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Book Information
Crafting Motif 29: Soul-Shriven Style
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Collection Crafting Books
Crafting Style Soul-Shriven Style
Found in the following locations:
  • The entire book can only be obtained by completing Cadwell's Silver. The book is given to you by Cadwell upon completion of the quest and is character bound.
Crafting Motif 29: Soul-Shriven Style
by Sir Cadwell the Undaunted, Knight of the Court of Coldharbour, Champion of Chivalry, Defender of the Defenseless, Shepherd to the Soul-Shriven
Sir Cadwell presents the Soul-Shriven Style

Here in Coldharbour we have people who've come from every corner of Tamriel. And who can blame them? This realm is a virtual paradise! And also, now that I think of it, a victual paradox. I mean, we Soul-Shriven live, but we do not eat. I can't remember the last time I've felt even a bit peckish. Curious, isn't it? I wonder how that works?

But never mind that. On to the matter at hand: style! Soul-Shriven style, to be precise. It's the style that has no style, because it draws from every style! It's got the best of everything, doesn't it?

I mean, just look at our weapons! A veritable bounty of battle-ready accoutrements and pointed pain-sticks. The dagger: a wavy kris from Soul-Shriven Khajiit! The mace: a clonking good morning-star, all spiky and everything, from freshly Soul-Shriven Orcs! The swords: real katanas from real Akaviri, those snaky Tsaesci, not those chilly Kamali with their silly straight swords! And the axes: nasty-looking things with scythe-blades … genuine scythe-blades from … well, truth be told, I've no idea where they come from, but someplace fun, almost certainly!

And have a look at our armor! Go on! I've never seen its like, but I like what I see. It's all … how should I say it? Rather mixed up and confusticating, isn't it? Cobbled together with bits and bobs from all over—a bit like a flesh atronach, but far more comfortable to wear, and not nearly as pungent.

So, if you give a tinker's damn about style, why not consider crafting Soul-Shriven weapons and armor for all of your madcap adventuring needs? They're quite fetching, and not at all dodgy. Not too dodgy, at any rate.