mortals... even if it means peeling the ears from your scalps and shouting Namiira's will into whatever's left of your broken skulls!"
Adara'hai: "We've drawn out the beast! Courage, friends!"
Rakkhat: "Ruin, pain, and shadow! Die, fools! Die!"

Combat Dialogue:

"You think you've won? Pathetic."
"Unleash your fury!"
"Bathe in the hail of sorrows!"
"I will break you!"
"You cannot hide from me!"
"Weak! You are all weak!"
"You think you've won? Pathetic."
"Unleash your fury!"
"Bathe in the hail of sorrows!"
"I will break you!"
"You cannot hide from me!"
"Weak! You are all weak!"
"Behold, the power of the void."
"Behold the wrath of Lorkhaj!"
"You persist? Very well."
"Wither and die!"
"You will fall!"
"There you are!"
"Drown in shadow!"
"You only delay the inevitable."
"Back, vermin!
"There is no escape!"
"Back to the darkness, churl."
"Your fate is sealed."
"You have no power here!"
"No ward can stop me!"

When a glowing lunar bastion turns blue with Void energies:

"Moonlight... a fool's refuge!"
"Moonlight cannot thwart me!"
"These seals are mine!"

Summoning Void Callers:

"Dancers in the dark, come forth!"
"The end is nigh, vermin."
"Rejoice, children. The void approaches!"
"Doom stands upon your threshold."
"The storm approaches..."

Summoning Sar-m'Athra

"Ghost cats, arise!"
"Sar-m'Athra! Your banquet awaits!"
"Shadows, take shape. Slaughter them!"
Rakkhat casting Void Sphere

Summoning a Dro-m'Athra Hulk:

"Forward, child of darkness!"
"Drag them to the Darks!"
"Rise, child of Lorkhaj."
"Show them the wrath of Namiira!"

Casting Void Sphere:

"Look on me, fools, and see the end of all things!"
"The Moons have forsaken you! All that remains is shadow and death!"
"Doom is upon you. You will drown in shadow and blood!"
"All is ruin! All is sorrow! Die!"

If all players die:

"The void prevails."
"Your souls are ours to shape―ours to destroy."
"This temple—this world is ours!"

Restarting the fight after a group wipe:

"Shall I teach you another lesson in futility?"

Bringing him into execute phase:

"Enough! This ends now."

Upon defeat:

"No! You will be consumed! You will …"




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